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Le point commun While drinking, he noticed the level of respect Cassim had with all the adults, and how each were bowing to him. As she eventually wants to do it, she is stopped by Aladdin, who quickly defeats her by shooting Magoi. He then reveals his identity as the third Prince of Balbadd and demands the guards to open the gates. Aladdin then launches himself in fury against the princess who orders her servants to kill everyone.

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Set before the start of Magi. However, losing her lover in this tragic battle waged against the young king she once considered her son meant suffering a millennium of grief, hurt and loneliness. A new Singularity's arrival finally brought a change to the horribly prolonged existence she called life. Sinbad, High King of the Seven Seas, whose golden eyes captured her entire being from the very start, might just be the one person to save her.

Eli Swara is your average barely-legal male adult. But one day he wakes up in a not-so-average world with a not-so-average life. Now he has to navigate through this strange land and the handsome people in it. Life is only cruel when it holds the promise of letting her live again through another's suffering, in a strange, strange world that is meant to fall.

Here was Cassim in front of him. Fatally wounded from the torso. Neck blistered and blackened from the wound Alibaba gave him. But he was miraculously alive. Unconscious, but alive. And that was enough. Born into a famous family, Koumi can never escape the public eyes. In school, all Koumi wanted was a dramaless mundane school life.

All is good until a certain purple hair shows up and decide to spice things up a little. Koumi struggles to balance to protect her mundane life while keeping the secret of knowing the certain purple hair. Though the situation is tough when the purple hair keeps stepping into Koumi's lane and threaten to tear her mundane life apart.

Can Koumi succeed in protecting everything that is precious to her? Mu and Kouen are big brother's, married, and they live with their younger siblings. With a family as huge as theirs, chaos is to be expected. The Marriage Law Rejection Letters can also be found over at fanfiction. Titus is not a fan of this solution.

Sphintus tries his best even if in the beginning his new mate is cold as ice. Los candidatos a rey son aquellos elegidos por los Magis, los conquistadores de celda.

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Hasta ahora todos han sido alfas Conoce las aventuras del primer candidato a Rey Omega. Serendine is alive, married to Sinbad, and Queen of Sindria.

The Kou Empire is more united and stronger than ever under Emperor Kouen. What will happen when the monolithic leaders of these countries meet to discuss truces and treaties? Top of Work Index. The former god of this world being Ill Ilah who had its magoi stolen by Alladin's father, King Solomon, in order to create a destiny favorable to the people of Alma-Torran.

Resisting this change, the members of Al-Thamen summoned Ill llah to the world so it could reclaim its magoi. This sapped the world of all life and forced Solomon to give his life to seal away Ill Ilah and Al-Thamen along with it. Solomon gave his magoi to Ugo, and Ugo stored all the magoi within the Sacred Palace and used it to create the current world, the Magi system, and transport everyone from Alma-Torran to this world.

Aladdin and Alibaba fly to the center of the Kou Empire to talk sense into Hakuryuu, however, they realize that he has fallen into depravity. The two duos fight and Alibaba and Judar end up as casualties. Hakuryuu fights most of the war by himself using his newly obtained Djinn, Belial, but eventually runs out of magoi and is forced to rely on Sinbad's assistance.

After the war ends, Sinbad realizes his plan of having almost all the world's main powers assembled into a supranational union, the "International Alliance", and ushering a new era of peace and prosperity to the world, while Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu take separate ways. Meanwhile, a revived Judar and Alibaba meet on the other side of the Dark Continent, where they encounter the Mother Dragon who decides to assist them in traveling back to the mainland, however this would be a long journey.

While traveling back, the Mother Dragon reveals that Ill Ilah's persona has been corrupted by David, the father of King Solomon and grandfather of Aladdin. He is also revealed to be connected to Sinbad and wants to become God of all. Three years later, Alibaba reappears and reunites with his friends after they defeat Arba, apparently destroying Al-Thamen for good.

However, Arba's spirit turns to Sinbad, and together, they reach the Sacred Palace where Ugo resides. By defeating Ugo and claiming ownership of the palace, Sinbad declares that the souls of all living things on Earth will be sent back to the Rukh, ending the cycle of life and death, certain that there is no other way to attain eternal peace and happiness for all.

Aladdin, Alibaba, Hakuryuu and Judar join forces to confront Sinbad, but just after they reach a compromise with him, David appears and takes control of the Sacred Palace, as returning all souls to the Rukh was his original plan. After joining together to defeat David and destroy the Rukh system, the world suffers massive changes and magic disappears, leading the nations to unite their efforts to create a better future.

Originally living in the Parthevia Empire with his father Badr, a war veteran and his mother Esra, Sinbad loses his father due to the war against the Reim Empire, and spends his youth helping the local villagers and tending to his ill mother until he meets and shelters the mysterious Yunan, unaware that he is a Magi. By request of his mother and learning of his determination to change the world for the better, Yunan decides to guide Sinbad and instructs him to challenge the Dungeon "Baal" that appeared in the border between Partevia and Reim, and whose treasures were still unclaimed as thousands of warriors from both empires had challenged it, but none of them survived, except by Sinbad himself and a Parthevian noble whom he nicknamed "Drakon".

After defeating Drakon in battle, Sinbad conquers Baal and gains the allegiance of the Djinn residing there, thus becoming the first ever Dungeon Capturer. Sinbad returns home in time to have one last encounter with his mother at her deathbed and leaves Parthevia to start his own journey to change the world.

Adventure of Sinbad was released as an additional material with the first volume of the anime series. Written by Shinobu Ohtaka, but illustrated by Yoshifumi Ohtera. It follows the origins of main character Sinbad, from his childhood in the Parthevia Empire to his rise as the king of Sindria.

During the Shogakukan's Jisedai World Hobby Fair '12 Summer event, an anime television adaptation was announced on the event's official website. Just after the end of the anime series, a second season was announced. It was later titled as Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. The series started airing on October 6, at the same timeslot of the first season, replacing Space Battleship Yamato An anime television adaptation based on the Adventure of Sinbad manga was originally scheduled to begin airing on April 15, , [17] but due to breaking news regarding the Kumamoto earthquake that hit the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan on April 14, , it was delayed on TBS.

This game is getting an update with more playable characters, a new dungeon, and more story content in the future. The game was released on February 13 of the same year. The Labyrinth of Magic has proven popular upon its debut. In his review of the first volume, L.

B Bryant noted "not only is it a shonen title but it's a GOOD shonen title" and recommended it be picked up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Labyrinth of Magic characters. The Labyrinth of Magic chapters. The Labyrinth of Magic episodes. Retrieved October 26, The Labyrinth of Magic officially ended after 8 years of serialisation".

Retrieved 14 October Retrieved February 3, Retrieved June 15, Retrieved October 1, Adventure of Sinbad Spinoff Manga Ends". Retrieved May 30, Retrieved October 6, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved October 3, Archived from the original on Retrieved September 4, Retrieved January 22, Retrieved November 7, Retrieved May 31, Itsumo Misora Dan Doh!!

Hayate the Combat Butler Dan Doh! Rin-ne Defense Devil Itsuwaribito Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Over Fence Ultimate Otaku Teacher. Miss Komi is Bad at Communication. Urusei Yatsura by Rumiko Takahashi Dr. Animation works by screenwriter Taku Kishimoto. Second Season Erased Magi: Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy

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The Deuteragonist of the series. After the end of his story, Morgiana tells him she still doesn't understand why he decided to join hands with Cassim despite his betrayal. The announcer commented that even though Aladdin only had a mid-level Magoi capacity, he was still very powerful. Back at the Kou palace, Gyokuen watches in awe the whole battle, reminiscing the time when she was one of Solomon's Magi at Alma Torran before betraying him. She wears a ragged, brown dress that is tied at the waist.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic:

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When Kouen helps Alibaba with his own flames, Aladdin thinks that when you use two magic of the same type at the same time, they become stronger and the same applies with Extreme Magic. Aladdin asks Sphintus what he will do as magicians panic about the fact that intel reveals the Kou Empire may attack them as well; the professors explain that Magnostadt has stored a lot of power in preparation for a war with the Reim and Kou Empires. Les pires criminels.

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