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Zelda silently thanked the Goddesses that he hadn't done much more than that. The air was so stuffy at this point, or was Link convulsing? Ganondorf dodged it just in time, surprised that the boy was still resisting, but easily pinned down both of the hero's arms against the bed. I can barely see through my tears. He relished the taste of this young woman, struggling in his arms. Three in a row! Zelda glared towards the man who had declared himself Hyrule's king, who had murdered her father in cold blood, who had taken down all forms of resistance in her people.

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The Legend of Zelda Song of Sex Ganondorf Fucks Zelda Live Cam Models - Online Now. Something only the royal family would have. A flare of anger built up in her for a moment and she threw the book, hard, towards the door. As it flew through the air, the door opened and the book nearly stuck her 'guest' in the face, had he not caught it in time.

Zelda glared towards the man who had declared himself Hyrule's king, who had murdered her father in cold blood, who had taken down all forms of resistance in her people. She glared at Ganondorf Dragmire.

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Everything about him repulsed her; his hair reminded her of the fires that had burned the houses in the castle town days earlier.

His eyes were the gold of the sun, as if he had stolen it, to make sure Hyrule looked dark like his soul. His tanned skin betrayed him, everyone knowing he wasn't from the fields of Hyrule, but from the Gerudo Desert, its people long since dead. The betrayal of his ancient origins and dark desires.

He behaved as if he had every right to be in her presence, as if she had given in to him like her people had been forced to. She huffed and curled her legs up on her window ledge, looking back out at the rain, unconsciously placing her hand to the glass and wishing she could walk through the gardens once more.

Unfortunately, her silent dismissal fell on deaf ears, the 'King' remaining where he sat and staring darkly at her. With a sigh, she shot a glare towards him. Growling deep in his throat, he crossed his arms and stood up. He walked towards her, his large frame blocking her petite one on the ledge where she sat. There was a look of alarm on her face but she forced herself to disguise it with anger.

He had already seen though, already gotten the reaction he wanted from her. Grabbing her wrists with one hand, careful not to harm her too much, he wrapped one arm around her waist before roughly planting his lips on hers, kissing her forcefully then thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He relished the taste of this young woman, struggling in his arms. She was sweet, with a slight tang, something he had expected from her.

Zelda was a brave, strong young woman, beautiful and graceful. He had wanted to own her since he had first arrived in Hyrule, so many years ago; when the Hero of Time first thwarted him. Zelda, all of them, only seemed to grow more and more lovely, more desirable, since then.

When the need to breath became evident, more for Zelda than himself, he pulled away only to be slapped by the now venomous young woman. Spitting towards him, she made it clear what she thought about his behavior, of him. He scowled, growing angry at the resistant young woman. Why couldn't she be just a bit more like her ancestors?! Just a bit more submissive!

As those thoughts boiled beneath the surface, Zelda tried to push him away, vainly, and run to the door, run to freedom. But she wasn't quick enough in her long silken gown and high heels and Ganondorf grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her back and almost throwing her back onto the ledge. Crying out, she attempted to kick him in the groin but missed. His temper now over the edge, Ganondorf backhanded Zelda, the CRACK echoing across the room and a large red mark appearing on the princess's fair skin.

She didn't cry, the pain not setting in yet, shocked. Ganondorf's anger quelled as the princess breathed out, her breath shaking though still, no tears fell. It reminded of how strong the princess could be and only strengthened his desire for her. He could feel himself grow hard at the need for her and knew that she would fight back even harder should he try anything.

Now anyway, he could wait. There were women in the castle he could satisfy himself temporarily. Turning, he briskly walked out, tightening his cloak around himself, cupping his hardened members through his pants. He took his sword from the guards outside Zelda's door and strapped it back on before making his way to his own chambers where he ordered a group of women to join him.

It was a week later that Ganondorf visited the princess again. He had ordered her food to be brought at longer intervals and with less servings, enough to keep her alive and strong enough, but also enough that it would make her more submissive to him. The one who could have her starved to death, who could snap her neck with ease but yet, he let her live. He had waited a week, to see how comfortable she might grow with his absence, the hope of her becoming more complacent towards him had spurred this on when he had finished with the women of the castle.

He still wasn't satisfied, not even close and with hope, this day would remedy that problem. Leaving his weapon with his guards once again, he entered the room and smirked at the sleeping form of Princess Zelda. Her hair messily splayed about her pillow, the gentle rise of her chest and the blanket haphazardly wrapped around her only made him desire her more.

The bed she rested in was far too large for her: White and pink satin pillows were tucked under her head and around, as if they were a shield from the waking world. Along the bars to the canopy, gold roses, Triforce symbols and the Royal Crest wrapped around it in an intricate pattern.

He made himself comfortable in a soft chair and watched the sleeping princess. She rolled over in the bed towards him, a soft sigh escaping her sweet lips. It made him grow hard again. Standing, he walked around the room, looking through her things. Feeling the delicate fabric of her dresses, rummaging through her wardrobe at her intimates, it didn't help him at that point.

With a determined breath, he went to the door and issued an order to the guards to bring him several things. With that, Ganondorf grinned and made his way to the bed, gently moving the blankets away from Zelda noticing she wore her usually long white and pink gown. Her gloves were off, apparently to warm for her while she slept and he knew without looking that she had left her tiara and Triforce earrings on a table nearby.

Minutes later, the guard returned with several silk handkerchiefs, handing them to his master and being immediately dismissed. Ganondorf gently took Zelda's hands, careful not to awaken her, and tied them around the top bedpost. His eyes darkened little by little as he gently ran his hand across her cheek, her skin soft and alluring. It took all his self-control not to tear her dress off right there and ravage her.

Though, evil or not, Ganondorf prided himself on remaining a gentleman, if anything, despite his various transgressions. Gently, his kissed her sweet, velvet lips and savored the flavor of her. He would never get enough of that taste, never. This Zelda, she was unique. Should she die, something of himself would die too.

Unnoticed by the King of Evil, Zelda's eyes slowly flicked open. She quickly tried to push him away only to find her arms tied above her head. As he leaned up away from her, licking his lips, she screamed in anger, glaring at him with those beautiful crystal blue eyes which only made him smirk triumphantly.

She tried to kick out at him, but he merely caught her bare ankle and gently ran his fingers up and down the top of her foot. It tickled, but the golden haired princess couldn't deny that it felt good. This only further amused the Gerudo, who grabbed both her ankles and pulled her body straight once more. Taking another pair of silk cloths, he dangled them before her face.

At that, his hand slowly, gently, began moving up her leg, kneading the muscle gently. This eased the woman somewhat until Ganondorf reached the thin string that tied her panties. She tensed up; trying to pull herself away from him, but his free hand squeezed her ankle, almost painfully.

Slowly, teasing himself, Ganondorf pulled the string free and pulled her panties out from under her dress. Zelda silently thanked the Goddesses that he hadn't done much more than that. Her thanks were lost a moment later when he began untying her corset, his eyes dark with lust. He then reached behind her, pulling at the strings tightly tying her dress shut. His teeth tore the straps of the dress away as he finished with the ties and he pulled the dress down, kissing the valley between her creamy breasts.

He took a breath, inhaling her scent before smirking at her. I have wanted you, forced to satisfy myself on inferior women.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Just a bit more submissive! He looked around the spring. With a determined breath, he went to the door and issued an order to the guards to bring him several things. His heart suddenly began beating rapidly, pounding against his chest. He relished the sound before submitting to his own release, his essence shooting out into her. He pushed in further, getting in deeper.

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