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Sun, 15 Dec I'm a hermaphrodite. Please write a detailed ad about yourself, your aspirations, your desires and whatever else you would like to express. I think that it was somebody that got me to give out info on myself, and then used it for their own purposes. Please see my attached pic.

I did the first step. I'll send you my private photos. Tue, 1 Apr It feels good to know that we are the same. Fri, 28 Mar Wed, 26 Mar I need to talk to someone who can share some experiences of lesbian hermaphrodite sex. Are there any hermaphrodites in South East Asia? Thu, 20 Feb I am Brazilian and would like to know also if you have any site in my country to get together in order to get in touch with them.

Now I am living in Orlando and would like to know if there are any hermaphrodite communities or any more of us here in Orlando, Florida. We can exchange photos Please send me emails. Wed, 5 Feb I'm a hermaphrodite. I want to make love but I can't because I'm a hermaphrodite. I'm beautiful and sexy but no one wants to fuck with me.

Please give a suggestion. Wed, 22 Jan Someone who understandes what I'm dealing with. Sat, 18 Jan Can I have a round? Fri, 3 Jan What about the Netherlands? Are there other hermaphrodites here too? Are any of them members too? Thu, 2 Jan My name is Jomorie, and yes I am a true herm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to just drop me a line or two, but only if you are like me - remember - a true herm. It's also OK if you just want to know things about our own bodies. Just a fair warning. I now live in Miami, Florida. Yes I am a true herm. Life is a little easier now that I'm older. Wed, 25 Dec People call me a waste of sperm.

I'm a little diffrent from normal people but I'm still human. Please write, if someone would like to be my friend. Tue, 24 Dec I am not very pretty and have never had sex with anyone. I am too embaressed to expose my body to anyone.

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I relieve myself thru masterbation. I have breasts that I hide under large shirts. I have never run across any one else like me so I keep my sexuality a secret.

I would be interested in talking to other herm's, and No I do not want to pose but would like to receive e-mail from others with my problem. I feel like a woman but look better as a male. Wed, 18 Dec I am also possibly interested in phone sex and other opportunities. I have a link that explains more about me from my website. Please e-mail me when you read this. Here is my ideal preference: That is what I want.

The same as me - my identical twin! I would be as good to you as you would be to me!!! I'm very considerate and accepting. Let's keep it casual at first, but who knows? Maybe it will develop into a LTR. E-mail me as soon as possible!! Bianco WOW! Sun, 15 Dec Please write to me if interested. Mon, 2 Dec Drop me a e-mail soon. Tue, 26 Nov I am a hermaphrodite and I am not scared to say it.

I really dont care what people say because I am what I am no matter what. I'm 19 years old. Right now I'm looking to talk to someone that knows what it feels like,.. Mon, 11 Nov Sat, 9 Nov About me: I don't have to use creams to keep my legs smooth. That's natural for me. My testies are always up in my body, and my penis retracts up in my body also.

I'm looking for a hermaphrodite to be with so I can be happy. I'm looking to form a relationship with someone and possibly get married. I have a house in the mountains of VA, and it is totally secluded by trees. My hobbies are: I'm not picky on who wants to get together and meet.

Later on another date I'll send you some photos of me. Fri, 25 Oct I need to meet more people like me. Sat, 19 Oct Fri, 18 Oct I am only 23 years old. I am in Miami right now, but I would love to chat with you or even build a relationship sharing pictures Please contact me Tue, 8 Oct Thu, 3 Oct My e-mail is togheadjgd aol. Sun, 29 Sep I like to get fucked but I get my ass kicked when a guy finds out I have a dick, so if you want to write me, then fuck my pussy, and if you are not a hermaphrodite, and you want to fuck one, write me, but you have to suck dick too.

Tue, 24 Sep It is hard to meet people and get to know them. As soon as they find out about me they get freaked out. I would like to talk to you and see some pics, and I will send some to you too. Tue, 17 Sep My name is Sue. I'm a bit shy. I like cocks. I like vaginas.

I like to be fucked and fuck at the time. Sun, 15 Sep I am an authentic hermaphrodite. Sat, 14 Sep Mon, 26 Aug Sat, 17 Aug I would like to exchange photos and information. Fri, 16 Aug I look like a woman. I'm blond blue eyes 5'6 lbs 36d and 6". I would like to chat with members only.

They can reach me at ps. Thu, 15 Aug If you like, write back. I like to chat. Mon, 01 Jul My name is Jeri. I am 20 years old. I live in mid-east Illinois. I live as a girl. I want to meet a girl like me for a long term relationship. Relocation is not a problem.

Pictures available upon request. Mon, 1 Jul I am a hermaphrodite Hi! I'm 20 years old. I am looking for a hermaphrodite that lives as a girl yeah I'm a lesbian about the same age as me for a long term relation. Relocating is no problem. Fri, 21 Jun I'm a true hermaphrodite. Live as a female Look like a sexy female with more I will in return.

Live in midwest USA. Sat, 8 Jun I think there are leftovers from stitches down below. Is there any way I can find out about this? If so, please tell me. Sat, 13 Apr I live in Sydney OZ. My body is 40dd 22 44, and I am proud of my 10 in luve tool. I stand 2mt, my weight is 60kgs, I have green eyes and long black hair. I luv being shaven. I would like to correspond with any girls, lesbians and hermaphrodites for girlie sex, anal, fisting, plus female ejackulation.

Tue, 30 Apr Thu, 11 Apr I work for a major bank in the Tampa Bay area. I have not had a date in three years. The last guy I dated was scared off by my appearance. So I work and go to my home that's about it. Wed, 10 Apr I feel all alone. Please respond. Fri, 22 Mar Fuck ME! Tue, 12 Mar I am a herm. Fri, 01 Mar I also have the same apprehensions that many of you have mentioned in your mails.

But it would be nice to get to know some herm better. Just for your knowledge, I have a 36D cup and a 7" cock. I am a sex maniac but have never had the fortune of having sex. I don't consider this a joke and only genuine herms are requested to reply. I am currently in India and will return back to the US in December.

Hope to hear from someone soon. Sun, 24 Feb Wed, 13 Feb Ok, lets try this again. This is my bio, I am actually not a TS, I was born female intersexed with both sex organs hermaphrodite , and my parents had my vagina closed at birth and tried to raise me as a boy. Didn't work out well, I am all female except for my genitals. I have hazel eyes, dark hair, am in my early 30's, I am 5'10' tall, weigh about or , have long legs, and am slender, no fat.

My current measurements, which are all natural, are 36A I have started taking a testosterone blocker and a estrogen supplement a week ago, so my breasts and hips, etc.. I live in Ft. Lauderdale, and my phone number is Signup to Get Her Phone. When I posted my last ad, a lot of guys called me and had the idea I am just looking for a guy to have sex with.

So if you are in the south Florida area, and would like to meet, please call me. I also have some pics if you email me. Fri, 18 Jan I am living my life as a very fem female. I live as a 32 year old white woman and have feared every first sexual encounter I've ever had, not sure what my partner would say or do if it was found out. I have even resorted to having sex in total darkness with my underwear half way down so they could and would not see my penis.

Both my female and penis work properly other than I cannot create sperm because I have ovaries and no testies. I have only had sex with one person who has known of both organs and that was a college female friend of mine. Thank you for hearing my story and you can email me at andrewjs hotmail.

I am attracted to both women and men and can satisfy and be satisfied by both sexes. Wed, 9 Jan Sun, 6 Jan Wetkisses aol. Please write me back for more information and a pic. Fri, 4 Jan Tue, 11 Dec Tue, 4 Dec Just love to meet, from Pittsburgh. No games, no e-mails unless authentic.

Mon, 3 Dec My name is Sarah Danielle. Sat, 24 Nov I am willing to travel miles. Wed, 14 Nov Fri, 9 Nov Australia Standard Time From: I am 5'10 80kg looking for love. I would like to met a Fem Herm. Fri, 2 Nov I live in Colombia and would like contact with someone as friends. How can I contact him or her? Tue, 23 Oct My wife is a hermaphrodite.

Mon, 8 Oct Mon, 10 Sep Let's fulfill your most secret fantasies. E-mails with pictures will get first priority. Sat, 18 Aug Please see my attached pic. Sat, 28 Jul I surfed the web to learn more about my gender and was pleased to find your site. I have a big penis and functional pussy. I enjoy the company of both men and women, and would be especially interested in meeting another hermaphrodite.

Good bye!!! I am a hermaphrodite Date sent: Thu, 19 Jul What I would like to know is how others manage to cope, having two sets of organs. I was either lucky or cursed. Some people had operations to remove things. I have not. I would like a full time partner, but it is impossible with what I have. I would like someone to give some input, to see if it can help me deal with it.

Under normal conditions I am happy-- it's when it comes to sex that I have all the problems. Mon, 16 Jul I am a 21 year old herm having a 7" long cock and 5" round as big as a real man. My girlfriend says that it feels like being in heaven while I fuck her. Horny Pregnant Hermaphrodite Tess. Woman Knight Thats hermaphrodite elf.

Woman Hermaphrodite Pussy Knight. We have the largest library of xxx Pics on the web. View Hermaphrodite Pics and every kind of Hermaphrodite sex you could want - and it will always be free! We can assure you that nobody has more variety of porn content than we do. We have every kind of Pics that it is possible to find on the internet right here.

We are working hard to be the best Hermaphrodite Pics site on the web! Feel free to reach to let us know if you have any comments or questions. Almost seems as if they are trying to hold on to those fake dicks to keep them from falling off. I Love both of their pointy tits, Big hard Cocks and wet tiny pussy. I would Love to be in a threesome with those two or Love a one on one with each of them.

These two are simply amazing! Best of both worlds and I'd be in heaven! Totally agree with you. Yeah it wood be weird at first but she has a nice wet cunt and a stand up cock. I'd fuck her brains out I'd fuck her tight ass if she said fuck my tight ass fuckin' A right!! Both of these chicks made my cock hard. Both have great bodies. Anyone who says different y'all are fulla shit!!

So 30yr later is she decent looking? Perhaps even skinny and fairly Hot? If she wasn't halfway around the world I would like to meet her. To have a pussy and a dick Sounds Hot to me your friend I mean.

So now what? I am a hermaphrodite and I am not scared to say it. Big Dick Bisexual Hermaphrodite Pussy. Sun, 8 Jun I would like to exchange photos and information.

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Net Hello my name is Leticia Salamanca. I have hazel eyes, dark hair, am in my early 30's, I am 5'10' tall, weigh about orhave long legs, and am slender, no fat. Cancel Go to Site. I never think about me as a boy. My name is Fatmi. Mixed nonnudes 3 4. Fine Girl Sex

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