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I did not know about immigration until recently and I cried for days. He clearly felt lucky. I like her a lot. Mom's Special Helper Cathy learns about sex. I feel very low. I love America, this is my home, but this is no way to live. My aunt was really selfish and mean.

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Being undocumented has made life so difficult. I became pregnant with twins at age 16 my kids are now 19 and my youngest I have been living in constant fear of deportation and not been able to obtain stability and provide for my younger daughter. I literally cry every day because of my immigration status, all my family is here legally except me. I want to do so much with my life but it seems impossible.

Life is just so unfair. Jessica San Diego CA. My dad has been trying to get his papers since I was born. At one point my dad was able to get his license but they never let him renew it. We have a new house that we built. He deserves his papers being a hard worker and has done nothing wrong in his life.

Brian Louisiana. America, the beautiful land of opportunity, is how I always envisioned my journey. I applied for jobs thinking I have 12 months to find a sponsorship. After several interviews, I realized that getting a job with H-1B sponsorship looming over my head is extremely difficult. Here is why: Charlie Richmond, Virginia.

My parents had left me at the age of 2 back in Mexico with my grandparents while they came to the U. They sent for me at the age of 4 and that is when I crossed the border with my aunt. It was hard at first but I got used to being here. Thankfully I now have 2 jobs and I am in school.

Although I am undocumented, I do not give up my hopes and dreams of a better life for my family. Although, it is difficult I was able to enroll into college and I am about to be done with my first semester. Hopefully I can continue my studies later on. That upsets me every day but I keep going strong for them. We just have to believe.

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Wendy New York. I am 19 years old and lived in the USA for 10 years of my life.

I was deported alongside my mother and sister 5 years ago. My life has never been the same. The past. Depression, came to me at a young age. Nostalgia was more than just a word at the age of I am doing my best to overcome reality and move along but all I seem to want is an opportunity to go back. I was deported after being legally in the USA for over fifty years and receiving social security.

They took my S. I am 69 years old and had not visited my country in all that time. My sons are all U. Citizens and my mother too. I do not know anyone in my country. I sas hoping the plane would crash. I think it was an injustice to take my only source of income.

I thought this was a just country. Luis Eugenio Dominican Republic. I have been here since July, 23, and my visa was for 1 month. Right in the middle of the fun I was having around the US with 35 Iraqi students and 10 Americans, my family called me and told me that they have left home and they are refugees.

Now my village was taken over by ISIS and they are killing people for their religious beliefs and thousands of the young girls are now taken as sex slaves. So I applied for asylum in US before my visa expired and I did my interview 2 months ago. If not then I might have to go back and I could be killed there. Azswan Portland, OR. I came to United States at the age of 14 from Uzbekistan.

I knew I had no future in Uzbekistan due to extreme corruption and broken education for which you can pay through. I am 17 now, on my way to college. After all, this is the land of opportunities. Umar Los Angeles. I was brought here when I was 2 years old. My dad came to New York a few years before but left my mom pregnant. I crossed the border with my mom and granddad and my aunt.

Back then it was easier than it is now. My mom told me she was lucky that I was a quiet baby so we had no trouble. Maria New York. My parents are divorced and who is she supposed to give her advice, give her that comfort that my father did. He paid all of his taxes and did everything by the books. My father is my role model.

He raised me and my older brother by himself. Alejandro Pasadena, TX. I came here in and immigrated by myself from Iraq. I can work in any field I wish for. I came to the United States when I was only 4 years old. I have 3 siblings, 2 of them are apart of the dream act , they have their ss and worker permit for a limited time.

It was a miracle how he got his license back in I feel very low. It saddens me everyday I sit at home wishing my life was better. At the age of three, my mom left me and my twin brother in the care of my grandmother to find a better life. She worked day and night to have us back. Six months later my lovely, hardworking mother sent for us.

She had to walk the deadly trail, hoping she could make it is so she can see us again. Once we were all together life got better for a short time. Some years after my mother lost her job because of an on the job accident. My mother was fired and felt lost.

Our life is now better, but all I want is to be able to keep my education going and to give back all I was given. May God help me and bless all of you. Diana No location given. My mother came to the USA at the age of 15 and my father at the age of Both of them should of been in high school but got here and started working. We never received any type of government help.

We had to work very hard to survive and pay our rent until now. She and her husband and children are here because their lands were taken away and some bad people are trying to steal the rest of their lands. My cousin was able to get help but told me some really horrible stories about how they are being held in one small room and they are all crowded with moms and babies not being able to sleep and eat only once a day.

I had no idea this was happening until today when she and her 2 children were released. They are here now but she was left with a real bad trauma. She wakes up crying asking for food, something that she never did until this happed. I really feel sad to know that people are not being treated right but worse than animals!

We are children of God. What happened to one nation under God? Yesenia Northridge, CA. His visa had expired and he overstayed. He saved my life as I was divorcing an abusive husband of 20 years. I relocated and we married. He was taking care of me and my son.

I was back in college. Until the day they found him. They deported him and left me homeless. I only had enough money to buy a ticket to his country as nobody would help me. We are now stuck here and making it but struggling. I say why would my country deport someone who was working and helped me a citizen make my life better.

We are out of ways for me to come home and nobody to help us. Julie Morocco. My boyfriend was brought to the U. He came with his dad, leaving his mom and siblings behind in Mexico. He has never been back and has now lived in the U. When they arrived at the border town in Mexico, they were kidnapped for ransom.

Their kidnappers started to take them out to the desert which many times means death. Thankfully, however, he and his dad managed to escape and continue their journey. Despite having had that harrowing experience, my boyfriend explained that he and his dad had a rather easy crossing, not suffering nearly as much as many do.

Anyway, we plan to get married soon, but our future is uncertain. In the beginning of this year, he got pulled over for driving with a suspended license. Instead of just being given the standard fine, he was also given a court date. Before I met him, I had a very different perspective over illegal immigration. But now I have a lot of respect for all immigrants; they are so determined and work so hard and are willing to suffer everything in order to provide a better life for their families.

His story and his perspective have helped me broaden my perspective and have a greater compassion for others. Katie No city given. My parents and I arrived to the U. My grandfather was facing some serious times and my mother was 19 years old and not seeing her dad for 18 years decided to visit him.

My dad was 22 and I was 1 year old! My mother tells me their intention was never to stay, but they did. It has been 19 years and I was excited when they passed the act where students could get a legal temporary stay ,DACA deferred action for children arrivals. They took me into the office and I got married. I was manipulated in several was into doing so.

What hurts the most is that not even seeing me crying did they not go through with it. It is not right! And if there is no solution to my situation. Starting fresh and trusting god! I came here when I was 3 years old. Everyone else in my family that is here with me is legal.

Everyone but me. I love America, this is my home, but this is no way to live. I just want to go to college, study medicine and save lives. Is that too much to ask for? I just want to belong here, I want to be an American citizen. Lost Dreamer Somewhere within America. I came to America from United Kingdom London in for a holiday. I was 18 years old at the time I got a 3 months visa waiver, I had no plans staying over my visa but faith had its own plans.

I meet guy and we married in Meanwhile we took his advice I came back to UK so when he tried to process for me the petition we found out that I have ban for 10 years as I overstayed my visa more than 1 year. Londoner Oregon. My story starts in Haiti My mom was only 15 and pregnant. My dad My dad left me and my mom and came to America for a better life.

When I was about 7months old my mom decided to let my aunt take me to America under a different name. When I came to America I was passed around with no status or papers. My father later became a U. Citizen and never applied for me. Chenille Boston. I was brought here when I was 10 years old.

I am now 28yrs old. I went to elementary, middle and high school. I have three daughters with my fiance. S citizen born in California. He wants to apply for my residency here, but we are scared that because I was brought here illegally they could send me back to El Salvador. I have been working as a Medical Assistant for 8 yrs and started taking courses at a local college to get my nursing degree.

Carolina Wheaton, MD. My stepfather was an american soldier who married my German mother in Germany and also adopted me before we entered the U. My mother passed away in and told me I was a citizen. Being a young girl and not knowing what credentials that were needed to get government benefits for Medicare and monthly Social Security payouts for later after all my husband and I have paid into the system since age We have been married for 48 years.

My husband is an American citizen, born in Tx. Presently Homeland is supposed to look up my history in the U. S and finding info on permanent resident and citizenship through my mother. I was 18 when she received her citizenship. It has been 2 years that Homeland has had my info filled out by Catholic family services.

I also applied for my permanent resident card. What does a person do with this Obama care? I am over 65 and cannot get Medicare through Obama and private insurance is very expensive! Marianne White Amarillo Tx. I just feel so sorry for my husband. Mai Ho Chi Minh City. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Marisela New York City I was born in Iran, and at the age of 10, my family and I absconded from the multi-systemic injustices and immigrated to the US in hopes of extended opportunities and freedom.

Peter Boston My brother was born in Peru. Alberto Tampa, Florida My grandparents were refugees at the time of partition in India from, what is now, Pakistan to present India. Maria New Jersey I never knew being illegal holds you back from many things you can do here in the states. Vicky Scotland I came to the States for the first time a couple days after I turned No name given Indonesia I have been apart from my wife and kids for 4 years now.

Divya California You know sometimes it can get hard not having papers. Denise No location given I came here in by myself from Iraq. Bashar No location given My father was heading to work when the immigration was waiting for him. Texas I was brought to the U. Stephanie San Diego My dad was deported when I was 16 years old. Doug Florida My parents came here from Europe when I was just 3 years old.

Bastian Valparais, Chile I am an American by heart, soul and hard work. Warren Canada Both my parents came to the U. Karen Georgia My father arrived illegally in New York about 18 years ago with his younger brother. Then, to my surprise, she turns around and walks toward the window. Her bed is just under the window, but the way I've positioned the blinds, I can't see it very well.

It doesn't matter, because what she does next, makes me shoot my load all over the shrubbery. When she gets close to the bed, she squeezes more lotion onto her hand, lifts her right foot up on the edge of the bed and rubs lotion on her leg. I can't believe my luck! From my vantage point outside her window, looking under the blinds, I'm staring right into her fucking pussy!

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I finish watching her rub the lotion on her leg and when she starts to get dressed, I run into the house and into my bedroom to change clothes. Over the next two months, I shoot a lot of cum outside her window. I make a few strategic adjustments to her blinds and even bring out the digital camcorder a few times.

Watching a video doesn't come close to the live action, and I know I can see her change anytime, so I erase the video to avoid getting caught. I think I can explain being on the side of the house, but if I was ever caught with a video of my naked sister, I think my dad would kill me. I've occasionally watched her get dressed to go out, but nothing compares to watching her come out of the swimming pool and rubbing on lotion - and she does it every time.

Until now, my sister and I have never discussed our individual sexual activities with each other. Occasionally, she asks me questions about sex or things she's heard about at school and I answer her as best I can. A military father can be pretty strict, especially with a daughter, and Lisa was not allowed to date until she was She is inexperienced and naive, and I'm pretty sure she's still a virgin.

I always caution her about getting sexually active too fast. I've had a few girlfriends who have been willing to experiment, so I've eaten pussy, had blowjobs and fucked a few times. But at 18 years old, in a new High School, I haven't been getting any action lately. Since I don't have a steady girlfriend, I'm making do with my own hand outside my sister's window pretty regularly.

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One afternoon when we're alone, I head around the house because my sister has suggested we go for a swim. I'm in my swimsuit and want to get a quick look at her naked body before we get in the pool. By the time I get outside her window, she is down to her bra and panties. This happens quite often now, because I know how long I can take to change into my swimsuit and get around the house to see her naked.

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As she finishes putting her swimsuit on and is opening her bedroom door, I tuck my cock back in my swimsuit and turn toward the pool. The sound of her cell phone makes me turn back. I watch as she talks, but I can't hear what she's saying. She's getting really upset, walking back and forth as she talks to whoever it is. After a couple of minutes she closes her phone and throws herself on her bed, crying.

I love my sister and despite the perverted nature of my fantasies. I don't ever want to see her hurt. I want to know what's wrong and help make it better. I go into the house, trying to figure out a way to approach her, without giving away how I know she's upset. Fortunately, she left her bedroom door open when she went back to answer her phone. As I peek in, I see my sister lying on the bed, her head buried in a pillow and I can hear her sobbing.

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I know he has it. I wish I could have bought them back when you made your reservation, but Rebecca and I were just friends then. That upsets me every day but I keep going strong for them. She grew up in America and asking one daughter to be separated from her whole family just because she is older than 21 is disheartening. Doug Florida. I get to her window just in time to see her entering her bedroom.

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