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I watched as Tony went through some quick warm-up poses, most of which had him facing the back wall, leaning against it to give his back muscles more definition, and all of which were designed to allow us to warm up our drawing muscles. When clothed, he looked thin, skinny even, but undressed it was obvious he was toned and muscular.

I wondered what Diane would make of the situation. She would have found it hilarious and made sure everyone knew Tony was my brother, so I was thankful Diane had gone off with Simon earlier. I was sure nobody else knew he was my brother but glanced round the room furtively to see if anybody was looking in my direction or pointing and laughing at me.

Everyone seemed to be on task, so I tried to forget I was looking at my naked brother and got on with sketching. Soon I was thinking only about line, shape and composition. The line that ran from his shoulder blades down his back to his buttocks. The shape of his cute are cheeks, his sculpted thigh and calf muscles. The composition of his body with his arms out in front of him leaning against the wall and his legs apart, like he was ready to be frisked or reamed.

Here I was thinking about licking out my brother's ass, reaching round and tugging on his I stopped drawing, closed my eyes and took deep breaths to calm down and rid myself of these disturbing thoughts. When I opened my eyes, Tony had thankfully changed pose. He was now sitting on a chaise longue with one knee pulled up to his chest and the foot of his other leg tucked in underneath.

One arm crossed his body and held his knee in place; the other rested on the arm of the furniture. With Tony sitting in reasonable comfort, this would be the first long pose so I tried to ignore his nakedness by sketching studies of his hands and feet until, after about forty minutes, someone at the front asked if Tony could change pose.

He moved so that he was now standing facing me. He had his arms folded behind his head and was looking at the wall behind me. Then his eyes scanned the room and he saw me and a look of shock flashed across his face. He covered his mouth, coughed, and apologized before repositioning himself and nodding to indicate he was ready. He was now staring right at me and allowed himself an almost imperceptible smirk before settling into his resting face.

So, he thought this situation was amusing. The game was on. I adjusted my seat, moving it away from the easel, so Tony could see my legs. I undid the top two buttons of my cotton shirt and bent forward, giving him a glimpse of my breasts. I put the end of my pencil in my mouth and put down my sketching pad. I sat back upright, hands on thighs. Already, I could see the mixture of fear and pleading beginning to appear in Tony's eyes.

He was not expecting this. I took the pencil from my mouth and ran it slowly down between my tits. My heart pounded and my pussy tingled with excitement. I licked my lips and spread my legs as wide as I dared. My denim skirt rode up around my legs. Inside my sodden panties, my pussy throbbed. Tony looked pained. Looking down his body it became obvious why.

He had not moved a millimetre but his dick was repeating the trick from this morning, slowly bobbing and growing ever upwards. I smiled and winked at him. Erections do happen in life drawing classes. We were told the etiquette is to ignore them and they would usually go away. We had heard stories from other year groups but it had never occurred in any of our classes where most of our models had been women so erections would only occur in the pants of the male art students, like Simon this morning.

Now there was frisson of excitement in the studio. There was shuffling of seats, the quickening of pencil on sketchpad and the murmur of words spoken hurriedly under breath. Tony's erection was rock hard and as the minutes passed it showed no sign of abating. Tony was standing stock still and I could tell from the flickering of his eyes he was taking in every inch of my body and mentally removing the few clothes I was wearing.

At least, that's what he told me later. I had a deep urge to rip my clothes off and let him have me right there. I had to dig my fingernails into my thighs to stop myself running up onto the platform and prostrating myself before him. Instead I ran my fingernails up my thighs and pushed my skirts up another few centimetres.

I took my sketchbook from the easel and rested it on my lap. With one hand I pretended to draw and slid my other hand down the front of my skirt. I pulled my panties to the side, for while Tony could not see my snatch it was a thrill exposing myself in front of my unsuspecting classmates. I gave up pretending to draw and undid another shirt button. My hand cupped my breast, fingers explored my areola, nails teased my nipple.

Under my skirt I had two fingers sliding inside me, my thumb kneading my clit. I was about to explode in a clitoral orgasm and Tony looked like he was ready to cum, probably all over the front row. Near the front, a hand went up and Miss Turner shouted over 'Yes, what is it?

I stopped what I was doing and quickly buttoned myself up, as though by saying the word 'masturbation' everyone would instinctively turn and look at me. But nobody was looking at me. Everybody was looking at Tony, or rather at his thick, hard cock. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark.

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