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The gorilla was so fucking strong that Julia Roberts was basically a rag doll in the apes paw as he took several sniffs of her with his gorilla nose. Forgot Username or Password? The gorilla looked down at the gun and seamed to realize the danger as he finished up his attack by snapping it like a toothpick before turning back on a suddenly, very horrified, Julia Roberts. For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled. Here's what you're missing out on! Typically, those who suffer with oversized nipples avoid wearing tight clothing or doing activities which require them show their chest. April 14, at

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It was a nightmare. It had to be just her worst dream ever. Julia could never survive an attack from a gorilla. She was a human. The beast did not really want to fuck her? It was so unfair. It was a delicious irony that might finally teach all the do-gooders of the world to mind their own place. The gorilla knew that Julia was not a typical bitch but she still had the smell, so if she worked like female apes then he had to figure out how to find her hole.

The gorilla had Julia by the head and she seamed to have a hole there so he pushed down and put her in place. Julia could not believe as the powerful animal maneuvered her head towards his weapon. She had no idea how the beast knew to put her mouth down there. The gorilla did not even get Julia face up against his slimy black cock but actually ended up humping the right side of her head.

It was not the breeding film that PBS was expecting, but in the world of the Internet, it was a film that would buy an awful lot of good times for both Billy and Tony. The initial gorilla who had started the fun with Julia Roberts seamed to have a low spot on the pecking order of the tribe. Now he was being challenged for his prize. Julia almost felt herself rip in two as the first gorilla did not let go of her head.

Normally the first gorilla would have backed off rather then risked a beating from his larger opponent but something told his animal instincts that Julia Roberts was a piece of ass worth fighting for. The war was on, but Julia had been suffocating while she was being held by the head, and she did not have the strength to take advantage and crawl away as the two males fought over who would rape her.

Then a third gorilla entered the picture. He was the groups number two male. As a now very excited Billy filmed, he wanted to shout out at the stupid ape to rip the actresses pants off but he knew Gorillas did not understand English. Billy hated to admit it but he actually had a hardon.

The film would make him millions but the stupid animals had to get the Hollywood bitch striped for the real money shots to begin.. Then the god of perversion smiled on Billy. The dominant gorilla reached down to where Julia was sprawled helplessly on the ground and managed to slide his big fingers into the back of her pants while trying to lift her.

Julia was in some baggy khaki shorts and as the gorilla shook her a couple of times like playing a yo-yo, the shorts gave out. Julia Roberts went falling back face first to the ground below and all the actress had left for protection was her simple, white, cotton panties.

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They did not stay on for long.

He hefted the actress up and held her upside down. Julia screamed but there was no one to save her as the gorilla positioned her head at his erect cock. The beast somehow understood that Julia could pleasure him with her mouth and this time Julia was facing the right direction. There could be no denying that every time the choking bitch managed to actually swallow, that she was drinking another gulp of actual gorilla sperm.

Tony must have been zooming in for a close-up for the mouth shot too as he suddenly got sick. Screw him, Billy thought. Billy wanted some more action. Billy was actually at the point of hoping that Julia did get fucked to death as it would make a lot less hassles for him publishing the video, but first he wanted her kicking and screaming as she got cunt fucked.

Billy was just a film guy and no expert on gorilla mating habits. Some fuckers get off on that too. I mean maybe she will survive. It is not like we can fucking do anything. Roger was suppose to be the god damn hero and you saw what happened to him and Jake too. This is all her fault and she should be the one to pay. I guess we would be idiots not to make our money but I hope Julia survives.

I always wanted to see Pretty Woman II. She was in a light state of shock, which was probably the only thing keeping her from being driven insane. She seamed to realize that she was still fixating on how unfair it was for some a good and caring girl as herself to be hurt by the very creatures she had been trying to help.

She wanted to curse her lord for delivering onto her such a perversion as to be mouth-fucked by an animal, but she could not focus enough even to make that much effort. She felt the hot, wet splurts soaking the back of her throat, and the sliminess and pungent taste as she managed to choke the occasional swallow.

Billy almost wet himself in anticipation. King had finished with his gorilla-bitch and was now making the scene to see just what all the excitement was over this new little fuck-toy. Julia fell to her face on the jungle floor as King made his advance. See if you can work behind the beast and see if you can get some film of the bitch getting it in her cunt.

Look at all the animals. The little perverts on the net are going to have to satisfy themselves with what they get. I mean if they jump all over each other when they fuck just way to he starts jumping up and down on that slut as he breeds her. Both crew men had hard-ons as they watched the savage beast mount and penetrate the idol of millions.

Julia Roberts was still alert enough to fill the air with an awesomely sexy scream of anguish and shock as she took the most obscene of violations. The big ape was hesitant for an instant or two as he seamed a little confused by the difference in movie star cunt from gorilla cunt. It was a totally typical gorilla fucking except that the bitch getting bred was a world famous human Hollywood movie star by the name of Julia Roberts.

The gorilla was a magnificent lover for what it is worth with amazing stamina. The beast almost seamed to take some sort of secret perverse pleasure in using as many positions as imaginable. Billy allowed himself a giggle as the beast managed to actually step all over Julia Roberts while keeping her penetrated. He wished that the chicken shit, Tony would move in for some close-ups of Julia but he was glad that he had been correct in his belief that the rape would be animated enough to give multiple angles for the camera from a stationary position.

I mean everyone says that we are almost like those fuckers. What if she gets all knocked-up with some kind of fucking monkey boy. Can you imagine the headlines in the National Enquirer? I bet the slut will breed with the fucking animals. I mean the slut has not even screamed since the bitch smacked her head. I would not be surprised if that Hollywood whore comes all over that filthy monkey cock in her cunt and copulates.

We will get a local native to keep her until it is too late for any bullshit abortions. We can even fill the delivery. We are going to get trouble for not saving the bitch. Kiky Deserted Island. Alisa Outdoor Nudes 10 Jan, Susann Beach Exploring 5 Jun, April 13, at 9: Stephan Otte says: April 13, at Margaret says: April 14, at 2: MrTittySucker says: April 14, at 6: April 14, at April 14, at 5: April 14, at 9: Chaos says: April 26, at 7: ShadowMAN says: April 15, at 7: Benson says: April 16, at Don P says: April 16, at 3: Roberto Castillo says: April 17, at 6: Martin says: April 22, at 6: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Jake barely had time to cry out before he was in the paws of the gorilla and sent against a tree so hard it broke him open and blood started soaking his face. The gorilla almost decapitated the guide, as the blow from his powerful paw sent Roger through the air almost fifteen feet. Then the god of perversion smiled on Billy. Have you ever seen sea green panties before? Xenia Wood is in the big-boob business. Please enter your comment! Guess the reason why a lot of professional Japanese pornstars are hairy is because of the censorship. I am no expert on gorilla mating habits or even the animals themselves for that matter.

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