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Hohe Hacken, nackte Sohlen - Fetisch-Zone: Hyapatia - Women On Top. Hyapatia Lee, Rosemarie, Joey Silvera in threesome scene This time the subject is twins. Arsenic 2 - Runter das Hoschen Smooth as Satin - Cream Pie P.

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No one cantell the movie from real-life as it is happening Classic stuff!!! After a beautiful cat burglar gets paroled, she disappears and decides to go legit, but her former partners have other ideas. With the help of an ancient potion they are able to love'em and leave'em Lisa has lived with Denise all her adult life- it is the only heated , sexual relationship she has known.

Denise had always satisfied Lisa's every burning desire and need, but now things are changing. Lisa's curiosity is pulling her down an erotic path she must experience. Once she feels a man's touch, she knows she can never live without it again. When Lisa leaves her lesbian relationship to discover men, her former lover, Denise, plots to get her back.

Hoping to turn her off to men completely, Denise arranges for a handsome stranger to seduce Lisa and then leave her a broken woman. When Lisa runs back to Denise, she finds that things do change and that there is no turning back. Things are all mixed up at an all-girl club called Twisters.

Boyfriends spying on girlfriends, girlfriends cheating on boyfriends, and girls with boys' names. Ken and Diane are live-in lovers and have been for years. What's suddenly got a hold of Diane? Is it another guy, another woman, or Jealous and suspicious, Ken enlists the aid of his friend Jake to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Together they track Diane to Twisters where they witness an eye full. Here they find the truth. The more things change, the more they stay the same. A pretty female reporter is assigned to write a piece on fortune telling. She needs a true story of a female psychic. Once at the carnival, she learns that the psychic has run off.

The reporter turns fortune teller and soon finds she has a knack for it! A couple that seriously enjoy the benefts of backdoor loving, invite a group of friends over for a dinner party and a chance to teach the others what they're missing out on. A series of vignettes where these women know what they want and demand a proper stuffing f4om their partners.

This is a video unlike any other. Boldly, it presents the true, torrid account of one woman's private sex life. Nothing is left unrevealed. Starting from a video camera's intrusion into a woman's home, it flashes back to her first sexual experience; in the backs of cars and encounters with her classmates. We then see the woman as a student working her way through college as a hooker in Las Vegas.

The memories keep entering the picture, and we see her in the throes of kinky leather sex, mud wrestling and every type of deviant situation. So, what we are seeing is real life sex as seldom seen on film or video.

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It's an experience you will never forget. If you're of the school that believes sex ought to be fun, you're in for a very special treat.

From the moment Thoroughly Amorous Amy appears on the screen, jogging down the beach, through the park and across town so seductively that she ends up at the head of a panting, passionate parade a city block long, the heat and the humor never let up for a second. You have never seen so many sexual encounters in such scorching scenarios until you've followed the crowd to Amy's place.

When the maid catches her gorgeous mistress in the midst of exploring and caressing her spectacular body, the action gets horny. After a wild filing into each others body's, the two girls decide to call a few of the mistress' beautiful girlfriends over to join in the party. Sensuality in full bloom! The wonderful first stirrings of passion and romance are brought alive in the story of the Claytons and their lovely daughters.

While Heather blossoms into a young woman, her parents rediscover the passion between themselves as they watch their daughters grow up and leave home. Barbi is a young woman who decides to chuck it all for awhile and go live in the woods with her Uncle Ted. Once there, she meets a few men who interest her in purely sensual ways.

When three friends visit an oriental whorehouse, they enjoy the experience of a lifetime! Three adorable sisters are sexually aroused by sex education classes in school and the promiscuous activities of their friends! Belle's girls are experts at separating you from your cash for their juicy secrets.

That is until the arrival of " Flash, the magic dork. Another recurring threats is the "Heat," who do their best to catch our girls in the act. Gerard Damiano's scintillating sequel to his all-time hit Deep Throat goes even further than the original! There's a little something for everyone in this tale of two couples and their search for sexual nirvana.

The modern non-fairy fable of straight-shootin' heroes, horny heroines, vile villains, and how they all made Marion! An ultra rich matron escapes her boring aristocratic lifestyle when a demon resembling her father beckons her to the other side of the mirror. Her secret passions eventually lead her through the mirror into a world of carnal desire where she becomes immersed in an insane sexual hell where demons jerk off on their faces and bathe in filth.

On the adice of his friend he seeks out just such an experience. A wild, sensuous romp with your favorite adult movie stars. The always-exciting Jennifer Welles, fascinating Linda Wong, gorgeous Annette Haven and the fabulous identical Twins, provide all the provocative action that you could possibly find in one film. Thunderbuns is truly a tempest in a B-cup.

There is a new turn-on with virtually every turn of the film. A famous author is drawn into a desperate love triangle while researching his next great novel. When a beautiful woman's boyfirend goes out of town on an extended business trip, she keeps her promise to sleep with any other men That's a different story.

Not to mention, the hit-man her husband has hired to take her out, becomes her lover. Two best friends borrow an apartment in New York for a hot vacation with old playmates. The Couples meet to share lust, desire and passionate memories in a non-stop sexual romp. If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with then fuck the one you love!

This is the hot motto of these swinging couples that won't let anything stand in the way of a great fuck. Things get heated between couples until they decide to open up every part of their relationship. Who says a threesome cannot solve a couple problems? Money and sex make the world go round.

That's what Jeanna wants. Millions of dollars and lots of hot throbbing bodies. But in order to inherit millions from her rich uncle, Jeanna needs to find a husband. Unfortunately, she perfers the fairer sex. And oh how she loves to fondle a supple breast and a firm thigh. Ultimately, she devises a scheme involving super hunk, Christopher and ever eager, Wendy.

Does Jeanna inherit the money? Does she get enough sex? As you watch this erotic tale you'll discover Jeanna's horny habit. She loves being in this Tight Spot! Kylie Ireland plays a primadonna pornstar who won't do an anal scene. Borrowing liberally from Charles Dickens, Jim Holliday introduces three ghosts to convince Kylie that butt-banging is the super chic thing to do on the big blue screen.

A woman comes tom own a pocket watch that has the magical power to freeze time, allowing her to explore her deepest sexual desires. A trio of torrid tales peel back Hollywood's glamourous facade in this riveting and ribald romp from The first story concerns Oklahoma cutie Danielle Raye, who comes to the Big City looking for fame and fortune, but who ends up as a down-and-dirty hardcore harlot.

But when she falls for the wrong guy, Loni soon takes a turn into pay-for-play pleasure and becomes one of the porn scene's biggest babes. The final story revolves around Ashley Brooks, a high-class hooker who prefers prostitution to acting. But movie producer Eric Edwards finds her so irresistible that he makes her a star in spite of herself! In a luxurious Hollywood mansion, some of LA's hottest wives have gathered for a night of fun, frolicking, and gossip but as soon as the hubbies are away It's the Love Boat run amuck, as a luxury liner, full of horny passengers, is on target by a huge tidal wave that will thenchange the ships course putting it right on track to collide with a monstrous iceberg, in the middle of the south pacific.

What would your final wish be? Probably the same as the people aborad this looney ship. An aging game hunter goes after a new sport, searching for the largest pair of big, beautiful breasts in the world! Gorgeous, voluptuous and built, these girls are proportioned to please! A collector's classic, starring the incredible Kitten Natividad in her most unsupported role!

That is, until one G-Man won't give up. An erotic spoof on 'City Slickers', except this hilarious trio wrestles with cowgirls instead of the nasty cattle. Everyone on the ranch has hot wild sex!! This film is perfect anyone that enjoys hot and heavy hardcore outdoor sex!! A group of friends sit around and relate stories of the big titted conquests they've enjoyed over their lives.

Titty Town is loaded with fine female flesh, tight asses, shapely hips and bouncing breasts! In this wacky romp from the mids, a hairdressing salon finds that it's having a hard time making ends meet. No matter what they try, they can't seem to rustle up enough business to turn a profit. That is, until someone hits on the brilliant idea of offering pubic hair cuts along with their normal services.

She catches the eye of one of her male teammates peering into her room and a spark of sexual electricity charges the air. A woman is born. Jonathan Morgan and Nicole London buy a house on the cheap with a terrific view. And soon discover the haunting reason for the bargain price: He decides to make a movie about aliens coming to earth in the form of disembodied tongues, roaming the earth to deliver oral sex to the masses The Wakefield girls are wild with excitement.

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The sexual awakening of Cindy… a woman filled with lust and passion! What pent up passions and desires lurk in a boarding school for girls? Virginal young Angel and nubile but much more experienced Ginger are about to pop the cork so to speak on their simmering sexuality in an erotic daydream confirming that both girls are Too Naughty To Say No.

Caught up in a naughty never-never land where everyone is a carnal caricature of themselves, Angel and Ginger are taken to a brothel run by Lisa De Leeuw. Known as Madam Rose, the purveyor of perverted pleasures puts the girls through their depraved and debaucherous paces. Finally, an energetic exorcist Harry Reems fills Angel's spirit to the limit and snaps her back to reality.

Awakening from her lurid daydream, Angel realizes it was only an illusion--or was it? Needless to say, this sizzling fantasy is the hottest coming of age story you'll ever see. This is a story about a woman whose feeling a bit depressed and orders an antique Slot Machine. She wants to feel more uninhibited. The slot machine holds a certain power over her and she definitely becomes more sexual as you will see.

When an old lady dies, she leaves her strip club to her 3 granddaughters. They are all excited about reopening the club, but they encounter one problem after another, and begin to use everything they've got to ensure the reopening without a hitch. A busty hitch-hiker has no money. A bunch of truck drivers sit in a lonely truck stop with plenty of darkened corners.

Sound like a Stuart Canterbury big-boob spectacular? Welcome to the world of Topless Truck Stop. A screenwriter for porn movies, embarks on his greatest script ever, all inspired by his meeting with the movie's starlet. But he soon finds he is becoming obssessed with her, all to the disgust of his wife. The sequal finds our starlet has left the porn business and journeyed into the world of sportscasting for a major network.

But ambitions aside, she can't seem to seperate her work from her incredible labido, and that could doom her career. In her exultant return to adult entertainment, Ginger Lynn sizzles as Clarisse Bijou, soap star extrordinnaire. On a fateful trip to Chicago Clarisse is reunited with her two best friends from college, both ready to love her, both willing to do whatever it takes to have her.

Torn between the love of a beautiful woman and an incredible man, what ever is Clarisse to do? Maybe she can have her wedding cake and eat it too!! A series of vignettes, telling the tales of women in search of their most intense orgasms. Each Tale just as hot as the last one. Torrid Without a Cause Series.

Tori was obssesed with Sinbad. Fatefully, she meets a homeless street musician, who she believes is indeed Sinbad. The feds are looking for this guy becuase they belive it too. Tori, in the meantime is willing to risk her marriage for Sinbad. When Sinbad shoiws up at her house, she hides him away from everyone, even her husband. Soon the police are looking for him and he decides to come out of hiding.

When an ice cream shop gets a visit from the owner's wild sister, the staff, the customers, even the whole community, gets turned upside down with wanton sexualk desire. Once in a great while an erotic film comes along that is both warm and passionate, soft and sensual…tempting and yet touching, "Touch Me in the Morning" is that kind of film.

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Tower Of Power has a long list of adult superstars. The action behind closed doors is hot and juicy! You find about traitors, power seekers and women who have an uncontrollable desire of hot, heavy and nasty sex! Tracey Adams enjoys a torrid trek to the City of Light in this tantalizing treat. She works for Amber Lynn's struggling travel agency, a company dedicated to providing clients with the most romantically fulfilling vacation of their lives.

It's up to Tracey to prove once and for all that Amber's passionate program works, so she heads to Paris with her sights set on sexual sizzle. She gets even more bodacious boffing than she bargained for, hooking up with swarthy Gallic studs by the shores of the Champs Elysee. And with the help of her sexy gal pals, Tracey makes sure that French frolicking will never be quite the same!

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An account of how people got caught up in a blistering inferno of lust and greed and were manipulated by the deliciously wicked porn queen Traci Lords. The inside story of how Traci's ability to neotiate helped push the adult film world to new heights of popularity while concealing her deadly "secret" her actually being underage from the world.

Jacqueline Lorians portrays the infamous Lords in this long lost classic adult feature, and the sex is some of the hottest ever caught on film!!!! This was Traci Lords' final adult film and also interestingly enough, the only legal film to be made while she was over the age of A French film festival is the setting where Traci discovers true love and the ultimate sex adventure.

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Only one man alive knows how to stop them, but he will he be enough? A young couple find that their newly purchased home is haunted by a sex crazed ghost, that drives them and their friends to new sexual heights. Imagine coming home and finding an intruder has taken over your apartment.

There he sits on your sofa Until eventually you melt down and follow his every sordid command. A series of vignettes shows these college students doing whatever it takes to raise their grades. A mad scientist creates the ultimate woman and she soon becomes the toast of the town.

When she escapes from the mad scientist, he hires a P. This all action video features non-stop hardcore oral and anal sex action at its best! A big time porn producer dies and leaves a trail of clues behind for his heirs to hunt down his fortune. But deciet and treachery are abound, not to mention the IRS as they are out to levie a huge inheritence tax to the winner.

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And we do mean Ho Ho Ho! Its a great time to think about the ones we love Celebrating my birthday in style with a little curvy cuteness. And, the cherry on top is my cock down her throat. Casey Ballerini Ho, Ho, Ho! Yes indeed we have Ho, Ho, Ho'es today and tomorrow! Now this is what Santa wants to get when he comes down the chimney instead of those damn cookies and milf.

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Things come to a head when the crew is sent out to get to the bottom of things at a local massage parlor -- and are there ever some shapely bottoms to get to. What's suddenly got a hold of Diane? This is a story about a woman whose feeling a bit depressed and orders an antique Slot Machine. Welcome to the world of Topless Truck Stop. Hyapatia Lee, Scott Irish in vintage classic porn with a lustful brunette


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These scorching stars as they share their burning desires with each other discover a whole new dimension. Ma femme est une They also have plans on introducing the senoritas to thier swinging lifestyle. Watch… as exciting Lisa DeLeeuw uncovers the ways -- using John Leslie, the infamous dirty talker, as her main source of inspiration.

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