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Her range may well be greater than yours, but she can't aim as well. That is sick man. At that she smiled. We watched each other intently for many minutes. After a few minutes of that, she came. It was a deep, convulsive orgasm, and still more cunt juice spilled out of her, wetting down the front of her chair.

For 15, she had a pretty amazing set of boobs! I had imagined them, but they were even fuller looking and better shaped than in my masturbatory fantasies. I walked right up between her legs and shuddered when out calf touched her thigh. As she gasped and grinded with her cum, two long, firm strokes caused a flood of my cum to spray out! It went completely over her belly and chest and landed against the chair and in her hair.

I weakened and leaned over onto one arm of the chair. I pointed my cock toward her dripping snatch and shot a third wave right onto it and her hand. I sat beween her legs and rubbed along her thighs as we both came down a bit high. My cock was sore from the power of the orgasm.

We gathered up out clothes and headed for her room. We spent the rest of the night touching and kissing and licking each other everywhere. Dad never suspected a thing. Or, who knows, maybe he did… After an initial month or two of fucking like rabbits, we each found other partners. It was really fantastic to be able to release my teen lust and really learn about sex with someone I was so close and like so much.

You should all be so lucky as to have a sister like Regina!!! Straight by master on December 28, Age when it happend: My Bedroom Langauge: English Sex: Male Rating: Processing your request, Please wait Report as: Report Abuse Other Write in Words:

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She parted her pussy lips so I could see. Rhaya 0. I was pounding her dripping wet pussy when our mom came back inside, fuck! I could see a faint light coming from underneath the door so I knew she was probably awake. I had imagined them, but they were even fuller looking and better shaped than in my masturbatory fantasies. At that she smiled. I pointed my cock toward her dripping snatch and shot a third wave right onto it and her hand.


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