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So we quickly showered again before setting off for the beach carrying our towels and a bag with a few essentials but otherwise totally naked. The sun was high in the sky and at its hottest so we stopped off at a bar for a couple of beers. They had some kind of cheese pasty too so I had one of those, and then another beer.

Mandy sipped her mineral water. I sat facing her, looking at the pretty pink slit that gaped invitingly in front of me. The bar was quite busy and, apart from one woman with a transparent sarong round her waist, no one had any clothes on at all. Next door to the club was an erotic clothes shop with some bands of thin stretchy material in the window that were advertised as skirts but looked no bigger than boob-tubes, and some that were advertised as boob-tubes and looked no bigger than belts.

A woman sitting on a high stool at the bar caught my eye. She was blonde like the tall guy with her, and they were speaking Swedish or something like that. Her nipples both had tiny silver rings through them, and her belly button decoration was a pink reflective stone with a couple of tiny chains, each about an inch long, hanging down.

For a moment our eyes met so I smiled and turned away, not wanting to seem too much of a voyeur. The woman at the bar had been sitting cross-legged but as I watched out of the corner of my eye she let one leg dangle to the floor. I looked towards her again as she lifted the other foot onto the edge of her seat and clasped her knee with her arms, all the time chatting to her partner.

That movement all but hid her breasts from my sight, but it also served to reveal her shaved pussy with a silver ring in her clitoris and three others in each of her pink pussy flaps. It was difficult to ignore such a sight -- too difficult for me at any rate. Then I realized she was looking at me again. She smiled so I smiled back. Her name was Karen, her partner was Jon, and he was just as welcoming as she was.

They were from Stockholm and had arrived the day before like we had. Just like us they'd been to the Melrose bar in the evening and, so I gathered from their conversation, they had ended up fucking with another couple just like we had done. I decided that if I was going to be showing my pussy all the time I might as well pimp it up a bit.

Then turning to Jon, I asked "Doesn't it scratch? I must have sounded doubtful. I introduced Karen and Jon and told Mandy we were thinking of getting together one evening. Mandy didn't have to think about her answer. We exchanged mobile phone numbers with Karen and Jon, and Mandy and I set off for the beach. We lay for a while on a fairly deserted stretch of sand.

After the beers in the bar, I dozed off to sleep.

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I woke up to the feeling of Mandy's hands rubbing suntan lotion in the crack of my bum. It didn't take long. Aren't you enjoying it? I squeezed the lotion out of the bottle and rubbed it all over Mandy's body -- front and back, top and bottom, tits and bum, and of course pussy and anus too.

I frigged her pussy for a while as we lay there, and she held my cock in her hand for a while, and then I guess then we must both have drifted off to sleep. When we awoke later I realized it was 5 o'clock. We picked up our belongings and strolled along the beach till we reached this one small section with several hundred people crowded onto it, lying very close together in couples or groups with a sprinkling of single men and women among them.

Behind them, on the edge of the sand dunes that bordered that part of the beach there were maybe 80 or a hundred guys just sitting watching. As we approached I saw a hand waving from somewhere in the middle of the mass of couples. I followed Mandy's gaze and saw that the guy had four fingers buried in his partner's cunt and she had a glazed expression on her face.

Neither of them seemed to care that there were people all around them. Sit down next to us. We all squeezed onto three towels, which meant there was plenty of physical contact. Don't want the place to get a bad name, you know. Anyway, at this time of day they go off duty so you'll soon see some action. I assume they must have been friends.

I leaned from Gunter that the Germans call this stretch of beach the "Schweinchenstrand" -- the little piggies' beach -- and he assured me that it's well-known among swingers all over Europe. So everybody's happy," Gunter said. Some of the couples lying here have come to look as well as to show off. Women are voyeurs too," you know.

The woman on my right was making slight moaning noises as the guy shoved two fingers repeatedly into her cunt. She had her eyes closed as her right hand reached between his legs to take hold of his cock and her left hand strayed onto my right leg, clutching me each time the guy's fingers went into her.

Gunter smiled as he saw what was happening. Mandy and Christa were busy chatting about the size of a guy's cock somewhere to their left. The woman to my right moved her hand and soon found my balls. Still lying on her back with her eyes closed, and still holding her partner's cock in her right hand, she first caressed my balls and then took my ever-growing member in her left.

The guy who was finger-fucking her was lying on his side facing me. He smiled across and so I nodded and smiled back, shuffling closer so his woman could get a better hold. It was then that Gunter leaned across me so that he could stroke the inside of the woman's leg with his left hand. I just lay there having my semi-erect cock slowly wanked as Gunter worked his way up to the woman's pussy and gently massaged her clitoris with two fingers as the other guy slipped two fingers in and out of her.

The woman's partner licked her neck, then moved on to her right nipple, licking it and sucking it as all the time he fucked her with his fingers. Not wanting her left nipple to feel left out I rolled onto my side so that I could give it the same treatment that her right one was getting. Gunter increased the pressure on her clitoris as he massaged it, and I heard her breathing quicken.

The moaning had already grown louder and now it turned into loud gasps. I sucked her nipple harder and grazed it gently with my teeth as I had done with Mandy's earlier in the day. Gunter shifted his position and knelt between her legs, rubbing her clitoris with his right hand while, with his left, he had joined in the finger-fucking.

She was getting a double dose now -- as her partner pulled out, Gunter pushed in, and as Gunter pulled out her partner pushed in. It wasn't long before the two sets of double fingers were pushing together. The two-handed finger-fuck pushed harder, the pussy massage grew stronger, the nipple-licking became wilder, and she quickened the pace as she wanked the cocks on either side of her.

Her body pulsated as the orgasm swept through her, again and again, and then she relaxed. She opened her eyes and blinked several times, slowly coming out of the dreamlike state she had been in. At this point I looked up and realized that we'd got an audience. Three single guys and two couples were standing watching us -- and so were Mandy and Christa. We picked our way between naked couples -- about a quarter of whom were unashamedly caressing each other's genitals with fingers and tongue -- to where a small crowd had gathered.

We joined the crowd as they watched two couples coming to the climax of whatever they'd been doing. One guy was lying on his back with a woman bouncing up and down on his cock as she sat facing away from him and smiling at the crowd. As she leaned back against his chest, his cock flicked out of her cunt and shot a long streak of cum up her belly, then a second that reached her left tit, and then a third that dribbled down her pussy.

She massaged the cum into her skin as if it was suntan lotion. The other woman was lying on her stomach almost at a right angle to them and was kissing and sucking the tongue of the guy who had just shot his load on her friend. The second guy was fucking her hard from behind, beads of sweat on his back as he came inside her with a groan.

Then he moved off her to place a kiss on the mouth of the first woman. Gunter obviously overheard her. There were five blow-jobs well under way within a few feet of us, and I counted 10, then 15, then 20, and there were still more -- not to mention at least as many pussies being rubbed and a few furtive fuck-sessions as well.

As I joined the crowd of voyeurs I counted 36 people -- mostly men but about a third of them women with their partners, and a couple of women who seemed to be alone. The action was pretty hot for a public beach with a crowd of strangers watching. Two women lay side by side in the 69 position licking at each other's pussies while each of them was fucked from behind.

Sometimes a cock would come out of a cunt to be sucked by a waiting mouth, and then it would go back in again for more fucking as a tongue licked a juicy clit. One woman didn't just suck the cock that was fucking the cunt she was licking -- she took it right down her throat to moans of pleasure from the guy and murmurs of approval from the crowd.

As the fucking continued, first one guy and then the other came in their respective cunts. As their cocks slipped from the cunts they'd just filled, both women resumed licking at each other's cum-drenched pussies until they came simultaneously -- clinging to each other tightly as their bodies shuddered together. Hi Jill," she called and went over to one of the women who was still in a dazed state of post-shag bliss.

Great to see you," the woman with the butterfly-tattooed pussy replied. They kissed full on the mouth, and Mandy started licking the sticky cum from Jill's cheeks. Some of the crowd had drifted away but there were still 10 or 12 guys watching. Mandy looked up at them and licked her lips.

Mandy looked at her. I didn't recognize you with your head buried in Jill's pussy. I should have known it was you giving this guy the deep-throat treatment. And then Mandy kissed Linda's cum-smeared face too, making quite a show of licking it clean. Mandy looked round at the two guys on the sand.

Let me give you a clean-up. Her tongue soon gathered up his remaining cum-drips and she kissed first the end of his cock and then his mouth. After we'd met Linda and Jill and their partners Jim and George on the beach, Mandy and I went back to where we'd left our towels. We sat down with Gunter and Christa and watched a couple fucking almost at our feet. They writhed in orgasm and then the woman started to clean up her partner's cock with her tongue.

But after all the public sex that I'd seen, I felt so horny that I wanted to behave like a complete slut — and I wanted people to see me. Then you stood up and we all left. I'm sure they'll find somewhere else to spray," Gunter said. I'm sure you'll find plenty of other slutty things to do while you're here," Christa told her. Why aren't you at it now?

The crowd of exhibitionists and voyeurs slowly thinned though I still counted 15 blowjobs in progress when we left. We stopped by the supermarket to buy some things for dinner, and we also got a load of drinks and nibbles in case our friends came round later. We had arranged to meet Jim and Linda and George and Jill at After eating, we loaded the dish-washer and Mandy watched the news on the local French TV channel while I shaved and had a shower.

Since a lot of the men we'd seen on the beach had their pubic hair shaved, I decided to try it too. Mandy's never liked getting pubic hairs in her mouth so I reckoned she'd probably appreciate it. Then I got dressed while she showered, and then — having turned into a dedicated voyeur — I went out onto the balcony to watch the evening parade of scantily-dressed women in the street below.

I was still watching when Mandy shouted to say she was ready. I walked in from the balcony to look at her in the light of the apartment. Can I fuck you right now? We can do that back home in England. While we're here I think we should try for something a little more public, don't you? Although Mandy's so-called skirt was low on her hips, it didn't even reach her pussy.

She spun round to show me the back where most of her bum was on show. And if I pull it up above my bum it stays a couple of inches above my pussy — and it shows my bum as well. How do you like the top? And this one was no exception. The transparent pink tube top was no more than three inches long. Now let's get going or we'll be late to meet the others.

There was a professional dancer on the bar who had obviously been hired to get the crowd going. When we got there her bra was being thrown aside and she was down to just a tiny red g-string. She gyrated her pelvis to the pounding beat of the music, stroked herself all over, and thrust her barely-covered pussy at the audience.

Jim and Linda arrived just as we did, and Jill and George were not far behind. There was nowhere to sit and hardly any standing room left, but it was a really horny feeling to be standing in a packed bar rubbing shoulders — and other bits too — with so many skimpily dressed women.

Jim caught a waiter's eye and ordered some drinks and then we guys started admiring our partners' outfits. Linda was wearing a black net top with nothing under it, and some tiny transparent lace underwear shorts — black and skin-tight — plus high-heeled knee-length boots. Jill was in angelic white — her tight stretchy top had a low scoop neck that barely covered her nipples while her white denim skirt was cut off at mid-bum.

While we three guys nodded and said "hi", our three women kissed each other and giggled loudly as each inspected what the others were wearing. There was a lot of touching and stroking as Linda lifted her top to rub her naked boobs against Mandy's boob-tube which soon got pulled up above her tits.

Then Jill pulled her low neckline even lower so that the scooped front went underneath her breasts rather than over them and she joined in the mutual tit massage. On the bar the dancer was being helped out of her g-string by a woman who was egged on by her friends. The woman's snakeskin-patterned skirt showed the cheeks of her bum as she reached up to pull the flimsy red garment down the dancer's legs.

As the dancer stepped out of the g-string, the woman with the snakeskin skirt sniffed it before putting it on the bar. Then she stretched up to rub the dancer's bare pussy with her hand. The dancer squatted down to give her better access and then invited her onto the bar to dance with her.

The woman accepted, clambering up with her entire bum on show, and the two started to dance on the bar to some French rock with a heavy beat. Since the professional dancer had only her shoes on, the woman in the snakeskin skirt was soon stroking her naked breasts. The dancer responded by stroking the woman's breasts through her white strappy top and then started slowly lifting the top so it bared the woman's breasts and the two of them rubbed their boobs together.

The woman pulled her top over her head, gave it to one of her friends by the bar, and started unzipping her skirt too. That soon came off, as did her thong, and for the next five minutes everyone in the bar was treated to a double nude lesbian dance show. I was watching the show on the bar intently, getting quite turned on by the way the two women stroked each other's bodies — including their pussies — when Jim nudged me.

Mandy's boob-tube was now round her waist, Jill's tits were overflowing her low-cut top, and Linda's top had disappeared. Apparently she'd pulled it off and thrown it over her shoulder. We never did find it. Jill and Linda were dancing face-to-face very close, each with a leg between the other's legs. Their breasts were rubbing together, their hands caressing each other, and their tongues touching.

Mandy was dancing round them, rubbing her boobs on each of their backs in turn, stroking their bums, and letting her fingers slip between their legs for a lingering feel of their pussies. Each time she withdrew her hand from between their legs Mandy licked her fingers, so it was obvious what she'd been doing. Mandy had stopped dancing by now. She came up to me, leaned her half-naked body against mine, put her arms round my neck and said, "Dan, I'm so incredibly horny.

Why don't you take me right here? I don't care who sees. I won't refuse anything. I just want you to use me like a slut. Not too many people heard what she said but our friends certainly did. I don't think we can keep these ladies waiting any longer. We're just three sluts looking for some debauchery. The less ladylike it is, the better. Her transparent tube top was back in place but her minuscule skirt had ridden up to no more than a four-inch length.

She didn't seem bothered, so I certainly wasn't. I had my arm round her and I explored the crevice of her bum with my fingers as we walked. Jim seemed to be doing the same to Linda; he had his hand down the back of her transparent shorts. And George's hand was up the back of Jill's skirt so they were also obviously indulging in a little anal activity too.

Jill saw me looking at what they were doing. That's something else I'm going to have to try. We guys settled for cans of French beer. The three girls wandered out onto the balcony, taking the vodka bottle with them. We guys had hardly started our beer when the vodka glasses had been drained and were being refilled.

It wasn't long before they were refilled again. The girls were talking loudly, laughing, giggling, and emptying their glasses again before they came back in to where Jim and I were watching George trying to find an English-language channel on TV. Mandy walked straight to the TV and switched it off. There are three sluts here who need fucking," she said, pulling off her boob tube once and for all.

Linda had been topless since we were in the Melrose bar, and now removed her shorts, while Jill peeled off her top and let her skirt fall to the floor. Mandy left the pink strip of skirt around her hips since it covered no more than a wide belt would anyway. We were presented with three bums sticking in the air, and three pairs of legs spread to show plenty of pussy.

Three bums wobbled as the three women giggled. At this, the giggling turned into shrieks of laughter and three pairs of hands pulled three pairs of bum cheeks apart to give us an unobstructed view of what was on offer. We guys needed no further convincing that TV was not a good idea after all. It took only a few seconds for us to strip naked, and only a few more till our cocks were as stiff as dildos.

Since we were new to this sort of thing we each went for the pussy we knew best. George and I started licking Jill's and Mandy's pink slits while Jim roughly pushed his cock into Linda. She let out a gasp and whimpered as he continued to slam it into her. As my saliva mingled with Mandy's pussy juice, I noticed that George was not only pussy-licking but had a finger deep in Jill's anus as well.

I spat on Mandy's ass, as I had earlier in the day, and although she stiffened with surprise she made no objection as I pushed my left fore-finger right into her anus. I kept it there when I stood up to fuck her. I guided my cock into her pussy with my right hand and maintained a fucking motion in her bum with the main finger of my left hand. Judging by the noises she made she was liking it.

It was around then that things started to get a bit confused. As the shared sex session continued, we shifted positions and somehow it seemed only natural to share with our friends. As I cock-fucked Mandy's cunt and finger-fucked her anus, Linda rubbed her tits on my arm and before I knew it we were kissing and the fingers of my free hand were exploring her pussy.

At the other end of Mandy, Jim's cock was disappearing into my wife's mouth with a force that took no account of the fact that Mandy couldn't do a deep-throat blowjob like Linda could. Still, Mandy was doing her best, and she willingly subjected herself to Jim's oral fucking. Fortunately for Mandy, Jill soon took over the sucking of Jim's cock.

Linda pulled me off Mandy, crouching in front of me to suck my cock. Then she lay back on the floor with her legs spread wide and pulled me down to her. I put my head between her legs so I could lick her. She pushed her pelvis into the air to meet my tongue with her pussy. I put my hands beneath her bum to help lift her up, and slipped both my thumbs inside her cunt for extra measure.

Then, as I carried on licking and thumb-fucking Linda, I noticed George kneel at the other end of her and put his cock into her willing mouth. Linda was juicing so much there was a pool of her cum on the floor. I left the licking, pushed her legs into the air and held them wide apart as I pushed my cock deep into her gushing pussy.

George's cock was down her throat, and her hands were groping his balls and my chest. Some bodies flopped on the floor beside us and I saw Jim bury his cock in Mandy's cunt as she licked Jill's pussy with a vengeance. George motioned to me that he'd like to fuck Linda so I vacated her cunt, wished him happy fucking as he slammed his cock inside it, and offered my cock to Mandy's tongue.

She licked Linda's juices off me then directed my rigid tool to Jill's gaping pussy. As I fucked Jill I felt Mandy's hand under my bum caressing my balls. I was still pounding Jill's pussy when Jim moved in for another blowjob and George started to fuck Mandy. By this time we had a full-scale orgy going and no one seemed to mind what they were doing with whom so long as they were getting a piece of the action.

Linda had no guy in her at this time but she was rubbing her pussy energetically. Jim went for a deep-throat blowjob, while George and I rolled her on her side and lay front and back so we could both have a go at fucking her. After a bit of practice we soon had a fuck rhythm going so that when I pushed in he pulled out and then I pulled out as he pushed in.

Needless to say, it seemed a pity not to try getting both cocks in her at once — so we did try, and we succeeded, moving them together up and down inside her. Jill and Mandy, who could see what we were doing, were soon helping to push us in and were admiring Linda's talent for accommodating more than most in both mouth and pussy. Linda's pussy started jerking on the parallel cocks and then her entire body stiffened.

She made a noise but it was unintelligible since Jim's cock was in her mouth right up to his balls. Then Linda started shaking all over and jerking her pussy once more as her hands went round Jim's bum and pulled him closer so every centimeter of his cock went in her. Jill and Mandy cheered as Linda's orgasm subsided.

Jim pulled out of Linda's mouth and bent to kiss her on the lips before taking Mandy at her word and pushing his saliva-coated cock into her cunt. I decided to fuck Jill who welcomed me back with open pussy. And George settled for a hand-to-mouth existence, wanking himself with his hand, then putting his cock in Mandy's mouth for a good sucking, then wanking again, and then letting Jill suck for a while.

I noticed that Linda had several fingers up her own pussy, frigging away for all she was worth. We both pushed harder and quickened our pace, and a moment later the "Aaah" was repeated, followed by a series of short "Ahs" as we fucked her wildly and then a long gasping "Aaaaaaah" as her body trembled. Mandy was gasping with desire too as Jim fucked her long and deep and George gave her his cock to devour.

I pulled out of Jill whose hands immediately went to clutch at her own pussy, and I proceeded to kiss and suck on Mandy's nipples. It wasn't long before Mandy too was throbbing with orgasm as three guys concentrated on pleasuring her. So now we had three women who'd each cum thanks to our caring attention, but we three guys had still not shot our loads.

Linda, who had recovered by now from her triple-cock ordeal, sympathized with our plight. Our women carried on kissing as first one, then two, then three cock-loads of spunk shot over their faces and in their hair. The kisses got gradually sloppier and stickier as we coated their faces in cum but they didn't seem to mind.

As we squeezed the last drops from our cocks, our three cumsluts were giggling with delight as they licked it from each other's faces. Mandy seemed to be gobbling the cum even more than the other two. She looked up at me and smiled, her make-up smeared and her face a sticky mess as she pushed some blobs of goo into her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

I saw that her other hand was at her pussy, holding her pubic bone tightly and pushing her fingers inside. As I watched she shuddered with another orgasm and smiled at me again. The women still had cum on their faces and in their hair but they didn't mind. Judging by what goes on here I think we'd be the exception if we hadn't had an orgy tonight.

I'm lucky to have a guy who doesn't mind me indulging my slut fantasies. On the third day of our holiday, the morning was almost gone by the time we woke. Mandy still had dried cum in her hair and on her breasts. I look a mess," she said as she stared at the bathroom mirror. I loved every minute of what we did yesterday. You really made me proud of you for being ready to try new things.

You know I like you to be an exhibitionist. I really enjoyed watching you. And you seemed to be enjoying it too. And cleaning the cum from Jill and Linda's faces and licking it off their partners' cocks -- especially in front of an audience -- seemed like a good way to do it. I wanted you to see me being filthy, and I guessed you'd get a special turn-on if other people watched.

Would you have let them cum on you? But then again maybe I would have. I was getting very carried away and I was in the mood to do anything dirty. I wonder what a cum shower would feel like. Let's see what happens if I'm in that situation again. I know I sometimes go without underwear because you like me to -- but never in the sort of clothes I wear here.

And sometimes I wear erotic clothes for you -- like the rubber microskirt you bought me for Valentine's Day -- but I'd never go out of the house in them. And sometimes we've made love in the car or out in the country -- but never when anyone was around. But since we've been here I've started to realize that I really enjoy being sexy and erotic -- and even slutty -- especially in public.

I get a real kick from knowing that people can see me. Let's do it together. You can cum on my breasts or on my face -- whatever you want. And it all made me feel really horny -- especially when I had a cock at each end and you sucking my nipples as well. I know you enjoy shooting your load on my face or in my mouth, and I've always let you do that though in the past I never really got much out of it myself.

But here my exhibitionist side has really taken over. I've found out that I enjoy showing people how much I love sex -- and getting covered in cum in public is one way of doing that. Are you sure you don't mind? The way she talked about sex really turned me on. At that, my cock obliged and shot a jet of spunk on Mandy's breasts. We made our way to the beach again and walked along it till we arrived at the crowded section.

We positioned ourselves on the fringe rather than in the middle and settled down to sun ourselves till the action started. There seemed to be quite a bit of furtive fondling going on at this part of the beach all through the afternoon. Generally, however, while the sun was hot most people seemed happy just to lie there.

But as the sun grew cooler, the action on the beach grew hotter. About four feet away from us a young couple were indulging in a mutual masturbation session. As they lay side-by-side on their backs, she was wanking him with her right hand and he was rubbing her pussy with his left. From time to time they would roll together to kiss and then they'd lie back down again so everyone could see what they were doing.

It wasn't long before she was lying across his stomach with his rigid cock in her mouth. Groups of voyeurs had begun to form and were a good indication of where the most exciting action was taking place. There was also quite a lot of group action. We joined a circle of people that had formed around two couples. A young blonde woman with wavy hair stroked and sucked the man next to her till he came on her cheek.

The group of maybe 30 people applauded as she wiped the cum into her mouth with her finger. The couple next to them looked on and caressed each of them during the blowjob. This time the man who had been sucked off was massaging the blonde woman's pussy and she was moaning so that everyone could hear. The other couple now started.

First the man stroked the woman's pussy and then fucked her with two fingers for a while. Soon afterwards she sucked his cock deeply into her mouth. For a while the woman hesitated, looking around at the spectators and obviously unsure whether she should continue. The guy she'd been sucking was sure what she should do, however.

He kissed her on the mouth and whispered in her ear, and a moment later she was gobbling his cock with a vengeance, oblivious to the appreciative audience. A few minutes later she was flat on her back with the guy on top of her, fucking her for all he was worth. Mandy and I watched as their bodies squirmed together, and then he pulled out of her as he came, shooting his spunk all over her stomach.

She rubbed the sticky white stuff into her skin and the proceeded to lick his cock clean. As for the first couple, the woman was now being massaged to a noisy orgasm by her partner -- so noisy, in fact, that the crowd applauded when she'd finished. After it was all ove,r the two couples swapped partners to continue their sunbathing.

The largest groups gathered round the couples who got really carried away with their love-making. And of course, the group performances attracted a good crowd too. The voyeurs were generous with their applause for the really wild fuck-displays. It was all very good-natured. The voyeur couples were obviously keen to see what others did, and they were caressing each other as they watched -- and one saw some of them a little later putting on their own performance and attracting an appreciative crowd.

The action multiplied in this way. Not far away a young woman with a cheeky look in her eyes sucked her partner who seemed embarrassed that people were watching. She carried on regardless. It was obvious she was getting a high from being watched -- pleased that she was showing everyone that she was more daring than he was.

His body stiffened as he came in her mouth. She swallowed, licked her lips, and looked around smiling to make sure that people had seen what she had done. And then she kissed her partner on the mouth while his cum was still on her lips. Carefully stepping over naked bodies, we made our way towards a circle of 12 or 15 people, about two-thirds of them men, at the edge of the packed section of the beach.

By peering over shoulders I could see a couple side by side in the 69 position on their beach towels. The guy was gobbling away at the woman's pussy while she was giving him a combined handjob and blowjob. Across from us in the circle, stood a couple with their arms around each other's waists. As the 69 session on the sand got hotter, the circle of voyeurs grew and the woman opposite moved in front of her partner and he, being taller, looked over her shoulder.

He had his arms round her waist but, as the action on the sand continued, one hand strayed first to her breasts and then to her pussy. She did nothing to stop him as she watched the couple sucking and licking. Soon her pussy was being frigged openly in front of about 20 people. The couple on the sand changed position so that the guy was flat on his back and the woman was on all fours the other way round with her legs either side of him.

Her pussy hovered above her partner's face as she set about masturbating his cock in earnest. As the guy on the sand exploded onto the woman's face, a ripple of applause went up from the audience. Her cum-streaked face looked up and she gave a wave, acknowledging their appreciation and obviously quite happy to provide the entertainment.

Across from us, the frigged pussy was pretty hot by now. As she turned to her partner I could see he had a big hard-on. She bent over and kissed it before taking hold of it with her hand and leading him through the mass of bodies to where they'd left their towels.

Some of the other voyeurs followed them, obviously anticipating another show. We watched a few more blowjobs and fuck sessions before going back to where we'd left our beach towels. I must admit that I assumed some of the authors were exaggerating. But they sure weren't.

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