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Posted by Eric Burns-White at There's a little bit of softness in a couple places, but you should feel good. You're going to have these teeth all your life, and not in your hand, either. Okay -- wait here, and the office manager will pick you up in a couple and do followup planning with you.

That was two weeks ago. Last week I'd had the first set of drilling done, and stage one of the cleaning was yesterday. Today was the second set of filling stuff. It's all 'soft spots. I sat in the chair that put me upside down, they put vacuums in my mouth, gave me a cherry based swabbing that started numbing me and filled my face with Novocain.

In the end, it's the sound that's unpleasant. The sound, and your tongue dries out because you're holding your mouth open for so long.

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Every one of the dental chairs also has Dish Network, and while they worked, they discussed the episode of Oprah that was on. I am sitting at the nearby Starbucks, where Weds was waiting while they worked on me.

My face is mostly numb. I have seen Oprah. There is a bad taste in the part of my mouth I can actually feel. And there is crap on my teeth waiting for me to get home so ironically I can brush it off. It seems like it must be part of their plan. We endure. We endure drilling and cleaning and Oprah, and get things dealt with before they hurt and before they're a problem or an emergency.

We endure, because we are grown up, and grown up people get their oil changed, buy food for its fiber content, know our insurance agent on a first name basis, and get their teeth taken care of before it's a problem. And yet, when we get home, we're going to watch Power Rangers: Jungle Fury on the TiVo. We may be grown up, but we're also Generation X.

And adulthood is best done in small doses. Besides, R. Posted by Eric Burns-White at 5: Back from Vegas, feeling somewhat ill -- hardly surprising, after a whirlwind desert week filled with educational conferences, evenings out, occasional liquor, and, y'know, getting married. The wedding was lovely, with evaporative cooling surrounding us with a light mist as we said vows under a rather nice outdoor gazebo.

Weds was beautiful. I didn't trip at any point. I'll have more to say on it and many other things later this week, but as I said I'm feeling ill and besides, I want to show off Snarky, the Snarkasaurus, as created in the free demo of the Spore Creature Creator. This is an amazingly cool thing to play with -- I've created something like a dozen creatures so far, and I'm really chomping at the bit to get the full game or even the full version of the creature creator -- but the game isn't until September and it'll be a few weeks before a ten dollar cool thing is a prudent investment.

I think he came out pretty well given the limited tools, and he looks so happy. Yes, Eric Burns-White. I'll explain my choice in detail later, though one friend has mentioned I've managed to up my pretentiousness another eight points, and another friend has said "wow -- your lifelong ambition to be E. White has finally seen fruition!

The presenter is now telling us about a new concept on the web -- something that might really change things. Posted by Eric Burns-White at 3: Las Vegas is very very hot. Naturally, the wedding will be outdoors. We are not necessarily bright. The auctions continue apace -- bid early and often! And that's not even all. I will do my best to check in, preferably drunk, later this week.

Right now, I'm sitting at a work related conference, and am therefore sober. It is not an improvement. Posted by Eric Burns-White at 2: And hello and good morning, action force! It's the start of a new week -- and as it works out, a pretty important week for Weds and I. We get up tomorrow morning, bright and early, and head down to Boston to board a plane which then takes us to Las Vegas, Nevada.

There, I go to a work related conference with other folks from work. In the evenings, we hang out and listen to the sounds of the bells. Needless to say, of course, we need more money than we currently have. And as we have done before and promised to do this time, we're turning to eBay -- land of getting rid of stuff -- to raise said funds while also clearing some room.

It's win-win! My eBay page is still here , and there's about 30 items up right now with more being added this afternoon. It's cool stuff! Here's a few highlights:. I won't kid you -- this has been a very expensive month for us. Between moving, getting household stuff set up, and preparing for a Wedding just because we're going the Vegas route doesn't mean there's not, y'know, money that needs spendin' things are a lot tighter than we'd hoped for this stage of things.

If folks have an inclination to use the donation button on the sidebar, we'd certainly be appreciative, though I'd admit I feel odd asking for that. Thus, we put stuff up for sale, and continue to do so. So please, bid early, bid often, and tip your waitresses. You know, your waitress doesn't get paid very much -- it's your appreciation that means she eats.

Now, please enjoy the dulcet tones of mister Rudy Vallee. Posted by Eric Burns-White at 9: G'morning, all -- as promised, it's time to shamelessly sell things! Wednesday moved here over the past couple of weeks, which has been amazing and fun and exciting and expensive and have we mentioned it will be months before Weds can legally receive money for work in this country?

We haven't? Well, it's true! The guv'ment done has rules and we follow those rules, dang it! Further, in less than a month Wednesday and I fly to the city of Sin to I have a conference work is sending me to in beautiful, neon-laden Las Vegas, and Weds is coming along with because Plus we have some friends who are meeting us there. So we need money for Vegas, money for the wedding, and money for immediately after Vegas since we don't need to stop eating when we get back from a trip, you know.

It is also worth noting? We now have a lot of stuff in our apartment, and some of it needs new homes. Our kitchen has been overwhelmed by boxes. We're doing what geeks do when they need money and space -- we're selling bunches of stuff on eBay , and you're invited! The stuff we're selecting tends to be stuff A we have duplicates of oddly enough, we have a lot of the same stuff , B is clearly stuff we're never going to use I have a lot of DVDs already up on eBay -- DVDs that have never been taken out of their shrinkwrap.

Obviously, watching them isn't a priority so they might as well go to a new home , C , stuff we have no idea how we got in the first place I own a Kim Possible DVD? No, really? My eBay page is churning away, working on 23 happy 3 day turnaround auctions with more being added throughout today and beyond. Why 3 day? Why not!? There's been some activity already, but there's going to be lots more.

For those who might wonder -- this isn't specifically a donation drive. The paypal button is still up, of course, and we will be appreciative for any donations we get. However, with the dearth of posts around here, I would feel dumb as a post shilling for cash that way. And even if we get donations, we're still going to sell bunches of stuff because So, a week ago tomorrow I went to Canada for the last time in a long while, and while I was there I had surprisingly good mall Korean barbeque and saw the always astounding Frank "Damonk" Cormier and Meaghan "No Nickname" Quinn.

It also seemed like we found a number of cool things to do in Ottawa for the first time, including finding a great restaurant that was actually open at midnight on a Friday, which would have been useful to know eighteen months ago and for the remainder of my visits. At one in the morning Sunday Night to Monday Morning, I pulled back into my apartment parking lot with a vehicle crammed full of stuff and a woman.

And finally, after years , she can just stay. She can. We are now aiming for the June elopement, and we are working on setting up the household. To that end, we're going to be starting some monumental eBaying in the next day or two to A defray expenses both for this stuff and for the next month's When I wake up in the morning, she is there.

And for the first time, I don't have to have that momentary bittersweet knowledge that within the next day, or week, or month she's going away again. She isn't. She's never going away again. On Friday of last week, Wednesday and I had our interview at the United States Consulate in Montreal -- the last step in the long, long, ever so long process of getting our K-1 Visa approved so Wednesday can move to this country and the two of us can be married.

A friend of mine asked me if they asked us weird questions at the interview. You know, "what color is her kitchen" or "what side of the bed do you sleep on," with a view to proving whether or not we're a real couple or if this was a year long, expensive fraud we were perpetuating on the government. To answer: This may be because when they asked us the first question, "how did you two meet," we talked and giggled for about ten minutes as we went through the long process, explaining Websnark along the way, with a diversion here or there -- I think it was safe to say we were able to establish ourselves early on as 'actually a couple.

However, the interviewer seemed to know that when we walked in, as he grinned and said "I'm feeling jaunty today. What say we go from the end and work our way back? You see, I had to provide a letter, stating definitively that I intended to marry Wednesday. This is a very specific requirement. The first person we saw -- the one who collected our paperwork and took Weds's fingerprints -- looked at me and said "I still intend to marry Ms.

White" would have been sufficient. Posted by Eric Burns-White at 1: Work had sent me to a week long training course, so for eight hours a day, I was in a small room typing on computers, learning ways of tweaking server configurations and remote setup. My trainers were good, the lessons were useful, the work was challenging enough to get my brain pumping. Which left sixteen hours of the day when I wasn't in training.

This included sleeping, mind, but even that was suspect, because the training was in Las Vegas, Nevada. This, by the way, makes eminent sense for my employer. So long as I had the diligence to actually And a week work of gasoline reimbursement might not be any cheaper, to be honest.

I did a package deal of hotel, flight and rental car, and it was by far the least expensive package deal I'd ever gotten to go anywhere. Food, which was covered under expenses or chargeable to my room -- which is backdoor expenses was way less expensive for good quality food in Las Vegas than anywhere else. I was at the Excalibur, for example, and they had a strip steak meal available from seven o'clock at night until seven o'clock in the morning for seven dollars.

And it was a good strip steak, I would add, with the appropriate good strip steak sides. The Excalibur buffet, which was well stocked and actually featured on the Food Network as one of the best deals in town wasn't materially more, and that was All You Can Eat. All told, I was saving my employers significant coin by flying to Sin City.

The Excalibur was Opened in as a show and theme casino, it was a curious mixture of old school aesthetic and slick new Vegas theme fun. Its casino floor is expansive, and relatively bright and quiet. The mazes of slot machines chirped happily, of course. There were a couple of bars with live music every night, of course.

But for the most part the Excalibur wasn't chaos and it wasn't decadent. It was almost homey. The Excalibur was more or less my speed. This night, I wasn't at the Excalibur. And to be blunt, almost none of these casinos feel like the Las Vegas you see in the movies. They're grand, they're expansive, they're triumphs of Civil Engineering.

New York New York is meant to be loud, like plunging into the streets of the Bronx during a party. The MGM Grand is, as the name implies, grand and expansive, and eerily quiet. Not a bonus, to my mind, to a casino floor. It also has lions. It's interesting to look up as you're walking into a gift shop and realize that three feet above your head, through what at the time looks like a thin piece of lucite there's a black maned lion looking back down at you.

Old school Vegas, by the by, did exist on our block, at the Tropicana. The Tropicana casino floor is mirrored and glitzy and cramped and looks like every movie you've ever seen about Las Vegas. It is exactly what one expects a Las Vegas casino to be. It was worth the trip, at least for one day.

This night, I was at the Luxor. The Luxor is the famous black glass pyramid -- the theme is Ancient Egypt technically ancient Thebes, but there were no pyramids in Thebes. On the other hand, it's frigging Vegas. Don't overthink it. The place is huge, and if the Excalibur is homey and almost friendly, the Luxor is sheer bacchanalia.

Scantily clad dancers writhed on the top of gambling tables. Noise and lights and music were everywhere. The main bar was in the center of the room, and water cascaded down all around it. The casino floor was as loud as the MGM Grand was silent. I was, to be blunt, overwhelmed.

It was huge fun, but it was also out of my league and I knew it. But I was determined to enjoy myself. I shrugged. I'm staying next to a phone and I'll stay near people. If there's a problem--". Now, I have a good gambling system. I go to a gambling floor with a crisp twenty dollar bill. I put it in my left pocket. This is my bank. At some point, I get it changed for ones, because ones are useful.

When I go and gamble at the Casino de Lac Leamy in Quebec, it's way more satisfying because they give you the money as quarters and you can feed the coins into the machines. Las Vegas left quarters behind a long time ago, and even the penny, nickel, dime and quarter slots only take dollar bills.

They figured out this meant they got more money. I then put that twenty into different slot machines, one dollar at a time. I take my time. It's more fun with Wednesday because then it's about the banter, not about the gambling. The gambling is secondary. Gambling all on my own is, to be honest, a little bit dull. Now, whenever you win in a current slot machine, you don't get cascades of coins though the machines have the digitally sampled sounds of coins falling into their coin trays.

Instead, you get that many credits added to your total. So, if you're playing quarter slots which I prefer, on the whole , you have four credits for your original dollar, and however many credits after you play four times is what you have won off that machine. You then hit "Cash Out," and it prints a barcoded ticket with your winnings encoded onto it, which you can redeem at the bankers or at an number of machines spread throughout the floor.

Or, of course, you can feed the ticket into a slot machine and keep playing. That, by the way, is what they want you to do. They want you to "see how long you can go. You're renting entertainment, and the longer you can go the better off they'll be -- especially if you're having so much fun that you decide to get another twenty dollars out, and then another twenty, and then maybe a hundred I am their worst case scenario customer.

I expect, going into the gambling, that said twenty bucks is going to go away. I expect not to win a thin dime. Whatever the machines return to me goes into my right pocket. Remember that my bankroll is in my left. When I'm out of money in my left pocket, I go and redeem the tickets in my right pocket.

Whatever comes out of the redemption machine is mine to keep, and I'm done gambling for the night. I never have to worry about selling my car to pay off my gambling debts. I enjoy lots of spinning wheels and noises. I can play everyone's favorite casino game "do you think that girl in the minidress is a prostitute," so popular in Vegas, where the answer is very often 'yes.

Because slot machines are designed to hook you in, you're going to get some return on investment from them if you hold yourself to a specific amount. Now that's a lottery system , the slots are 'loose. In fact, when Weds and I have played twenty dollars worth of slots together, we've never failed to leave the casino floor with more money than we had entering the floor.

That twenty dollars has been anything from thirty to sixty-five dollars, the three or four times we've done this. Vegas slots ain't that loose. Not a big deal. It was decent enough entertainment, though lonely without Wednesday. There's something vaguely pathetic about being forty years old and wandering casino floors by yourself in Las Vegas, feeding dollar bills into slot machines.

And "is she a prostitute" becomes downright creepy as a game. Especially if they catch you looking, because if they are a prostitute, then that means they come over and solicit you. And honestly, that's an uncomfortable moment. This night, I was in the Luxor, and "is she a prostitute" was unplayable, because essentially everyone was young and -- if women -- largely naked.

The men were mostly in sportcoats and open collars. It was enjoyable, but a little over the top. If Weds had been with me, it would have been a blast. As it was, I felt displaced. Now, one of the things I had done was reserve little bits of my twenty dollar bankroll, each night, to "do the Vegas thing. I pissed off one of the other players for not betting smart enough.

As it was, I broke even after five one dollar bets and moved on. And I decided, while at the Luxor, that this would be my night to play a round of Roulette. Now Roulette is a sucker's game. The odds are astronomically in favor of the house. You play Roulette because you don't mind losing. I found an electronic version -- people put X amount of money in the bank, they entered their bets on a touchscreen, and then a real, physical roulette wheel was spun by real, physical girls who paid winners in real, physical chips when they cashed out.

It was 21st century, and old school, all at once. So I figured play five bucks spread out over various bets for a few minutes, take my losses and spend the other fifteen bucks at the slots, then retreat back across the bridge to Excalibur for some liquor and sleep. I was in over my head. I did this for about three spins before I realized there were no posted minimums that I was at a five dollar minimum table.

The system had essentially rejected all my bets, which were 'intelligently' done on things like 'even' and 'red. And it was the stupidest bet you could make in Roulette. I just wanted to lose my five bucks and get on with my evening, tired of this thing. So I bet a number. Betting a number in Roulette is moronic , by the by. It's essentially the worst bet you can make in Vegas outside of betting on the Washington Generals to beat the Harlem Globetrotters.

Idiots bet numbers in Roulette. If you look at the hardcore Roulette players, they play the safer bets I mentioned above, and they play corners or sides of numbers, in effect putting their bet on numbers at once. If they bet numbers, it's out of superstition and never, ever the only bet they play on a given turn of the wheel.

Only the kind of hayseed yokel who hits on fifteen in blackjack when the dealer's showing a five would play a number in Roulette as his only bet. Please, please, please. If you learn anything from my tale, learn this -- do not play numbers in Roulette. It's stupid. So I finished, and I hit 'cash out. Yes, I have a Player's Club card. Telly Savalas would be proud of me, right up until he learned I played a number in Roulette.

Then he'd be pissed and leave. There was a flurry of activity, and the attractive woman carried over a small tray of chips of various colors. My usual doctor was booked, and his partner had recently left the practice, so I was seeing a temp. So they taped electrodes all over my body, and I lay back, and then ran an EKG.

And then they left the room for a while after taking the electrodes off me and I waited. About fifteen minutes later, they came back in. That's an enzyme your body releases when there's damage to the heart. It's probably nothing, but we want to see -- we want to just make sure everything's okay -- and if you go to the ER you'll get the test results back more quickly.

And I was moved to the front of the queue. Which surprised me a touch. I told each new tech or nurse the symptoms "On a scale of 1 to 10? The pain's probably just a 1 or a 2. Really, if it had been anywhere else on my body--". They put me on a telemetry monitor. They took blood, and started an IV. They took another EKG. Everyone was very nice and pleasant, and no one seemed to be annoyed that this dumb hypochondriac was taking up time and resources.

I was a little bit delicate, going to class the next day. Hitting in Roulette meant having more of a good time than I normally had been, including introducing myself to a couple of scotches with names I couldn't pronounce. This was the closest I was ever going to come to being a high roller, and I had fun with it.

I called Weds a number of times. She was amused, and excited over the win. I was missing her a lot but trying hard not to let that affect the good vibe. I'd god damned hit in Roulette. That morning, though as I said delicate, I'd done some recalculation of budget. I'd paid off all my gambling for the week. I'd paid off some other personal expenses the kind of thing that work wouldn't cover, like the Star Trek teddy bears I'd picked up for Weds.

Don't judge me for my sappiness, damn it, they were cute bears. And at the end of everything, I had a hundred dollar bill in my pocket that was entirely outside of my budget. It was, in effect, free money. I had not expected free money. And somehow, it seemed wrong to not do something with it. Something wild, and nuts. I was in Vegas and I was way ahead.

And it was on a dumbass bet. A decent amount of the Scotch the night before had been dedicated to her, which must have amused my bartender. Who, a couple of days later, I learned made an outstanding hot toddy, using Benedictine of all things, but I digress. Weds, being smarter than I am, counseled keeping the hundred bucks.

Or at most adding some of it to nightly revels. Bump my last few nights' gambling to thirty bucks instead of twenty. Or go see a show, maybe. Or hold onto the money and be glad for it in the weeks to come. But that didn't seem right to me. For dumb reasons, but validly dumb. I had a hundred bucks above and beyond my budget No, I had an idea. A thing on the big list of things one wanted to do in Vegas but wasn't dumb enough to do, most of the time.

Every casino had them, mind. One section cordoned off for "High Stakes Players. If Fand or blind luck or what had you wanted to give me a big ass payout, I reasoned, I might as well give them one chance to do so. The major jackpot on a quarter slot, generally speaking, is not materially more than I make in two weeks at work.

I had not been playing with the Lottery dream of being rich in mind. Well, I had a hundred bucks in my pocket. Why not take the moonshot with that? I mean, when would I ever have a chance to put a hundred bucks on one pull of the machine again? I don't play in those leagues, and I wasn't going to.

So why not? Why not take this money I never expected to have and take one grand shot at the moon? Slots, for the record, are about as safe as any Vegas bet you can play, which means most of the time they don't return very much. Obviously, most spins of the tumblers you lose. Welcome to gambling. But reasonably often, you do win.

The machines work in "credits," which count as one of whatever amount is printed on the machine. On a quarter slot machine, each credit is twenty five cents. On a dollar slot, it's a dollar. On a nickel slot, it's a five cents. Most of the machines let you play more than one credit at a time, it's worth mentioning. Vegas likes money, and this was a way for people to spend it faster.

I'm a one credit per play kind of guy. So, it's not hard to hit a one credit payout on the slots, so that you get back what you put in. It doesn't cost the house anything for that, after all, and most slots players will just play again. It's not uncommon to hit 2, 3, 5 or 10 credits for one.

Nothing to write home about, but exciting at that one moment. I've even hit credit payouts or more. Weds and I hit a forty dollar payout on a quarter slot once, which meant we hit credits on the spin. On the hundred dollar slots, one credit was a hundred bucks. The casino would want that money back.

It was astronomically unlikely I would go home with hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it was nigh impossible I would go home with more. Many machines topped out with a to 1 payout on a 1 credit play. On a hundred dollar slot shot, that's three million dollars. Seductive sounding, but it wouldn't happen. But the chances weren't bad that I would get my hundred dollars back, or even turn it into two or three or five hundred dollars.

By the end of the work day, it was clear to me I was going to do this. In the land of suckers, the hayseed sucker who hit on fifteen when the dealer was showing five and was stupid enough to bet on a single number in Roulette was going to take a hundred dollar bill -- five hundred meals, if one bought Ramen noodles -- drop it into a slot machine, and take a shot at the moon.

He was the ER doctor on duty. He'd consulted with Dr. Fleet directly, mind. Well, right here It stays smooth. Now, that might have been the placement of the electrodes. That might also just be normal for you. But it might -- might -- speak to something that's wrong. There were electrode pads all over me, now, and I was in a hospital gown, and there were tubes in my nose feeding me oxygen.

Probably with absolutely nothing wrong with me, mind. Jo, Y. Wu, G. Fish, and M. Doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in germinal Uematsu, A. Noronha, M. Manoharan, S. Akira, A. Leonard and David V. Reynolds, A. Leake, Q. Boese, S. Scaringe, W. Marshall, and A.

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