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Stella crosses a magical portal to get to Bloom's house in Gardenia. Her outfit is an orange top, which is held in place by two cyan straps. A slumber party. Besides that, she loves fashion and gossip, sometimes giving fashion advice to the other members of the Winx Club. She has always wanted her separated parents, King Radius and Queen Luna, to reconcile, to the point that she was angry that her father, King Radius, announced his marriage to a new woman, Countess Cassandra, mostly because her daughter Chimera had been mean to her.

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Stella , Fairy Forms Added photos: Tecna's Fairy Forms created by Butterfly27 New page: This page is for the all fairy forms that Tecna gets in the series. Tecna , Fairy Forms Added photos: This page is for the all fairy forms that Musa gets in the series.

Winx Musa's Winx outfit is a red dress, a sparkling one-shouldered tank top and Musa , Fairy Forms Added photos: Knut orders the ghouls to attack the girl but she defends herself by suddenly displaying amazing powers with which she neutralizes Knut and the creatures. Stella regains her scepter and defeats the remaining enemies.

After the fight, Stella faints and Bloom assists her by taking her home. After convincing Mike and Vanesa, Bloom's parents, about the existence of magic, allow Bloom to go to the magical realm with Stella. The girls go to Magix to eat a pizza. In the city, Bloom communicates with her mother for a short time because he sees Knut, the ogre who attacked her and Stella in Gardenia, and follows him to an alley where he was with the Trix, the witches noticed the presence of Bloom and attack her but Stella and the other girls appear to help her.

The group transforms but the girls are not strong enough against the Trix so Stella with her ring teleports the group back to Alfea. The next day, Stella and the other Winx are given a challenging task that consist in clean the school without magic. Being a lot of work, Stella suggests calling the Specialists to hellp them finish the cleaning and have a party.

At night, Stella and the Winx find that the Trix infiltrated Alfea looking for the Dragon's Flame, they fight against a creature invoked by the witches, to which they defeat despite not having magic. For defending the school, Ms. Faragonda gives back to Stella and the Winx their magical powers.

Stella is seen walking with the Winx while Bloom shares details about her dream with Daphne. Stella claims that the nymph is real and suggests research in the library. The next day, Stella and Musa say goodbye to the girls and they stay in Alfea during the spring break. After the vacations, Stella is seen again reunited with the other girls, while Bloom explains them that she was adopted and has a lot of questions, the fairy of the shining sun along with the other Winx make a promise to help her get the answers.

When Bloom went missing, Stella contributes to the search of her friend using her powers of light to illuminate the forest. After the events in the forest, Stella and the Winx are seen distracting the Red Fountain guards, so Bloom can talk to Sky during the parade and finally Stella appears reading a magazine, while Bloom leaves Alfea. Stella crosses a magical portal to get to Bloom's house in Gardenia.

Once there she finds that her friend was attacked by the Trix, also that they stolen her powers. Stella convinces Bloom not to allow witches to get away with it, with the support of her parents Bloom returns with Stella to Magix. In Alfea, Stella is seen with the other Winx comforting Bloom. The blond fairy gives Bloom her unconditional support and accompanies the redheaded girl along with Sky, Brandon, and Knut who left the witches.

After some inconveniences, the small group arrives at Cloud Tower where they are assisted by Riven, who is sorry for the bad things he did. Griffin and her students. Not long after, Stella and the other girls encourages Flora to restore Mirta's human appearance.

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During the decisive battle, Stella saves Flora inside the twister, then she joins forces with the other girls and makes a convergence, which manages to defeat them.

At the end of the special, Stella appears celebrating with her friends. In the movie Stella along with the others helped Bloom in finding her parents. When the Winx and the Specialists found the Book of Fate in a secret library on Domino and she was quite interested in seeing Bloom's baby pictures when one of them popped up but Bartleby told her otherwise.

She is engrossed in seeing Bloom's baby pictures kept in the secret library of Domino. In the movie Stella and the winx minus Bloom face the trix at Alfea were they are not able to defeat them. They soon discover Bloom is engaged to Sky on a reality TV show, she then tells the Winx, who all say to go to Domino.

They arrive to Domino to find a heartbroken Bloom, who is recently just dealing with a broken heart after Sky tells her they can't get married. After being at Domino the Winx teleport to Gardenia, the Winx then collapse and then wake up to find out their magic is gone, so they are then forced with the task to stay on Gardenia until they get their's powers back.

The Winx then head to Havram to look for clues to get their powers back, which they do and then are forced to fight the Trix who they then defeat. Stella has long blonde hair, hazel-brown eyes, and a medium skin tone. Through the first, second and third seasons, Stella has bangs for her hairstyle, and generally tends to wear hairbands with her outfits.

In season four, her hairstyle changes to a side swept fringe. Her appearance is inspired by the actress Cameron Diaz. In season 1, she wore a green midroff top that is tied in a bow on the front, an orange skirt with a gold belt that has golden circles dangling at the bottom, a lavender headband, and green flip flops with a sunflower on top.

In seasons 2 and 3, she wore a green and pink striped tube dress with a pink starred belt, pink strappy heels, and a pink headband. She also had pink hoop earrings with a green star on them. In season 4, her outfit changes to an orange tube dress with stars decorating the top half.

Her shoes are green heels, and she has purple ankle socks with darker purple circles on them. She also has small purple star earrings. Her hair is styled loose swept back in a bump. Princess of Solaria In the first episode of season 1, after Stella defeats the ogre, she returns to her "Princess of Solaria" form.

In this form, she wears a crown with one point and gemstone in the centre of the point. She wears a necklace made of tiny orange rectangles, with a large silver one in the middle. She wears a long skirt, with orange wedge sandals. This dress is different from the original in the newly released special.

Winx Stella's winx outfit consists of an off shoulder orange top with matching short shorts, tall orange boots, a blue headband, and wrist gloves. Her hair is in two low pigtails with light blue bands. Her wings have three points, are light blue with dark blue tips.

Charmix Stella's Charmix charm is shaped like a mirror. Her Charmix bag is round and blue, with an orange circle and crescent symbolizing the sun and the moon. Enchantix In her Enchantix, Stella's hair gets styled into a side swept fringe. She has two pigtails high on her head, which are held in place by diamond shaped bands, and she wears a blue tiara.

The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Since the Winx already have the power of Believix and Nabu appears alive even though he died in Episode 24 of Season 4, it is thought that the film takes place sometime in the middle of Season 4. Despite the Winx's efforts, Icy, Stormy and Darcy escape with the compass.

Meanwhile, on Domino, Sky proposes to Bloom, but a secret between King Erendor and the destruction of Domino forces Sky to call off the wedding. The rest of the Winx visit Bloom, who is struggling to get over it. The Trix report to the Ancestral Witches on the successful theft. On Domino, King Oritel puts Bloom to a showcase of princes to see who she will marry.

Sky sneaks in and meets Bloom, saying that he will fix everything. He is soon discovered by an angry King Oritel. He gives Bloom a letter before being forced to leave. Bloom protests what is written on the letter. She is overruled by her father. An angry Bloom transports to Gardenia with the Winx.

This eliminates all good powers, along with the Winx's Believix. They meet up with the specialists. Meanwhile, the Ancestral Witches learn that there is one tiny source of positive energy left in the universe. They remember giving King Erendor an hourglass with the tree's pollen. This protected Eraklyon when the Witches destroyed Domino.

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In Alfea, Stella is seen with the other Winx comforting Bloom. Retrieved from " https: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

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Iginio Straffi. King Oritel apologizes to Sky and gives Bloom and Sky his blessing on their engagement. After the fight, Stella faints and Bloom assists her by taking her home. The Trix find Erendor and force him to give them the whereabouts of the pollen. Tecna's Fairy Forms created by Butterfly27 New page:

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