Women Who Love Crossdressers

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And 'not exactly catch of the day' is not exactly politically correct either!!! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. That might mean a night out on the town, a dance, or a night of kinky fun and games, but as Debbie, not Rex. Hearing reports of how I was always shunned by my mother as a little boy taught me that women are in and boys are bad. It is so radically different from what "Rex" does that she wants Debbie to come around more often. Some men think she's open to a 3-way, others figure if she's willing to make a play for me, then she might really want a "Real Man". Photo by Julie Bracken.

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Skirts and dresses are so nice to wear and their is nothing better than nighties to sleep in. Edited by msashleymeme member 12 years ago. But I also love the way womens shoes look and feel on me. I have heels, flats, mules, sandals, boots and lots of womens sneakers. Plus a whole closet full of womens clothes and lingerie.

I love the way I can slip my nylon covered feet in and out of my cute shoes. Everything about dressing feminine is erotic and sensual, from the stockings, panties, skirts and dresses to the make up and wigs. I also get into the accessories necklaces, bracelets,rings etc. And the shoes WOW! Don't forget the sexy lingere.

All of it is one big erotic adventure for me. Me to jocigirl. Love the accessories I can wear as well and love the earring. And you missed the bras LOL. Bras feel so wonferful. Tiffany Lee Marie 12 years ago. Welcome to the club doll. Been dressing 26 years now. Tiffany Lee. I find it so relaxing to be all dressed up Catherine. I think if I was a real woman for a week I would never want to be a man again.

Brook2b 12 years ago. Yes,I would have to agree with you on your last coment, Only if,Yes I would also want to stay a female. I wish most of the time that I was not born a male at all.

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Women to me are so dam lucky to have a form with all those sweet curves and everthing in all,As a man it sucks to see female clothes I wish I could wear all the time and to feel female all the time I also like the feel of feminine atire, love the fill of stockings and high heels and ladies undies, and wish I could dress more often.

I can only dress up when my wife goes out of town. She does know about my cross dressing, I have mentioned that I would like her to dress me up as a woman, she thinks thats a little strange ,but a few month ago we were out shoping for lingere for her and she asked my opinoin on some very sexy panties and to picked some that i liked so I picked some out that I realy liked.

That week we were going out after work when I went into the shower she said if it was alright if she picked the cloth for me to wear, to my surprise when I saw the pair of sexy red lace thongs I had chosen for her laying on top of my jeans. I wore those thongs that evening, and when we got home we had wild and fantastic "bang"as she likes to say.

To this day she insist for me to wear panties she even has maching sets for when we go out. So with time and a little persuation may be she will agree to let me cross dress when she's with me. How do I find a girl that likes to feminize me? You can search online for people in your community who would be okay with that.

Not Helpful 9 Helpful Both girls and boys can be cross-dressers. Cross-dressers mean exactly what it sounds like: Not Helpful 4 Helpful What about middle aged cross dresser? Will these tips work for them too or do you have another approach for this age group.

It would be slightly different because middle aged women seek different things in men and middle aged men have a different mindset. That said, it is your life and if these things are appealing to you, go for it and enjoy yourself. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Try to talk with some of your girl friends and ask you to give you some tips..

Sometimes the right person is nearer than they seem. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Not Helpful 8 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Gay Bars on the Transgender night, though a fun group of people, is not a good place one to find younger, hip women interested in cross dressers.

Be a gentleman or a lady, which ever suits you. Think about complaints women always have about men and try to take that into consideration. Don't stare at her breasts, be polite, be interested. Don't wear your hair up too often. Up-dos are often too formal, and not rock n' roll enough for some. If you're going to wear a formal gown, pair it with loose unstyled hair, and unusual but still tasteful makeup.

Nothing turns a girl off a man faster than badly chosen clothing. Some women like crossdressers with prominent Adam's apple. Experiment a little to find out what look you like. Light pink looks good on some men if you don't go too overboard. Wear it mainly as an accent color for accessories like jewelry, scarves or purses.

Hang out in LGBT spaces. If you are well-researched and an ally or LGBT yourself , you'll probably fit in great! You might find a girl who's more open about gender expression, or friends who can introduce you to them. One thing Kate - why not at least talk to those women assuming they are not hookers or fakes and see what attracts them to CD?

I mean the worst that could happen is you may learn something. It takes a true Erin to be a pain in the assatar. Originally Posted by Cynthia Anne. But what is wrong with this? Physical attraction is just that Yes there is more to attraction than looks and certainly when it comes to love, but most people are turned on or off by looks initially.

And 'not exactly catch of the day' is not exactly politically correct either!!! I bet most "men" are first interested in the look and presentation and then the person behind all that. I know that I am. I need to be physically and then mentally attracted to someone before I would consider them for the long term. If I do not finding anyone that is my problem and not anyone else's.

I know it sounds harsh to say it that way, but a lot of women do the same as men. I do think that women from what I have read and heard tend to look beyond the looks and focus more on what is on the inside, who the person really is. Kate Whenever you put your email out there for all to see you will always get spam I am sorry to hear you felt the women were not pretty enough for you to consider.

Women come in all shapes ans sizes as well as personalities. You may find yourself very lonely if you choose to decide on looks alone. Shelly Super Moderator How to tell your partner I placed my add in Match. Several showed some interest, and 6 were interested enough to go on dates, and one ended up becoming my wife. A few things I have learned over the years.

I have found that heavier women, size 12 to 20, can be very sexy, kinking, and really want a partner who can enjoy what they have to offer. My wife sometimes steals my clothes, but she loves the wonderful things Debbie can do to her body. Traditionally beautiful "fashion model" types tend to expect much more and give much less.

They know that they can get a new man any time they want, and can have sex with men or women, any time she wants. Often, they are very selfish, self-centered, and lack compassion for others. The rare treasure is a woman who was once fat and has lost lbs and now looks very good. She has the social skills, compassion, and love for others of a Big Beautiful Woman BBW and has a body that she wants to show off and share.

Women who are "tom-boys" are often very attracted to cross-dressers and transgenders. They might wear jeans and pants all week, but when they want to party, they love to dress the way they know men like to see women dressed. At the same time, having a boyfriend who looks as hot and sexy as she does creates all kinds of interesting vibes at a party or social event.

In some social events, a woman can get a LOT of offers from other men just by showing a little interest in me for an hour or so. Dancing with me on the dance floor can also be a great way for a woman to turn herself into a man-magnet. Some men think she's open to a 3-way, others figure if she's willing to make a play for me, then she might really want a "Real Man".

Women who are into cross-dressers tend to be much more open minded in general, and often have some kinks of their own. They might like bondage games, or being in charge of it, they might want to play role reversal, or they might wont to "wear the pants in the family", and let you wear the skirt.

Some women are looking for a "sissy" they can control, manipulate, and seduce on their terms. If you are open to it, it can be an incredibly wonderful experience. Putting up a little resistance can be good, because it gives her a sense of "challenge". On the other hand, don't resist too much or she might think you can't be controlled and will give up on you.

Halloween is a great time to go to lots of parties and give girls your phone number. This is a time when it's safe to show interest and if you look almost like a real girl, she will be very interested in taking you the rest of the way. I always had lots of interested women when I showed up in the french maid costume. Several of the women wanted to know if they could dress me up and make me clean their house.

When I confirmed that I was willing, I frequently got calls later. To them, the fantasy of making a man do housework and women's work, was a really intense turn-on. Seeing me do it in 3 inch heels, black stockings, and a satin dress with a white lace apron - I rarely did more than one or two rooms. Even today, my wife loves it when Debbie comes and starts house-cleaning.

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What about middle aged cross dresser? A few things I have learned over the years. Don't pretend to be someone else, but strive to figure out their appeal. In time I began to identify sexually with women clothes and discovered my first orgasm in my sister white silky panties. I dont think its rude if u werent attracted to the first few females that replied. I was asked once to give my take on it if I understood why I do it. If I ever find another SO, this may be the approach to take. And 'not exactly catch of the day' is not exactly politically correct either!!!


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  2. And they have a LOT to offer to a cross-dresser, if that cross-dresser is willing to be open minded and indulge HER special fantasies and needs.
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