Do Women Like To Swallow Cum

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If he or I want to have him orgasm in my mouth, it is unspoken. Carnal practice offcourse not wise. I should have required an advance payment. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Treetrunk lol I suppose it does taste like candy. This is an observation and not a complaint. Maybe the girl just likes the idea of doing something that is so extreme and thoroughly sexual:

Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Swallowing

The rest genuinely enjoyed my semen in their mouths and took their time milking and licking the last drop off the tip. My wife tells me my semen is delicious, and she used to swallow every drop I could provide. I used to abstain for weeks just to have as big a load for her as possible. Hmmm……long maybe worthless answer. I am now 30 something and have been married once and in a few crappy relationships.

I did it because I guess I thought it was just something you did but I never liked it and honestly it made me feel used and humiliated. Then I met the most wonderful man. Actually I had known him for a long time and he was my best friend and someone I totally trust.

So do I like swallowing semen? Though most have written that it is a personal preference and so it is. I would like to add a new dimension to the question with over 27 years of sexual experience in India. In times when I started having sex, it was a rarity for a girl to suck so questions of letting a man cum in mouth or swallowing did not arise. Though there were girls like my cousin who tried everything and not only sucked but swallowed my cum.

But for a long long time, she was the only woman to do so. I saw a sea change in the women I encountered had no problem in sucking the dick or giving blowjobs. In this period almost all women sucked and I encountered not even a single exception to the rule, though about letting a man cum in mouth or swallow, the percentage was quite dismal. Internet was available on phone and so was porn.

Most of the young ones I encountered during this time grew up on all pervasive porn. They did anything and everything to please the man. I got my first rimjob from girls during this time only and did they swallow. Yes, there are still exceptions, but I have not encountered a girl who got initiated in sex after who did not swallow.

I think this answer would be helpful as it gives a new dimension to the query. I only swallow when I feel extremely comfortable with a man, relationship-wise. I don't mind at all if I am comfortable and close in that sense. Some woman do not like it so much.

My previous boyfriend would release his load directly in my mouth, and most times I would swallow it, unless it the amount was more than usual, then I may not. He was extremely understanding, he always asked if I wanted to or not and he would never force me to.

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That made me not mind the swallowing more. On the whole, I don't mind.

As long as I like the man enough and he is healthy taste-wise should not be anything out of the ordinary , I don't mind. Ask New Question Sign In. Do some women really like swallowing semen? Why or why not? Updated Mar 31, Do any women enjoy swallowing semen? Or do they just do it to please the man?

This is a topic that most men are probably better off not knowing about. What an incredible turn on. Unfortunately, she turned out to be crazy. Do women have semen? Why do I always pay attention swallowing saliva? Do women mind when other women watch their chest? Do women really have orgasms? Quora User , I enjoy sex, and I have decided to start blogging seriously about the subject.

Answered May 21, I'm a woman, and I do very much enjoy it, for three reasons: Anyone who tries coffee or red wine for the first time discovers that it is an acquired taste. But over time as the beverages are associated with a stimulating lift or a pleasant buzz, one enjoys the taste more and more. Eventually, one starts to crave it.

Likewise, while I didn't enjoy my first gulp of semen, over time I associated it with my lover's joy and adoration, as well as my own arousal and orgasm. Eventually, like Pavlov's dog salivating at the sound of a bell, the smell, taste and texture of semen became something that I actually enjoyed One can push the analogy for those who enjoy exotic coffees and wine tasting.

Have your lover eat bananas and cinnamon Reciprocity- If I eagerly swallow everything he squirts in my mouth, he can't get squeamish when I do the same I'm a "squirter" in his. It's sexy - Certain sexual acts just drive boys into a frenzy. I love the helpless look on his face when he is cumming and I'm swallowing.

Now for the caveat. If semen is too salty or lumpy. If it is malodorous due to infection or poor diet. Then semen is gross. But the same is true for women and their own juices. If you eat good diet cut down red meat! Answered Jul 22, With regards, An unmarried Indian women. Updated Aug 16, Why do women like to swallow men's cum? Good luck and good sex. Updated Feb 14, Of course we enjoy swallowing semen; well, some of us do.

Others spit, and others won't even go down on their significant others. That one I don't get at all. That part is interesting to me as a foodie. I actually like the physical feeling of something stiff on the back of my throat; it takes an amazing amount of relaxation and practice to deep throat without a gag reflex.

I like the workout. Do I do it to please the man? Sometimes, but a lot of time I'll initiate just the blowjob, not full on intercourse because I do enjoy it. It's something that gives pleasure without expecting anything in return. And sometimes it's just a fun thing to do in an office, a car, etc.

And I love the emotional power I have over my partner in being able to dictate speed, bringing him to the edge, stopping And either letting things calm down and begin again, or bringing things to a head. Do women like to swallow? There's no such thing as "women. Some women like to swallow; some don't; some like doing in some situations but not in others.

Some of the ones who like it really like it. Some of the ones who hate it really hate it. Some can take it or leave it. There are no shortcuts in relationships. You can't predict that Mary likes swallowing because she's a woman and women like it. If you want to know what Mary likes, you have to get to know Mary. Do women like the taste of cum?

This question has two problems: It supposes that all women are alike. This is not true. It supposes that semen tastes the same, from man to man, when in fact its taste changes according to the individual man's habits, diet, etc. No meaningful answer can be given until the erroneous suppositions are fixed. Answered Nov 23, To each her own. Answered Feb 11, Do women really like the taste of cum?

How do you feel after swallowing it? Being a male and earlier her lover, now her husband, I wish she would once again as I loved her smile when she swallowed. Answered Sep 15, Answered Dec 16, Answered Aug 26, I enjoy swallowing semen.

It feels a little like liquid string cheese. Answered Oct 24, Answered Sep 12, Answered Mar 9, Do women like swallowing? I am a woman. Related Questions What would happen if we stopped swallowing saliva right now? What does sperm do to a woman's body? How can I hide saliva swallowing? Will swallowing my own saliva make me insane?

Do women like bisexual men? Some lean toward this and some the other. Some favor not to perform oral sex by any means. Gulping a man's cum is about building a trust association, a sure bond that is realized by the sperm getting within you. All things considered, at any rate that is the thing that my beau let me know. Furthermore, if you ask other men, some would say it just knocks their socks off.

Also, others would discover it exceptionally attractive. There's a point where a fellow doesn't deal with himself well i. Spitting and gulping aren't the main alternatives. A few young women kind of draw back so that it misses their mouth. However, in some cases that implies it smacks them in the face which is extremely cumbersome. Lamentably, it isn't so much common.

The whole female sex does not share one cerebrum. A few young women like to swallow. Some don't care for it and want to spit. Once in a while it depends completely on state of mind, or what your semen has an aftertaste like. Spitter, swallower, neither one of them, doesn't make a difference the length of both partners comprehend what's going on and are OK with it particularly the individual performing the act, on the grounds that in this minute they're bearing the weight.

Here are some women sharing their ideas on it: This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Do women prefer to spit or swallow? Do girls prefer to spit or swallow? I have to say I am completely okay with going down on men.

With some I tremendously enjoy it, it's mostly about the specific penis. A pretty penis is a nice thing. If a guy spends two hours on giving me orgasms without getting anything out of it, I will damn well give him the pleasure of coming in my mouth. I will probably be too exhausted and sensitive to have sex anyway. It's not foreplay, it's giving back.

Mostly I take care to have almost the whole thing in when he comes so I don't even really taste it, I just swallow it, keep him in my mouth until he's relaxed and not so hyper-sensitive anymore and then I lie down next to him while he's being all overwhelmed and grateful. I have to admit I am proud of my skills. It's wonderful to be able to give someone so much joy.

Doesn't mean semen tastes good, though. That's why I don't like to keep it in my mouth, I just swallow it away, take a sip of water and smile benevolently. I never understood spitting. The fastest way to get it out of your mouth and if its already there you're tasting it anyway to to swallow. I also think its disrespectful to spit, and doing so is not very sex positive at all, since it signals that it's something dirty.

It would be like if your partner went down on you and then wiped out their mouth with a tissue, way to not make me feel sexy at all. In the end though its really what you are comfortable with of course. I totally understand not wanting to taste it - despite what porn would have us believe, I really doubt semen is anyone's favorite flavor. But once it's in there, you're stuck with the taste, and you're really not going to get out of swallowing a little bit that being the general nature of liquids.

So you might as well swallow it all, thereby making less of a mess and getting extra cool points. But licking your lips when you're done is absolutely beyond the pale take note, porn. I find guys kind of like the sloppy factor of dribbling cum on girls faces the most ;. Thank you for your feedback! Do some women really like swallowing semen?

Why or why not? What penis size do women prefer? Where do spitters spit? Do all women like oral sex? Unfortunately, it's not that simple. The entire female sex does not share one brain. Some girls like to swallow. Some don't like it and prefer to spit. Sometimes it depends entirely on mood, or what your semen tastes like.

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Now I do, I love doing. So after finally leaving those relationships, I met Don and he was like no other man I ever knew. There is a kinky and taboo aspect as well so that also makes me want to do it even more. I'm wandering what women think of performing oral sex on men? Number two is because guys like it when we swallow it, seems to be a turn on for them…and lastly would seem a bit awkward to have to excuse myself for a moment to spit it out or whatever, then return for my turn at getting satisfied. My questions here is ingesting semen in small amount. Wish some girls can take note of your tips!!

What do women 'really' think about blowjobs and swallowing semen?:

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  4. Whenever we've a date,I never leave him without swallowing his cum.
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  7. His consistency and colour were always a bit gross but now they were really vile - yellow, pretty much no liquid, extremely snotty and just very very unpleasant.

It's nice when they do it. Not everyone is willing to do it, I second the option of having him cum on your tits or something instead, men seem to love that just as much. It does not make you any better but low class. I've always made a conscious effort to avoid being overly friendly or flirtatious with friends' wives, girlfriends, and even dates.

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