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Melbourne Pearson Education France. Archived from the original on 7 July There was quite a lively social scene at his workplace in Birmingham, with many supposedly single people of a similar age to him, and he and his workmates were always organising weekends away, with some of these being stag weekends for people about to get married, though other trips were for mixed groups. Athens

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It's freedom that gives birth to love. Coming from India where holding hands in public is sometimes considered a taboo, forget kissing or hugging, Paris liberates you. Now there could be several forms and shapes of love we can think of however when we say Paris as the city of love, we think of lovers. So in that context, this city is uber romantic.

There is a lot to love about the city than just a person to walk with. The music on the streets, the food by the roadside, the cafes every corner, the elegant architecture, the gardens, the palaces, the structures, the museums, the chateaux, the wine, the boatrides, the language even if you don't understand a single word but just the music it creates..

J'taime mon amour now imagine youself walking down the lanes of Paris with the person you love. Paris is also a city that provokes you, plays with you, inspires you, teases you, teaches you, embraces you. If you're alone, it makes you love yourself even more. I have been living in Paris for more than 2 years now and never for a moment I felt alone.

It made me a better person and made me love myself even more. I have been to many other great European cities with thousands of years of history like Rome, Zurich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, Prague but with all due respect, Paris can never be surpassed. Every day you'll find people holding each other's hands, kissing, hugging, looking at each other with endless love..

Sometimes just riding a bicycle together or lying down in a park. Beware, it's not the sexuality Paris is known for, it's the sensuality. Travel to Paris someday in your life, even if you don't do any other thing, ever! You'll become a bit of a poet, as you might have guessed from my tone of this answer. Learn more in a 2 mins video on YouTube. Sign In.

Why is Paris called the city of love? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Answered Jan 19, Originally Answered: Why is Paris known as the 'City of Love'? Why is Paris called the "city of love" when there are so many sad and lonely people here all the time? Why is France the city of love? Why is Paris called the City of Lights? Does it still deserve the moniker? Who was the first person to call it that?

Answered Jan 9, Paris is called the city of love because each year millions of people come here to spend some romantic time, find the perfect setting for that, then go home delighted and spread the word. Paris is a strong brand because it keeps delivering its love promise. Paris is indeed the perfect setting for a romantic moment because its beauty strikes you at every corner, with its elegant yet impressive architecture, the legends that stick to its iconic monuments, and the subtle combination of art, history and nature: Quora User , casual drunk, serious eater, curmudgeon before his time.

You have to go there to really understand, but my take: More than any other city that I know of, Paris is a city that encourages you to take your time and enjoy life, AND is clearly devoted to the delight of all your senses. Paris is a city where long, meandering walks are encouraged, and where lingering for hours at a cafe is normal and expected.

IMO, the city and its citizens take more care in making everything beautiful -- even in most of the non-touristy areas. This is not really the case in Italy.

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Don't get me wrong, Italian cities have their own beauty and charm and relaxed air about them, but it just seems as if they don't take as much attention to detail, to orchestrating everything for beauty's sake.

They're less glamorous, one might say. On the other hand, many other cities might offer a great array of cosmopolitan delights. But the energy in these other cities is a lot more buzzing, a lot more rushed and hyper. That, in my opinion, isn't as conducive to love. Follow us on Twitter!

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Please up vote this answer if you found it remotely invigorating. New Holland Publishers. Tourism in Paris.

Why Is Paris Called the "City of Love"?:

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The Metropole covers square kilometres square miles and has a population of 6. French fashion. Geography of Paris. You deserve Love and you will get it..

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