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This business was removed from the travel collection. I would really love to check this place out. Gastonia Home Security Nc. Gastonia Lock Installation Nc. Okay, but for real Submit a new text post. Can you get naked and have sex as a couple in there without being hauled off for indecent exposure or public sex, if there happened to be an undercover cop in there?

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By the way,Laura's is an overpriced dump! I have some nice memories of those early days at CVE as well. Those old theaters had some nice, dark corners that seemed to make the ladies more comfortable. For the record, there was never a bust at CVE. It was actually BS zoning ordinances that got them.

Brenda is a petite little thing that I had played with a couple of times over the course of a year or so. We had talked about exhibitionism almost since our first conversations. I am glad to report that she found herself quite ready when she finally agreed to let me take her to Charlotte's only adult theater, the CVE of Gastonia, NC.

We went on a Friday night, getting there early enough that I hoped to avoid most of the more aggressive patrons. It gave her a chance to relax. As we watched the movie we began to play. Exposed in the porn theater Click to see more free pictures I had her blouse open and was sucking one of those incredible nipples when the door opened.

She tried to cover up, but I didn't move. I knew that she had thought about this for a while and I was going to do what I could to ensure that she lived out the fantasy of being exposed in front of strangers. A half a minute later, I could feel her relaxing. I finished teasing that tit, then set back up, leaving her blouse open and her boobs exposed.

We had been joined by another couple who were focused, for the moment, on the movie. Brenda and I continued to play and I fingered her to a small, quiet orgasm in the presence of our new neighbors. After a bit, she bent over to suck my dick. Her mouth was wetter than normal as was her pussy so I knew that she was getting into her first taste so to speak of public sex.

At one point, I even stood up, letting the other couple get a good view of her cock-sucking skills. About the time the movie ended, Brenda said she needed to use the ladies room. I suggested that she use the one back by the theater, rather than the one up front, since that one was used by both sexes.

While I waited for her, the other couple came back and grabbed a Coke out of the machine. He approached me alone and introduced himself. He asked if we played with others and I explained that it was her first time. He asked if we were going into the theater and suggested that we sit together.

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When Brenda emerged from the restroom we introduced ourselves.

We'll call them D and L. Soon we were walking into the old theater together. We took a seat in the second to the last row on the left side. I was closest to the wall with Brenda to my right, then L, and D guarded the aisle. There were only a couple of guys in the theater when we walked in. Two others followed as we entered. They all took seats that they hoped would give them a good view of anything that might have happened.

L was taller than Brenda. Then again, most people are. Maybe 5'6 with light brown hair. The woman has curves but is far from being overweight, or a BBW. She was dressed in a tight, black miniskirt and and a light blue blouse that was nearly completely unbuttoned, showing off a nice set of big tits wrapped in a sexy black bra.

At first, we just watched the movie. The girls whispered a bit between themselves, then came the giggles. Things seemed to be going well. L was flirting and Brenda was enjoying it. It surprised me when L leaned over and lightly kissed Brenda on the mouth. Almost as soon as L began to lean back to her seat, Brenda moved back for another.

As they kissed — longer this time — I saw L give me a knowing wink. One even came and dropped into one of the chairs right in front of Brenda. D and I watched the girls began to explore one anothers bodies, unconcerned about the audience. L was certainly the aggressor, but Brenda was a willing subject, lying back in her seat, spreading her legs wide, allowing her busty new friend complete access to her tight body.

L expertly worked her, causing her breath to quicken and deepen at the same time. She squeezed my dick through my pants and congratulated me on my taste in women. By now, all of the guys in the theater had filled in the rows ahead and behind us. A couple of others were standing in the aisle. Predictably, a clerk came in telling everyone to grab a seat.

His sudden appearance startled Brenda unnecessarily and she quickly sat up and pulled her blouse closed. L decided to take a break, too. With the mood broken, we decided to take a brief break and wound up out in the sales area. Any tips or advise reg when to attend the theater? Just looking for any particular days where more cpls attend?

My wife will not be interested if its just single guys As you might imagine, weekend nights are best. One of the advantages to CVE is the couples theater and the rental rooms. Singles are not allowed in the couples theater, which is very large and comfortable. So if you want space - or privacy - you can always get it there.

On the other hand, if you like the idea of an audience but don't want them TOO close, you can use rent one of the rooms off the theaters,and leave the blinds open. Many couples move back and forth between the regular theater and the couples room as the whim hits them. Hi - we are totally new to the Charlotte area.

Is this theater open all days or specific days. Also any particular days that draws couples? See my earlier reply Theater is open every day. They used to let couples in the general theaters for free on Sundays and Wednesdays. Not sure if that policy is still in effect or not. Thanks Ray. Good to hear there is a couples theater were singles are not allowed.

Hopefully that is enforced. Was not sure if the place was still open and we guess it is still open and in business. Hopefully we will make it one day. Went this past weekend for the first time. There is no couples room that we could find. It was still there a couple of weeks ago when I was last in the place. Did you ask about it?

It's not back with the other theaters. It's directly off the sales floor up front. If any any of you happen to go please check if the couples theater still exits - much appreciated! We really dnt want single men looking at us all the time. Yes, the couples room is still there. Actually, they have changed the room. It is much larger and nicer than before.

There may be a dozen couches or so, with a much better screen than before. A couple of weeks ago it was standing room only on a Saturday night. Thats great to hear. We have never been there and was planning on going sometime in near future. Time depends on what you are hoping to find.

Saturday night is probably the best crowd, though Friday nights are good, too. If you are looking for a lot of people, I would suggest that you go after 9. By 12 or 1 AM things usually begin to dwindle off. If you are hoping for a smaller group, I have had good luck on Sunday afternoons and early evenings. It's quieter and some ladies seem to prefer a little less "pressure. Most are middle aged, though you will see older couples and younger couples.

You will even see the occasional older guy with a younger girl and vice versa. Have fun. What is the legality of this place? Can you get naked and have sex as a couple in there without being hauled off for indecent exposure or public sex, if there happened to be an undercover cop in there?

I am not a lawyer, of course, so take my response with that understanding. I have known about CVE since it has opened. The only legal trouble they ever had was a zoning issue several years ago. Dozens of couples are now attending every weekend without incident.

Phones are not allowed in the facility. Additionally, it is too dark for anyone to take any decent video or photos without being obvious in some way. In the event that you were too No one wants to do anything to encourage a couple to leave and not return. David - A fair amount of patience is usually required.

With time, you will learn how to improve your odds, but nothing is a sure thing. Looking to bring my wife on tuesday evening around 9pm. Never been to anything like this but love to watch her play. Nust wondering how things work and what should we expect.

On a weekday night, things should be pretty relaxed, I would think. For general ideas, see https: I will be there with my boyfriend tomorrow morning. I would love an audience. My wife and i go to the theater often. Im not a blouse and skirt girl but I've always wanted more than one man.

I'm in a relationship with another woman but I want to be descrete if I do. Want to know a good time to go play. I don't get a man often.. Only experience was a guy on guy day. I might recommend a weekday, and perhaps earlier in the day.

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Anonymous April 18, at L was flirting and Brenda was enjoying it. You can find the address on this page: Video Adventures and their secondary store on the same street are also really well priced and their staff is helpful and friendly. On a weekday night, things should be pretty relaxed, I would think. Ray S.

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  • Dozens of couples are now attending every weekend without incident.
  • David - A fair amount of patience is usually required.
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