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Milf And Matures part 2. Mature women i want to fuck. Milfs Matures Ladys 63 BoB. Nicole Coco Austin Big Booty. Warren still had his eyes facing toward the door. In his peripheral vision he could see her panties She started to pull up his shirt, "This is our private time.

Barbara scooped some of the water from the melting ice into her hand and touched his chest with it. Warren closed his hand around a few cubes which had melted into one piece. She pulled his hand out, pulling it over her body. Water dripped from his fingers onto her stomach. Warren let his hand fall and rolled the cube over her stomach.

Warren took in her body.

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The heat had left the upper half of her body that he could see in a thin layer of sweat. His eyes nearly bugged out as they zeroed in on her huge, mature breasts. They heaved softly on her chest with her breathing. Warren tried to look away yet he couldn't. He could feel his heart thump as he ran the cube of ice along her stomach and then switched to her arms.

Barbara's eyes were closed. Her full, womanly lips opened to moan. When the hunk of ice in his hand had melted, he took another and continued. It needs to be cooled down too. Warren folded one leg over the other. His cock was so hard. Then again, so was hers.

Warren tried not to look. He ran the half-melted cube between his fingers over the swell of her breasts. He traced over each breast while carefully avoiding her nipples. One time around, his nail accidentally scratched right against one of the nubs. Get all over," she moaned. Warren's hand couldn't stop shaking as it hovered just above her nipple.

A drop of water slid off his fingers and landed on her; the nipple got even bigger and more prominent. He touched them with the ice, gingerly at first. The more he went, the less careful he got. Minutes passed and neither of them said anything. Warren realized Barbara was rubbing her thighs together.

He looked down and saw her erection again. He glanced at her face. Her eyes were still closed. All the ice had melted. Warren was about to finish when Barbara cooed, "Rub some of the water on my thighs, dear. Warren stroked them, careful to steer clear of her erection.

Her legs had stopped moving altogether and Barbara let out a moan so loud that it scared Warren. His hands, still on her thighs, stopped moving. Barbara smiled to herself and lifted the bowl as quietly as she could. In one fast motion, she pulled the waistband of his shorts out and spilled the cold water down his back.

Warren darted out of the room with cold water dripping down his legs. He could still hear her laughing by the time he got to the living room. Warren took a towel from the closet and dried himself off. He put the towel out on the couch and sat down. His mom wouldn't want him coming home yet. Warren's dick was painfully erect. He thought about stroking it, but couldn't bring himself to do it.

Barbara could walk in on him at any time and it would be wrong. He could hear her heading toward him from the hall. She was in clothes this time. A tank top and a pair of shorts that looked stitched to her curves. She had her hands behind her back and an even bigger smile on her face than Warren could remember.

He wondered why she needed to bring this stuff up and embarrass him all over again. Barbara revealed a glass from behind her back. It was filled with a cream-colored liquid. Warren looked at it and his previously red face went white. In small doses it's useless. But as you can see," Barbara proudly waved the glass in her hand, causing the creamy ejaculate to roll around the glass.

Don't you want to improve your body? Barbara sat down next to him on the couch and looked into the full glass. It won't be for long. A woman's seed is most potent the more fresh it is. Are you sure you don't want to give it a try? I've had a lot of compliments on my semen quality over the years. Just look at it. Her cum slid against the rim inches from his lips. He shook his head.

I made this load for you. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. You're sure you won't give it a try? I think you're fine the way you are, but I really thought you were serious about upgrading to a man's body. Even in the heat of her house, it felt markedly warmer. He gave her essence a sniff. Warren couldn't smell anything. Taste it," she told him eagerly. He lifted it to his lips, watching the thick liquid slide down the glass.

Warren took a small, tentative sip. It was so thick that he had to let it roll off his tongue and down his throat. Barbara couldn't keep still as she awaited the verdict from his taste buds. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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