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I think its called Club de Cuervos. Joe Mangienello not only got totally naked, but he let himself — and his manhood — get painted solid gold. He said of the scene, "I drank a lot to get me through that. Unlike Shortbus, the sex didn't take me out of the film at all, it added to it. You should know it was very cold

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Audiences got to see everything in one of the opening scenes in the comedy movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Not only did Jason star in the movie, he also wrote it. So, you'd think he'd be perfectly at ease baring all to Kristen Bell' s character as well as the rest of the world--but he still had a bunch of nerves. He said of the scene, "I drank a lot to get me through that.

I remember just pacing up and down, drunk, with these voices in my head saying, 'Jason, what are you doing? Sometimes art imitates life, and that's the case in the UK movie Bronson , based on real life events. Tom Hardy stars at the titular character, a British prisoner named Charles Bronson. Because this is a fictionalized version of a real man who has been in solitary confinement off and on for years, it stands to reason that the many full frontal nude scenes performed by Tom were necessary to the plot.

In the movie, it's a theme for the character to strip completely naked while attacking fellow inmates, guards and other prison personnel. If you watch this movie, you'll definitely be seeing all of Tom Hardy. Although Michael Fassbender has been acting for decades, it was only in the last five years or so that he started to gain worldwide recognition.

He's had prominent roles in hit movies such as Inglorious Basterds , X-Men: First Class and 12 Years a Slave. Fans of the actor got to see all of him in the drama film Shame. In it, Michael plays an executive with an addiction to sex. Of course he'd be fully naked in a role like that! Shame was so loved by audiences that it won many awards. Of his nude scene, he said in an interview, "To be honest with you again, I think it's the idea of male frontal nudity.

It just baffles me: Women can parade around naked all the time, but the guy conveniently has his pants on. When most people think of Bruce Willis , they think of his action movies. Die Hard , Red and other films have put him into a bit of an action-filled box and we don't mind! But, the guy still has a bit of range, as evidenced by the film Color of Night.

The movie is classified as an erotic mystery thriller with emphasis on the erotic. Though the movie is filled with sex scenes, the only one where you see a full frontal view of Bruce is during a scene in a swimming pool. Color of Night had some seriously mixed reviews.

However, some still loved those steamy sex scenes. Maxim Magazine said the movie had some of the best sex scenes in movie history. Not surprising, R, given that Ebert collaborated with Russ Meyer in making x-rated films, wrote reviews of porn films as a side occupation and was known for having one of the largest personal porn collections. Anyone have the ID of the gorgeous bearded actor near the middle of the frame in R's post?

This is apparently a still from '4 Moons'. I just watched a really bad dub of Consul of Sodom on Youtube and other than a few shots of the lead actors naked and the hardons of a couple of extras this movie didn't have much to offer.

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I thought that Shortbus had a large number of young people who looked like the homely kids from high school. Yeah Shortbus wasn't a great movie all around, the acting wasn't very good and other than the shock of featuring actual sex the story was otherwise very forgettable.

Not to mention that most of those actors never worked again after Shortbus, at least not consistantly. The boys and girls are old enough to be filmed but the torture and sexual exploitation from the Italian Socialists might make you ill. Shortbus was an admirable effort for a serious film with real sex in it.

It's practically its own genre that lies between mainstream and porn. I'd absolutely like to see more stuff like that but understandably very little gets made since high quality means biggish budget and the sex is not as sleazy as in porn so it might have limited appeal. Some of this kind of stuff was made in France with directors like Breillat but apparently she used prosthetics and porn stars many times which dilutes the effect.

I wouldn't really want to have mainstream Hollywood films have Shortbus like real sex in them but as its own genre it would be great to have movies like that come out few times a year. Porn industry nowadays seems to be unable to produce stuff like that. Although admittedly that film had practically no story at all and was mostly just high quality straight porn meant for women.

Winnie the Pooh. Main character runs around bottomless the whole film. Also anything featuring Donald Duck. R, Nice of you to think about the furries in the community. Lots of nudity and sex including James Ransone jacking off and cumming for real. And, yes, 4 Moons also a very good movie; one of my favorite gay-themed flicks of the past few years.

Chiming in with praise for 4 moons. It deals with four different phases of gay life, from adolescence to old age. No R There's plenty to see. Yeah, some "X"s pop in, but only briefly it's kind of a joke and there's still tons to see. Kind of a big difference.

I'm not sure if HULU does that a lot, R, but I did notice full frontal scenes blurred out in two other gay films called Longhorns full frontal wasn't blurred out on Netflix and Strapped. Did Bull Durham have male nudity in it? It's been a long time since I've last seen it, but I recall a couple of locker room scenes. I know there wasn't nudity from Kevin Costner or Tim Robbins although the latter had a scene in skimpy frilly underwear "the little rose goes in front".

Robbins was wearing a jock strap while pitching on the mound Tim has unsexy full frontal in the movie The Player. That scene from Ken Park is incredibly hot, especially the end when the cum is dripping off his cock. The best movie I've scene that actually features nudity and sex is Stranger by the Lake. Unlike Shortbus, the sex didn't take me out of the film at all, it added to it.

Two decent guys in mid 30s. Lots of ass and sexy. Decent plot too. One guy is Eastern European. While Taxi Zum Klo may not have played mainstream theaters in the 70's, it did play the arthouse circuit and was not considered a porno film. Goodbye Uncle Tom has a lot of nudity thanks to the Haitian men that were employed conscripted?

Papa Doc Duvalier was in power at the time. Nothing else comes close, and I challenge anybody to dispute my claim. Also there was a film "How to Succeed with Sex" that featured a brief frontal nude scene with the very cute Zack Taylor. Ever since the advent of the internet and DVDs I have been searching for it. Any help? Alex Dimitriades fondles a semi in Head On, one of my favorite gay indies.

Don't remember there being any more nudity but this scene is hot. I finish my fondling a semi trilogy with Paul Nicholls in Clapham Junction. In the scene he's fluffing his cock before going out to meet a man. Nicholls has publicly said that was really him and not a body double. Partly because of the subject matter. I have a feeling we have people like the Paul Nicholls' character posting here as well.

It is not a good film, but the movie "Drink Me" has penises on the screen for what seems like half the run-time. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Movies with explicit male nudity What movies feature explicit male nudity? Berlin Pigs 2. Mainstream movies not porn. Too too few. And everyone's favorite Edwardians come and have a bathe film, A Room with a View. Sorry thought they would list vertically. Any that actually feature erections? Stranger By The Lake.

The Dreamers. Time to leave "Le temps qui reste" original title , Shame Shortbus owns this thread. Come Shots! For about 3 seconds. Not that it was a turn-on. A total turn-on. Nine Songs and Intimacy both have erections. Where can you find Now and Later? What's the one where the guy who was on "The Doctors" gets a handjob? And surprise the male lead has had nothing but bit parts since doing this movie.

I still can't get over how bad an actor that guy in Now and Later was. The poster said it was on Netflix. Why do these films always end up being all about the sex and not just movies with sex in them? Are all the gay guys in Travis Mathews poz or just a large percentage of them? Travis Mathews films I mean. Go figure He's a doctor? Why does that make it even creepier??? Figures he'd be making videos for GQ.

You can have him R R53 Thanks! I'll take him! R53 A handsome Doc with a big cock I'm not going to complain. Youtube has a small clip of this awesome short film. Virtual Sexuality Full frontal locker-room scene. All About Anna - Adrian Bouchet. Eric Balfour - Lie with me. Salo and Italian film.

Yeah but he just got naked, he didn't have full blown sex on camera. I guess home movies don't count. Ewan McGregor in "Perfect Sense" No mention of Caligula? Any Given Sunday. The old soap or the thing with Dr Travis Dork? R97 The latter. Stephen Dorff in, er, name if film can't remember.

I think its called Club de Cuervos. Looks fake to me I was lucky enough to see it in the theater, but damn, it's almost like it doesn't exist now. Surely someone mentioned Peter Greenaway films who has a recent film with lead character gay We hope Larry Clark's upcoming film about young male hustles will have nudity so we will see You can find Consol of Sodom on X videos.

I tried searching for it on Xvideos and couldn't find it. That Manic Moose site doesn't load. Search under Jordii Molla An obvious choice: Thom Fitzgerald's "Beefcake" Joe Dallesandro still looks good in this film. Trash Joe is almost nude the whole movie There was a short period when Stephen Dorff was hot.

As an actor. Try El Consul de Sodoma on Xvideos. Or look for Spanish vintage. It's there. Are any of the actors in these gay movies gay in their real lives? That hard on scene from Consul looked like they used a stand in. It was still a lousy movie. Grande Ecole. Great shower scene. Perhaps you should pay attention before trying to be a dick. Do a lot of foreign films feature actual cum shots like Stranger By The Lake?

Yes, R, the vast majority of them. If you're an actor willing to do an actual cum shot on film, then you're a whore, darling. Yeah there's a list. A more complete list then R Project Runway, dear That's the version I watched R but it was rated R. Apparently even Amazon only sells the R-rated one.

Does anyone here know how to download and open a torrent file? The Hole, a British horror movie, has a nice full-frontal shot of Laurence Fox's dong. Pillow Book with a lot of Ewan McGregor plus a few other guys. In in Kinsey we see Peter Sarsgaard's small cut dick and, later, ass. Stills of Sarsgaard nude in Kinsey Gerard Butler nude in Mrs.

Brown Jason Segel in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Didn't Salo have plenty of men naked that you didn't want to see without their clothes? But I think there were a couple of men worth seeing in Canterbury. Those sex scenes seemed pretty pointless. Young sometimes is not enough. I can say Salo has plenty of young male nudity, but you might want shower after seeing it.

Isn't it censored with little X's all over the cocks? Hah, no it wasn't. Saved by the Bell: The Unauthorized Story. Are any of the actors in 4 Moons gay? If they weren't before, they may be now. Women In Love ,Wrestling Scene. Alan Bates and Oliver Reed: Maybe it's the TLA films that are blurred? Ah, yes, R, that scene is still so fresh, sensual and erotic.

Full frontal Bump! I know that, it doesn't ruin it at all. Any new movies coming out with explicit nudity? Quite a bit in HBOs Rome series. Europa Europa. Taxi Zum Klos was also completely lacking in arousal value. Any recent additions to the list?

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Jack O'Connell, the star of the movie, is seen naked a couple of times. Wow, I just looked it up and the film was shot in ! That's it. It also features a scene where quirky indie king Jason Schwartzman reveals his giant penis. I just watch Passolini's Canterbury Tales, lots of swinging cocks but man what a bunch of homely people! There's a movie called "The Zone" that features actor Lawrence Levine in several scenes, and towards the end, there is a lengthy and graphic masturbation scene while he is trying to get "motivated" to shoot a movie within the movie Anyone have the ID of the gorgeous bearded actor near the middle of the frame in R's post?

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