Two Office Girlies Getting Caught Doing

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Public Nudity , Hardcore , Voyeur. We were there at the 2nd birthday bash last night with Madeline Mulqueen of Rubberbandits fame. Good value folks, two Miss Ireland's for the price of one in the space of two weeks. Creampie , Hardcore , Blonde. Sure enough, the teenager told Ms.

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This was a cushy job and there was no way he was going to let that flat-chested cunt take it away from him. Rob might be a mate, but he was also a ruthless fucker as well. He'd have no qualms about pulling the trigger if Brian fucked up one time too many.

He'd been so mad when he'd confronted her in the supply room. He hadn't meant to grab and threaten her though. That was a heat of the moment thing. He had thought about apologising, maybe buying her a drink or something, but he hadn't got round to it in the end. It didn't seem to matter anyway as she'd been a good sport and not made a fuss. She was a professional; she knew these things sometimes happened in the high-pressure environment of the modern office.

Brian wasn't interested in the moody cow at this particular moment anyway. Here was a gorgeous new intern and his hands were positively itching to make her acquaintance. I'll be working here over the summer. We keep a nice friendly office here. This might bear further exploration he thought.

Brian went for his first grope a few hours later, when he and Erica were alone in the kitchen. He didn't see anything wrong with a little pinch. It was a way of showing his appreciation. It was only the feminazi's that spoiled everything.

If they had their way everyone would have to walk around in sealed plastic bags. He stumbled -- an accident really -- and just happened to fall against Erica. It was purely accidental that while putting out a hand to steady himself he happened to cup her breast. Excitement surged up his wrist as his hand felt the soft globe of her breast beneath her T-shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra! His finger brushed against her nipple and he was surprised to find it was erect. He apologised for his clumsiness and gave her a wink as he moved away. Erica smiled back with less than complete innocence.

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Later, he was making a cup of coffee in the kitchen when he felt a little jolt travel up from his ass. Someone had actually pinched his bottom.

Startled, Brian looked around. Erica smiled back at him and winked before leaving the kitchen. He got his second grope in the tight confines of the filing room. He'd put out hands to hold her sides as he squeezed by, but one had missed and come up against a ripe breast instead. Normally Brian would pull his hand away, apologize with a rakish grin and then move on.

This time he didn't get a chance as Erica's hand came up and trapped his hand against her breast, forcing his cheeky touch into a full blown grope. Erica sighed and shuddered with pleasure. Now wasn't this a turn up for the books. Still holding his hand against her breast, Erica turned around. She grabbed his other hand and brought it up to rest against the soft globe of her other breast.

She flashed him a dirty grin. There was no way he could concentrate on work. Instead he watched the minute-hand crawl round the clock, shuffled papers and read websites in the illusion of doing work. As soon as the clock hit the thirty minute mark he left his office and hummed as he walked along to the supply room.

Erica was waiting for him by the door. She saw him coming and deliberately struck an alluring pose. Those breasts were something else, Brian thought. Sensible girl as well, he thought. She knew how the world operated. Keep your boss sweet and all kinds of doors opened up for you.

Erica smiled as she opened the door. They were barely through the door before she gripped the bottom of her tight red shirt and pulled it up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Brian stood there and stared at her breasts in stunned appreciation. They were real as well. He couldn't see any scars and they didn't have that hard plastic look of fake breasts.

Brian was a breast connoisseur. He had all the 'specialist' porn. Erica surpassed all but the mutants that fell across the boundary from hot to freakshow. Her breasts stood at that line, firm and proud as they challenged all comers. His hands cupped around her nipples, eliciting a gentle sigh from his valkyrie.

He caressed and fondled around the circumference, feeling their warm weight against his hands. He tweaked her nipples, feeling them stiffen between his fingers. He was a short man and Erica was very tall. He didn't have to stoop far for his face to be level with her cleavage. He was already bowing when Erica crossed her arms behind his head and forced his nose to dive into the deep fleshy valley between her breasts.

This was fucking heaven, Brian thought, his face buried deep in the soft flesh of her chest. Her breasts were like two pillows pressing on either side of his head. He nuzzled his nose against both of them, smiling like a man who'd just won the lottery.

A soft knock at the door jolted Brian from his pleasures. He jerked backwards with a start. Who the fuck was that? I hope you don't mind. Brian goggled as she pulled a purple top up over her head. She pulled down her jeans to reveal a set of nicely toned legs. Brian didn't need any more encouragement.

He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his trousers around his ankles as the two hotties stripped in front of him. His cock was already straining against the elastic of his underpants. He finally got rid of the constraining nuisance and stared at the two naked girls in front of them. Their enormous breasts swayed before him like exquisite fruit, ripe for the picking.

Pinch me, I'm dreaming, he thought. Nah, this was better than any dream. Erica slipped behind him while he stared into Eunice's ample cleavage. The two girls embraced with Brian sandwiched in the middle of them. He chortled with delight as his head was surrounded and buffeted by the four pillows of their breasts.

Just when Brian was starting to worry he might actually get suffocated -- what a sweet way to go though -- they broke off the embrace with giggles. His dick felt like it was being boffed back and forth by multiple warm airbags. He didn't know which department she'd been assigned to, but he guessed the head was in for a very pleasant surprise at some point in the future.

Brian was getting it first though. It was only right. She lay back with the mounds of her breasts pointing up to the ceiling like miniature hills. Was it Brian or had her skin grown a little redder? The excitement must be making her skin flush. He could have sworn those breasts had grown larger as well. Must be his imagination. Brian climbed her peaks, licking and sucking at her nipples while he giggled like a giddy schoolboy.

He plunged his face into her cleavage, rooting his nose back and forth like a pig hunting for precious truffles. At the same time Erica's hand slid down to his erection, encircling it and slowly moving up and down. A finger tapped him on the back. We couldn't allow that, Brian thought with a smile. Laura Jaye Summers sits alone on a set of stairs and watches quietly as a party carries on.

It's late into the night at this point, and what was presumably started as a crowded, high energy event has started to wind down as most of the partygoers have left by now, the basement littered with red cups, beverage bottles, bowls of chips, and a general state of messiness left behind. The 10 or so teens who remain are chilling around the room as party music plays softly in the background, most talking in twos or small groups with Laura being the odd one out.

One of the guys bounds down the stairs excitedly holding a red cup filled with liquid in each hand, brushing into Laura as he passes and almost spilling the beverages on her, and she makes an uncomfortable face as he passes her unapologetically. Read the rest of this entry Are you ready for over 50 minutes of pulsating action with the ravenous slut Vanessa Vaughn?

Watch as she gets fucked by each before enjoying it all at once, with anal, DP, finishing up with facials and creampies! Syre bet on her son's friend at a charity bachelor auction. It's not really something she would normally do but it was all in good fun and for a great cause.

Tyler shows up for the date with flowers and she is flattered. Tyler is expecting a date, Mrs. Syre let's him know she had a little much to drink and got carried away so he's free to go. Tyler refuses and says "you bought me, you have me for the next three hours.

Tyler has to make sure she gets her moneys worth, he offers to massage her feet, she can't pass it up. Most massages lead to sex and that seems to be the hope for Tyler. Syre feels his boner with her feet and lends her pussy to help better the situation. Her boobs will be a primary focus of attention throughout much of her strip tease. She tends to alternate between giggling and moaning all of the time and sometimes not at the most relevant times.

We have the perfect matchup for you this week on Fister Twister when blonde meets brunette as Chrissy Fox takes the challenge from Antonia Sainz.

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But on Friday, Catherine was waiting for him after school. Boys will just love the way your little titties stick out. But that all changed last night when 'Alice in Funderland' historically opened there. Like, we can only watch it now in three minute increments before the intense cringing and chronic arse sweating forces a swift channel flick. Both parties partied as they done-the-rounds of radio stations promoting stuff and just being generally fab And we're not even including Richard Corrigan in that duo.

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Inquiring minds want to know Still, Vicky B's new collection at Brown Thomas is pretty damn spectacular all the same They fight like their Da does, do the Irish dancin', and wear the double denim. If it's a boy Finally, Mark found himself heading to the car, his bras and panties—except for the ones he was wearing—packed in white tissue in two large pink "Prissy Mister" shopping bags, the name emblazoned in fancy white script. Whatever the gals can do the fellars can do almost nearly as good-ish.

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