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What was in them? Laundry What was found immediately, apart from the murder weapon: Money Where was the 2nd Safe Deposit Box key found: Crime scene What helped you find the Cabdriver Horseshoe What kind of coins were found at the Crime Scene Silver What kind of weapon did the killer use? Razor According to the postman, one of the men was a Frenchman. What was the second one?

Foreigner So then you decided to investigate the victims' bodies. But you had to get something from the mayor first. Permission What other than the murder weapon did you find at the crime scene right away? Money I've heard our local banker is participating in your investigation.

Where did he leave Madame L'Espanaye's safe deposit box key? Laundry As I understand it, you need two keys to open a safe deposit box. Where did you find the second key? What clue helped you? Horseshoe What else did the surgeon use during his examination? Magnifying glass , When you examined the scene again, what did you find? Red hair Where did you find the poster with the picture of the criminal?

Window glass What did the criminals leave behind? Bag What did you find in the criminal's bag? Silver spoon Where did the brick lead you to? Interview Questions -a big thank you by mojitomomma on Aug 17, 14 9: I know that a large sum of money -in coins- was found at the crime scene. What kind of coins were they? So, where did the cab driver take Madame L'Espanaye after she visited the bank?

Madame L'Espanaye was certainly busy that day! Where did she go after visiting the forge? Detective, I heard from the seamstress that Madame L'Espanaye met up with another woman. What happened between them? You think the woman who Madame L'Espanaye quarreled with was her daughter What clue did you find in the atelier to make you think this? Mademoiselle L'Espanaye was preparing for a very important event in her life.

People are saying you found a weapon in Mademoiselle L'Espanaye's apartment. I know that you found letters from Mademoiselle L'Espanaye's cast-off lover in her apartment. His alibi was confirmed by a woman who did not want to testify in court because of certain responsibilities. Exactly what kind of responsibilities: What kind of item was the order for: What country was it: What exactly did you find: Where did the gendarmes find him: Where did you find it: What did you find in the junkman's house while trying to find Mademoiselle L'Espanaye's chaser?

The person who wrote the threatening letters to Mademoiselle L'Espanaye was killed. Paris Interview Questions What animal is the narrowest street in Pairs named after: Cat French writer hated the Eiffel Tower, but ate there every day: Light How did citizens send letters during the siege on Paris: Elephants Which museum is in a former 19th century railway station: Cat Whose skull did Napoleon use to make a cup?

Cagliostro Which military rank did Napoleon Bonaparte earn at 24? General What title did Napoleon receive at 34? Emperor Which Frenchman invented the modern flag of Italy? Revolution How many hours a day did Napoleon Bonaparte sleep? Four What worried Napoleon most about his appearance? Height What is the famous symbol of France? Rooster What is the practical use of the gargoyles on Notre Dame de Paris?

Drainpipe "Which artistic district in Paris was formerly considered the quietest that is now one of the most crowded? Historical period in France after the reign of Napoleon Heels pieces which weren't included in French women's shoes Arch function of the Eiffel Tower during the World's Fair Cagliostro his skull Napoleon used to make a cup If a man invited a woman to dance more than three times in nineteenth-century France, he had to Marry her When Napoleon Bonaparte became the Emperor, which country's newspapers did he forbid his assistant to bring him?

Which woman was consecrated a saint in the nineteenth century? Jeanne D'Arc What is the name of the writing system invented by a blind Frenchman? Braille What is the name of the syndrome in which a person feels extreme emotions when viewing paintings? Stendhal l What was considered to be the food of the poor in 19th century France? He went to the next room, and a shot was heard.

What did Dumas say upon exiting the room alive? I missed What was built in honor of Napoleon's victories from ? Arc de Triomphe The three lilies on the French Coat of Arms symbolize compassion, justice and what else? Moulin Rouge Which famous French writer has the epitaph "I have coveted everything and taken pleasure in nothing"?

Which pastry is France famous for? Where was Napoleon born? What is the surname of the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty? Nicotine was named after this Frenchman, who owned the first tobacco plant? What jovial day was invented in France and is celebrated in April? Laughter Day Pascal invention: The official language of which country was French for years?

In which country did the croissant first appear? What was the original name of Paris? What did the Lumiere Brothers invent in the 19th century? Other than high trees, what did Frenchman Louis-Sebastien Lenormand use to perform the first parachute jump? What did the French Montgolfier brothers invent? What did French Eearl Med de Sevrac invent? Kick Scoote r 2.

What did French physicist Gaston Plante invent? Which French sauce was invented by chance and lack of other ingredients? The cult of which food exists in southwest France and Alsace? Which word arose not long before the French Revolution and means to bring into compliance? What did French scientist Blaise Pascal invent?

Who performed the examination of the victims' bodies? What kind of flower was in the door? These are the questions and answers provided by danie DOG Napoleon had a prophetic nightmare after watching which play: SETH France is believed to be the birthplace of which architectural style: Stormy9 Minnow Posts.

I couldn't find the answer to this one on the forum: After Leonce Perre was cleared of the crime, you learned that there were two men in Mme. L'Espanaye's apartment on the day of the murder. Who gave you this information? One of the men was a Frenchman. Who was the other?: Questions and Answers posted by nautilis On which island was Napoleon confined by Englishmen after his defeat?

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What was the last word? DUPIN Which famous french writer of the 19th century is considered to be one of the 1st feminists in history? Here's one I have not seen mentioned yet: Person who wrote threatening letters is a relative of a well known Paris citizen.

Hey there, This is a great resource for all players! I've gone ahead and stickied it, and as more resources are created, we can build a Helpful Links thread for this game bfgVaiya. Questions are not word for word: After reading newssheet at the port, what evidence did you find to remove Mondy from the suspect list?

After opening Mondy's diary what did you make to try and cover your tracks to hide that you were snoopy in his personal life? After clearing Mondy, decided to check out Clyde Dauphin, the politician at the Hunting Club, but first had to get a piece of equipment. Hear you had to do favor for banker before going to Hunting Club, he had lost something at the hotel the night before and you had to find it.

When banker got his gun back, he realized that it was unloaded, what did you find in the hotel room to calm him down? I love this game and hope everyone else is having great day. Happy gaming and God Bless. SUN At the place robbed by the 2 escaped prisoners, you found a brick wrapped in cloth. Where did that brick lead you? MILL So you followed the 2 escaped prisoners to the mill.

I hear you made a shocking discovery there. What exactly do you thing happened there? Somebody had tried to break the lock but failed. What did they leave on the lock? You are not taller you are, but? I heard you brought Dupin a book on flower growing so he could determine what type of flower had been put in the keyhole. So what flower was it?

Just moving question and answer submitted by danie56 to this thread: In hunting club, you learned a lot about Claude Dauphin, he started his career in the military but where did he earn his fortune? Reese2 Sea Anemone 5 Posts. I don't think I saw these here yet: Leonce Perre was going to be executed, even though he had not killed anybody. What did Dupin arrange to save his life?

Escape So Dupin hid all evidence of the escape and staged a fire in the prison cell. I heard he used the carcass of an animal to make the guards think that Leonce Perre had died in the fire. What type of animal was it? An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery.

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