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Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Bill. By , over , troops were fighting in Southeast Asia. Despite the fact that the amount involved more than doubled in the period to Rs As well as gasoline and heating oil, jet fuel is received at Buncefield for transfer by pipeline to the airports of London. But there are plenty of other controversial topics that members of Congress may want to ask Pichai about. The scandal threatened to expose an alleged corrupt system at the highest level in the country, during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Journal of Food Science, 75 5. Demonstratio Mathematica, 43 1. Demediuk, Peter Infusing sustainability concepts and practice into postgraduate business programs. Dawkins, Peter Institutionalising an evidence-based approach to policy making: Interdisciplinary Higher Education: Perspectives and Practicalities.

International Perspectives on Higher Education Research, 5. Dragomir, Sever S and Raissouli, Mustapha Iterative refinements of the Hermite-Hadamard inequality, applications to the standard means. Journal of Inequalities and Applications, Demediuk, Peter Let's do this together: Supreme Court upholds constitutional validity of criminal defamation law i.

The Supreme Court upholds the validity of the criminal defamation law of the year-old penal laws. The court gave its verdict on a batch of petitions filed that challenging the constitutional validity of sections and of the Indian Penal Code providing for criminal defamation. Swamy to challenge pending criminal defamation cases in High Courts or face trial.

Two sub-centres would be established in Agra and Varanasi. The apex court the manner in which the female passenger. All these vehicles would be installed with GPS also would be painted in black. Kejriwal and Mr. Chandigarh and Puducherry. On this project there are 4. India Post goes high-tech.

Jat Sikhs. Anantnag in south Kashmir and Baramulla in the north. These Medical Colleges will be attached to district hospitals of these three districts. Under this act the government is entitled to provide reservation in services and admission in educational institutions to persons belonging to backward classes in the State. May Haryana govt notifies Jat reservation Bill i.

With the support of the Department of Space. The permitted 10 per cent reservation for admissions to educational institutions to people belonging to these castes. India Post has geo-tagged over 1. These colleges will be built at Rajouri in Jammu.

Each medical college is to have intake capacity of for MBBS course. Established in with simple display of satellite data and basic GIS functionality. The project is likely to attract 1 lakh crore rupees investment and generate 1 lakh 50 thousand direct jobs.

The move will replace the existing convention riddled with delays and allegations of political favouritism of direct appointment of V-Cs. Rajasthan to be 1st state to issue ads to appoint V-Cs i. Of this Phil degrees under them. The proposed Manufacturing Zone will be a mega industrial zone sprawling of square kilometer having a world-class township to cater to the needs of the investors.

Odisha to launch Green Passage Scheme for orphan students i. Section of Criminal Procedure Code CrPC of had been deployed in Chandigarh as a result protesters will not be allowed to enter into the city. Section imposed in Chandigarh i. The advertisements seeking applications for vice-chancellor positions in state universities will be published in two national newspapers also appear on the website of the concerned institute and the governor.

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik asked all government and private universities to implement the plan. The protesting party has claimed that over May inJajpur district. Applicants will also have to mention the number of students who have completed Ph. The Odisha government has coined a special scheme named Green Passage for orphan students. This scheme eases the onus on the orphan students due to pressure of fees as admission fees.

This proposed scheme will function under the Higher Education Department. This protest by the AAP party is against the alleged Rs D and M. Bharatiya Janata Party gains the position for the First Time ii. They will also be provided free hostel facilities and food. Start-ups by new applicants that fills the criteria allowed to use this route for obtaining faster clearances.

By March the government also plans to significantly cut down the time period for granting of patents to one-and—a-half years from the existing five to seven years. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Mamta banerjee retains the position ii. Congress and DMK alliance succeed over N. R Congress ii. Congress alliance made 17 successes out of 30 seats 19 P a g e.

TMC Won out of Puducherry: Union government has opened a Tatkal window to fast-track patent proposals. This move is to streamline the patent regime also for expeditious clearance of applications by start-ups or those entities that opt for India as a place for first filing of patent. Assembly Elections Results: Left Parts wins the Election ii.

The application fees for individuals and start-ups have been kept at Rs 8. Govt opens Tatkal window for faster patents to startups i. This makes entities can choose the fast track for obtaining patent by paying additional fees if they select India as International Search Authority or International Preliminary Examining Authorities and file their applications in India first.

LDF won 91 of the assembly seats Tamilnadu i. No of Constituencies won: May examination fees and tuition fees for pursuing higher education. Chowdary Venue: New Delhi Main Aims: Consure Medical. The President of India. Australia and Tottori University and Japan.

This facilities will help the residents of the Estate become more socially responsible. Mobile App Monitor: This application is a collaboration tool of the Intelligent Operation Center. About Fecal incontinence FI: Delhi in collaboration with International partners such as Stanford University. New Delhi. Shri Y. This will help residents and Energy. Intelligent Operations Centre: The solution designed by IBM which helps collect and make sense of the rich data streaming in from several sources within the Estate to provide intelligent insights.

Queensland University of Technology. May The Real Inventors: This campaign by India is to scale down the use of Red line antibiotics without prescription. Health Minister Nadda launches centre to assess environ impact on health i. Union Health Minister J P Nadda launched the Centre for Environmental Health to judge the impact of environment-linked health problems like air pollution.

Red Line campaign by India to curb over-the-counter use of antibiotics is finding recognition. YS Chowdary. While in India to map the impact of the Red Line initiative is early. It also emphasizes about per cent of antibiotics are used up in the absence of prior prescription in south and east Europe and up to per cent in parts of Africa. Himachal Pradesh government in a bid to prompt the fisheries department asked to make an artificial propagation programme for its rehabilitation and conservation.

Himachal Pradesh launches artificial propagation programme of mahseer fish for conservation i. Bihar ii. Bihar government has decided to prohibit the distribution. For the emerge of mahseer fishes that state set aside Rs 6 crore at Machhial near Jogindernagar town in Mandi district to rear the mahseer. Himachal Pradesh fisheries department observed that the stength of the golden mahseer is lessening due to various causes.

After liquor. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test that outlaws the states to go with their own entrance exams and ordered that only the NEET be the basis for Medical intake. Bihar government bans gutka and pan masala i. Upon this move government will carry out study across a range of environmental health issues.

May iii. Odisha government to build model schools in addition to the existing similar number of schools functioning in in backward areas of the state on a priority basis during fiscal. As per this Ordinance the NEET will be kept aside for one year also this will sent to the President to pass an executive order iv.

These Model Schools with an estimation amount of over crore rupees during The move comes from the centre amid pressure from state governments. This move comes under the Companies Act. The bridge will be completed in two years by Border Roads Organization that would benefit over three lakh people in this border belt. As of now. The constitute team will look after the fund also maintain separate accounts and other records as prescribed by the Comptroller and Auditor General CAG.

This announcement comes from the government when the BJP led government is celebrating its second anniversary in the office. Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Secunderabad Circuits. NGT bans over year-old light. National Green Tribunal has banned light and heavy diesel vehicles.

Gujarat Government announced that totally 6. For the construction off the bridge Rs 44 crore has been earmarked that will have metre length to be constructed over river Ujh iii. In a bid to strengthen the framework for safeguarding the interest of investors union Government has formed a six-member Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority.

The state have built more than In the side-lines the state government also announced to set up a University of Odia language and literature to facilitate teaching and research on the same. The tribunal also directed the state government not to register any diesel vehicle in the capacity of CC and more. The Bench. Council of ministers meeting chaired by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has directed it to the ministers also emphasized that Rules are in advanced stage of formulation for use of Odia in official business.

If any violations found on the road. Cabinet gives ex-post facto approval to establishment of the National Institute of Technology. Odisha Official Language Amendment Ordinance. As per the promulgation the state government to formulate laws to implement the Odisha Official Language Act National Institutes of Technology.

Andhra Pradesh in its First Schedule Funded by: Government of India Managed by: Science Education and Research Amendment Bill. Inclusion of the NIT. Kozhikode and Kannur. International Day of Yoga Portal: IOS and Windows. President Pranab Mukherjee signed an ordinance to keep states beyond the sphere of a Supreme court ordered single.

Built up Area square metres square metres The decision to set aside the entrance test is cleared by Union Cabinet with a list of explanations afterwards President Pranab Mukherjee sought an explanation for the reasons behind bringing in the ordinance and reportedly consulted domestic experts. This move enables an institution to become a deemed university if it has undergraduate and 5 post-graduate programmes with research in existence for 3 years also should have a minimum 40 per cent open space of the total built up area.

President signs NEET ordinance i. UGC approves new norms for deemed universities i. The carried out survey findings and documentation are in pipeline to get published as a linguistic encyclopaedia of 70 volumes. Venue and date: Mumbai Customs House. Welingkar Institute of Management. The volume consolidates totally 49 languages or dialects spoken in gujarat including the languages of coastal.

Shri Najib Shah. Mumbai WE School Purpose: To conduct a survey of Passenger Satisfaction levels of customs clearance process at the Airport. The group of projects include Bina-Katni 3rd line project at an estimated cost of nearly 2. Passenger Satisfaction levels among customs officers: Cabinet clears Railway projects worth Rs Pune-Miraj-Londa railway line and 27 P a g e.

The other projects are Surendranagar-Rajkot project. Overall survey in Percentages: The panic buttons will enable the police to track the exact location of the bus and provide prompt assistance. This move will pave the way for the wait-listed and RAC allocated train ticket holders can cancel their tickets by dialling Union Minister Nitin Gadkari launches Nirbhaya buses with safety measures for women i.

Earlier only confirmed ticket holders could cancel their tickets through service and IRCTC website. Upgrades Indian School of Mines. The Rajasthan government plans to bring over 2. Dial for wait-listed ticket cancellation i. Cabinet gives nod to six new IITs. Six new IITs: This institute is being funded by the Centre.

CCTV and panic buttons on every seat. Ex-post facto approval to the cadre review Indian Postal Service: The proposed 20 Mahila Gaurav Express buses in a pilot basis that would run between Delhi and Rajasthan. The completion of these projects will be between three to five years.

Upon this online cancellation by will be allowed only 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train in case of confirmed tickets and up to half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train in case of RAC and wait-listed cases. It will provide one time establishment grant-in-aid of Rs.

Bharatavani portal aims to foster national integration by highlighting on multilingual and cross-lingual learning tools and technologies. Atal Incubation Centres: Union Cabinet waived off loans worth over Rs 9. Scaling-up established incubation centres: This restructured unit will create direct and 1. Bharatavani Multi-lingual App: The portal has been launched in 22 scheduled languages.

Atal Incubation Centres will provide pre-incubation facilities. Union government is mulling to ban potassium bromate as a food additive in bread products on behlf the recommendations from a scientific panel under the Food Safety Standards Authority of India FSSAI.

This project will take natural gas to Varanasi for feeding local industries and also for retailing CNG to automobiles and piped cooking gas for households. GAIL reconfigures Rs The government action will be taken after a study by the Centre for Science and Environment CSE found nearly 84 per cent of 38 commonly available brands of packaged breads tested positive for potassium bromate and potassium iodate.

Potassium bromate It is a powerful oxidizing agent used for flour treatment in bread and other bakery products because it makes the bread fluffy. To ensure that the visibility of Government advertisements online increased by strategically placing the advertisements on websites having higher Unique Users per month. The funds will used for providing household water taps. Union Government has approved an investment of over Rs 5.

This initiative will boost the prospect of Paradip Port. The Head Committee. May Unique User per month data of the websites into three categories Category Unique Users per month A 5 million and above B 2 million to 5 million C 0. The first phase of the project will be completed by with initial investment of Rs 3. Govt approves over Rs Cr investment to improve infrastructure in six states.

The document marks out a plan to increase solar capacity of the region from 2. At present. The sector contributes 2. Steel and Mines Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has appealed the state governments to complete the auction process of mines so that additional revenue and employment could be generated in Jaipur.

He also urged upon the states to establish District Mineral Foundation as early as possible. The nutritional quality assessment of food would help quality of food served to students in 7. The Bihar government MDM scheme. The Minister pledged to help the states in auction process also allocated Rs crorefor the District Mineral Foundation which will be used for welfare of locals of mining areas.

Indian representative and the Administration of Lakshadweep signed the document in presence of Power Ministry Secretary P. Bihar Govt. Says PM Modi i. Spanish train Talgo put to the test in India for the first time. The PM observed that there is a need for more doctors across India but it was not possible to fill the gap in two years of his government.

The cabinet will give its nod in a week time. Women and Child Development Minister. In the recently concluded assembly elections Congress — DMK alliance has 17 members in the 30 member Territorial Assembly. Narayanasamy called on the Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi on and betted claim to proceed to form the government in the Union Territory.

New Delhi Delegates: Somasundaran Objective: To create a strong legal. Innovative Plan of increasing the speed of the trains. Protection and Rehabilitation Bill. The decision will have ambit of all government doctors whether serving under states or the central dispensation.

Points delivered by Minister: Narayanasamy stakes claim to form government in Puducherry i. Public servant. Explained in section Primary objectives of afforestation: Features of the Act: Environment Ministry Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar thanked the members for supporting and passing the bill. By that. Setting up regulatory authorities and Appellate tribunals. Javadekar state that this bill facilitates for unlocking of Rs.

Future initiatives of the Javadekar: Features of the Bill: FY17 Budget proposals. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Bill. Features of the bill: Lok Sabha passes Finance Bill with amendments Bill passed: The Lok Sabha approved the Finance Bill Amendments to the bill: Minister of State for Finance. Jayant Sinha. Death penalty for the hijackers only in the event of death of the hostages Features of New Law: Once the President gives accents the legislation the new bankruptcy law that will ensure timebound settlement of insolvency and create a database of serial defaulters.

The bill envisages central government would continue to be responsible for formulating policy and regulating foreign collaboration for all products of fermentation industries. The bill is to promote entrepreneurship. A majority of the parties in both Houses supported this legislation after all the amendments proposed by a joint parliamentary committee were accepted by the government.

The Rajya Sabha has passed the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code as it is the biggest economic reform that will make easier to do business. It was earlier approved by the Rajya Sabha last month and certain changes were adopted by the Lower House. The bill seeks to transfer from the Centre to states the control over industries engaged in the production of potable alcohol.

Women and Child Development Policy: National Policy for Women 38 P a g e. Objectives of the Bill: This is to create public awareness about the economic. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code The Indian Trusts Amendment Bill The bill outlines the manner in which surplus funds of the trust may be invested for future use of the trust and regulates the functioning of private trusts and trustees.

The Appropriation No 2 Bill. With this passing The Rajya Sabha has set a record of passing five bills in just few hours 1. The Finance Bill May Presented by: Maneka Gandhi Focus: Dealing issues related to housing. Unmarried The following situations were taken into the consideration to recognize the importance of single women which added in the Policy.

Now we demand and our demands are more distinct. Main Focus: Divorced ii. Widowed iii. Inclusion of offences committed against childrensuch as giving intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug or tobacco products to children. Mandatory registration of all Child Care Institutions with punishment in case of non-compliance. May Making Vision: New Delhi Features: Presented by the Dept.

Provisions for children who commit offences in the age group of years 2. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi launched two websites 1. May Features: Full Fledged Electronic Library Compiling and integrating publications and resource materials from all departments of the Ministry with regards to their national policies, plan of actions, programmes, national and state level achievements, schemes, goals, circulars, books, presentations, periodicals, research publications, government orders, circulars, compendium of research articles, document pdfs, audio and video spots.

Series of E-courses Job Training Course for Child Development Project Officers of ICDS and gradually bring in new training programmes e-learning Portal Provide an opportunity and access to technical concepts, knowledge and communicate to a much wider audience at a faster pace to develop and increase their skill.

Help to improve the nutrition levels of children in the country and help meet nutrition goals. Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its approval for introduction of two Bills in the Parliament for certain amendments in the Constitution Scheduled Tribes Order, The move is to modify the list of Scheduled Tribes in respect of five States and identification of new communities in the Puducherry for the first time.

Once it comes as an Act, these communities included in the list of Scheduled Tribes will be able to derive benefits meant for ST under the all the existing schemes. Venue and Date: Hiroshima, Japan iii. Held in 26th and 27th May iv. About 80 per cent of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels thatexceed WHO limits.

Review of Air Pollution Control in Beijing: Launched several programmes, including an initiative to develop a low-cost sensor track and address pollution hotspots. Ten basic measures to improve air quality Highlights of Actions on Air Quality: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Some countries and cities have been able to increase waste recycling, reducing the need to burn waste Eg: Iraq declares state of emergency as protestors storm into Parliament Iraq government has declared a state of emergency after supporters of Shiite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr stormed parliament. Protesters in the capital has reached the cabinet headquarters inside the Green Zone of the cabinet building.

A television in Iraq Al-Sadr accused lawmakers of sectarianism in their selection of ministers and ordered his bloc to withdraw from the parliament session to finish voting on a new cabinet. Earlier Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has promised to allocate minority Sunnis and Kurds a bigger role in government, has under resistance to an effort to replace politiciansin key roles.

The move intended to create 21, jobs by and give women a critical role to play in a way that serves the objectives of the nation and to build a knowledge economy with societal and international partnerships. World largest oil major Saudi Aramco as the strategic advisor and anchor of this initiative. Rich tributes to Krishna Menon in U.

As the temperatures reaches nearly 90 degrees and low relative humidity fires the condition exacerbated. In The trilateral agreement has been inked in Frankfurt. South Korea. A state of emergency has been declared in the Canadian region of Alberta as firefighters continue to battle raging wildfires. The move also facilities and infrastructure at the park set in Riyadh.

Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon: The country announced the US dollar after ditching its own currency in following sustained hyperinflation. Menon died at the age of 78 in South Korea and the Association of South East Asian Nations have agreed on the requisite to address downside risks to global economic improvement. Menon was elected as a Councillor at the Camden Borough way back in and continued to be a Councillor for the next 14 years.

Zimbabwe to print own version of US dollar i. Six reception centers were put on operation to control the situation. These countries pledged to closely monitor capital flows and risks stemming from capital flow volatility as well as carefully calibrate and clearly communicate our macroeconomic and structural policy actions.

China agree to put joint efforts to ensure financial stability i. Function Organiser: The Egyptian Caricature Society: Egypt Purpose: The festival will be held to mark the th birth anniversary of poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Festival Celebration: Celebrating th birth anniversary: May There are Tagore fondness on Egypt: The bill.

Details of Panama Papers released online by Journalists consortium i. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published online detailed data that covers nearly 40 years. The bill was passed by the lawmakers of the ruling Syriza-Independent government coalition in voting.

The vote took place during a crippling general strike and protests. Islamic State and other militants have made millions of dollars by selling unique artifactson the black market. The bill passed the House and Senate last month noted that prevent cultural artifacts removed from Syria from being sold or imported into the U. Obama signs into law new restrictions on Syrian antiquities i.

Greece passes pension. May more than , secret offshore companies. The database built on just a portion of a total cache of Two top American senators: The legislation has been sent to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for necessary action. This bill supports strengthening our bilateral relationship partner in promoting security in Asia.

India has huge potential as a market for US defence manufacturers, which support millions of American jobs. Bangladesh executed Islamist party Chief MotiurRahman Nizami for convicted criminal during the war of independence from Pakistan. The Jamaat leader was hanged at Dhaka Central jail, after the Supreme Court rejected his final plea against a death sentence imposed by a special tribunal for genocide, rape and arranging the massacre of top intellectuals during the war.

He became the fourth Jamaat leader and the fifth person hanged after being convicted of war crimes by one of the two International Crimes Tribunals. The war crimes tribunal set up by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in has erupted violence and drawn criticism from opposition politicians, including leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Kenyan government will close Dadaab refugee camp for national security which has over , refugees mostly Somali refugees, and send them back home or on to other countries. The government citing that fighters used the camp as a base for smuggling weapons. Kenyan government earlier announced to close Kakuma which is a refugee camp housing ,people, mostly South Sudanese fleeing civil war.

US adopts the bison as its national mammal i. President Barack Obama has signed to make US bison as its national mammal. However the bald eagle will continue to enjoy the position of the national animal of the US. Wildlife Conservation Society demanding for the status for a four years and the body is a group associated with the Bronx Zoo in New York.

The landing is first in India as it is making a technical halt at Hyderabad it is arrived from Turkman bashi in Central Asia and will proceed to Jakarta and is destined for Perth. The update styles itself as the definitive record of the English language, includes about new words and phrases from around the world.

Besides IFAD is working with India to reduce the wastage of perishable produces due to lack of infrastructure. The movie is directed by Shivain Arora. The short film promotes girl child by narrating the real life story of three girls from a government school and their dream for the future iii. The short is the only film from India to be featured amongst films representing 85 countries and will be screened on May 30, which is Seattle Memorial Day at the Film Festival.

It has the capability to go through the law, gathers evidence, provides inferences and returns highly relevant and evidence based answers. Italian Parliament approves same-sex civil unions i. The Italian senate has passed legislation legalizing same-sex civil unions, with voting in favour, 51 against and 99 abstaining.

Up To date, more than 20 countries have legalised gay marriage. The law also makes this right available to unmarried heterosexual couples. With this, it has become the last country in Western Europe to do so. However, the bill has yet to be assented by the Italian President. Emergency Lessons campaign: This campaign targets people 25 year old and younger peoples, for the next seven months, the stories of the children affected by emergencies.

The campaign celebrates the other benefits of going to school like the friends made, the teachers. The 6. Thailand and Myanmar are working on a 1. Indian External Affairs Ministry has banned Indian nationals from travelling to Libya in view of prevailing security situation in the country.

It will save the time of the people who are spending too much time in their cars. There are 73 bridges totally in Myanmar. US House approves move to bolster defence ties with India i. First metro line to the sea opens in Los Angeles i. The US House of Representatives gave nod to a bilateral legislative move to strengthen defence ties with India. This 1. India bans nationals from travelling to strife-torn Libya i.

This decision has been notified to all immigration authorities by the Ministry of External affairs led by Sushma Swaraj. Myanmar to be connected with a km road i. May who support children through trauma. This move comes after reports of a Libyan former minister being killed in clashes between unity government forces and fighters of the ISIS group in Sirte. Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the country.

In a bid to give fillip to trade and cultural exchanges between the three countries India. According to the data company Inrix. China agree to advance ongoing boundary negotiations Purpose: Prime Minister Narendra Modi also to address the three day long dialogue in Ujjain on the same day.

Sirisena will address the valedictory session at the Vaicharick Mahakumbh which is being held as part of the Simhastha Mahakumbh in Ujjain. In his line of travel he will also unveil a statute of Angarika Dharmapala during the function. The unique building area sprawls about 2. May Busaidi. Trade 3. MoU between Foreign Service Institute.

MoUs Signed: Investment 4. There is also a provision for a conference on contemporary issues of regional and global significance. Enhancing connectivity 2. Implementation Protocol between Department of Science and Technology. May agreement between India. Mumbai Headquarters: Shanghai Private sector: Afghanistan ink historic trilateral transit pact Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran and Afghanistan. MoU for cooperation between the National Archives of India and the National Library and Archives Organisation of the Islamic Republic of Iran The aim to for facilitation of exchange of information and knowledge in the field of archival matters through exchange of manuals. AIR launches website. Iran Capital Tehran Delegates: India Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The First set of loans involving financial assistance of USD million. China and South Africa. Mutual Cooperation: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation ranked globally and 3rd Position national iv. State Bank of India ranked globally and 2nd position in India iii. EPFO doubles insurance for subscribers to Rs 6 lakh i. The eSBTR allows payment without any ceiling and is available on 24x7x through internet banking.

Tech Mahindra is all set to buy financial technology firm and UK-based Target Group to boost its platform business process-as-a-service offering in the banking sector ii. May Tech Mahindra buys UK fintech firm in deal valued at more than million pounds i. Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank is all set to open its India operations at Ahmedabad in Gujarat that will be its first branch in India.

Saudi Arabia. Union government has imposed the decision of retirement fund body EPFO to closely double the maximum sum assured under its insurance scheme to Rs 6 lakh from Rs 3. Islamic Development Bank to open its first branch at Ahmedabad i. Good people to bank with. The online portal Coverfox becomes the first to offer such scheme. The new facility will come at all its branches of the bank in Maharashtra as well through internet banking.

This tie up is to implement the core banking solution for Paytm and also programme managing the integration of other key systems like the anti-money laundering solution and the regulatory reporting solution. The IT major Wipro will service to Paytm in interface its existing systems with the core banking solution. The system improves ease of process and convenience for citizens by providing single window payment facility of both stamp duty and registration fee.

Coverfox announces tie up with Oriental Insurance Company i. Wilful defaulters owe Rs The exchange where MSME bills against large companies can be accepted electronically and auctioned so that these small enterprises are paid promptly. Statement by International Monetary Fund: Minister of state for finance Jayant Sinha informed in Rajya Shaba that sickening banking sector has increased the number of wilful defaulters of PSBs from 5.

The International Monetary Fund has continued growth forecast for India this year at 7. Despite the fact that the amount involved more than doubled in the period to Rs Weak Exports and Sluggish credit growth weight on the Indian Economy. This is the first dedicated exchange for micro SMEs. The agreement is to be expected to facilitate invoicing of bilateral business in local currencies.

Under this approval India and the UAE will be a step closer to bilateral currency swap on mutually agreed terms and conditions. Cabinet approves currency swap deal with UAE i. The MoU will further strengthen the close economic relationship and cooperation between the sides.

Effective feature: To provide global investors access to the Indian government securities. The MoU inked in February. The MoU is aimed to help develop this ecosystem and bring in the design thinking. This initiative is likely to propel innovative thinking and approaches to build solutions in key sectors where technology can play a transformational role.

MCB Capital Markets. It is the largest denomination banknote in the single currency by the bank. A green bank could offer lower interest charges than traditional banks and tap into international capital to finance solar and wind projects to help Indian power sector. The council is likely to vote to stop issuing them.

The violet-coloured euro bills account for just three per cent of the total number of banknotes in circulation. May ensure that at least plus product start-ups get enabled tools programs. The conversion will be done without undergoing any altercation in its basic structure to enable it access funding from overseas banks that are currently not supporting the solar and wind funding.

The country needs as much as USD billion in funding to reach its target of producing GWs of power from solar and wind energy by The proposal is being well supported by the Union Power Ministry as this conversion would pave the way to avail of certain benefits. ECB set to decide fate of euro banknote i. Customers can also send money even by creating an account on transfast platform or by downloading Transfast App.

It plans to stop issuing the euro bill around the end of The Central Bank of Europe is mulling to decide the fate of the euro banknote. Both the sides has entered into arrangementwith this tie-up. Yes Bank aims to establish this business within 12 months of approval. Saraswat Bank donates Rs 1 cr relief for drought in Maharashtra i.

The Private sector lender plans to invest in developing operations. May Purpose: Yes Bank. This is the first state-run bank to open for IBU centre. Innovative features: Contributions from emerging Asian economies: It is increased to The licence-holder of CoS allows the entity to offer custodial services to financial market participants.

The banks in Telangana state will provide crore rupees loans to the poor under Mudra Yojana this year to benefit about 8 lakh people for their small business. The remittance fee is as low as AUD 7 and the arrangement enables faster. Reserve Bank of India Announcemets: Minimum capital requirement: Union Labour Minister Bandaru dattatreya informed this in the held a review meeting with bankers in Hyderabad.

RBI releases draft norms for universal bank licences on tap Initiator: Tap licensing of universal banks in the private sector. After the review meeting that Agriculture loans to a tune of 40 thousand crore rupees will be disbursed during the current year. Banks in Telangana to provide Rs cr loans to poor under Mudra Yojana i.

Reserve Bank of India has directed that entities from Pakistan. It will also have the year of printing printed on the reverse side. The banknotes will also have on the obverse side that all the other security features. RBI to issue Rs banknotes with inset letter R i.

The Mumbai based lender is the first bank globally to offer a dual advantage reward programme on the expenses and repayments of the credit card. Iran and Hong Kong or Macau 63 P a g e. The SEAC will comprise eminent persons with experience in banking. Bangladesh and four other regions including Sri Lanka. RBI issues norms for prior approval of branch offices by foreign entities in India i.

The committee will then submit its recommendations to the central bank for consideration 6. The validity of the in-principle approval issued by RBI will be 18 months from the date of granting in-principle approval and would thereafter lapse automatically. The SEAC will set up its own procedures for screening applications and will meet as and when required.

The committee will reserve the right to call for more information as well as have discussions with any applicants and seek clarification on any issue as may be required by it. May 1. Mumbai based Securities and Exchange Board of India is likely to tighten the norms for participatory notes P-Notes to curb round-tripping and restrict money laundering to follow recommendations made by Special Investigation Team on black money.

North East region and Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well. May will require its prior approval to establish branch office or project office in India. The Market regulator will have to take remedial action in case of any breaches. Under these rules KYC review will be done on the basis of risk classification assigned to subscriber.

Income Declaration Scheme for domestic black money to commence from June 01 Finance Ministry announced that the Income Declaration Scheme will remain functioning till September 30 for filing of Declarations and Payments towards Taxes. Surcharge and Penalty The following payments must be made latest by November Reserve Bank of India has appealed to income tax assessees to remit their income tax dues sufficiently in advance of the due date to avoid last minute rush.

To fish out black money from the domestic economy RBI authorises 29 agency banks to accept payments of I-T dues i. The changes include requirement of increased disclosures on transfer and prior consent of issuer on transfer. This iniative will obviate the inconvenience involved in standing in long queues at the Reserve Bank offices.

They are 1. Oriental Bank of Commerce Totally 29 agency banks are authorised to accept payments of Income Tax dues Which includes State run lenders as well as Private players. Central Bank of India Corporation Bank Axis Bank Ltd. State Bank of Travancore Bank of India Bank of Maharashtra The company also plans to hire about 1.

Union Bank of India 4. This decision from the Singapore major is to focus on technology and in order to grow it. United Bank of India Vijaya Bank 6. The newest private bank has just rolled out the first-of-its-kind campaign. State Bank of India 7. This tech hub comes at a time when the lender is awaiting clearance from the RBI India to convert into a wholly-owned subsidiary in the country.

Allahabad Bank 2. In a bid to cope with the pressure of issuing receipts RBI has taken such a move which is although additional counters to the maximum extent possible are provided for the purpose.

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