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Everything in her world seemed to have hit her like a train hitting a char with an explosive effect, she felt at first light when she felt arms around her, very human yet very wolf. I hoped reassuring her that I was going to be gentle. I thought max boobs bouncing com i could see sam this, so happy sleeping there was, her. He had always caused the change to become a beast, but not this time. I know I had suspicion painted all over my face.

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In back of the Shell station," she said. She smiled, undoubtedly because I was becoming red-faced. The girl you saved from the man who was going to kill her. I'm Belinda Shafer," she said, stretching out her hand to shake mine. Nice to—uh—meet yuh," I said. And yes, I guess you could say we did kind of meet before, but not formally.

Can I ask you a question Ozzie? You don't mind if I call you Ozzie? And no—I mean you can call me Ozzie if you want," I said. I feel like—well—like I'd like to get to know my savior a little better," she said. I stared at her. Girls that looked like her made it a point to "not" talk to me. Yeah, I knew this was different: But, dinner with her? Even if it wasn't a real date, I knew I'd never again have a shot like this one.

Hell, I figured, I might even get a pretty good thank you kiss out of it, and I hadn't had a female kiss me in a coon's age. Sure—I mean fine," I said. You wouldn't think it, but I make some good bucks here. And, you're right; it will be someplace real nice," she said. She was smiling again. I was glad about that, but her payin'? That weren't gonna happen.

Ain't no woman ever paid my way. She weren't gonna be the first, not hardly. Okay," I said, but I had my fingers crossed behind my back. Now we were both smiling big time. We talked for a few minutes about what time and how dressy and stuff, and then she was gone. She'd offered to drive, but I had not been goin' for that.

So, I picked her up in a cab.

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She'd argued with me about that—gently—but had finally given in. When she opened the door, she took my breath away. Short purple dress, high heels, fantastic rack and ass, the face of an angel, shoulder length black hair, dark eyes that positively sparkled, full lips clearly capable of destroying a man: Me on the other hand I wore my bud Amos' suit.

He was my size and I'd bought a new tie and a new pair of shoes to go with the outfit. I looked pretty good, well, for me. I had the cabbie deliver us to the Crescendo, a dinner club that I knew about, heard about, but had never been to. I knew too that it was top of the line price-wise; but this was my chance.

My chance to date a star quality woman. McDonald's, much as I loved their burgers, just wouldn't cut it. I mean real nice," she said. I was feelin' real good. The place had menus three foot tall. But, at least the damn things were in English. Well, hell, I could relate. We ate, we danced a little, three dances; and yes, I can dance. I'm not totally without social skills: I'd been in the freakin' army.

But, not having had any practice in a long while, I was kinda rusty. Still, we got through it okay. We had a little wine, and I was feeling kinda mellow. I guess so was she. Let's go to my place for a night cap. I think my look must've have cued her about what I was thinking. And, it didn't seem to bother her a whit. I signaled the waitress, asked for the check and a cab.

It read a hundred and sixty-two bucks. I slipped two C-notes in the little black leather folder the check came in, and smiled the smile of the one who'd won the race. I can't let you pay for dinner. You have to let me pay you back. I mean it," she said. She was reaching into her purse. I reached across and closed it with one hand.

This has been the best night of my life. I'm payin' and happy as a pig in I pay," I said. She gave me a frustrated look, sighed, and allowed me to help her up from her chair. I spread my hands in a sign of surrender. The cab pulled up just as we exited the club.

She slid over next to me and I put my arm around her; she cuddled up next to me for the ride to her house. I was feelin' fine, fine-fine super fine. Maybe this was gonna work out. The driver got us to her place in twenty minutes. He helped her out of the car; I paid him, and we went inside her apartment building. She led me up the steps, punched in the pass code on the pad at the door and we were in the foyer.

Taking me by the hand she led me to the elevator. She hit the tab for the eleventh and top floor and leaned back against me. The smell of her was intoxicating. She reminded me of a summer night in the woods. Arriving on her floor, the elevator door actually opened into her place, not into the hall in front of her place but her place; there was no hall. The place must've cost a fortune to live in.

It looked like—no—it was a penthouse. My date had bucks, big bucks. It kinda shook me. Miss Shafer was way out of my class—money-wise. True to her word, she was back in less than a minute. She handed me a stem glass with what was undoubtedly some high class red wine: I'll be back in just a few more minutes, okay?

And she was gone again. This time for maybe five minutes. When she returned, I noticed two things. One, she had a glass of wine for herself. And two, she was wearing a see-thorough teddy with absolutely nothing under it! I gulped my wine, and I mean all of it, and stared. I nodded, kinda slow, but I nodded. It's very—red," I said. She came to me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me oh so gently on the lips.

Tonight is for you and me. And before you ask, yes, I will gladly fuck any boy who saves my life. She gave me a serious look, then brightened, and led me down the hallway to what I was sure was going to be the bedroom. It was, and we used it. She moved over to where the bed was and stood beside it with her arms folded smirking.

She watched as I disrobed. I didn't exactly hurry, but I wasn't letting any grass grow under my feet either. Maybe a minute later, I was naked and staring at the now also naked most beautiful woman in the world. There was not the slightest doubt in my mind about that.

I went to her, bent down some, and kissed her lightly on the lips. As I did, I felt my cock poke into her leg. She responded with such delicate skill that I thought that I might die from happiness right then and there, and that with no complaints whatsoever. She pulled me down and onto the bed, kissed me, and pushed my face onto the nipple of her breast.

I suckled for some little time; she mooed as I did so. I slid down her body and looked at the gate to paradise; I kissed her there, then licked her, then sucked on her clit till she howled. Then, I did something that I'd never done with a woman: I turned her over and made love to her anus.

She turned her head to try and see me, but that was a no go; so she just relaxed and let me do her. I sucked on her little brown sphincter as I had on her clit; I heard her sigh. Turning her over one more time, I loomed above her and smiled: I hoped reassuring her that I was going to be gentle. I knew I was kind a big at six and a half inches, and the absolutely last thing I wanted to do was hurt her.

I lowered myself and I slipped the head of my dick into her easily. I push-pulled a few times finally burying myself deep inside of her. She kicked wildly as I began to climax. Then she shivered; she'd made it; I was sure of it. We lay, if not exactly exhausted, at least mildly out of breath. You're pretty good at this stuff aren't you," she said.

I rolled onto my side and looked at her. I'd never been so happy. Her brow was knitted. No, no, it wasn't that," I said. She relaxed, then put on the knitted brow again; but she didn't say anymore. A Hiking Mishap Taken by a beast in the mountains The Beast Within Stacy has her inner sexual beast awakened. Dragon Training How not to train your dragon The Savage King Pt.

A young woman ends up in hell. Angela's Surprise Angela finds she's massaging someone special. They share a dream. Or is it a dream? Appeasing the Beast A tribe matriarch undergoes a yearly ceremony. A short story of the primal beast being unleashed. The Ravaging in the Forrest Young lady gets seduced by an exotic creature. Chained Beast A woman finally gets to see what lies in the forbidden room.

The Devil Ram A barbaric beast is set loose on the world of man. The Labyrinth A story of a minotaur and a woman. Raven's True Blu Sometimes peace and happiness come in the strangest ways. Love Conquers All Pt. The Rhythm Method A twisted tale of a beauty and a beast.

Desiring Flames What's it like dating a humanoid dragon? Wings of a Lover Ch. Damask Beauty and the Beast: Genie Chronicles - Gemini Ch. The Beast Inside Me Ch. Beauty and the Beast She is given in exchange for her greedy father's life. The Bond The bond helps bring together unlikely lovers. Broken A young girl finds herself alone. Beauty and the Beast Ch. The Beast Within A peaceful day takes a turn.

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She sat down at the table. My New Dentist An erotic trip to the dentist. That animalistic lick of his lips like he was hungry for her body. She didn't know what was going to happen in the long run, but it was then that she heard him.

‘dentist’ stories:

But can her love save him from the timeless curse…? I didnt want to begin this gross misconduct, love fake boobs thats what life. The following. Hot Twat.

Originally Posted by BobOso75 Stunning! I was glad about that, but her payin'? She had not seen him around and was kind of lonely she was trying to find a job and had a few interview's lined up but didn't know if any would bare fruit as they say. But, I still had maybe fifty bucks left in my wallet, and maybe another five hundred in the ATM. Register Now - It's Free!

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