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Authority pours CEMENT onto year-old stone fortress to 'restore' the derelict landmark Race-hate stickers appear on lamp posts and bus stops in coastal town saying 'Rapefugees not welcome' U. Fans liable for club fines Italian minister under renewed fire for Fertility Day campaign UN calls for stepped up security for planes and airports FBI mulls probe into Brad Pitt plane allegations George Takei musical 'Allegiance' will be broadcast in Dec. Spanish basketballer is stunned to see he appears as a black man in video game NBA 2K17 Floyd Mayweather admits he was tempted to come out of retirement for Conor McGregor glamour bout Herbie goes ballistic: This collection of characters try to find meaning in their existence during the inevitable end of all things. Picture shows a mysterious animal that has experts baffled Gerry Adams denies sanctioning murder of British spy Denis Donaldson Air ambulance crash in Iran kills 1, injures several people Man appears in court charged with murdering mother of nine and nephew Too early for judgments on Syria aid convoy attack, says Johnson Sterling sinks to five-week low as Brexit burden bites Team USA scrambling for answers after World Cup ouster UK's Majestic Wine warns on full-year core earnings Trump scores with small money, lags with big donors Israeli guards shoot unarmed Palestinian girl at checkpoint Obama flirts with Mideast peace push in final months As Brangelina, Pitt and Jolie elevated their public images Toxic meltdown of Brangelina:

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Stop Insurance Co. Implications for Silicon Valley Salon Article: Progressive Positions on Health Reform Dec. What Would it Do? Harry Reid: Caucus Links Stupak Amendment: Analysis and Text HR Search for: Featured Articles: Bookmark the permalink.

Make a Donation Donate online via Paypal, no account required. The Yale professor and author of The Protestant Ethic Revisited gives us an authoritative account of the long battle between exclusionary and inclusive versions of the American story. Our present polarization has many causes.

One is the long-running battle between those who believe that the United States was founded as a secular democracy and those who believe it was established as a Christian nation. In this event, Gorski argues that our founding tradition was a synthesis of both sacred and secular sources. He traces the history of this civil religious tradition from Puritan times through to the present day and reflects on how it might help heal our political divisions.

Please join Brooklyn Prospect Charter School for an Information Session, open to all families and community members interested in learning more about our proposal to open a new K-5 elementary school in a District 15 private space. Opening in Fall , the elementary school would start with 50 kindergarten students and grow a grade each year, featuring a curriculum built around the International Baccalaureate program.

Friends, Waffles, Work, and Bingo. Watch for things like the Snakehole lounge, breakfast food, and portraits of Hillary Clinton. Artists, professional and novice, working in all medium are welcome. Get ready Brooklyn, Trumpcast is coming to you live from the Bell House! Who is the latest official to be ousted from the administration? How should we interpret today's tweet? Why on earth do we even care?

Our savvy hosts will help answer these questions and more, as they round up the most pressing news of the week with frank and fun commentary. For a very limited number of fans, we will also host a pre-show cocktail hour with the hosts from 6—7 p. Those who purchase the ticket package will receive one complimentary drink with the hosts beforehand. Wed, Blues Night Feat.

He has also performed in New York City venues e. King's, the Apollo Theater, St. Always Happy Video Comedy Bop: Never Sad presents a night of never-before-seen comedy videos and shorts, submitted each month by NYC's top comedians and filmmakers. Show begins at 8: It's our one-year anniversary! Interested in premiering your latest video?

Submit your minute work at http: One of the greatest drummers on the scene, Ignacio Berroa was born in Havana, Cuba in and by had become Cuba's most sought-after drummer. He came to New York City in , joined the Dizzy Gillespie Quartet in , and remained the drummer for Gillespie's multiple bands until his death in Berroa is a dedicated expert of this music, and we're thrilled to have him back at Dizzy's.

Compassion is the most talked about and rapidly developing topic in psychology and neuroscience. You can discover it for yourself in this enormously popular eight-week course. Using the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, meditation, lectures, readings, exercises, and class discussion, students learn to have a composed and compassionate attitude to the challenges of everyday life.

This one of a kind class was created by Stanford neuroscientists, psychologists, and contemplative scholars under the direction of Thupten Jinpa at the Stanford Medical School Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, created in part by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The class takes a secular, scientific approach to compassion and includes both an academic component and learning by doing and trying it out yourself.

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On October 18 at 9: She enjoyed collaborations with other artists to promote the understanding of arts and humanities.

And through this she is hoping to reach out to a broader and more diverse audience base. This season is no different. Call us at for more info. Five dollar, Five minute comedy open mic, 12 spots max, list goes out at 10pm. Hosted by Max Halpert every Wednesday at 11pm. Cantrell and a small combo will perform songs from her repertoire and along with special guests, explore country songs and sounds from different regions of the United States.

Click here for advance tickets! I love the intimacy of the space, the prominence of the piano and the focus on songs, delivered in their elemental form. I'm looking forward to curating a series based on the different regions of the U. Tuesday May 29th ed. Tuesday May 29, ed. Featuring both established comic veterans you've seen on TV to the up and comers, UG!

We've also got tons of drink specials! So what are you waiting for? Come down and UG! Tuesday May 29th, ed. Doctor Satire Jeff Kreisler! Black Hat Nathan Rand! The Mirabal sisters stood up to one of history's most notorious dictators, and this on-stage adaptation brings these national heroines back to life. These emotions are evident… and is the subject of 'In the Time of the Butterflies'… it largely does justice to this story of injustice.

The show will feature the country's top standup comedians, singers, actors, and news makers as well as Angelo and Tammi's take on life, politics and all things world. A brand new line-up of contestants competes for the chance to perform during the March 14th Show Off and move on to Top Dog on May 16th. Aspiring musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, rappers and spoken word artists try their best to please the audiences that can make them an Apollo legend.

Get ready to cheer or jeer as you decide who stays and who gets booted off stage. At Amateur Night, you tell the performers to be good or be gone! Amateur Night at the Apollo is hosted by the comedian Capone. Each show begins with a festive pre-party featuring video and music by DJ Jess. And keep a lookout for C.

Lacey, the resident Executioner who sweeps bad talent off the stage. Underground Science Festival Pass! Nowadays, there seem to be a million and one different kitchen gadgets available. To us, no utensil is more important than the perfect kitchen knife, and no skill more crucial to becoming a great cook than correct cutting techniques. In this class, as part of our fundamental Culinary Confidence Series, you'll learn how to care for and use your knife to best effect, acquiring classic techniques such as julienning, dicing, mincing and more - after which we'll all sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor menu below!

Pond - Warsaw May 30, - Brooklyn. Meet Author Marty A. GenZ, Millennials, GenX, Baby Boomers, Greatest Generation can attend together to hear how an ordinary couple did extraordinary things to save 24 adults and 1 baby. The baby may be at the event! A living example of yes. A true tale of real-life rescue network in Holland in the 40s.

Christian couple hides a pregnant Jewish couple and hid them safely away from Hitler. So hidden that a tiny baby was born while the couple was still in hiding. The baby - now grown - lives to tell the true story today. The baby may attend. Open dancing with instruction of more advanced repertoire. Taught by Ruth Goodman. Call the Israeli Folk Dance Hotline at The Toddler Learning Center is open to young children aged from 18 — 38 months.

This special program is presented as a 5-session series on consecutive Wednesdays. Parents will learn about nutrition, speech development, early literacy and parenting skills, while toddlers become familiar with social environments at a young age. To register, please contact the Rochdale Village Library at Registration is on a first-come, first served basis.

The celebration will start with a luncheon at 11 a. Little Hearts is an organization whose mission is to provide support, education, resources, networking opportunities and hope to families affected by congenital heart defects. Explore the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through standing and floor work and traveling combinations.

Develop strength and movement flexibility. Move through space with longer, more complex combinations. Bondax - Elsewhere May 30, - Brooklyn. A weekly open jam where master improvisers from the PIT's Super Free Monday and Wednesday shows, students taking PIT classes, and YOU the public, the curious, at any or no skill levels come together to perform scenes, play, polish skills, watch the fun and have a great ol' time.

Hosted by Gregory Levine. Join us for the kick-off of the inaugural Underground Science Festival by celebrating scientists and luminaries whose contributions to history never received the credit they deserve. Rosalind Franklin was a pioneer in molecular biology whose x-ray crystallographic photography was instrumental in understanding the double helix structure of DNA.

But thanks to the sexism ingrained in science at the time, her role in this historic discovery were only recognized posthumously. Join Alex Falk for a deeply immersive and meditative sound experience. You lie down with a blanket, pillow, and eye pillow to relax while listening to the soothing sounds of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, and various highly resonant instruments.

The perfect setting to support the process of natural healing in the body and mind for 60 minutes. The Hum Night 5 feat. Every Wednesday in May at House of Yes, music crosses a constellation of genres and influences, all coming together to form a space where women are linked — not ranked — and celebrated for their artistry on its own terms.

Celebrate Summer in Joan of Arc Park. As parents and professionals, we all too familiar with the struggle many students face with processing speed, working memory, attention, executive functioning and the storing and retrieval of information from their long term memory. The good news is, there are tried and true techniques to help alleviate the struggle and fashion academic success!

Grace Losada of Fusion Academy and COGx Founder, Javier Arguello, for an exciting conversation about scientifically proven practices and how participating in a dedicated cognitive enhancement program can help yield success in the classroom, as well as other aspects of life. From Buenos Aires, Argentina. Quinteto de Academia is currently presenting its first album "Dinamica del viento".

Hosted by Jive Poetic! Line forms outside a half hour before doors open. Doors open at 9: See the stars of tommorow , today. These are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. Each ticket purchase includes a glass of wine and a spot on our Fighting for Freedom museum tour; which highlights the incredible achievements and contributions of African Americans during the American Revolution.

The two pianists, both students of the late Sophia Rosoff, present songs from the secular and sacred sides of Ellington's repertoire. Kanan is accompanied by guitarist Greg Ruggiero and bassist Neal Miner for some of Ellington's greatest blues compositions. First internationally recognized as lead guitarist in Beatle Paul McCartney's band Wings, Laurence Juber has since established himself as world-renowned guitar virtuoso, composer andarranger and concert performer.

Known to his fans as LJ, Juber has released 22 solo albums. His concurrent release from the same label Catch LJ Live! The Hum Night 5 Feat. The Hum Night 5: Purchasing this pass will save you a little bit of money, get you some cool goodies, and guarantee your spot at every show. Join Lori Cohen for an interactive program of music and movement. Musical Tots is designed for kids five and under who are walking.

This is a popular program, so please arrive on time to guarantee your spot. The class is designed for those who have accomplished the basic tap foundations. We offer a blend of styles in our tap classes, ranging from the classic Broadway Tap moves of 42nd Street and Fred Astaire movies to the freestyle Rhythm Tap made popular by Savion Glover! Learn the basics and get your body moving in a safe, encouraging atmosphere.

Spend six weeks learning basic tap vocabulary, class etiquette and proper warm-up techniques. Have you ever wanted to talk to the Garden's staff and learn more about the Garden's plants or collections? Now you can by listening to the Garden's audio tours, which cover a breadth of subjects from horticulture to garden history.

Learn more about the research scientists are doing at the Garden, find out what's in bloom, and leave your comments for Garden staff. A godfather of global dance music, Louie Vega has painted an award-winning career from a palette mixed with everything from salsa and afro-beat, to jazz, hip-hop and soul. What distinguishes the Grammy winner and 4-time nominee as one of the best living house music deejays is his ability to evolve alongside the times, distill the current musical landscape through his unique taste and put his own timeless spin on it.

The "Little" moniker is ironic, given the fact that by the 80s he was deejaying at clubs he wasn't even old enough to attend, holding residencies at Studio 54, Devil's Nest, Hearthrob, Roseland, and the Palladium. Then in he joined Atlantic Records—and hit the mainstream. Teaming with an-up-and-coming Marc Anthony, he helped to produce "Ride on the Rhythm".

An immediate hit, the single put Vega and Anthony on the map. The duo would rock the club circuit, with their success culminating when they opened for Tito Puente at his Album concert at Madison Square Garden. Enjoy non-impact running in place in our pool. This workout simulates land running with the added challenge provided by the water's resistance.

Participants wear a flotation belt; no swimming skills necessary. Join Rebecca Schoffer and Parenting Center staff for a fun sing-a-long of old time favorites, folk songs and childhood classics. This is a drop-in class, no registration required, payable at door. Credit cards and Shababa cards accepted.

Price is per person. Breakout Artist Comedy Series: After doing stand up for months, she entered the world of Vine stardom with over 1. With all her comedic collaborators in tow, the veteran of The Second City creates ridiculous videos that find the absurdity in everything from first dates to femininity to female celebrities. She continues to create comedic content on Instagram and Facebook.

Tai Chi -- a unique form of "moving meditation -- calms the mind, relaxes the body and strengthens the spirit. Sessions are taught by professional tai chi instructor, Linda Cafiero, and are designed for all experience levels. Quickly signed to esteemed British indie label Go! Discs, the group used its label advance to set up their own recording studio, Shabby Road, in nearby Kilmarnock, where they settled in to create three criticallyacclaimed albums.

The first of these, Cake, was released in the summer of Produced by John Leckie, it featured debut single "Obscurity Knocks" and its follow-up "Only Tongue Can Tell", both of which became alternative radio hits in the USA, and introduced the group to what has become a loving and loyal fan base around the world. Royal Stokes-The Washington Post. Come join us for this new show, featuring a fresh take on a few stage standards, along with other should-have-been classics from the less explored Great White Way.

We promise the joint will be jumpin'. Join the fun as you design scavenger hunts and treasure trails for Prospect Heights, dreaming up ways to imagine and map a more child friendly neighborhood! Skilled instructors are on-hand to provide basic double dutch instruction in a fun block party environment. John Zorn's The Stone Commissioning Series celebrates Zorn's revolutionary venue, The Stone, a non-profit venue that was "dedicated to the experimental and avant-garde," and served as a vital spot for new-music in Manhattan's Alphabet City for over a decade.

Held on the last Wednesday of every month, National Sawdust honors the spirit of the Stone, hosting the world premiere of new works. Every Wednesday night at 9: With a rotating roster of the very best stand-ups culled from all corners of the five boroughs, each week is a totally new show featuring only comics you really should know.

Planetary People is a collective of musicians that plays a mix of high energy funk, fusion, and jazz music. As a group, P. Individually, the musicians have racked up a resume that includes film appearances, recording for TV soundtracks, appearances at the Blue Note and many more. This event is FREE and starts at 8: Honest, soulful, and engaging are a few words that may describe the live performances of singer-songwriter, Thurston Ray.

It may also be described as uplifting, romantic, and simply groovy. However described, the Thurston Ray sound is meant to take the listener on a journey through emotions, melodies, and sweet inspiration. You can hear it best on the album "Becoming Thurston Ray: A Human Experience" from Thurston Ray is set to release a new EP entitled "Embrace", after a brief hiatus. Come out to hear the new music and artistry of Thurston Ray with featured musicians: Once Upon a Time Sleeping Beauty's prince realizes that it is super creepy to kiss a woman who is sleeping, the Little Mermaid discovers that legs come with vagina-a-bobs and Cinderella learns how dumb it is to wear shoes made of glass.

This all-female sketch show takes on classic Disney fairy tales and turns the patriarchal stories on their heads. Whether dealing with issues like consent, cultural appropriation or economic disparity, we keep things fun — and magical! This is a world where all women, princesses or not, are equal - now that's a fairy tale! Held in Jackson Heights, Queens, the event will bring together diverse communities and build solidarity through a shared meal.

The Playground Committee is first of its kind, as groups of parents work together to promote and support everything Hudson River Park has to offer. The annual Backyard BBQ offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy much-needed family time while giving back to the Park that gives so much to families year-round. Centering on the use of domestic and recycled materials, this program of short films illuminates formal and cursory elements shared between fine-art abstraction and mass-produced graphic design.

The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro. Expanding upon notions of anti-animation set forth by experimental practitioners like Paul Sharits and Robert Breer, the films in this program apply formal principles of abstract cinema while pursuing an interest in found materials, evolving modes of production, and forms of labor.

The works extend the temporal concerns of the Structural film, a simplified form of cinema that is driven by critical formalism rather than narrative content. By reflexively activating the referential properties of objects, the films refute abstraction, foregrounding questions of Romanticism surrounding metaphor and exchanging lyrical and mythopoeic modes for those of economic observation.

After discovering more than a hundred handmade dresses in a trash pile during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Hill set out to make a film about the dressmaker, an elderly seamstress who had recently passed away. Jodie Mack prints courtesy the artist. Helen Hill — was an American animation filmmaker and social activist who lived in New Orleans.

His writing has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, 5harfliler, among others. He is currently working on an exhibition titled Punctures: He is from Ankara, Turkey. Based in Los Angeles, Patrick Beach travels the world leading classes, workshops, and teacher training programs. Gaiam, the yoga, fitness and wellness brand, is supplying yoga mats for Bryant Park this year.

All classes are free and open to the public. The Thursday evening class has drawn over 1, people for a single session. About KeVita KeVita is a leader in fermented probiotic and kombucha beverages with three refreshingly accessible product lines and billions of live probiotics in every bottle. Crafted since , KeVita has grown from a kitchen in Ojai, California to over 20, retail locations across North America.

KeVita uses only the highest quality ingredients and pairs age-old techniques with modern technology to provide the finest quality, flavor, and functionality in the market. This commitment to quality continues through their advocacy for rigorous testing and transparency in fermented beverage labeling.

Learn more at KeVita. Learn more at Gaiam. BPC is funded by income from events, concessions and corporate sponsors, as well as an assessment on neighboring properties, and does not accept government or philanthropic funds. Learn more at bryantpark. Tobin's Run on Tobin, Robson, and special guests bring to life the jazz scene around 52nd Street during the s and '50s—focusing on the influence of jazz saxophonist, composer, and the father of bebop, Charlie Parker.

Featuring the legendary jazz singer Sheila Jordan, who Charlie Parker called the "singer with the million dollar ears," seminal alto saxophonist Steve Wilson, with bassist Mark Lewandowski and drummer Charles Goold. It was glowing orange, like hell, like a furnace, like steel.

Only one of the ten compartments in the hotel's cellars withstood the blast. Trapped within it were four men. Hear from the highest ranking female elected official in New York State, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, on how she is spearheading the administration's efforts to advance equality.

The insightful conversation will also cover the Lieutenant Governor's career achievements, challenges, thoughts on leadership, as well as highlight New York State's commitment to Foreign Direct Investment. Life, love, work and the Tank. It is the Italian North End of Boston , where immigrant families struggle to grab their chance at the American Dream.

Molasses offers work, hope, a chance at romance. Never dreaming that a molasses tank, holding two million gallon of molasses would burst changing their life forever. A new fun musical for all ages, based on a real event, the Boston Molasses Disaster of Positive Supports and Holistic Practices - St. Francis College May 31, - Brooklyn. The conference will offer a variety of topics in which preschool staff and providers will have the opportunity to attend up to two topics of choice, one AM session and one PM session.

Please review session descriptions attached to registration email prior to registering. If you did not receive a copy of the session descriptions please reach out to contacts below. Shifting the Paradigm of Addiction: The change in our view of substance use is a long time coming. For many, the current medical orientation often leads to poor outcomes.

For others, however, there is no debate. They see addiction as a disease and for them, doubting this fact is a form of blasphemy — dangerous and heretical. We are heading toward a paradigm shift. It can potentially mean a decrease in stigma, and a much more nuanced view of the use of drugs and alcohol. The change allows for such words as "harm reduction," "moderation," and "social contingencies"to be used openly and freely; opening the door for insight regarding connections between oppression, social inequality and the use of substances.

Organized by Ellenhorn and the Center for Optimal Living, and hosted by The New School for Social Research's Concentration in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling, this annual conference aims to hasten that shift by bringing together thought leaders, researchers and practitioners to present on new, innovative and liberating ways of approaching substance use.

This year, our conference features prominent thinkers including: Sophie and Tom's relationship fell apart in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Four years later, as they come face to face once again, the aftershocks of that fateful day can still be felt. Tremor is an intense new play about how we choose to see things and live in a world riven with tension, anxiety, and division.

Jacob Bronowski installs a secret, alarmed room in his house. Fifty years later his grandson discovers his secrets, unearthing echoes from across six million years of human history, told from the perspective of a century in which every year is a revolutionary year. The rumors are true, I'm leaving you all for warmer weather and a mansion. Before I sign me soul to Hollywood, I will be putting on one last show!

Inspired by dreams and made for reality, Dream Machine is an interactive, hour-long experience designed to be tactile and shareable. Dream Machine features 10 rooms all inspired by sleep, evoking experiences like dreaming in black and white and floating on clouds. This critically acclaimed, musical play portrays the reality of teenagers today and their choices of staying in school or dropping out.

This powerful show creates the opportunity for young adults to address the direction in which they must choose for their future. As the child of Country Music Royalty, Pam Tillis was determined from a young age to find her own way in music as a singer and songwriter. After many false starts with her own recording career—including a pop single on Elektra and 's "Above and Beyond the Doll of Cutey" for Warner Brothers—Tillis came to the attention of Tim Dubois who headed up the Nashville office of Arista records.

After much soul searching, Tillis made the commitment to make an honest country record. The album Put Yourself In My Place yielded 2 number one singles, 2 top-five singles, 1 top-twenty hit, and was certified gold within the first year of its release. Pop your New York bubble on a journey to the more peculiar corners of the modern U.

In the land of drive-in churches, carnival boardwalks, border walls, and get-rich-quick schemes, any one of us could end up on the downside of the American dream: Through hands-on activities, crafts, and stories, 2 year-olds and their caregivers will become familiar with the sights and sounds of the forest.

Participants will be provided with the current three volume Social Work Examination Services Comprehensive Study Guide with sample questions and practice tests. Course content consists of comprehensive reviews of social work practice, policy, theory and test taking techniques to increase speed and accuracy. The primary goal in preparing for the licensing exam is to develop skills in analyzing and answering multiple-choice questions.

The key to passing is to focus on strategies for reading and answering different types of queries, and increase skills in carefully reading and parsing what the questions are asking. Practice questions condition responses and reduce test anxiety, a major contributor to poor test performance. Craving connection with others, Nancy creates elaborate identities and hoaxes under pseudonyms on the internet.

When she meets a couple whose daughter went missing thirty years ago, fact and fiction begin to blur in Nancy's mind, and she becomes increasingly convinced these strangers are her real parents. As their bond deepens, reasonable doubts give way to willful belief — and the power of emotion threatens to overcome all rationality. A Samuel Goldwyn Films release.

Concepts such as entanglement, entanglement spectrum and entropy—almost unheard of in condensed matter physics as recently as 15 years ago—are now routinely used to describe phases of matter and new proposed quantum many body states. The converse is also true, as methods of condensed matter physics have influenced new developments in quantum information theory, partially driven by the quest to build working quantum computers.

Shakespeare in the Park: Set amid war and palace intrigue in the 17th-century Mediterranean, this classic drama about a noble Black Venetian general whose marriage is sabotaged by theater's most infamous villain, Iago, remains Shakespeare's most urgent and relevant tragedy today. How deep is the ocean? Why do whales sing? How far is 20, leagues—and what is a league anyway?

Raise a glass and take a deep dive into the foamy waters of oceanic arcana under the blue whale in the Museum's Hall of Ocean Life. Comedian and journalist Faith Salie will regale you with a pub-style night of trivia questions, physical challenges, and hilarity to celebrate the Museum's newest temporary exhibition, Unseen Oceans.

When the going gets tough, we won't let you drown. Teams of top scientists—and even a surprise guest or two—will be standing by to assist you. In Your Face—New York captures the spirit, the energy, the music, noise and creativity of this capital of the world. The show comes to Merkin Concert Hall after sell-out performances at St.

Ann's Warehouse and Symphony Space. Brooklyn based band playing original Americana with a soulful sound steeped in the traditions of old time country, blues and folk. May Art Exhibit and Opening Reception. North Shore High School Portfolio Photography class will be showing their amazing work which is a culmination of their senior year throughout the month of May.

Please join them for an opening reception May 12th, from pm. Heather McDonald is one of the most in-demand and multi-faceted comedians today, who not only juggles a career as a nationally touring stand-up, actress, and accomplished writer, but is also a devoted wife and mother…when the rest of her family isn't driving her up the wall.

Every week, Heather holds nothing back and gets the most surprising, scandalous, and intimate scoops from her celebrity guests. Heather has a hilarious way of delving into celebrity gossip, fancying herself a tabloid detective where if she can't find the truth she'll make it up herself. As a stand-up comedian, McDonald continues to perform for enthusiastic fans all over the country.

She opened for all 4 of Chelsea Handler's sold out tours throughout the country from Carnegie Hall to Arenas up to 10, In she just debuted her first Showtime special 'I Don't Mean To Brag,' which achieved record ratings on the network and is currently streaming on Netflix. She gained a throng of loyal fans as a staff writer and for her regular roundtable appearances on E!

She also starred in After Lately, a mockumentary series on E! Through ground-breaking technology, audiences will go on a digital "underwater" dive and come face-to-face with life-size photo-real versions of some of the largest and most interesting creatures of the sea at this one-of-a-kind immersive entertainment experience.

This is a walk-through experience and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Back for our 20th Anniversary season, Jazz at Pier 84 brings our largest public pier to life with a fantastic lineup curated by the Jazz Foundation of America. For almost 30 years, JFA has provided help to jazz and blues musicians, with both direct assistance and opportunities to bring tremendous, inspiring performances to fantastic venues like our Pier 84!

May 31, - Queens. Gabe Mollica runs around New York City trying to get stage time. In the process he's met some incredible comedians. Come see some of the funniest ones he's met this month. Middle Blue - Troost May 31, - Brooklyn. Dedicated to the idea of creating good time, soul inspired, rock n roll, the bands debut, self-titled album was released in August Join us each Thursday for stories, art exploration, and hands-on investigations of fun themes like animals underground, the people and buildings of New York City, colors and shapes, and, of course, our subways and buses!

For ages and adult companions. For a detailed listing of all family events, visit nytransitmuseum. Open mic - Mr Beery's May 31, - Bethpage. In this reinvention of The Three Billy Goats Gruff fairy tale, audiences learn the importance of environmental stewardship.

In a world where goats have transformed their home into a junkyard, nothing green grows. On the verge of running out of food, the elder goats send young goats Gruf, Clancy and Grif to seek new food which grows from the ground. Meanwhile, in the Valley of the Trolls, Aquifer and the troll community are protecting green plants from invaders.

Gruff and Aquifer meet on the bridge between their two lands and discover they have much in common. Can the elders see the benefits of working together for a new future? Ashes - Roulette May 31, - Boerum Hill. Progressing through sensory, dreamlike, non-narrative tableaux with close harmonization, textural rhythms, melismatic vocals, and electronics, the opera takes an immersive look at an inner world struggling to connect outwards.

This dedicated team of volunteers perform a variety of different projects throughout the Park. The group meets at a different location every week helping in a variety of landscape and horticultural projects. Regardless of physical ability, there's something for everyone to do.

Register online or call for more information. Fun Lovin' Criminals' infectious blend of cinematic hip-hop, rock 'n' roll, blues-jazz , latin-soul burst onto the New York music scene in with the release of the worldwide multi-platinum debut album 'Come Find Yourself' on EMI Records. Their debut single 'Scooby Snacks', famed for sampling Tarantino movies such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, spent 17 weeks on the Billboard chart, quickly achieving gold status in the US.

The band became an international hit, settling down in the UK, where their debut album spent over two years in the UK album chart. FLC performed an infamously raucous set on the famous Pyramid main stage at Glastonbury '99 and the rest - as they say - is history. In a time where Europe was dominated by the 'Brit-pop' invasion, FLC were a refreshing blend of American music past, present, and future.

Taking a blend of rock and rap and crossing boundaries by sampling AOR and covering Louis Armstrong songs. FLC Frontman Huey born and raised on E 6th St in the 70s, swiftly became a celebrity across the pond through his customary New York charm and forthrightness. Chicago Peach Check out this sexy model in some of her first and only videos!!! Spanish Booty watch this thick latina get fucked in her ass!

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Watch her suck his cock and allow him to dip into that tight asshole of hers. The start and end times are the only fixed elements in their longform happenings, usually lasting two-to-four hours and featuring the players spread out across the performance space, distant enough to concentrate on perfecting their own work without distraction. Strolling Cocktails Champagne at Diane H. Zoo breeds rare lemur leaf frogs by creating artificial storms to replicate the rainforest Judge dismisses challenge to N. In this special Underground Science Festival edition of Monotony - scientist performers will share their beef with popular science. Authority pours CEMENT onto year-old stone fortress to 'restore' the derelict landmark Race-hate stickers appear on lamp posts and bus stops in coastal town saying 'Rapefugees not welcome' U. It may also be described as uplifting, romantic, and simply groovy.

Reviewer's Bookwatch:

This is the sweeping theatrical power of Once On This Island—the universal tale of Ti Moune, a fearless peasant girl in search of her place in the world, and ready to risk it all for love. This opportunity to visit Mr. Highbridge Voices is the Bronx's premier youth choir. That's the deeply controversial conclusion of a new book. Air Force identifies pilot who died in U-2 crash Why I believe every woman could fall for another woman:

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