Teen Titans Go Robin And Starfire Teenage Dream

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Raven lends the Titans her most terrifying book. Critic Reviews. Khary Payton. The members who appear in his fantasy are: Blackfire returns to Earth to seemingly make amends with Starfire, and challenge her to a friendly sisterly race across the city.

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Awards Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. I don't know where people get the idea that this show is some kind of continuation to the original TT. I don't have anything against the original but I just could not get into it. But this show TT Go is funny in its own goofy way and if you're a true DC fan you know its not meant to be taken seriously.

I like the easter eggs hidden throughout the show that reference classic moments with DC characters Joker, Bane, Darksied etc and the appearances from other DC characters. However, It gets repetitive sometimes but every now and then they put out shows that keep it fresh. Overall, the show is funny and I like it. Trouble in Tokyo We Bare Bears. Did You Know? Trivia The purple octopus in the episode "Pirates" is most likely Topo, Aqua Man's octopus side kick from the comics.

Goofs Despite his claims of being a vegetarian, Beast Boy is seen on multiple occasions eating meat. The end of the world was averted. Things can go back to normal now, right? If only a superhero's life could ever be that perfect. Rest of summary inside Beast Boy x Raven. Little RobStar and other pairings on the side.

Rated T for action, suggestive themes, and language. AU to The End. Now includes Young Justice. Chapter Moving On Rated: Pack Conspiracy by Taygon55 reviews Joining the Titans is hard enough. They must also struggle with the burdens of their parents, Garfield and Raven Logan. Their strange mix of powers will either ruin them or establish them as great heroes.

On top of all that, they don't know who sees them as teammates and who fears them as threats to the Earth itself. Incomplete cover art by me. However, when an underwater battle they get caught in on the way sends them off course, the location they find themselves in afterward shows that Trident could yet be the least of their problems. All new chapters! Chapter 53 is posted.

Beware the Dark Side! She works under the tutelage of the Queen.

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She goes on a journey as an ambassador to Jump City and meets the Titans. The Titans have lost their leader, and now they struggle to regain control. With all these events going on Slade spots the perfect opportunity to regain what was once his.

His only Apprentice. Best read on AO3. Her brother Slade had worked his butt off, doing all the work she needed for her Doomsday Device while she nimbly lied her way around the clock. Now she is to be punished for her crimes against humanity. The catch to avoid jailtime? Robin is a half demon that rarely show his emotions.

They fight crime, live with their teammates and are great friends. Role Reversal and an AU. However, regarding the target audience for the comic, J. Torres notes that:. While the comic's stories stand independently, its issues were done so as not to contradict events established in the animated series' episodes. Often, Teen Titans Go! Also, Torres mentioned in the letter pages of 34 that not all stories would be set in the present time.

Some were even placed during season 1. Torres and Todd Nauck appear in the last page of the story, in the "real" world, and all three regular creators appear as chibis. The Book: Raven lends the Titans her most terrifying book. Nevertheless, she doesn't want lend it to Beast Boy, because he's very fearful. Then, he decides to "borrow" it and sneak out. Sean Galloway. Robin is training with the True Master when he is attacked by robot commandos disguised as monks.

Slade appears to fight! Khary Randolph. Title reference: This is based on a romantic love song titled, Love is a Battlefield. The Battery: Light tries to steal Cyborg's energized battery. Although Jinx had become a hero by this point, her name is listed amongst the villains'. Story from Sparktop: The team helps Beast Boy's old friend Sarah Hunter find her father, who is trapped in an ancient pyramid.

Lightning in a Bottle: Professor Chang tries to capture Lightning and sell him as a genie. One Morning: Raven and Starfire start the morning and deal with the latest crime spree in very different ways. Psimon is shown sporting a cybernetic faceguard resembling that of Brainiac. Raven wears the red Dark Raven costume, implying that she is possessed or dominated by her father Trigon.

She is drawn to resemble Jinx ; she has the same pink hair, gray skin, and specific facial markings. The Titans see a host of alternate Titans teams in their travels. The Ravager wears a hood with the left eye covered, reflecting the one she gouged out in DC continuity. However, she eventually removes it to reveal two healthy eyes. Kid Flash and Jinx run into a pair of villains, one of whom used to be Jinx 's boyfriend.

Jinx and Kid Flash eventually share their first kiss if they did actually kiss earlier in the series it was not shown in the comics. Notes Chibis of many Titans and villains fill the margins of this issue making various knock-knock jokes and poses. The ending of the series is discussed on the letters page: The series has been collected in trade paperbacks:.

Made a cameo in issue 34 "The Great Race" ; had her first full appearance in 36 "Troy" where she helps the Titans against Blackfire's plot to sell all the female titans into slavery. She appears with the classic Teen Titans Robin, Aqualad, Speedy, and Kid Flash and their chibi -selves dress in their original costumes.

She also makes an appearance in 39 "Stupid Cupid" helping Cupid get his wings and arrows back from Larry, who has stolen them to make various Titans hook up with each other. He made an appearance in issue 46 and was revealed to be the long-lost younger brother of Blackfire and Starfire. He had been sent away from home by his parents to protect him from the Gordanians and to preserve the royal family line.

Everyone except Blackfire was heartbroken by this decision to send him away from home, and preserved the big secret to keep him safe. Blackfire was motivated into being a villain by jealousy of her younger siblings because Starfire was the favorite daughter for being prettier and kinder, and Wildfire was next in line for the throne after her father despite his absence.

He supposedly returned to visit Starfire on Earth, but in the end he turned out to be Madame Rogue in disguise, it remains unclear how this was set up in the first place. When Starfire learns the truth that her brother hadn't truly returned, she figured that it was Blackfire behind the evil scheme. Starfire was so livid that her big sister would resort to pulling such a cruel stunt just to get rid of her and her friends, she cuts all family and sisterly ties with her and swears to find her little brother one day because "he is the only family she has left".

Blackfire then looks down in her prison cell in a seemingly mournful way. It could be that she knows that Wildfire is still out there somewhere in the galaxy and may truly reunite with Starfire one day. In the original comics, Wildfire is with a group of alien superheroes called the Omega Men. So in theory, he has been with them this whole time fighting against The Citadel as mentioned by Starfire in the Teen Titans origin episode "Go!

His current whereabouts remain unknown and it also remains unknown as of now if Starfire will reunite with Wildfire someday. Had a cameo appearance in issue He makes a full appearance on page 10, which itself is a based on the cover of the My Greatest Adventure comic. Sarah's character in Teen Titans Go! Cy and Sarah both were very attracted to each other.

As the Titans were leaving, she told Cy to call her. Wolf" where she was trick-or-treating with Cy and the same group of children though their date was cut short when Cy needed to help control Mr. Sarah appeared in 20 "Secret Moves" where her date with Cyborg was cut short once again. In 27 "Love is A Battlefield" she and Jinx fight over Cyborg, but the comic ends with both leaving him due to a confusion when he is possessed by Overload.

In 45 she, Beast Boy, and Cyborg supervise the handicapped children on a camping trip that Cyborg agreed to do prior to their break up. In the first part of the story, Beast Boy tells his origin to Sarah and the kids by the campfire. The second part has Cyborg talking to Sarah and tells her about his life before to joining the Titans.

Sarah explained that she left him because she thought that he didn't care, due to Cyborg never telling her when he would be out on missions for weeks. Cy says he should have been more considerate and open with her and then tells her his origin. After, he tells her that she saw past his cybernetic parts and understood him and he could relate with her.

He also says that they met in another life a reference to Sarasim in the episode "Cyborg the Barbarian". He asks her if she'd give him a second chance and she tells him that she'll be attending college soon, and Cyborg promises her he'll keep in touch through cellphone, e-mail, text, or even smoke signals he calls himself as a walking communication center. Sarah happily agrees to make up, and the two hug.

Cy happily tells Sarah that he thinks Robin can get a T-communicator for her. The story ends with them embracing, and Beast Boy teasing them like he did in the issue they met. The members who appear in his fantasy are: In an attempt at helping Kilowat to return to his home dimension, The Titans end up in a reality which is home to the Teen Tyrants Their evil counterparts. She comes to Jump City in issue 49 and announces herself as Slade's daughter, intending to claim his possessions and carry on his battle against the Titans.

However, they convince her that she can make her own choices in life; she then accepts their invitation to stay with them while she sorts everything out. He storms into Jump City in issue 51, looking for his sister Terra. Once the Titans calm him down, they learn of the pair's childhood in Markovia and the experiments that gave them their powers. From a distance, he sees Terra on the Murakami School campus.

Satisfied that she appears to be happier than she ever was as a child, he leaves without talking to her. This version of the character unknowingly drew his powers from other heroes who were close by. After discovering the source of his powers, Robby gave up his dial and signed up for Cyborg's New Teen Titan's Training program.

His identities in the issue were:. She appears in 54, styling herself as a replacement for Wonder Girl.

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Now download videos in all formats from Youtube using GenYoutube video downloader. It's Valentine's Day, so Cyborg and Beast Boy encourage Robin to take Starfire out on a romantic date, only to show her the "true meaning" of this holiday. He made an appearance in issue 46 and was revealed to be the long-lost younger brother of Blackfire and Starfire. James Hodgkins.

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The Fearsome Five including Psimon , Dr. No reason to fall for her, right? Pages using infobox comic book title with unsupported parameters Title pop Comics infobox image less caption.

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