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If you would like to view the magazine go to http: Saint Catherine of Siena born 23rd of 25 children was a scholastic philosopher and theologian. Parochial education in America began with her founding of a famous Catholic school in Maryland. I proceeded to bash the daylights out of my pedal cotta-pin. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Would you like to view this in our French edition?

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Aided in settling land dispute; raised armed volunteer group. Quaker beliefs led to Dyer's hanging; later recognized as martyr for quickening the reversal of anti-Quaker laws in Massachusetts and other colonies. One of America's first poets; Bradstreet's poetry was noted for its important historic content until mids publication of Contemplations , a book of religious poems.

Wife of prominent Salem, Massachusetts , citizen, Parsons was acquitted of witchcraft charges in the most documented and unusual witch hunt trial in colonial history. A Georgia woman of mixed race, she and her husband started a fur trade with the Creeks.

As an important interpreter, she helped to avoid a war. She wrote lucidly about her life and time in letters, and exerted political influence over her famous president husband John, and son, John Quincy. The first significant black poet in America, the former slave exemplified the superiority of the human spirit over the circumstances of birth.

At the Battle of Monmouth, she brought water to Continental soldiers, attended the wounded and also replaced her fallen husband at a gun. Parochial education in America began with her founding of a famous Catholic school in Maryland. She promoted education for deprived people. This resolute and resourceful Shoshone woman was a guide and interpreter for the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition in and Advancement of women, journalism.

She supported important economic reform. She and her husband, James, made their home a station on the Underground Railroad. Also raised money for black Union soldiers. Social reform and war nursing. An advocate of asylum, poorhouse and prison reform, she also helped alleviate Civil War misery as Superintendent of Female Nurses. One of the founders of the Holiness Movement , Methodist evangelist Palmer advocated Christian perfection or the cleansing of original sin prior to death.

Also spoke against slavery. Stanton and important friend Susan B. Business, real estate and philanthropy. She lavished money on charities. Women's suffrage and abolition. A pioneer in the movement for women's rights, she lectured against slavery and advocated equality for women. Famous for becoming the first woman in Massachussets to earn a college degree.

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A poet, lecturer, author of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic.

A tireless campaigner for gender equality, Anthony and friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton inspired a nationwide suffrage movement. Also served Union forces in coastal South Carolina. The first woman physician in the U. MD, Geneva College, She opened a slum infirmary and trained women in medicine. Founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist.

Aid to soldiers and free education. Organized and delivered important aid to Union and Confederate soldiers. Started the American Red Cross. Started a free school in New Jersey. This Manhattan inventor devised a method to reduce factory smoke emissions and reduced the track noise from elevated trains.

An American literary icon of the 19 th century, Alcott was also involved in women's suffrage. Mary Harris "Mother" Jones. A tireless campaigner, she was a founder and president of important organizations that fought for prohibition. First woman to enroll in a technical institute MIT , in Founded the science of home economics and promoted science for women.

Notorious for violent disruption of alcohol sales. She was jailed often, but her courage and eloquence impressed many people. She scaled the 21,foot Peruvian mountain Huascaran, the loftiest Western Hemisphere peak climbed by an American man or woman. Gifted with uncanny marksmanship and star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, she established herself as a famous western folk legend.

Noted for Hull House, an influential haven for disadvantaged people. Active in a variety of causes, she shared the Nobel Peace Prize. First woman and female geologist to earn a Ph. A pioneer in microscope viewings of minerals and rocks. Founded the famous Oaksmere School for Girls in Social justice, investigative journalism. As an often-undercover journalist, Bly sided with poor and marginalized people.

Also noted for a famous day race around the world in Overcame childhood obstacles to become Helen Keller 's teacher and lifelong companion. An author, and head of the Democratic National Committee's Women's Division, Dewson also fought for a minimum wage law. Social reform and family planning. Dismayed by infant mortality, Sanger became a vocal advocate of contraception and established an important medically supervised family planning clinic.

Deafened and blinded by a childhood disease, she overcame her disabilities , then worked for the blind and numerous progressive causes. Jeannette Rankin was the first woman ever elected to Congress. Perkins was the first woman Cabinet member in the U. Activism, traveling and speaking.

Representative to the U. Widely regarded as one of the great modernist painters of the 20 th century, O'Keeffe was a major figure in American art for more than 70 years. Folklorist, anthropologist and novelist. Most prolific black woman writer of the s. Author of books reflecting her life in China. Won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Buck worked for the adoption of unwanted children. Famous for flying across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. She attempted to fly around the world, then disappeared July 2, Catholic-based Social Service, writing. Founded Catholic Worker Movement with Peter Maurin in , an important outreach to disadvantaged and marginalized people.

She used her rare voice to advance race relations. First black Metropolitan Opera star. Remembered for independence and character. Best known for her abstract-expressionist boxes grouped together to form a new creation. She used found objects and everyday items. One of her works stands three stories high.

She became famous for her gender role studies of the cultures of the Pacific Islands, Russia and the U. Authored several classic books. Human and civil rights. Writing, politics and diplomacy. She was managing editor of Vanity Fair and author of several successful plays, including The Women.

Ambassador to Italy, Ross devoted 50 years to winning federal recognition of the Stillaguamish Tribe in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Important international photographic chronicler of people and events in war and peace. She espoused a philosophy of rational self-interest.

Hopper was one of the earliest computer programmers and a leader in software development concepts. Poe's natural father, David and his foster father, John Allan probably should not be considered important to Poe. His natural father abandoned the family leaving the destitute.

His foster father did not have a good relationship with Poe. John Allan refused to provide Poe with funds in Poe's lifetime and on his death left Poe nothing in his will. What were some of Edgar Allan Poe's hopes? What are some of Edgar Allan Poe's Works?

What are facts about Edgar Allan Poe's life? His father left the family when Edgar was one year old. Several people people close to Poe die … d during his lifeincluding his natural mother and father, the mother of a childhoodfriend who was also a mentor, his brother, his foster mother andfather, and his wife.

He was never adopted by the Allan's though they were his fosterparents for almost 15 years. His real mother, Elizabeth, died in when Edgar was twoyears old. Mother of a childhood friend and mentor, Jane Stanard, died ofbrain cancer when Poe was Poe swam the James River six miles upstream at age He enlisted in the army on May 26, , as a private, usingthe name "Edgar A.

He was promoted from Private to Sergeantduring his service. He was also appointed to West Point after hisdischarge from the Army. He became a poet at the age of Married his cousin, Virginia, at 27, when she was Wrote stories of suffering and murder. How was Edgar Allan Poe's life? He had a very dismal life, with death at every corner. She played Juliet at a playhouse, with … Edgar in front rowevery time so she could watch him.

To a kid who doesn't know hismom is acting, he just saw his mom kill herself over and over againthen she did die before his third birthday. His foster mom, FrancesAllan, later died when Poe was 20 from consumption. His wife,Virginia Clemm, also died from consumption. What were Edgar Allan Poe's goals in life? Edgar Allan Poe's goal was to become famous and be a poet.

What are some of Edgar Allan Poe's poems? What are some of Edgar Allan Poe's stories? Many of Poe's contemporary and later critics ascribedto Poe many of the motives, thoughts and actions of the charactersin his stories and poems. There is no doubt … that writers writebased on their personal experiences, but research has failed toconnect incidents in Poe's life to actions in his stories.

Thisstory is a tale of revenge, murder and insanity. Poe did notexhibit thoughts of revenge, commit acts of murder or show signs ofinsanity. About the only connection between the story and Poe isthe fact that the story title refers to a wine and Poe had histroubles with drinking. What were some of Edgar Allan Poe's traits? Who were the four main women in Edgar Allan Poe's life?

I would say the four most important were Eliza Poe, his mother;Frances Allan, his foster mother; his aunt and eventual mother inlaw Maria Clemm, and his cousin and wife, Virgi … nia Clemm.

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His foster father did not have a good relationship with Poe. I think many of us have become unconsciously obsessed with pleasure, money, and status and have forgotten what life is really about. God is a creation of mans mind JC was a man with delusional mental health issues think about. She wrote letters to men and women in authority, especially begging for peace between the republics and principalities of Italy and for the return of the papacy from Avignon to Rome.

Important and Famous Women in America:

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