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I have been drawn to design since I was a kid, always tinkering and making things for people. In , I bought my first copy of Illustrator to teach myself digital design. I loved it so much that I started taking on side projects that helped me test my own skills. My day job was private wealth management, then philanthropy and community engagement.

Fast forward to I was trucking along with my day job when Loome started materializing in my life. Designing the Loome tools brought together the craft and design-related interests toward which I had been channeling so much of my time. The inspiration for the first Loome tool design was the y-shaped braiding device called the lucet, which goes back to medieval times.

To design a new tool, I knew that the end product must be simple, modern, and useful.

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As with knitting and crochet needles, design and utility stand the test of time. I spent the next six months tweaking the prototype and testing its capabilities with a few friends; from sizing the depth of the notches, to curving the corners, to making actual things.

From this phase, new designs took shape too. The more I used the tool, and with each design tweak, the excitement built. To me, to design a tool that people can use to make a variety of things was so motivating and made me totally happy and absorbed in getting it right.

Once I got the tool to the right place in , I filed the patent papers. This worked out because once the patent papers were filed, I was beyond ready to get it out there without restraints. Launching the Loome tool was super fun, and it joined the pom-pom renaissance that was already happening — true happenstance.

The pom-pom thing took on a life of its own. I never get sick of sharing tips and tricks for making a round, dense pom-pom that makes everyone happy. I owe it to the pom-pom! Today, Team Loome is three people and many Loomenaries spreading pom-pom happiness. Vilasinee Bunnag is the inventor and designer of the Loome tool, a five-in-one tool for making pom-poms, tassels, friendship bracelets, weavings and cords.

She travels the country sharing tips and tricks for making a round, dense pom-pom that makes everyone happy. She lives in Berkeley, California. Yes, I have knitted a hat with a pom pom on top that unfortunately did need repair, but was still loved! I have made pompoms, but many were not perfect.

The tool looks so cool and I am a sucker for cool gadgets. What a cool tool! Sure beats the two cardboard circles I used to used. I need to see this book and tool. Pom poms have always been a challenge for me. Hope this is the solution!!!!!! I have tried different tools to make pompoms but have never really been satisfied with the results.

I would love to give this one a try even if I am not a winner. Thanks for introducing this gadget! I always need help with my pom poms! I not only use them on hats that I make, I love to put a brightly colored Pom Pom on my suitcase. I have tried several different gadgets to make Pom poms but have never been happy with the results.

So, I made a beautiful Baa-ble Hat with a lovely marled pompom made from the left overs. Two months later a new puppy enters my life followed by the death of said pompom and the scattering of the ashes all over my hallway! I do love her despite her yarn adventures of which this is only one! I clearly need to step my pom poms up to a new level!

I learned to make pom poms many, many years ago in Girl Scouts. They were loose , lopsided things made with cardboard circles. More recently I upgraded to the big box store plastic gadgets. These produce sturdier pom poms but still far from perfect.

I would love to try this tool to further up my pom pom game. Ah, pom poms! The best thing I made with it was a headdress filled with pink and white pom poms for my granddaughter. We call it her Warrior Princess Headdress. Hurray for pom poms! I have a shabby, but treasured, piece of cardboard, cut out like a donut, that I use for pom pom making. It would sit proudly beside a beautiful new pom pom tool!

I have to get me one! I just made my first Pom Pom in more than a decade using a piece of cardboard. It was not pretty. I would love to use this new dangled thing! I have never made pompoms for fear of them coming undone. I have knitted projects waiting to be finished with a pompom too. Maybe if I had the proper tool it would not be so intimidating. Who would think a pompom could be intimidating?

I love Pom poms and am not that great at making them with cardboard squares. I could sure use one! This looks like a fun thing to do when the grandkids come to visit. I love a good pom pom, but I am in need of practice and the right tool. My attempts at pom poms so far have been sad. What a great new innovation to pom pom making and long over due!

The results from making pom poms of the past have been inadequate and mediocre at best. The Loome tool will revolutionize pom poms! I have made pom poms using the old piece of cardboard method—the tool looks great! I remember a clown costume my mother made me that had the biggest pom poms, loved it.

I have used a couple of different methods of making pom-poms with mixed results. After watching the video I think I could improve. I love the multi-task capability of this tool and would love to try it. I have knitted a baby hat and made a pompom for it.

Love the enthusiasm of Vilasinee. Thank you for the video and the opportunity to win. Yes, I have most definitely made Pom poms. Some fluffy bundles of success and others on the not so plump side which called for do overs. Needless to say my Pom pom making could use a tool like Loome Party. FYI, you can use the snippets of yarn to stuff toys or knit balls.

The most effective way is to use carding paddles and fluff them up. No waste! I gave my daughter a Loome a couple of years ago, hoping she would give me one back…but alas, no. Maybe now is my chance to have one! This is fascinating…I was always pom pom challenged, but now I want to put pom poms on everything! I made Susan B. It has two Pom poms on it. The first time she wore it, one of the Pom poems fell apart!

A perfect pompom solution is in my future. If not picked as a lucky winner, I will request these as a birthday gift for later this month. Knitting a hat for my 15 month old grandson that needs a pompom! Thanks as always! They add such cheeriness!!!! My favorite use of pom poms is to to decstring garlandsthem on garlands to decorate events and give as gifts.

I wrap yarn around my hand, tie it securely and trim to shape. This is easy for me, but much harder to teach friends than if I had a little gadget! I keep all my scrap yarn and my favorite way to use the accumulated bits is making happy poms! Pompoms are so simple and they make everyone smile. I love making pom-poms with my 10 year old granddaughter.

Fun and instant gratification! My mother taught me to make pom poms when I was a little girl…. It was never quite perfect, though. I knit lots of hats, love to attach pom poms, but I so bad at making pom poms that I end up buying already made ones. Pink ones!! I want to make a bunting or garland for my bedroom and love your Pom Pom idea. Let me know how yours works out.

Lucky you, retired!! But it is still one gorgeous Pom Pom! I have tried to make pom poms using the cardboard pattern method. They start out very cock-eyed, and by the time I finish with a few snips here and a few snips there, they are half the size I intended. Hence, strange looking or nude pom pommed hats!

I would love a better method!! This looks like a great way to remove that frustration and put the fun back into a project! Thanks for the fun giveaway! And Snippets and your daily emails are just so great! You two are hilarious! I am really enjoying the March Mayhem Bracket! I love to make them from my left out yet to be something lonesome Yarns. No better way to feel good! I love Pom proms but I am woefully inept at execution.

I never feel like they are the proper size and shape. It seems to me no hat is complete without a pom-pom. I have made pom poms but not that perfect…so I could need some help to get them look better. I am a Pom-Pom devotee! I love Pom-poms and put them on any hat, scarf or object that I can. However, I have never made tassels and I am itching to try.

Thanks for the video above. I love pompoms! The kids and I made a reaaaaaally long pompom garland for our Christmas tree, and it made me so happy! And made a mountain of pompom floof! I knitted a hat in cashmere — grey and teal — with a teal pom pom on top. It gets comments wherever I go. I recently gave it to my Mom, so she would have immediate friends at her assisted living place.

Pom poms are friend-makers! My teen must have a pompom on every hat. Sometimes they are faux fur but most times I use the plasitc gizmo with the levers that you pull apart and squoosh the pompom through at the end. This looks so much better! Pom poms!! Love them! I made a hat and brought it out at my local knit night to finish; when I brought out the matching pom pom to sew on the hat, the room was filled with exclamations of delight.

These little creatures seem to draw out the child in us all. I made my first pom poms to attach to a wreath for Christmas last year. A nice fluffy pom pom takes more yarn than I would have thought! My pom-pom making started so long ago that we wrapped yarn around a piece of cardboard. This sounds so much better. But my dd is an aficionado. There are Pom poms avalancing out of her room, made over humble cardboard scraps.

There are boxes stuffed with them to hide them from the cats and remnants scattered all over the carpet upstairs of those that were not so lucky. Perhaps this book is the key to winning me over or inspiration for my crafty girl. Thank you, Vilasinee, for creating a tool that creates Pom-Pom fun. How appropriate!

My whole knitting group is pom pom crazy. I just finished a great shawl and added pom poms and now it is WOW! Many years ago, as a souvenir from Portugal, I received a knitted beret with a huge pom-pom. I can remember the day my nephew rescued that hat from the goodwill pile.

Eddie wore his Pom-Pom hat all through college. Eddie has teenagers of his own today but I still have a picture of him happily smiling in his Pom-Pom hat readily available when I need a smile!! My first and only Pom-Pom was made to top my Baa-ble hat. I would love to have a spiffy tool to make more. This little tool looks much nicer.

Une amie les fait avec une fourchette!!!! Good luck to every one! My past pompoms have always lacked the plush, perky energy that a well made pompon should have. This looks like a great tool to help perfect my pompon presentation! I just purchased a hat pattern that requires a large pom-pom and was trying to remember how the cardboard-circle method goes. This tool looks so much better!

No repair requests, but I have made many a Pom Pom for my sisters golf club covers. So you see I really need the book! I have failed at pompom making. I think this might be the tool for which I have been looking. Thanks for video, I will have to try this. I never officially attach a pompom to the inside of a hat. Usually, I just leave a really long tail and tie a bow inside the hat.

I love pom poms! Most recently, I added several to a Christmas stocking. My only problem is knowing when to stop trimming. I know this sounds crazy, but the BEST cat toy is a pom-pom. Our 12 year old cat is full of spunk playing with her pom-pom! This looks like so much fun! But I need to know where Vilasinee got her scissors.

None of mine are sharp enough. As a child we used cardboard milk bottle tops with a hole in the middle to make pom poms and I have used them on curtains, clothes, window dressing and best of all tops of my hand knitted socks. I am now 80 years old and still making them.

Your loome tool looks awesome, I want one. I have made many pompoms over many years, but they looked pretty amateurish compared to these! I am curious about what can be done with the scraps of yarn….. My 12 year old and I could do some serious bonding over DIY pom-poms! We might fight over the tool a little, though. Would probably have to pick up an extra! They are also an easy way to try out color combinations.

My previous pom pom attempts have been so dismal that now I stick strictly to tassels. I would love a chance to be successful at pom poms! I would love to have a special tool to make Pom poms! I always have trouble getting them just right. I have given Pom-poms as gifts.

Also, 30 Pom-poms for a 30th birthday. Reading this article took me back to childhood. My older sister and I used to make pompoms out of bright acrylic yarn using homemade pompom makers we cut out of cardboard usually empty cereal or tissue boxes. Fun memories! I have no recollection of what we did with all those pompoms after we made them. What fun! My granddaughters love the multi-colored pom-poms I make for their ski hats, but the Loome looks so much better.

I know that sounds cheesy, but how can you frown with Pom Poms?? Oh my, what fun. Making pom Poms is an area I need help with. They are such a great feature on a project of any type: My first few pompoms suffered from poor construction techniques and left a trail of destruction behind. I still remember constantly picking stray floof off of my belly when making them.

Sadly, I found them chomped on when he was toddler and had to get rid of them. My efforts to make pom-poms by wrapping yarn around cardboard and tying it all off have been humorous and disastrous. I welcome learning a method that results in such beautiful ones. I have made lots of pom poms for wreaths and package decorations, and my 5-year-old granddaughter is learning to make them too.

I would love to have this book! When I was a kid, I used to adopt pom poms as pets, but lost the knack of making them over the years. I have failed multiple times with little cardboard circles and unsatisfactory Pom Poms. So great to have a tool and advice for those beautiful fluffy add-ons.

On a recent snow day I was in the company of my two great nieces, ages 4 and 6. I had yarn, of course. Since I was not at home, I had to make cardboard circle Pom-Pom tools. Those Pom-Poms were less than perfect, but the girls were happy for a half hour. What fun we could have had with a Loome Tool! I think I can add one more. Poms and tassels and bracelets, oh my! My love affair with them began in grade school when I saw the huge fluffy pom-poms on other girls ice skates and decided mine had to have some fat ones like that.

The first pompons I made were for my ice skates while in grade school using cardboard as the tool. How cool were we? Nothing better than a pom pom to make someone smile! So enjoyable! Making them, decorating with then and wearing them! Happy little falls of yarn! So fun!! Gotta get that tool! As a side I was a pom pom girl in high school. Thank you for sharing this article!

When in high school, my cousin and I spent Thanksgiving afternoon making pom poms for our use during basketball season as our dance team performed at halftime. I just got back to making pom poms in December when I made several hats for gifts. Those hats screamed for pom poms! Great fun! Let us all be pom-pom Loomenaries! I have been obsessed with pom-poms for the past few years.

Once my sister came over and we made pom-poms together and then she hid them all over my house! I would just love to win this lovely pom pom device and the instruction book. It looks like such fun. MDK brings me joy. Thanks for the giveaway. I love Pom Poms, but have only made a few that looked good to me. This new tool looks much easier to use than the plastic one I own.

I know, right! I eventually just live with some wonkiness; otherwise the poor thing would be snatched bald-headed. I love embellishment everywhere. Wrapping the yarn around a piece of cardboard, then slipping it off and giving it a stylish bob cut. Wallah, such JOY.

My husband removed the pom pom from his toque…. Would enjoy having the book. I have been coveting the pompon tool since it came out and the book would vastly expand my pompom repertoire. I have made lots of tassels and pompous to go on the ends of twisted cords or on the corners of scarves, etc. If I win, that could all change…. My daughter received a Minnie Mouse hat for her birthday that will need a pompom repair the pompoms represent the ears , and poor Minnie is missing one.

I make many pompoms for my twin 4 year old granddaughters— they love them on slippers, hats, backpacks, or just to play with. Their cat seems to snatch them and use them as toys, and we always need extras. I use to put Pom poms on slippers but used cardboard that always weakened leaving a very wilted looking pompon. Would love to try this tool. I have never been able to make a decent pom-pom and with a 5 year old in the house, I need to know how!

This looks like something I definately need. I have made pompous in the past but they were always less than I was hopping for. When I was a teenager we would make them as decorations for our ice skates. Many different colors!!!! In later years when I was learning to knit I would make them for knitted hats.

They were always fun but not perfect. I Would love to win. Pom poms! They are the icing on the cake! One year I asked her which ones were left over? So be it! Just yesterday, I was thinking of buying this tool and making a Pom Pom. I need the Tool! I have a Loome for pompoms and I love it. I would be delighted to receive the book to help me to make a variety.

So far I only have made the eye pompom. Thank you for this opputunity. Hats, a rug in the making, just for hanging around the house yard, whatever — Pom poms are so fun! One of my favorite hats had two giant pompoms which took as much yarn to make as the hat itself. I gave it away and have been wanting to make another one ever since. Maybe I need pom pom lessons. Or I just need to chill….

Just like rhinestones, one can never have too many pom-poms! I love a good pom pom on top pf a hat — big enough to make it flop a little, without pulling it right off your head. My tip? Spritz the pom with water, then toss it in the dryer on fluff for a while — opens up the fibres and really makes it dense. Perhaps this tool would change my outlook. The first time I ever made a pom-pom was in HS — our kickline wore them on our sneakers.

I LOVE pom poms! I was so happy to see Vilasinee tie so many knots on her pom video. I have had some fall apart. Thanks for the great giveaway! I do activities and crafts with elders and they love to make pompoms but some have trouble with the winding, but I think this will be easier for them. And will work better for the hats that I knit.

This looks very fun! I had a set of plastic circles I used when I was little…but those are long gone. Pom Poms!! Have I ever made any? My grandma Mabel taught me how to knit when I was 8 yrs old. I still remember the yarn, it was a multi stranded yellow, orange and white and she got me going on a sweater vest. The needles were straight, the case for the yarn skein was blue paisley.

She taught me to make pom poms by first: She very patiently showed me every step and held the cardboard with the yarn so I could tie it off. Then it was on to learning how to knit with circular needles to make a hat and, you guessed it, put a pom pom on top! I knit with a group of makers twice a month on Sunday morning. One morning a maker told a story about making pom poms with her niece and nephew.

The making of the pom poms took over their crafty afternoon together…and I have to agree it is so much fun!!! But…is it really pom pon? Google tells me the two spellings are used interchangeably these days. I want to be this woman who is clearly the queen of pom poms and pom pons….

I have always loved pom-poms. One of my first craft projects, a very long time ago, was a caterpillar made from a long line of pom-poms. I have never made a pom pom but would love to give it a try!! This book looks like the guide I need to make a perfect Pom Pom on my 1st try! This is so exciting!

I just love them. In the likely event I do not win this, where can I buy the Loome tool? I love to knit hats with pompoms But, oh, my husband will not wear them. What great Pom Pom tools. I have not had good Pom Pom luck before. Maybe with this method I will improve! This tool certainly makes it look way easier! Thanks for the chance to win!

I have made many pom poms in my time to top hats and serve as bookmarks. The idea of a tool that will help me make more of them and use up the small balls in my stash is exhilarating. Each pom pom represents a sound and they practice isolating and manipulating the sounds. The children love the brightly colored pom poms.

If you go to my business page below, you can see one of my students working with pom poms. Shirley, your business page did not show in your reply. Could you please repost? I volunteer with an adult literacy program and would love to know more about what you are doing. This tool and book are just what I need.

The grandkids love pom poms but my current attempts are always scraggly and wimpy. I am a pom pom failure. My last attempt was sad, droopy and uneven. Now I just omit the pom pom. I need a new method, nay an intervention! I usually make a Pom Pom of left over yarn to use as the bow when I wrap a knit gift. I want to up my game.

I have made pom poms for a Keep Austin Weird hat that we give to the teachers that attend the Hill Country Weavers retreat. My pom poms are very small, I am told. Maybe with this tool, I will make better pompoms. My fondest pom pom memories are of making them for my Mom while she was knitting. That was probably about She had a cut out part circle, cardboard crinkled thing she had made.

Then my Dad devised something similar but made from plexi. There were a lot of pom poms being tossed about by my brothers and me. And visions of pom-poms danced in her head…. The possibilities seem endless. What a fun, creative way to spread happiness! Thank you. I love hats with pom poms but I have never made a successful one.

I always have my sister make them for me. The loome tool looks like so much fun and easy too! What a neat tool. I could use this tool to make the perfect pom poms. My pom poms are never perfect. As a preschool teacher, what I could do with a pom-pom maker! We have a very large, but very shaggy and loose pom-pom ball at school.

We use it as practice for fine motor and gross motor development — and the children love tossing the giant pom-pom! I was trying to figure out which size would be best on the Simple House Slippers I was making for my stitch group. Every so often, I pick it up and give it a squeeze. This looks very intriguing. So… maybe the right tool would help? I would love to try the tool and the book with my yarny friends.

It brings me joy. This give away is such good timing! So I put them in a bag to make pom-poms with! I just tried a new pom-pom maker this morning, but it was completely rubbish. And then I saw this! They look awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Such a wonderful story! I think my love of pom poms startedin the seventies with the ones that had googlie eyes and stickie feet were everywhere!

I still have a pom pom kit from my childhood that my aunt brought back from England. It had beads, wool yarn, pipe cleaners, and felt and several pom pom makers one made an oval shape pom pom to make small pom poms that could be made into little fuzzy animals. Really cute!

I have tried different pom pom makers to make bigger pom poms and they are not all created equally. The latest pom pom making I saw were friends making extra large pom poms using card board circles. The pom poms were for use inside a class room. Totally tossable, soft, and very colorful.

How fun this would be! I desperately need help with my pompom skills — every time I try to make one, it turns out a floppy mess. Perhaps salvation lies in the loome tool. A girl can dream. Favorite pom pom tip: My sons and I made hundreds of pom poms 2 summers ago. It was fun for my little guys to make up games with all of them. Now I keep some in a Tiffay crystal bowl in my office— as a mamato three small boys I have no use for the bowl at home and As a math professor i like to have the pom poms to give to students who need a little cheer.

Beautiful looking Pom-Pom book and tool! A couple more ways to use your Pom-poms: I knit stuffy donkeys and always put a nice, flurffy pompom on the end of the tails for extra awesomeness. I just made some teeny tiny pom-poms to sew on the back of ankle socks with little bunny faces on the foot. For a granddaughter who moves very fast, but loves yarn as much as her granma meg, pom-poms are a no-brainer.

Maybe I can get my husband into them as well. Being tactile I love Pom poms. They are so squishy. And they add a bit of pizzazz to any garment! So cool! I bought her the entire collection of Clover pom-pom makers, and whenever we get together not nearly enough due to distance , pom-poms are made…in volume…all day!

Pom-pom pillow, pom-pom Easter animals, pom-pom color wheel…I bought her a Loome tool for a stocking-stuffer last Christmas. The Loome Party prize would take us to the next level of pom-pom. Pom-pom sweater anyone? Would love a chance to make such good looking pom-poms 5 grandchildren, so hats are always on my knitting list.

This would help me a lot. When I was elementary school someone gave me a book about pom-pom making, and I started selling the things to kids in my class! This makes pom poms look so cool. Great tip about winding the tool with both ends of the yarn to cut down the time. I find shaping pom poms a challenge.

Tips for round pom poms would be a big help in obtaining pom pom bliss! I recently began adding pom-poms to my knitted items for community giving — — they evoke a spark of joy. What could be more cheerful than adding a pompom? Have been thinking about an awesome pompom garland! I have made pompoms with my hand, a fork, and a piece of cardboard. This Loome Tool looks like a vast improvement.

I love Pom poms for their adorableness, and because they offer a way into yarn craft for the very young. An easier way to make a perfect Pom? I am on it. When my youngest daughter was little she came home from school and gave me a pom pom that She had made.

She told me it was a warm fuzzy and to this day when I hold it I feel warm and fuzzy and close to her! Just wanna say, I love an entrepreneur who recognizes the value of her product and registers for patent before putting it out there. Smart business people deserve all the luck! These pom poms look so plush and full. We would have so much fun with this tool. I made some pom poms for hats this winter — one of my pom poms was very dense, but too heavy for my hat.

I am not so much pom-pom averse as I am unsure. Vilasinee makes the process look not only doable but worthwhile! Love Pom-poms! So cheery and fun! My technique is not the best, so would love to learn more about how to make them better. I have only made a few Pompoms in my life and have never been happy with the results.

I look for other ways to embellish my knitting. I would be happy to be able to make one as beautiful as the ones pictured! My pom poms have never looked very good, I too am a sucker for cool tools, I may have to make pom poms this way and see if they improve……. This looks like so much fun!!

I love pom-poms!! They add such color and joy!! What great ideas and fun little gifts! My resourceful grandmother taught me how to make pompoms by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard. This looks like way more fun and the finished pompoms look much fuller. I have made Pom poms using a homemade cardboard many times.

Sometimes it works Pretty well but I always feel like they are not full enough. The first also the last time I made a pom-pom, it disappeared to nothingness when I tried to trim it into shape. I want to travel back in time and fill my high school locker with pompoms. I would put some in my pockets and hand them out to random people.

They add a sense of fun to projects of all types. My mom taught me how to use paperboard to make my own pom poms. My most recent one was a CD size one on a slouchy hat. Maybe this is a new beginning for me…. I have been pomming for the past few years with varied success.

This looks like a great tool to make that easier. I love big pompoms on hats and this looks like the perfect way to make them. I learned stuff from the video, would love to read the book! I see them being trimmed much smaller and tighter than I used to do. I worry about all the trimmings though. It seems such a waste of yarn that I would hesitate to use an expensive yarn.

I guess that is my pom pom hang up. I too learned to make pom-poms in girl scouts with card board circles but I was never able to achieve a nice full one unless I trimmed it down to almost nothing. There is almost nothing worse than a skimpy pom-pom. Will have to keep an eye out for this tool. The whole family loves to de-stash by making Pom poms, including tiny ones using lace weight yarn!

I have yet to make a pom pom, but I do like them! I bought the loome tool several months ago, intrigued by the concept. I watched the video to make my first group of tassels. It was easy, and my tassels looked great. Making pom-poms is so frustrating to me, yet I love the look of them on a hat.

Hopefully, the Loome will assist me in that. This looks so exciting! It must have grown with her but the top had had some rough treatment so I really impressed myself by unpicking it and reknitting the top then reattaching the pompon. I know our cats would crazy if they had pompoms to bat around, so any I made might not ever make them to my knitting!

I was a pom pom girl in high school, we performed at half time of home games of football with band and basketball recorded music. Great fun, the pom poms we used were made of paper but very strong paper. I have made yarn tassels but no pom poms — yet! The cardboard method always frustrated me, and trimming always wasted too much yarn. This tool might be the solution!

What a great tool! Love the multicolored ones! I find it so hard to leave my hats un-pom-pommed! Even when patterns look stylish and sleek without one, by the time I finish the hat it looks so sad and naked without being adorned by a pom pom! Not to mention, when aiming for a slouchy look, the pom pom definitely adds.

A tool like this would really help. I have several pompom makers, each promising to make perfect pompoms. Love the story of its design. I also think it would be lots of fun to use a Loome to make things with my grand daughter. And then one comment suggested using a bright pom pom as a luggage identifier—what a great idea!

I have a beautiful hat waiting to be finished with a pom pom. However, I have not yet gotten up the courage to make said pompom! I need a loom!!! I just took a class on what to do with my stash, and would love to add ideas — this looks great!! For whatever reason, I am truly pom-pom impaired. This sounds like just the tool I need to rectify that situation.

I was so excited to find out about this tool, because my pom poms leave a lot to be desired. I have tried a lot of methods and tools, but they all lack something. A tool and method to make perfect pom poms and tassels is a real gift! I have made Pom Poms before but I am not very good at it.. I love a good pom pom!

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  • My first pompons were made from a kit I had as a girl, onto which were glued eyes and various felt accessories.
  • My previous pom pom attempts have been so dismal that now I stick strictly to tassels.
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  • I love a good pom pom on top pf a hat — big enough to make it flop a little, without pulling it right off your head.
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  • I have a new granddaughter that is going to need pompoms!
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