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If you are satisfied leaving it open ended then why even comment in the first place? Please take several seats and educate yourself. I am here for this partial nudity. Would sexually attracted to make you feel better? It will always be wrong to lie. Hahahaha, these gifs made my night. Teenage suicide due to bullying is unfair.

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The glass box seems to be some kind of man-made portal to other dimensions seeing as the Real Cooper had to go through it to come back , but who built it? Why were they watching it, waiting for something to happen? Whoever built it, knew that Cooper was going to come back? If so, did they want to help him or prevent him from coming back? Or is Bob his human shape?

Anyone have any ideas? Diane and I will do our best to help My evil doppelganger was behind the glass box as an early warning system in case I ever found my way out of the Black Lodge. It is the creature summoned by nuclear tests, and Bob hatched from an egg it laid in that region. Bob was explained in episode 8.

He is the personification of the evil that men do. The ring can physically transport a deceased person to the Black Lodge. Now it can be yours…. The same goes for women. When we talk about the process of love and family, human anatomy is designed for a man to fall in love with a woman and then have children. This cannot be done with homosexuals. They cant have children.

Are they living their lives morally wrong, too, over something they cant control? That has nothing to do with my statement. I am referencing the majority of human existence. Of course, there are a few special cases, but I am talking about the majority.

And with human anatomy…so what if female bodies are designed to have sex with men to have children? The point was already stated in my previous comments to you. I disagree with you. Our bodies are designed to love the other sex. However, the opposite will most likely be proven soon. There most likely is a gay gene. So when they discover it, what will you think?

A man and a man cannot create a child. This is universally understood. The process of sex between a man and a woman can and this is how the world has functioned from the very beginning. Thing is that here you are implying that the sole reason why men and women should be together is for reproduction. Do you know how swans do this?

When two swans are gay, they just seduce a female swan and impregnate her.

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Third, human anatomy is flawed and everybody knows that. I recommend you read Spinoza, Hobbes and Locke about this matter. I am saying that the universe operates in a way that is clearly carved out for men and women to be lovers. Like that anon said is a huge part of the procreation argument: There is no argument against it.

There are male and female only. Man and woman fall in love, become partners, create children and so forth. Also, why is the prostate up a mans ass? How about why does sperm only come from man and why does the egg only come from a woman? People who are not in love make babies all the time! I referenced a comment like this somewhere on this post earlier.

The procreation is a huge issue that will always be relevant to it. Yes, there is certain technology that can help us out, but the argument is used to demonstrate how we are made to function. We instinctively know that it is wrong and people go around arguing with people like me in efforts to convince themselves that it is okay.

Have a good night! I have gay friends as well. They respect my beliefs and I respect theirs. I admire you for caring to try to understand someone who differs from you rather than cussing them out and calling them names. We can agree to disagree. You have a good night, too. No where did I insult anyone. No I did read all your comments and you clearly said that it okay to address your opinion and what I said was you can ignore what is bothering you without being a jerk gorgeous.

No where was I a jerk, but ok boo. Thank you so much. The reason that people retaliate so harshly to homophobic opinions is pretty straight forward. When people speak out with homophobic beliefs and opinions it only makes this situation of inequality and oppression worse. Homophobic is being used incorrectly here.

No hate was used in expressing my opinion therefore your comment fails to apply to me. No one can debate my argument which has caused several supporters to resort to name calling and a bunch of other irrelevant bullshit, yet they still cannot disprove me.

Again, I was not hateful toward anyone on this site and even defended homosexuality against the cruelty that they receive. Having said that, I do not support it and I do not believe that it is morally acceptable. Do you really think that gay couples get shoved in your face? Like are you for real? Have you ever watched tv? Seriously, look up GBF on wikipedia and read the part about their rating.

What was hateful about my statement? You guys are so quick to get offended, really. Okay, call it what you want. You guys continue to insult yet you have no defense against the procreation argument. If you cannot prove it wrong, maybe you should rethink what you support because you cannot defend it. Actually several people had great counter arguments and you continually deflected them.

There are tons of great replies and you just regurgitate the same things in different ways. Great counter arguments where? What is the counter argument here that explains why only males and females can reproduce? There is nothing that can explain why, if homosexuality is okay, like the other commenter pointed out: There is nothing that can explain why human anatomy is clearly functioning for a man and a woman to be partners except that this is how we are meant to function and homosexuality is WRONG.

There is no counter argument. My argument has not changed and I keep repeating myself because it has yet to be disproved. Secondly, making my opinion facts? What is this, a magic trick? These are not my opinions. Everything that I used was common knowledge, if you need evidence that only a man and a woman can create a child, then you need not be on this site.

If you all have any more questions, I suggest you google the procreation argument against homosexuality and read up on it. Why should you have an opion at all on who another person is? I want to punch all these little Vine cunts in the face. Like who the fuck cares if someone is gay or not. A quick google search tells me that this guy is between the ages of 17 and Too old for that level of ignorance He simply has to own his stupidity.

Hopefully this exposure will fuel him to educate and enlighten himself so as to not make a complete fool of himself on the internet again. But hopefully a lot better than the precedent. I just honestly feel bad for the kids whose parents can hold such an influence over them, leading them to have the same opinions. Totally agree with you but seeing how this young girls defend these guys after being sexist and homophobic is really upsetting but you are right it comes from their parents: It is upsetting, but what can we do about it?

Do you know how old these girls were? Wow, I just wrote a novel; oops. I was homophobic when I was younger because of my parents, also, until 11th grade I was in a Christian private school. But then I read a book that changed my mind, lol. But it sucks because all my friends and family are still really homophobic and it can be pretty uncomfortable.

She once asked me if I was straight, and I said yes. Except it goes a bit father with me because my dad literally said if I was gay he would kill himself. Someone else mentioned on this thread that the media is very liberal, but tbh, it depends on the media you surround yourself with.

I had NO exposure to pro-gay media until I went searching for it myself. OMG I am so sorry that is the type of up bringing you guys had. I am proud of you though for having your own opinions and have educated yourselves on it, so rarely happens cuz kids are taught to hate. I myself was born and raised Catholic But I never had any types of talks like that with my parents.

My mom had never once asked me. But I talk about girl crushes all the time and go to gay bars with my friends. In my opinion people who spew their hate on gays are hypocrites, they are the ones going to Hell, only God can judge. And I heard he was a cool dude. It makes me sad to think that some parents are the reason why some kids become bullies.

At least you have a good head on your shoulders:. Thank you so much , you are the sweetest http: Harry likes nice people and you are so nice so he will give you more http: YAY , I am so glad it made you happy , turned out Harry loves you so much and wants to give you more http: Shoving your dick in a rectum and rubbing shit all over the place fucking disgusting.

Viners are so annoying…this is just like that girl video that Nash and his friends made. I think everybody should just accept that we will all differ in opinions and we all have to accept that fact of life. There is a difference between addressing your opinion and being an asshole , these guys are famous they have fans that get affected by their opinions so they need to watch their fucking mouth.

Omg religious people are possibly the most hypocritical, ignorant and hateful group of people on Earth. This comes from a straight person. Lol oh please I am so sick of all this unwarranted hate towards religious people. I can believe that homosexuality is a sin and still respect and love gay people, just as I can believe sex before marriage is a sin or disobeying parents is a sin and still respect and love those that do those things.

Do you see where this is going? Do not act as if you know the way every single religious person operates because I am a christian and I believe homosexuals are entitled to every right a heterosexual has as well as I treat them like every other human being. Please take several seats and educate yourself. The westboro baptist church is in no way a representation of who genuine christians are.

What an ignorant, arrogant and contradicting statement. Gay or straight…that picture does NOT make you look sexy. That picture says that while you may be gay…you are still a virgin. And will remain one. He had apologized and said that he does not feel that way anymore as that video was taken 2 years ago. He probably still does feel the same way.

Mainly because anal sex is fucking disgusting, and the last thing I want to see is a man sucking off another man. Not my cup of tea yanno? Clearly not his either, but wtf is the point of the video? Let people live and be happy while they live. We make up all these rules in life but if you really look at the big picture, we can do what ever we want to do.

For you to call me closed minded is very foolish, inaccurate, and blindly based being as though you do not know me. Is it not a scientific and biological fact that the same sex cannot produce a child? Is it not a scientific and biological fact that the world is set up for men and women to be partners? Instead of leaving, maybe you should try to prove me wrong.

If you are satisfied leaving it open ended then why even comment in the first place? Since the beginning of time. Animals are not relevant here either. The universe is clearly meant to operate for a man and a woman to be together. And why can only male and female reproduce? Only male and female? Good job, but erasure is expected from someone like you.

There are only male and female. Those are the only gender. I made my point here. It certainly is not a choice who we are attracted to. It definitely is a choice who we choose to mingle with. Guys and girls are fully capable of being attracted to both sexes, the choice lies in who they pursue. There was even a statement I saw the other day of a man saying he and most of the gay community could relate to being partially bi, but the overwhelming majority gay, meaning that yes they are attracted to both sexes, but they choose men.

But it does mean that it has been a part of humanity for as far as we can go back, despite years and years of continuous discrimination and oppression homosexuality is still alive and well. What a pretentious, little prick. Lmao, own your homophobia girlfriend!

You mad people have a sense of humour in spite of your douchebaggery? The universe is clearly set up for a man and a woman to fall in love and have children, therefore continuing life as it comes. You have an awful lot of time on your hands to comment this many times under different names and thumbs yourself up. You must do better.

I firmly believe that anyone should be able to express their opinions, but another factor that affects freedom of speech is self-awareness. Just making a note because going by your logic, we should all just shut up and die. Oh ok, I understand now. Child please do us all a favor and get off the internet. Nice hat. Meanwhile, Cheryl is in full-on mourning, aka wearing a dress short enough that I can see her vaginal lips.

I guess last week Veronica was studying for more than just the SATs. So chill. I love that Betty and Jughead are pretending to be horrified by The Maple Club when they actually just found a new spot for date night. Well, well, well, I guess Riverdale has a sex club now? Archie is…not doing well this episode.

By far the most disturbing relationship on this show is between Betty and this coroner. Josie draws the short straw and has to take care of a drunken Archie. Like where is the normal high school drama! Archie is acting he just lost his job and has a mortgage to pay when literally all of his problems could be solved by taking an SAT prep class. I think you should channel your anger into something constructive like your music.

Betty confronts Penelope Blossom and finds out that Claudius was cooking Fizzle Pop in the old maple syrup factory, and that the runoff from that was polluting Sweetwater River, which is why every teenage girl in the town was having seizures earlier this season. My god! Does she own this show now? The entire CW network? Is Riverdale secretly being filmed out of her NYC apartment?

Like, what does she have on writerras that her and her family are able to hijack this show every week?? Okay, WHAT.

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Okay, WHAT. Bottom line, ALL people gay marriag supporters, tradional marriage supporters, fucking animal marriage supporters ALL have a right to their opinion. Whoever built it, knew that Cooper was going to come back? See you Betches in hell next time! My point is were all gods children so treat as you would like to be treated. Thing is that here you are implying that the sole reason why men and women should be together is for reproduction. The fact that no species can survive operating under true homosexual conditions is something to ponder. My last comment to you btw goodbye.

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