Adrian Maya Gloryhole Initiations

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Teanna Trump member ranking: So, watch me take on 12 extra-large inches of black cock till it sprays my face with black seed! I do what he wants, anything to get his baby-makin' cum! I mean I got pounded right on that filthy floor! I bet you haven't lined up in a room with a bunch of other men. In this one, I travel to a naughty gloryhole and suck Broc off through a hole in the wall.

Adriana Maya

Wait until the jumbo-sized, uncut white cock pokes through one of the "holes"! Daya's going to suck and fuck and drain the dude's balls whose in the booth next to hers A big swallow, of course! Aug 29th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Jezabel Vessir Member Comments: Just look at her! She's in her front room, making booty call after booty call, hoping for one of her white boys to swing by to rail her tight, pink cunt while manhandling her all-natural Double-D's!

After the booty call fails after all, it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon! It's easier to catch some fish if you throw out a net She didn't catch one or two or even three white boys -- five answer the call! What's a good White Cock Slut gonna do but entertain them all! She's never had five men at once, so why not experience life to its fullest?

Aug 8th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Sarah Banks Member Comments: You know the old saying -- when the cat's away, the mice will play -- which perfectly describes Sarah today. She's insanely turned on by white men, so why not give one of her favorite patients his hernia and prostate check? Speaking of white men, Kurt Lockwood is a known freak, so he's down.

Whether Sarah has a finger or a tongue up his ass, Kurt doesn't mind. On the flipside, when Kurt's got his big white cock buried deep in Sarah's ass, she doesn't mind either. In fact, they both love it. From taboo dirty talk to Sarah on her knees begging to "cum on my braces", this scene is smoking hot.

Jul 17th - RuthBlackwell. I was wondering if Byron was going to be rimmed, I thought by lexi leigh I loved the little secret kisses that she volunteered him just out of sight of Ruth He he maybe something of a triangle here, who knows? A great performance though. Lexi is fucking hot! Excellent video, Southern girl! Did she ever have that black baby?

I wish we could have seen a pregnant Lexi do a scene! One of my all time fav sex scenes ever! Hope Lexi got the baby she was looking for! Add Your Comments RuthBlackwell. I NEED black cock. Not some silly little white cock. Byron is back to see the baby again.

He really thinks it's his. There's also some news Today Lexi stopped by to get her cunt filled with black sperm. Jun 5th - Gloryhole-Initiations. Katt Garcia Member Comments: Just look at the way she beelines it through the adult bookstore and right back to the arcade booths!

Katt's on her lunch break from work, and instead of lunching with the girls, Katt's sucking and fucking a stranger in a dirty, filthy booth in an adult arcade! Katt's here for a number of reasons: As she's playing with her favorite white dildo she carries around in her purse, the greatest thing ever happens to Katt -- white cock through the hole!

I'm not on birth control! Ashley Pink Member Comments: Kurt, the owner, is pissed. He's pissed because his crew is slacking on the job. Work would be the last thing on your mind, too, if there was a barely-legal babe suntanning topless. The work crew is enjoying the show as Lockwood shows up on the job site, and before you know it, the crew is now working Ashley.

They're working her wet mouth, her shaved, wet cunt, and -- for the first time ever -- Ashley is going to offer up her ass, too. She was saving it for her boyfriend later that night, but you know how these white cock sluts behave. After all her holes are worked over, it's time for the crew to finish their job. And they do -- in a big way!

What a mess poor Ashley is after this is all said and done! Mar 13th - Gloryhole-Initiations. We've all had them, just like barely-lagel Sarah Banks. Her bad influence is none other than Jezabel Vessir. Jezabel loves corrupting innocent Sarah at every opportunity that comes their way. Today, for example, they're just hanging out and window shopping when they come across an adult bookstore.

Before Sarah knows it, Jezabel's dragging her in! If that wasn't enough for poor Sarah, once they take in all the smutty DVD's and sex toys, Jezabel's dragging her into the arcade section of the store. And then again, into a booth. Sarah's innocence is taken once that anonymous white cock emerges from an adjoining booth, and wait until you see the load Jezabel coaxes from the White Boy!

In addition to her pretty ebony face, that giant load even splattered the braces on Sarah's barely-legal teeth!! Mission accomplished for Jezabel Vessir! Feb 1st - WeFuckBlackGirls. Monique Symone Member Comments: It's sort of a "fix-up", as the back yard and pool are a mess. With her man gone, Monique arranges for a pool man to swing by and give an estimate on repairs.

What Monique doesn't tell Pool Man is she's addicted to white dick, and she's worried. Soon, she'll be married, and while that's all well and good, how is she going to cure her need for white cock? For Monique, this will be a "final farewell" to white cock Nov 9th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Mocha Menage Member Comments: That was one of the reasons Mocha Menage is celebrating. She's a white cock slut, so at a Mocha Menage pool party, there's no couples, no girls, and no black dudes.

A Mocha Menage party means whites only, and dudes at that. Today Mocha's invited five of her friends over, and in no time at all they see it's "one of those parties". Mocha loves to fuck and suck outside, and she doesn't care what the neighbors think. After some poolside action, Mocha leads them over to her backyard, where our crew takes turns on her mouth and pussy before unloading all over the place.

Mocha's got cum dripping from her snatch, her face, and down her throat as the boys unleashed a whole lot of pent-up tension. I'd call this party a success! Sep 1st - CumBang. Nadia Jay Member Comments: I'm sure you've heard that one before. I bet you haven't lined up in a room with a bunch of other men. These poor guys work for one of the cheapest corporations of all time; in fact, it's so cheap, they're conducting physicals on 8 men at a time to make it "cost effective".

Another cost-cutting procedure includes hiring a physician's assistant to take care of anything that doesn't require a doctor. Some of Nadia Jay's responsibilities today include taking blood pressure, weigh in's, and temperatures. She'll need to perform the simple hernia exam, too, which is where things go awry.

Soon there's 8 big, white cocks inches near her face, and they're erect and ready to give semen samples, too! Even though it's not part of today's exam, Nadia will accept all 8 samples -- all over her pretty face. May 25th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Teanna, Jezabel and Anya Member Comments: Just listen in on Jezebel Vessar, Anya Ivy, and Teanna Trump, as they blab on and on about their love of white boys, and white cock, and getting banged out.

Soon they're comparing notes, and none other than James Deen's name pops up. Teanna still has his number. Now, you'd think that James Deen -- being as popular as he is -- would be kinda calm and cool when a Fuck Buddy calls and says she's got 2 other hunnies with her, and they're eager for a dick down. And at first James is He's there immediately, and it's on!

May 4th - CumBang. Lisa Tiffian Member Comments: She's studying for her Master's Degree in Human Sexuality, and she's working a her thesis. Her study today is drawing a sample of white males, ages 18 - 35, and she's measuring things like penis size both flaccid and erect , testicle size, as well as volume of ejaculate. Someday she hopes to be Dr.

Lisa Tiffian, Sexologist, with her emphasis in the white man. See, she's a white cock slut, and her "studies" give Lisa an excuse to display her slutty behaviors in the name of research, education, and humanity. Apr 12th - Gloryhole-Initiations. Adriana Maya Member Comments: Would a tender little thing like Adrian Maya visit an adult bookstore just for the heck of it?

Would someone of her calibre ditch her friends in order to dive into the world of glory hole fun? We are certain that Adrian Maya knows that she now joins the ranks of Skin Diamond and Jada Fire as a black slut whose undying love of white cock knows no bounds. The very second Adrian enters the XXX booth she knows she's no longer , as they say, in Kansas anymore. She gets on her knees to service whitey right before that black taco feels every inch via the hole in the wall.

The pure thrill of it all brings her to the point where she commands the faceless white guy to shoot his creamy goodness deep inside her fuck box. Mar 23rd - WeFuckBlackGirls. Tamra Millan Member Comments: Fucking with her bottom line is like a roll of the dice.

And Chris Strokes is in over his head with some money he owes the sexy black vixen. Tamra meets up with Chris in a dark alley, where she lets it be known that his days of owing her some dead presidents are now over. She takes the white boy back to the safety of her place where she, in so many words, shows him who runs these streets.

The vindictive black boss has Chris eat her beautiful ass , and then his white cock satisfies her taste buds. Tamra's assertiveness over Chris can only mean that she MIGHT forgive the outstanding debt--only if he can make her cum with his massive white dong. Chris plows into that black pussy in every way possible, until his white cream makes a mess of her face.

Tamra's way of doing business are unorthodox, but seemingly effective. Mar 2nd - WeFuckBlackGirls. Jayden Starr Member Comments: In fact, she knows she can hang with the likes of Layton Benton, Chanell Heart and other black girls that love their fair share of white dick. However, she needs Erik Everhard and Ramon to vouch for her and they can't unless they give her a test shot first.

The slut for white dick has no qualms about giving Erik and Ramon complete and unrestricted access to all of her welcoming holes. The busty black slut sucks down each white guy until she damn nears begs them to fuck all her holes. Jayden has something to prove--and that she's as big a slut for white cock as any of those other sluts over at Cumbang.

That black pussy and ass get the whiteboy treatment courtesy of two porn veterans. The piston-pumping friction on her nether region brings Jayden to the point where she demands a hefty helping of the white man's nutjuice. Do you think she makes the cut for Cumbang. Feb 9th - WeFuckBlackGirls. We find Nadia Jay making end's meet by tutoring guys who sound like they just got off the boat from some place.

The beautiful black slut takes Alex back inside for some one-on-one tutoring. And , well, one thing leads to another and the books are dropped for some meet n' greet with Nadia's mouth and Alex's big white dick. Nadia seems to have forgotten that this is completely unethical on all basis What's right is Alex's white cock now reeking havoc on that beautiful black pussy that none of the brothas can get to.

What's right is those gorgeous tits of her bouncing on her student's huge cock until she manages to drain his balls of all its creamy goodness. If that's wrong then Nadia doesn't ever want to be right. Jan 18th - Gloryhole-Initiations. The busty black beauty has entered an adult bookstore where interracial porn plays on a continuous loop. However, Nadia's attention is on the holes in the walls.

And it's not too long before Nadia discovers their use Naida rubs that soaking black clit until a lucky white stranger tests the waters by putting his cock through on of the holes in the wall. Nadia, not one to run from an odd situation, drops to her knees and sucks down on whitey's meat. Nadia's mouth takes a timeout when her pussy steps up to the plate for some bareback fun.

Nadia Jay rides the wall until her pussy overflows with cream. Dec 29th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Cherry Hilson Member Comments: They have an agreement: She can fuck all the white guys she wants as long as her man gets to watch the fun. Sounds like a good deal, right? Cherry makes the phone call to her black cuckold as he's with a friend discussing sports.

The black cuckold ditches his buddy in order to return home to watch his woman get some white dick. Cherry's constant craving for cock has no shame--and neither does her boyfriend. The black cuckold wears his male chastity device while his woman's mouth meets a huge white cock.

The grin ion her cuckold's widens as Cherry's black pussy feels the wrath of The White Man. But it's not over Cherry's ass is next in line to feel nearly 12 inches of white meat. The cuckold's extremely excited to see his woman getting her ass stretched from one side of the room to the other.

The only thing left for the black cuckold to do is cleanup after Whitey makes a mess on Cherry. Oct 27th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Katt goes into detail about her new career--how she loves white guys AND getting fucked in the ass. So here you now have Katt Garcia's first anal scene. Erik gets her back inside where those huge tits get played with right before her mouth sucks that cock.

Katt's pussy gets a brief rest when Erik sets his sights on that tight, black ass of hers. Katt's teeth clinch as that white boy slams his meat deep in that third entry. Those titties, shake, quiver and bounce as yet another white cock slut gets a hefty helping of whitey's dick. Katt's first ever anal scene draws to a close when Katt drains Erik's nutmeg all over her face and gigantic tits.

Oct 26th - Gloryhole-Initiations. Anya Ivy Member Comments: The white cock slut has heard rumors and wild stories of an adult bookstore where white cock grows like wild flower. Anya's entrance into a rental booth has her meeting a glory hole,and it's true use comes to light when she's met with a lucky white stranger. The busty black slut gets on her knees in a manner that she'd never do for the black man.

The interracial porn playing in this booth is as wild as the black slut inside it. Anya's cocksucking skills are put on hold as she gives up the black pussy to white boy behind the wall. And did we mention that she lets him go R-A-W on her? Anya's pussy's grip gives the fortunate white guy the ride of his life until his nuts contents empty deep in Anya's black snatch.

Oct 21st - BlacksOnBlondes. Candice Dare Member Comments: Candice's boyfriend is at the home they share, but her need to get double stuffed by black dick. Stud's place isn't available The filthy blonde agrees to get dirty in a restroom where no mop has ever hit the floors. We find Candice going back and forth on Charlie and stud like the good little slut she grew up to be.

It's safe money to bet that her boyfriend has no idea that the love of his life is getting the Dogfart treatment in a vile spot. Nevertheless, Candice's holes are for the taking of the black man. That ass and pussy get slammed by hefty helpings of black meat. The cheating bitch eventually returns to her boyfriend Oct 6th - WeFuckBlackGirls.

Layton Benton Member Comments: The busty black queen is running her man's construction crew down to their bones The next chapter in our interracial love story sees Layton servicing 4 big white cocks and cheating on her black husband at the same time. The huge tits on Layton shake and quiver as her mouth works hard. The blue collars unleash their work frustration on the boss' wife That black pussy feels the power of white wang, and that mouth houses any given cock in the vicinity.

The boss' wife has each guy clock out by dumping their redneck sauce all over her face and tits. We have a feeling she's about to file divorce papers to the black guy who's now forced to sleep on the couch. Sep 15th - WeFuckBlackGirls. The two recent additions to our roster of ebony sluts are waiting to get their hands on Chris Strokes who has just wrapped up a scene.

Serena and Diamond's inability to resist white cock is as clear as day when they pretty much attack Chris in the bathroom. Serena and Diamond both feast on Chris' big white sausage in a manner fitting a couple of white cock sluts. If it's not Serena's black pussy getting stuff it's Diamond who's getting her share of the white man's meat stick.

Diamond lends a helping hand by guiding Chris' cock right inside Serena's sweet spot. Diamond's gash isn't off the white target as Chris shows her fuck hole the same courtesy he showed Serena's The lens nearly fogs up from all three going at it in a wild frenzy of black-on-white fucking.

The last order of business is for both black sluts to share the creamy goodness that whiteboy has to muster up. Aug 25th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Teanna Trump Member Comments: We find Eric John and Teanna Trump in the middle of a tutoring session. Chris Strokes interrupts things by sticking his nose where it didn't belong. However, Teanna's much more interested in getting dicked down by white meat than continuing with her studies.

We find ourselves back inside where Eric and Chris get things heated with the barely-legal black slut. Teanna's 18 but sucks both white guys like a seasoned black slut. Both ends of Teanna are given plenty of attention by both Eric and Chris. The black girl gets her pussy ravaged and mouth bombarded with white cock in a manner fitting a black slut. Be sure to cover your ears and lower your volume because Teanna's screaming is a direct result of the massive thrashing her pussy is taking.

Teanna's pussy becomes a pool for which only white boy jizz is allowed to remain inside of. Why the fuck not? Aug 4th - WeFuckBlackGirls. Nikki Ford Member Comments: However, she doesn't really know where or how to start her journey into the wild world of interracial porn. Pete and Eric Everhard. We find both guys giving her some pointers, but talk is cheap and actions are loud and vocal.

It's not too long before both guys bring her home in order for her to get her first double dicking of white boy. The busty ebony slut's isn't at all nervous odd since she's brand new to the business , and she gladly welcomes both white cocks into her mouth.

Now, do we end here with a simple double blowjob? Eric and Pete takes turns plowing that black snatch in Nikki Ford's interracial threesome debut. Nikki Ford's fun with white cocks only ends when both guys blow their cream all over her face and tits. Do we have a star in the making? Dec 15th - BarbCummings. Gloryhole Hot Pocket Member Comments: The dirty talk in this one made me want to cum.

If you'd said "I want to bareback this random stranger" I think I'd have blown right then. Damn shame Gia retired, she's got an amazing body and her dick sucking skills are unparalleled. Add Your Comments BarbCummings. Back for some big black cock and my weekly interracial creampie! So the dude who shoots the videos for my website had this idea to take me and Gia Paloma to where he also shoots scenes for Gloryhole.

Gia was playing around with his camera while he was driving, and shot some video of me flashing random dudes. Finally we got parked, and inside our private booth. We were checking out this dive when a big black anonymous dick appeared through the wall.

Gia decided to warm it up with some of her patented deepthroating, and she almost broke her nose on the wall from jamming this huge black dick completely down her throat! I was rubbing up my pussy when the idea came up to get this dick inside me, and see if I could get my little oreo baby from this unknown cum shooter.

So it took some extra help from Gia and a lot of careful wallfucking to get this dude to deliver a load of his black american cheese inside my hot pocket. You can't say I'm not exposing my fertile loins to the widest available gene pool in my continuing quest for my very own brown mini me!

Sophie Dee Member Comments: Sophie Dee is the Bomb. It's always interesting to cum swap with another black cock slut. In this case, it's Sophie Dee. It's always interesting to cum swap in a filthy place. In this case, it's an adult bookstore! Specifically in a place called a "gloryhole". Well, ever been in a filthy place and had to make a number 2?

So you go into the stall and notice there's been holes drilled in the stall wall? Ever go to an adult bookstore and seen one? Yep, you have, so yep, you know they're real Pure and utter filth. I mean neither of us were raised like this. Oct 27th - SpringThomas. Gloryhole Gone Wild Member Comments: This is the scence I have been waiting for.

Love seeing all the sexy foot action in nearly evry clip how Spring was reacting to the BBC pounding she was receiving the best yet. I have a foot fetish and this is a made to order scene if you have a foot fetish. Keep up the good work Spring and your cameraman. I know I'm kinda embarrassed and almost even ashamed of myself after what I did.

I wasn't raised this way. Hi Bois and Girrrrls! Welcome to My World! And what a world it is. My cameraman drags me out to some crazy ass neighborhood so I can suck dicks I don't even know I mean I got pounded right on that filthy floor! And with jizz all over my face. The other guy sprayed all over my BA-gina and made me so filthy and dirty I went directly home and laid in the bathtub.

In fact, as you read this, I'm still there. It's an all-time record even for me. And I still think the filth's still there. Spring Sep 23rd - Gloryhole-Initiations. You may not remember the TV show with the same name, but Demi and Chanell make for an odd pair, because Chanell is one slutty hoe Chanell loves one-night stands, but Demi wants to make a man wait -- until they fall in love.

So when Chanell drags Demi to an adult bookstore, and then discovers a gloryhole in the back of the joint, well Just wait til you see Chanell work Demi into sucking a stranger who popped his dick through the "hole" from the next booth over! It only gets better from here: Chanell fucks the dude, and then Demi turns from "nice girl" to slut My favorite part of this is watching Chanell jerk the dude's dick off right on to Demi!

Aug 27th - GloryHole. Valentina Nappi Member Comments: Add Your Comments GloryHole. She's in a dirty bookstore, at the Dogfart section, and flirting with the black dude behind the counter! If that wasn't enough, she already knew about this place After all, this place is notorious for perverted behavior and "cruisy" gloryholes!

In a couple minutes, she's back in one of the private booths, and, of course, the store clerk let her in there for free! Here's the thing about sluts like Valentina: She wants it up her ultra-tight butthole. And getting butt fucked it is! Valentina takes that big, black cock balls deep up her shit pipe, cause the gentleman in the adjacent booth to moan in delight.

After Valentina tastes her ass off his dick, he shoots his load all over her. Like I said before Jul 2nd - GloryHole. Maggie Green Member Comments: She's the manager of a chain of adult bookstores, and she's been called in to one particular store in her area for an inspection.

There's rumors of inappropriate behavior taking place in the "video arcade" section of the store, and they're so rampant, the health department's been called in. After a brief meeting with one of the store's employees, Maggie heads back to the arcade to get a better look. And what she finds truly amazes her. It's not the graffiti in the hole When 10" of black meat pops through, well And in a momentary lapse of judgement, Maggie's weakness for exciting, "N.

She swallows as much as she can, and then it's time for the "walk of shame" back to her store manager, who asks one simple question GloryHole Action Member Comments: Welcome back to you-know-where! What a nutty week!! I mean this tops it all, I think! In a nutshell, since I'm 21 now, my cameraman makes me drive over to an adult bookstore And it wasn't enough for me to just suck off a stranger.

I ended up inviting him into my dirty booth, and then we did it! I mean we really did it! He was black, had a huge dick, and unloaded one of the biggest nuts I've ever seen I mean this has got to be one of the biggest loads I've ever taken! May 21st - GloryHole. Skylar Snow Member Comments: In fact, it's fair to call Skylar a "Gloryhole Hunter". She'll scour the internet, looking for the hottest, filthiest N.

Skylar doesn't want a hubby or boyfriend he's at home watching sports , nor does she want to make friends or have a "fuck buddy". Skylar simply wants to get her fill of dick. Not just any dick, either. When Skylar is being "naughty", she wants the BBC: So when a white boy pushes his dinky through "the hole", Skylar has no interest But watch her reaction when, a little later, a piece of black meat appears!

Skylar's so excited, she offers up all three holes to a man she's never met nor will ever meet. She doesn't know his name, but she craves his cock! Please shoot attractive sexually talented girls like adrian Maya, nia naaci Katt garcia Sarah Banks julie kay, You don't have to shoot a random black girl cause she is new, shoot hot attractive girls who can fuck This girl has a huge following has a great body and is a good performer and doesn't get brought back but Daizy cooper and Noemie bilas do?

This girl is highly rated and has only gotten hotter and better as a perfomer bring her back. This girl likes rough blowjobs and has one of the highest rated scenes, please stop shooting black girls who can't suck dick, Chanell Heart, sarah banxx, Skyler nicole, LAcey london, mya mays, KAtt garcia all suck dick well, shoot them She should be brought back a bunch more.

Such nice plump pussy lips - keep filling them.. Can't wait to see her again. Creampies are so hot. Jayla Starr member ranking: Valentina Nappi member rating: Phoenix Askani member rating: Abella Danger member rating: Karina O'Reilley member rating: Casey Calvert member rating: Lexi Lowe member rating: Marley Blaze member rating: Chase Ryder member rating: See All 3, Full Length Movies.

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Heidi makes her way to a restroom that hasn't seen a janitor in ages- but no fuck was given this day. It doesn't really surprise her when the first four or five Homies come in to keep her company His tongue felt nice on my stomach as he left the sticky evidence of Nathan's presence. Feb 1st - WeFuckBlackGirls. So when a white boy pushes his dinky through "the hole", Skylar has no interest

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