Skyrim Conversation With Serana

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They probably would have tried to kill her, and that has a way of souring relationships. She had a theory about soul gems. Who knows what those things could have done to you Guess a little vampire girl was enough to scare off the rats. In the meantime, don't make me regert my sudden outburst of tolerance and generosity, because if you do, your friend here is going to pay for it. And it doesn't sound like a name a group of vampires would choose.

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More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? In my first conversation with her after she rejoined me at Fort Dawnguard, I triggered the 'you don't have the right to judge us' or whatever option. I was able to go right back in and pick a better option to see more dialogue.

I also asked about a cure and heard her call her vampirism a gift. Have I already locked myself out of curing her? I have looked at older threads, but have found conflicting answers on what locks the option, so I figured I'd just make my own for a direct answer. VT VT 4 years ago 3 http: VT VT 4 years ago 5 I'm too lazy to put my entire post in spoiler quotes, so this is a spoiler warning.

Best way to complete for beginners. Race, Builds, and stats. I have tried to get all of the extra dialogue options that I know exist with Serana. She is a very talkative gal. I'm still finding new ones, the latest in the Soul Cairn after talking with Valerica the first time, but before fighting Durnehvir sp? I have talked lots to her in previous saves, but never got marriage dialogue.

I guess I have to be more chatty with the little cutie, even though I will just get shot down. Spoiler Did you get the dialogue about being lonely when you first enter the undercroft of the castle? Also, you need that special necklace, otherwise it will not show. So no one ever got the good option when coming to Volkihar?

Sounds like I got to get off my ass and start modding. I have no idea how to mod such things but I'm a quick learner. I can see that people get the innuendo dialogue right, but seems that the Volkihar bit comes too early so you won't be able to gather enough points to trigger it.

I'll need to lower the conditions a bit. Now I know what it's about. You need to be a vampire! I'm going to be a vampire anyway in two minutes why did Beth insist on such a silly condition. Who even becomes a normal vampire before doing Dawnguard?

You need to realize that Skyrim had been out for nine months by the time Dawnguard was released. A great many players had been playing vampire characters by then. I would guess that this dialogue was meant to take these players into account. Perhaps I'm going to reload my game to even before I started Dawnguard so I can become a Vampire before rescuing Serana.

I take my RP to absurd lengths at times but it keeps me connected to my characters. Return to V - Skyrim.

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I'm surprised another vampire hasn't heard of him. And it doesn't sound like a name a group of vampires would choose. They'll figure out what you are. Starts "Bloodline" "My family used to live on an island to the west of Solitude. This place looks pretty different from when I was locked away.

Hopefully we can find a boat to take us there. It's my family home. Not the most welcoming place, but depending on whose around, I'll be safe there. Don't worry, I'm not in any danger or anything like that. It'll just be more unpleasant to run into my father. Ugh, saying it out loud makes it sound so I can't really talk about it.

Do we need to be careful with it? Nothing can destroy an Elder Scroll. Worry more about protecting your hide, and let me worry about my things. I can't really tell. I feel like it was a long time. Who is Skyrim's High King? A war of succession. Good to know the world didn't get boring while I was gone. Who are the contenders? Is he well supported?

You say she's Jarl of Solitude? I must have been gone longer than I thought. Definitely longer than we planned. I need to get home so I can figure out what's happened. If that's all right. I'm sorry, it's not that Let's get to my home, and I'll have a better sense of where we all stand. I'll let you lead ahead, but I'll be keeping an eye on you.

Even in this weather, it's better than the cave. I'll wait for you back by the entrance. Coming from a place like this, well I hope you can believe that. But after we get in there, I'm going to go my own way for a while. I know your friends would probably want to kill everything in here.

I'm hoping you can show some more control than that. Once we're inside, just keep quiet for a bit. Let me take the lead. There's a lot of feelings wrapped up in this old place, and I don't think you're quite ready for them. So let me take the lead in here. And thanks for asking. I wanted to thank you for getting me this far.

Or "I just need to be alone. When we get in, you won't have to babysit about me anymore. It's important, so please just listen before you friend, here, loses his patience. And the Elder Scroll that was buried with me. I'm guessing you figured this part out already, but my father's not exactly a good person. Even by vampire standards.

He wasn't always like that, though. He stumbled onto this obscure prophecy and just kind of lost himself in it. The part he latched onto said that vampires would no longer need to fear the sun. That's what he's after. He wants to control the sun, have vampires control the world.

It was kind of sick, actually. The prophecy said that vampires would no longer need to fear the sun. For someone who fancied himself as vampire royalty, that's pretty seductive. That's why I was sealed away with the Scroll. I thought they might want to know about a vampire plot to enslave the rest of the world.

But something about you makes me think I can trust you. I hope I'm not wrong. We just have to convince the others you're on our side. I'm nothing if not persuasive. Assuming the rest of them can trust a vampire. Come on, I'll need you to help convince them.

Gets lonely exploring by myself, though. They spend years preparing before they start reading, though. Not that it helps us anyway, because they're half a continent away in Cyrodiil. Skyrim's a pretty big place. Do you have any ideas? The College of Winterhold was the first place I'd think to go for any kind of magic or historical thing.

The wizards know about all kinds of things that people shouldn't know about. Actually, now that I think of it I'm going to come along with you. I've been really wanting to get out and explore a bit. You'd figure a couple hundred years locked away with one would have given me some insights, but no.

Turns out you don't learn much from just sleeping with something. To the very beginning. Do you know where vampirism came from? I would guess it came from a daedric lord. But she was still the first. Molag Bal is a powerful daedric lord, and his will is made reality. For those willing to subjugate themselves, he will still bestow the gift, but they must be powerful in their own right before earning his trust.

Let's not revisit that. But we all took part in it. Not really wholesome family activity, but I guess it's something you do when you give yourselves to a deadric lord. My father's not exactly the most stable, and eventually he drove my mother crazy with him. And it all ended with me being locked underground for who knows how long. It's definitely been a bad thing, on the whole.

My family has its problems, but they're our problems. Why even think of it that way? I can't think of any reason I'd want to lose my gift. Especially after what I did to get it. It may have driven my family apart, but I'm still here, and I'm alive. I won't give this up. Just leave me alone for a bit. Molag Bal is the original source of vampirism, and still grants it to his more worthy followers.

You keep surprising me. Now, you might already know that Molag Bal is the original source of vampirism. But what you probably don't know is that he still grants it to his more impressive followers. I didn't think you had the spirit for it. We're pureblood creations of original vampires. He said we needed two other Elder Scrolls. I think I know where we can start looking.

Or "Half the people of your little crew would just as soon kill me as talk to me. That doesn't exactly make me want to open up. I got a warmer welcome from my father, and that's saying something. And from what I could tell, a thousand extra years of obsession haven't made him any better. We should have found him a hobby. I hoped that if he saw me, he might feel something again.

But I guess I don't really factor in at this point. She'll definitely know where it is, and if we're lucky, she actually has it herself. Other than that, she wouldn't tell me anything. But the way she said it What I can't figure out is why she said it that way. She was almost as obsessed as my father by the time she shut me in. But I can't worry about that now.

We need the scroll, and she's our only lead. And he's had all this time, too. They probably would have tried to kill her, and that has a way of souring relationships. Or "They'd be even less welcoming to her than they've been to me. It would have been a bloodbath.

And since the Dawnguard are still around, that must not have happened. She said she wanted to stay awake in case the situation was resolved. It had to be one of us, and, well, she's so much more powerful than I am. It just made sense for her to be out here. I used to help my mother tend a garden in the courtyard here. All of the ingredients for our potions came from there.

She used to say that my father couldn't stand the place. But my mother's not a coward. I don't think we'll actually trip over her there. But it's worth a look. As a member of the Dawnguard "True. But I know a way we can get to the courtyard without arousing suspicion. As a Volkihar vampire "Trust me.

I lived here for a very long time and I know every nook and cranny. An old escape tunnel from the castle exits there. I think that's our way in. It's just around the side. Or "It's around the side of the castle. I'll be at the dock whenever you're ready. Maybe we should try asking at the College of Winterhold.

Sounds like something they'd know about. She was very fond of her alchemical garden in the castle courtyard. She taught me quite a bit about cultivating quality reagents. I would never hesitate to share anything with her. It was almost like one day we were a normal family, and then the next I didn't know who they were.

I'd try to visit my mother in the garden, and she'd quickly shoo me away saying she was much too busy. I'm hoping it's a clue that will tell us where she went. You've already seen my father's obsession. My mother's not a whole lot better, but you'll see that soon enough.

I did spend a lot of time with my mother, but she saw me more like a protege than a daughter. I guess it never is with families, is it? What were your parents like? Didn't mean to bring up a bad memory. I can't wait to see them again. Best that I haven't seen them in a while. Do you know how they're doing now? I grew up alone. I know it isn't the same thing. But I was a pretty lonely child, myself.

What did you need? My parents almost never let me off the island, so yeah, I poked around down here a lot. It was a little Guess a little vampire girl was enough to scare off the rats. But I think I turned out ok. But I got used to it. But that's why I like being out here with you. Is it just you, or do you have I didn't even know. Is it a happy home? You deserve that much.

You deserve to be happy. Anyway, this is all very touching, but don't we have some more important things to worry about right now? The previous owners of the castle had a sundial in the courtyard, and obviously that didn't appeal to my mother. She persuaded an elven artisan to make some improvements. You can see the plates that show the phases of the moons, Masser and Secunda.

I always wondered why she didn't just have the whole thing ripped out. But she loved it. I guess it's like having a piece of art, if you're into that sort of thing. Maybe if we found the missing crests, we could figure it out. Knowing him, anything at all that reminded him of her was just destroyed.

I suppose he wanted to put the past behind him. Perhaps if he had spent more time with us, he would have recognized the beauty for himself. Even in this mess, they should stick out. My mother kept this a secret, even from me. She must have been up to something she thought was dangerous. Upon encountering a gargoyle "Not that I ever saw. My mother had a bit of a thing for magical constructs.

She just found them fascinating. I wonder what she's hiding? If we can find her notes, there might be some hints in there. She had an alchemy setup in her drawing room, but nothing that even comes close to what's here. Kind of a waste of time for a vampire. See if you can dig it up. Let me see them.

She had a theory about soul gems. That the souls inside of them don't just vanish when they're used Necromancers send them souls, and receive powers of their own in return. My mother spent a lot of time trying to contact them directly, to travel to the Soul Cairn itself. If I'm reading this right, there's a formula here that should give us safe passage into the Soul Cairn.

We'd better hope that's good enough. Mistakes with these kind of portals can be Anyway, enough of that. Mother would have plenty of those materials in her laboratory, you just need to find them. It's ruled by unseen beings known as the Ideal Masters.

Necromancers are always interested in souls, though, so that probably has some kind of interest. As far as I've heard, no one's seen them and returned to Tamriel to tell about it. Stories about fools that managed to You give the Ideal Masters souls, they give you powers to summon the undead. It's all very business-like. Why do you say that?

She was so sure of what we did to my father, I couldn't help but go along with her. I never thought of the cost. I guess even a vampire mother is still a mother. She worried about me. About all of us.

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Though it is listed on the Vampire Lord page I thought it would be beneficial to list here as well, under Bugs section. But you can cure her at any time after the Dawnguard questline. But what you probably don't know is that he still grants it to his more impressive followers. Don't have an account? Let's see if your blood has any power to it! Are we sure that this is the cause. They'll figure out what you are.

Marrying Serana:

  • In other words, the game classifies her as a dog at this point.
  • Deep down she wishes they were able to reconcile and become a family again, but realizes that it is not possible.
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  • All I needed was the blood of a vampire and his own weapon, Auriel's Bow.
  • She will no longer be undead, which means that she can be healed by your Restoration healing spells, she won't be damaged by Restoration combat spells that target undead, and she appears with Detect Life instead of Detect Dead.
  • I'd suggest just getting a mod or admin to close the thread, we've nothing to gain here.
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  • good serana skyrim conversation with must
  • The pure-blooded ones that went through the ritual with Molag Bal, and the lesser ones Anywhere from half-breeds like our Dragonborn who got it pure enough to have the full power
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