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There were many more moments like it lying ahead. And they love to wrestle; with the majority of their frenzied encounters ending in Amazonian "love-making", whether their opponents are other strong-bodied women or some over-matched male. Her curves became ever more accentuated, and her skin was smoother, and at times appeared luminous. We all know why everything is shaking. Fifty-three lying on a flowerbed.

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Martial arts and fighting. Expertly trained, dangerous and dominant females. Marknew writes about power shifting from men to women through magic, science or plain old cleverness. Montrose's women are varied. Some like Grizzly brutalise their men, others, like Nurse Lucy try to undo the damage done by the more brutal ones. Jane is very powerful, yet strangely submissive.

Pam, Tamara, Hannah and some friends get ultra-fit, ultra-strong through "High Intensity Bodybuilding". Many strong women in many different situations. Pac's women are good and bad, young and old, but always much stronger than their men. Jim Priest's women are tough and sometimes brutal, but fight for their men. They love to use their legs to destroy men with their powerful scissors holds.

Puppetman's women are very tall and powerful, but ultimately very gentle. Unless they need to go into action, of course. The men seem to be rather smaller and lighter than the average; perhaps half the size of the women. Sam Rabbit writes long stories about powerful females who effortlessly dominate the men they attract, and yet they are also love stories.

Rambler Rambler writes stories about a romance between Larry who loves cars, and Donna, a beautiful and very strong bodybuilder. Joe Rathbun writes of the women and men of the Central Mountain Republic. Powerful women, capable of accidentally destroying a man in the heat of passion. Soltan Bey writes about Hetero, Lesbian and Bi sex and bizarre stuff.

Involves Female Muscle and a bit of giantism. Sandi Stone is only for those who like extremely violent stories, documented by David Sullivan. She delights in taunting and humiliating the men she fights, then when she has them helpless, she carries on inflicting permanent and terrible injuries, so that they can never fight again. Uplifted lives in a world is which the men are completely overwhelmed by the female of the species.

The better part of valor for him is complete obedience. Tom Walker writes of scissors.

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Women who crush, suffocate, destroy the men that are scissored, breaking several ribs and changing their lives for ever. Weakling Male finds himself attracted to very strong, sexy, muscle women who always dominate him and make him worship their big, hard muscles, and usually take what they want from him.

Thomas Whitfield stories are from every area of your imagination. Some deal with fetishes, some are vengeful, and yet others are love stories. The women tend to be big and very dominating. This newsletter tells you what happened on the web site each month, from March onwards.

And all the old newsletters are available too, so you can see how the web site developed. Or just read the current newsletter. This covers a particular genre of stories with the common theme of a woman becoming very big and strong, by means of magic, a potion, a formula, or whatever means. Then I did something dirty that escalated things. It made me even more turned-on that I did that.

The pictures after that were even hotter. The photographer got really close, nasty shots. I felt so exposed. Jeff loved it. I was so wet. Before I could say anything, they were stripped down. They were already rock-hard from watching me for an hour. Jeff pulled me close, French-kissed me hard. He said he wanted these two big, black guys to fuck the shit out of me and the other guy will take pictures.

Jeff told me I had to make it really hot. He was fingering me when he told me this. I looked over at the two naked studs with their massive dicks. Jeff told me that I had to talk nasty and say slutty things to them. I cannot believe Jeff paid two black porn studs to fuck me. It was a total setup. One guy had a thickly-veined, massive thirteen-inch cock and the other was twelve-inches and thicker than Jeff.

His cockhead was gigantic, like the size of a baseball. For the next two hours, they fucked me in every possible position imaginable. I always had one gigantic cock in my mouth and another in my pussy. It was crazy. They were really, really big, baby. It only made them hotter and wilder and want to fuck me more and harder.

I was in disbelief, but raging-hard imagining that scene at the photo studio. I fucked Jen like crazy that night even though she was tired and worn out from the black studs. As I was pumping away, it became clear to me that she still had their cum in her pussy from the photo shoot. That humiliated me, but made me hotter. Right before I came, Jen blurts out: Over a thousand explicit nude photos hit my inbox.

Jen is unbelievably sexy and looks like a porn starlet. Dozens of exposed ass shots, spread pussy shots, big tits, erect nipples. My girl is so hot. But there are only six hardcore sex pictures with the black studs. I ask Jen where are all the sex pictures. I text Jeff: Where are the other five thousand sex pictures of my wife fucking the black guys?

She loved it! Turns out your wife loves big, black cocks! A very short video clips comes in: Jen, totally nude and clad in only high heels, walks across the photo studio set towards the staged bed under the lights, heels clicking against the concrete floor.

She grasps each stud by their massive, erect cocks, leads the across the room to the fucking and sucking area. They are literally twice her size. Each stud is looking at my wife like they want to tear her up. Their first threesome pic is Jen on her back, with each black bull grabbing an ankle and spreading her legs. She snarls, looking right into the camera lens, in heat.

You can practically see the huge head pulsing. The other guy is kneeling behind Jen, fucking her pussy hard from behind. Of course, his efforts have Jen screaming and cumming all over him. His cock glistens with gobs of her white cum. The view is from behind, the muscular stud on top of Jen in the missionary position, dominating her.

Her legs are in the air, wrapped around the stud, her red heels making the scene even sluttier. The black bull with the thirteen-inch cock buries his manhood in her little pussy, his big balls hanging down waiting to unload their seed. The other stud leans in, his magnificent cock head in her mouth. Her eyes are closed in ecstasy. Jen is on her back in the missionary position, the black stud with the thick cock and the mushroom head, is doing a pushup on top of her, slamming his giant cock into her little pussy.

Sweat flies from all the fucking. She looks the stud in the eye and is yelling something at him I imagine all the slutty things she might say in that situation. She has a cumshot splashed across her cheek, cum dripping out of her mouth. Jen rides the biggest stud in the cowgirl position, screaming, his massive hard cock is covered in her cum. He splits her little pussy in an explicit way.

She sucks the other stud at the same time. A video clip arrives. I open the clip. I press play. Ten seconds of sexual chaos. Each time he fills her up he groans like an animal. Jen is blowing the other stud while getting fucked. Jeff yells off camera, encouraging them to fuck her harder. The clip ends. We sit in stunned silence. I run it another five times, noticing some new sexy detail.

I turn to Jen and she has a wry smile on her face. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. View Toys Porn on Lush Tube. Saturday Jen heads out early to meet Jeff at the beach.

He has a smug look on his face as he addresses me directly into the camera: The beach clips end. I love shooting inside you. Friday Jen leaves at nine pm, headed to her stud. Did you hear what I said? He stops her. She dials and I pick up, all cheery and unsuspecting: Somehow, I am okay with all of this… Jeff finds a way to one-up each fuck session with Jen.

I just get shocked every time. She pulled it to her. Her jaws unhinged and she took one tiny bite of chocolate with crooked teeth. My heart was breaking inside me. Margo lunged at the glass, snarling and crying. She hurled herself against it again, and again, wailing. When you looked at him, you got an overwhelming impression of strength.

His broad shoulders and powerful chest strained his T-shirt. Carved biceps bulged on his arms. His stomach was flat and hard. Everything about him spoke of sheer physical power, contained but ready to be released. But his real power was in his eyes. The moment you looked into his grey irises, you knew he would tolerate no challenge to his authority, and if his eyes turned gold, you knew you were going to die.

In a fit of cosmic irony, he had fallen in love with me. I challenged his authority on weekly basis. Something was seriously wrong. Something besides Maddie. Curran walked past me to Doolittle and handed him a small plastic bag filled with olive-colored paste.

The panacea was produced by European shapeshifters and guarded by them like gold. The Pack had been trying to reverse-engineer it for years and had gotten nowhere. The herbal mixture reduced chances of loupism at birth by seventy five percent and reversed mid-transformation in one third of teenagers. There used to be a man in Atlanta who somehow managed to smuggle it in small batches, which he sold it to the Pack at exorbitant prices, but a few weeks ago the shapeshifters had found him floating in a pond with his throat cut.

They had sailed out of our jurisdiction. Now Curran held a bag of it. What have you been up to, Your Furry Majesty? His eyes flashed gold. I was right. The paste was split in two equal portions. Tony mixed each into a pound of ground beef and dropped it into the cells.

The children pounced on the meat, licking it off the floor. Seconds crawled by, towing minutes in their wake. Margo jerked. The fur on her body melted. Her bones folded on themselves, shrank, realigned… She cried out and a human girl, naked and bloody, fell to the floor. Her limbs twisted. The distortion in her body shrunk, but the signs of animal remained. The shift coefficient, the measure of how much a body had shifted from one form to the other.

Maddie was still going loup. We had to get more panacea. We had to save her. Sedate them instead. I am emotionally spent. No one can say Kate and Curran are boring now that they are mated. I need a cookie or something. Skip to content You are here: Part of the Kate Daniels series: July 20, Editors: Anne Sowards. Urban Fantasy. Kate , Kate Daniels World. Chapter One I spun the spear.

A yellow butterfly floated up. Julie watched it. I pulled my spear back, reversed it, and stabbed her in the left shoulder with the butt. Oar block. You have an opening, do something about it. The slug-child turned into a nimble gazelle and sprung to her feet. Second floor. Third floor. Stupid stairs. Where is Maddie?

My bones groaned. I kept my voice calm. Doolittle has them. I marched down the hall. Over a thousand was pretty much a guarantee of loupism. There was nothing I could do. It was the least we could do for her. I glanced at Meredith. She was staring at her daughters. Tears ran down her face. Jennifer clamped her hand over her mouth and fled out of the room. Julie rose and slipped out of the room.

Meredith had fallen silent. The door opened. I saw the familiar muscular body and short blond hair. Doolittle opened the bag and sniffed the contents. His eyes widened.

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Not as shapely as you are with your sexy booty. Meyer commented on her character's complex history stating: Brigitte had Jen over at her dad's mansion, he was living in Europe with his new girlfriend, one of Brigitte's old cheer leading friends , when one night as the two were eating through all the food in the house and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, Brigitte made her move. The Pack put them down. She had been instantly attracted to Jenny when she saw those enormous breasts. She moved into the kitchen to see what Jen was doing. Stories written in, or translated into Portuguese translators needed, email me. Montrose's women are varied.

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