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Screenshot Kiru More Sasuke Cosplay Photos: Lately, I've been buffing up on Python Python 3 to be specific. Karen is Mermaid Princess of Antartic Ocean! The Big Three Mr. Leiko Ashikaga

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Feel free to use only on the dA! You don't have to ask about permission. Fav if used. Sakura Akatsuki Fanart Eu particularmente gostei muito do resultado final. This Fanart was a bit laborious, but worth it. I particularly enjoyed the end result. Shiin Constructive criticism is appreciated, the orignal Lineart was done by Shiin. Still Happily in Love The Last She is an elite jounin now and still works with in her families tea-house.

She is always trying to reach his level in combat and is the only one in her ranking who is close to moving on to the next rank. Konan Shisui and Kiyonti It's happening 10 Help Ayumi Ninetails crazy drawing! Eh, im having fun drawing him, he's gorgeous. If you want it on your tumblr please reblog it from me here and don't repost.

Tumblr link narutoni. Lys-baby Anyone got a My Candy Love account? If so, add me! My username is "Felipo"! Comm and Art Trades are open! OC - Tomomi Uchiha Tomomi Uchiha Beautiful Wisdom Birthdate: February 14 Gender: Male Age: B Villages: His biological father was very strict, demanding, and on many occasions skims over the line between discipline and abuse.

His mother left after he was old enough to mainly be on his own around 5 years. He grew up as a ninja in Konohagakure and is still currently there, his adoptive mother is very sick and is in the hospital and his adoptive father is always working to gain enough money the procedure is hella expensive for mommy. He is a very feminine body type and is often mistaken for a tomboy girl.

Doodles Shonen Guys Asdsad Kiyonti in the breeze In this pic she is a new student at the ninja academy. Mikazuki Agria: Epilogue She is now married to Yoruno, HolyHellishDrake 's character, with three adorable kids! Character Data: Rainbow Dash. RainbowDash A freaking pony. This gallery needs more ponies. I think I tried to gave her a different style in her mane and tail from the Rainbow of the show Full Name: Rainbow "Rain" Dash.

Birth Date: March 15th Species: Cutie Mark: A cloud with three rays. Red, Blue, Yellow. Her absence considerably affected her world, because the element of Loyalty doesn't work without its owner, leaving Equestria without one of their best defenses against any attack. Af first she denied have feelings towars Naruto, but after Turnabout Training, accepts it.

She and Sanic often compete against each other in races, although these sometimes end up creating disasters. Doesn't like being sentimental, because she feels weak when she does that.

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Rainbow "Rain" Dash Edad: Fecha de nacimiento: Una nube con tres rayos. Rojo, Azul, Amarillo Bio: Al principio negaba tener sentimientos algunos hacia Naruto, pero luego de Turnabout Training, los termina aceptando.

Ella y Sonic compiten el uno contra el otro en carreras, aunque estas a veces terminan creando desastres. Loving Embrace They are married with three lovely children! AT - TaiKor I hope you like it! I found an old black and had just enough to finish!

You Set My Soul Alight Kohaku is the temperamental metrosexual son of Kiba and Ino. He's known for his impatience and bad temper. Somewhat vain. Often times has a hard time getting along with others. Kohaku can be kind of a jerk sometimes but his personality greatly improves after he meets her Tezuka, Natsuki I might try experimenting more, but I wanted to share this here too.

Maybe someone will like it. Kamchiru1 Hope you guys like it. Kakuzu Masks Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Tending His Wounds So here is a romantic moment between her and her boyfriend Trey. They were on a mission and were ambushed by rouge ninjas. They managed to get away, Suzume with only a few scrapes. But Trey was pretty hurt. She managed to get him into a cave and tend to his wounds.

Like Father, Like Daughter The Seventh Hokage', a spin-off of 'Naruto'. One of the major characters will be Sarada Uchiha, Sasuke's daughter. Although my fandom for Sasuke is quite limited, Sarada's the character I'm looking forward to see the most. You go girl. Naru with jacket Naruto vs. Boruto J-Stars Victory Vs - page 14 Clan Leaders Summaries So trying to get back into the swing of things I figured I'd open a new contest This is another design based contest but instead of just Kyous, your task is to design the clan leaders of my clans; the Kyou, Eirei, Gufuu, Kaihoukan and Kouzoutai.

The Clans Here are all the current resources of my Clans. Monban Kyou --"Gatekeeper" Female 47 -Information: Agile in Orange Tenshi as Naruto Photography credits go to Joe Huang ViewtifulDesign. You can check out his work in the following places: Official Website: Nadeshicon Kiba Inuzuka From: Naruto Cosplayer: Nadeshicon Photographer: Don't Cry Haku Naruto Cosplay Photo taken WITH permission!!

Naruto Sage mode Now i figured id do the one and only Naruto. New Genin: Leiko Ashikaga Naruto Uzumaki From: Akatsuki Una Nueva Familia pagina 6 Like, the steps? I think the mole is in a pretty cool spot. Tenten Friends Blossom Rangers Together their beat the threats together. Himawari Naruto hugging his wife This is just a sketch.

I have term papers to write and tests in which to prepare. Juudegarn Hirudegarn and Juubi fusion Both born from legends, both summoned by people who tried to control their power. I hope you like it Hirudegarn and Juubi do not belong to me, only this concept. Oh, The Feels!

I finally watched The Last: I've been waiting for this! I was watching the Korean dubbed one with English subs but don't watch that I can't find the Japanese with English subs. Oh well I already saw some scenes, thanks for spoilers, Naruto fandom. And I really enjoyed watching it.

I laughed , squealed , pissed off , cried , and cheered. Months ago, I had a feeling that the movie would kill me. And it almost did. My heart couldn't stop squeezing. Despite that, I really love this movie. I can't wait for the DVD I don't know when yet.

I've been supporting them ten years since I watched Naruto on Cartoon Network. I already read the first chapter There are so many things going on this week Dang it, Kishimoto, stop breaking the Internet! My Kitsune 13 Do You Remember? Obviously This is my first fanfic. And most importantly Yaoi! Kou's summoning Inuzuka Kiba Costest - Naruto I may upload more photos of this costest.

Minakushi Love Una Nueva Familia pagina 5 Nam Kyunra gender: Kyunra was, when he was a chuunin in Kumo, well known for his dickery. He is arrogant and rude, but very calm, so it appears as though he's less of a tool than he is. Their only power is raw, bone-shattering strength.

They don't only crush the bones of their opponents, but they destroy their own bodies while fighting. As long as the head and heart are avoided, they can survive many attacks. Strength and stamina are their strong points, while typically dexterity and speed are lower points. Hinata Capture of Hinata 64 Capture of Hinata 63 Kakashi without mask First part here: Edo Tensei Tagged Hmm I would say This is a personal question Pfft My own world Kakakami Naruto OC Seiko Chuunin She trained to be a hard working ninja and is Masaki's love interest.

Mitsuki I love his design, and I hope to see more of him in the next chapters. Naru Sexy Jutsu I love Naruto's Sexy Jutsu. Naruto's First time at Fort Delaware So fluffy.. With a Chibi Kyuubi! And that was the day Sakura learnt I got bored and decide to draw this. Naruto Kimimaro Mailing tomorrow, Monday. Death Battle The Legend of Korra meme: Create your own Death Battle.

I'm not so excited What do you thinkabout it? Azuna laughs, because he make a joke. Kakashi and Rin. Let me take you when i go The work is mine, not yours. Here the link to reblog: I don't want to do this on my own On my own, I'm breaking free, but of these chains, Oh, let this one remain, Let me take you when I go. Valannaria Cover A Naruto Pokemon crossover but with twists, one of which I am gonna be in it and two And for what are Delta Pokemon?

Well for those who havent seen the walkthrough for this man made pokemon game called "Pokemon: Insergent" I give a link but I dont know how to on this, but I can tell you a good channel on youtube that has good walkthroughs for fan made games like this his name is "MunchingOrange" and also has some good pokemon game walkthroughs as well Delta pokemon are pokemon that are not of there normal type but are of a diffrent type for example a Hitmonchan that is a Psychic and water type or a Pikachu that is steel and rock type, I will grow on that and for some cartoons will be keeping there appearance but be classed as Delta mutants, and some will have unique ablitys that belong to them and will be classed as Delta Ablities.

And Long explination done, I own nothing and anyone who wants to be apart of this, message me on Devin art with a note or message and tell me your pokemon team, appearance and when you want to appear as I think I will add a mixture of the pokemon Magna as well to the mixture.

Do Not Disturb: Blonde's Training Untitled 9 Masaki was looked down upon everyone in the village, though peace was there, he was looked as something worse than a Jinchuriki. Everyone feared this boy and the only person who had faith in this young man was the Hokage, Aki Hyuga. For sensei Anime Wallpaper Attempt Yuno Version Livestreaming naruto oc And the lighting is terrible im sorry!!!!

Okai so the one standing is saigo and he is meant to be p. The one in the middle is inodai and he is meant to be ukwon! Annnd makoto is meant to be b-bomb! Saigo belongs to me Inodai belongs to Makoto belongs to: Ayaka And Chiyo Bestfriends: Madara Uchiha Hinata Hyuga From: Home is everywhere your heart is Akali x Naruto Some of my friends say it looks like Akali which I have to admit it does despite not even going for that.

Father and Son They say that when you die, everything stops. The pain, the suffering, the happiness, the hope. So why couldn't it be like that for me? I was ready, ready to give up everything. Why couldn't everything just end? This isn't the story of a fighter. This isn't the story of a believer. This isn't the story of a leader.

This is the story of a coward that had to learn to be brave. Mmm, I don't know, I don't know Maybe there won't be any, it depends XD. Naruto, mild Konoha bashing, Alive! Minato and Alive! Kushina, etc, etc, etc. More warning will be added in the future. Emirii Kirei: Through the Years From left to right: Academy 2.

Pre-Shippuden 3. Shippuden 4. The Last 5. New Team 7 I really have more important things to do but I still chose to draw this first. Sheesh look at my priorities in life lol. Hinata Hyuuga - Smile It's my favorite female character from Naruto. Artwork c Mine. Kankuro x Mother!

Reader - Family One or two, but he deserves more. It's really small, but I have to study today, I hope you like it!! Mitachi Uchishon - Scenery Background Shikamaru Nara Naruto alternate ending page 25 I hope it's readable If there are grammar mistakes please inform me And the background sucks Next time I'll make it better.

Let the Flames of the Leaf Burn Brightly First off, I'd like to say sorry about the background. I originally made the sketch hasty so the perspective was mostly freehanded, thus off. I know I've got a lot of practice before me. About the drawing; at first, I just wanted to make a drawing with a background 'cuz hey, I don't practice those enough.

But as I started painting it, and I was listening to this one song, I suddenly got a story in my head and got the idea to draw a "silhouette-ish" type of Kyuubi in the background XD As for the rest, you can just use your imagination XD Song: Shippu den! Follow the fun times and adventures of Medashi and Hotaka Hanabira, two young boys with a positive outlook for life and charismatic to boot.

The cherry blossom is their sacred flower and they wants to show that you can truly change the world through the power of music and peace. Learn as these two boys go on an adventure that would change their lives forever. Sullen Kakashi You can read it here: Prop Hunt: Prop Hunt Troll Song Ive been trolling here at Prop Hunt Making Noobs rage quit this game.

Can you hear how hard Im lol-ing, At your noobish skills. Then I make you cry to mommy When I rack up killz. Sakumo and Kakashi XD You can read it here: Naruto Shippuden One Piece all Family-Portrait Characters are her creation. Also, this is my first upload so be nice. Auction will end 24 hours after the last bid. Make an offer. Sasusaku- The Happiest Man on Earth Sakura smiled, "Of course I did He smiled the largest when he got to hold you before me.

I've never seen him smiled the brightest in my life. He was like the happiest man on earth the second you were born. I remember, that he even started crying" Sakura, unknowingly, started to tear up. I'm continuing to think the many ways to think positive of my ship now canon. Anyways, how's this drawing? Sasuke looks a lot like Madara, honestly. Lost From the Start I don't really know what this is?

I just wanted to draw it. Naruto Shippuden Naruto at dawn Itachi and Hinata Naruto Shippuden Fanart Kimiko outfits: Kimiko's first mission was to the desert with Naruto and Kiba Because of this mission she became friend with Kiba, until then they haven't got such a good relationship And i still don't have it with the backgrounds Sarada and Sasuke I still hate you.

Tsunade's toilet troubles chapter 4 Naruto Gathering at MegaCon Orlando, Florida. Graceless Humilation It is one of the most intense and most graceless scenes and it was really hard to draw a picture like this. I usually don't draw something like this. I never have until now. It is very special when somthing inspire me that much that I am also willing to do a picture like this.

I worried for Hatake and Arika the whole time meanwhile drawing. But a very good one. If someone wants to have a brief synopsis of the scene, I will ask the author for one and post it here. The fanfiction is just available in Russian. I listened to this song meanwhile drawing: AB personality: Nobu is always attracted to inteligent or women with a good sense of humor , often older than him.

Itatchi Oh and by the way I dont own naruto or the image displayed on hat. Please keep in mind - These characters are NOT ranked in any way, and were splattered around in random order. Some areas may have clusters of characters from a particular series, but that is because I was lazy whilst dicking around in Photoshop.

That is also due to the already-established fact that I am a total whore when it comes to this sort of thing, if my previous art pieces weren't making that clear enough for ya. Now then! Let's get started! Stardust Crusaders. Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Flandre Scarlet Touhou 6: Fifth Row: Wifflebottom Drawn Together.

Sixth Row: Goodbye Despair. Seventh Row: Eighth Row: Ninth Row: Tenth Row: SasuSaku- Miss Me, Sakura-chan? Photos of Emma cosplaying from Naruto: Photos of Emma and Evan cosplaying from Naruto: Eline Durrant Camera Used: Evan Bradley Naruko Cosplayer: Emma Stanley Sasuke Cosplayer: Sword's Point More Sasuke Cosplay Photos: Evan Bradley Wig Styled By: I think Kakashi Sensei! Vintage - Sailor Naruto Check out all those tails.

Naruto Gaiden Seventh Hokage Thanks by 7thkage Few shades of Sarada By the way, I don't like to call her "Salad" Which one is your favourite face? Sasuke and Naruto Naruto Oc miki I wish I know more tips and tricks The Hozuki Brothers Suigetsu and Mangetsu.

I'll Fight for My Friends! More 'Naruto' photos: Evan Bradley Camera Used: Samsung WB Gaara of the Sand. Avatar Naruto Naruto Shippuden Comic 75 Central Naruto Shippuden Comic 74 Pain [ Naruto ] Cosplay 02 Sora Aya. Goruto My internet, as usual, glitches out the video and froze the video long enough for me to capture this gem.

As you can see in the picture in the corner, the faces of Goku and Naruto are morphed together. After laughing my ass off for five minutes, I came up with a brilliant idea. I took the photo and traced it out in SketchBookPro. This was the result. Naruto Shippuuden: NaruSaku I am quite content with the outcome of this shoot.

It was extremely cold, and my fingers where completely blue when I took this shot, but it was so worth it! Naruto Uzumaki: Sakura Haruno: SomosTodosFilhosDaKarin Quem concorda? Hi people! I made this fanart in revolt to people who are saying that Sarada is the daughter of Karin. We created a tag, call WeAreAllChildrenOfKarin on facebook where people post their photos with glasses claiming to be the daughter of Karin, because only by that Sarada wear glasses was created this whole mess, especially after Naruto Gaiden.

After all, Sarada is the daughter of Sakura in my opinion. Who agrees? Hey guys Already at well over episodes in Naruto Shippuden now.. Furostomi Yukina's Child Anyways, this is pretty simple and whatnot and even her clothing should give away quite a bit, but it was fun to do this anyways. No one is immortal - Naruto OC - Hitomi Neros's Revenge 4 - Martargegor Negatron tells at He was Hitted by Karen!

Neros Said I Summon More a demon! His Arborbs is Lighting and Fire! Neros Laughed and his Revenge is here! Night raid is in Arsunbis's Palace Horus: Before Negatron and Now Martargegor! You have The Point! A Warrior with Centipede and Scorpion Tail! You die! Naruto and Nagisa: Nagisa Shirai: Japanese Real Sex Doll Toys. Anal Anal Fuck Anal Fucking. Lana Rhoades - anus view while cowgirl sex.

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Polish wife Margot after anal sex. Anus Polish Amateur Spreading Ass. Porn young swingers love group sex group sex anal anus husband wife Liza and her husband fuck neighbor in anal and her ass full of sperm. Eruka Frog Lap frog by Drew. Naruto - Cyberunique - Tsunade, Uzumaki Naruto.

Overwatch - Sabudenego - Mercy. Sultry and Buxom Interracial Blondes love black dicks xxx. Anus Fuck Black Dick Blackonblond. Ass Big Tits Hardcore.

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Maybe someone will like it. I've been thinking about making up a dialog for this picture But a very good one. Negatron want to Kill me! Remove Zope branding from Plone Naruto Cosplay Because of this mission she became friend with Kiba, until then they haven't got such a good relationship I laughed , squealed , pissed off , cried , and cheered.

Relevance Anus,sex Pics:

Mailing tomorrow, Monday Death Battle I think Saigo is the one who changed the least over time, but that's why I like him! Today, in Japan, a Naruto Exhibition event officially opened its doors to the public. They are married with three lovely children! AT - TaiKor Best Konoha Couple I have term papers to write and tests in which to prepare.

And for what are Delta Pokemon? Eva let our love blooms, as this beautiful sakura. Flandre Scarlet Touhou 6: Una Nueva Familia pagina 6

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