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The road used to go across the creek, but the culvert had been removed or washed out. We stayed in the truck for a while until the sun came up shortly afterward and started burning off the fog. It made it's way around to the other side of where we were but never stepped out into the open. Questioning the witnesses about that I was able to determine that one witness had a full frontal of a back lighted subject while the other person was looking at an angle. Also serves as my avatar.

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The trail came from down in the draw to the south and proceeded in a northeasterly direction, crossed the road, and was lost in a very overgrown and almost impenetrable old clear-cut. This seemed to be the likely trail of the creatures, although there were no distinct tracks, the grass was pushed down by something with large feet. There have been other reports from the area.

One class A sighting is the report referred to by the witness in his report. Report I believe that with the frequency of sightings and reports of vocalizations in this area that sasquatches use this area regularly. What the witness reported was most likely vocalizations from two sasquatches, as no other animals make the sounds that this witness described. May DATE: Go down the hill with the metal cable attached to the tree.

I and my friends were hiking at the eatonville waterfalls when we smelt a wet dog musky sweet smell. We figured it was elk or a bear. When we turned the corner by the middle fall there was a huge black creature crouching over like a human drinking from the river. My buddy gave a suprised yelp and it looked up stared at us for a minute then moved lightning quick into the trees.

The witness was hiking to a popular spot just south of the town of Eatonville, Washington. The location is approximately yards from the highway parking area. I was hiking at that spot recently, so I am familiar with the location. It is very near the Pack Forest, which has a long history of sasquatch sightings, track lines in the snow, and other activity including stealing a trail worker's lunch.

They hiked from the road, across the railroad trestle, and down the trail to the right of the railroad tracks. This trail has a cable strung along it to use as a hand hold. The trail is quite steep. In talking to the witness, I gathered these additional details: It had not heard them approach over the sound of the river.

After about ten seconds of staring at the three people, it turned away from the river and moved rapidly off into the trees to the southwest on two legs. As it moved away, it paused three times to turn and look at them. The witness said this was the time when he was worried about whether or not it would attempt to approach them.

He said that it turned its entire body to look at them. He got a really good look at the animal. It was only about 60 feet away when they first saw it. By the time it had moved about 50 feet away from the river, it vanished into the brush.

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The location is such that throughout most of the day, the river is in the shade, so the ability to see fine detail is not very good.

The witness gave me a good description of the creature's appearance: The color of the fur was black underneath, but a rusty red at the tips. The fur was long and straight. The face was wide, like an orangutan. The skin color was a reddish-tan; like someone who has been using too much fake tanning cream. He could not see detail of the mouth, nose, or eyes due to the lighting.

The head was cone-shaped on top. There was no visible neck. The arms were very long, reaching nearly to its knees. The hands were large, like the picture of Michael Jordan holding a basketball. It looked like a huge human with fur. They were above the creature looking down, so height estimation is problematic. The witness is a body builder and weighs lbs. He said by comparison this creature was much bigger; he estimated its weight at lbs.

The build was massive, with huge shoulders. It sounded just like a human clearing its throat when they are annoyed at being disturbed. Being familiar with the location, the history of sasquatch sightings in this area, and with the excellent description of the creature, I am convinced that this witness saw a sasquatch. Scott Taylor is an aerospace engineer.

He lives in Spanaway, Washington. He had his first bigfoot encounter in October where he smelled it, was followed and then heard vocalizations. September DATE: The witness and I talked over the phone about this incident. I live near the place where they heard the vocalization, and know the exact spot that they are referring to.

This location is a popular viewpoint, and a great place to view the sunset. It is a deep canyon, forested, and very steep. The south side of the river is inaccessible to the public, due to locked gates. It is relevant to note that there are many other reports of observations from the area.

Report BFRO investigators have made several trips down to this area in the past couple of years, and have experienced sasquatch activity on certain occasions. This particular site is suspected to be a crossing point from the very inaccessible forest on the south side of the river, to the more accessible north side. Having an encounter or hearing a vocalization in this area isn't unprecedented.

I sent the witness an audio clip that I recorded at the Olympics Expedition for comparison to what he heard. Audio Clip His response is that this vocalization was exactly the same, but what he heard was closer, and louder. He felt that it was on his side of the river in the forest below the pull-out. Based on what the witness described, the location, and the similarity to vocalizations that we are sure are sasquatch vocalizations, I have concluded that this witness and his girlfriend did indeed hear a sasquatch.

November DATE: Please keep location private. We had just pulled up at our spot and were unoading our gear when we immediatly started hearing a strange sound coming from the treeline behind us. It was a whooping, tongue clicking type of sound and it was really creepy. Reminded me of the ape cage at the zoo except for the weird sound at the end. We started making similar sounds back at it and it started answering us.

Then, we heard it walking north in the treeline while continuing to make the sound. We grabbed our guns and jumped back into the truck. It made it's way around to the other side of where we were but never stepped out into the open. After a few minutes, we heard and felt a thud on the road about 20 feet from our truck.

We locked and loaded our guns and went to check it out. There was a small boulder in the middle of the road that was not there a few minutes before. I could tell it had been thrown there due to the fresh indents in the ground and marks on it. We scanned the area and the sounds started again, this time from the treeline on our right. The fog was lifting and we walked towards the area the sounds were coming from.

All of a sudden, we heard something very big moving through the forest away from us. It was breaking tree branches and we could hear it walking through the underbrush. We headed back to the truck and got in to talk about what had just happened. We were both freaked out and our adrenaline was really pumping.

We stayed in the truck for a while until the sun came up shortly afterward and started burning off the fog. We briefly looked around the area but didn't find any sign. We both knew it had to be a sasquatch and decided to leave the area and hunt somewhere else. After reading reports on this website, the sounds we heard were similiar to sounds heard by other witnesses so I'm One other witness, my friend Sean.

We were together unloading our hunting gear at the back of his truck. Yes, I have spoken to other hunters who have had similiar encounters in this area but they wish to remain anonymous. It was very foggy, cold and damp. Dew on ground and trees. Low visibility due to fog. Heavily forested area with clear cuts.

Very thick foilage. The witness and I discussed this encounter over the phone. I found the witness to be very credible, and a knowledgeable outdoorsman. He was able to help me locate the exact spot using Google Earth. The area is very densely forested. I will go out to the site when the snow melts.

There have been other reports from that general area. Report The behavior described is consistent with other encounters. The noteworthy points of this report are the vocals, circling around the witness and his friend, and the large rock that was thrown into the road behind their vehicle. I asked the witness to describe the vocals.

The whooping sounds were the same as we recorded at the Olympic expedition. Of further interest is that the creature making the vocalizations kept it up for about 45 minutes. The witness was parked at a wide spot where an old overgrown skid road branches off to the northeast.

The road lays in a north-south orientation. From where the witness parked, the sounds started to the southwest, and came from close enough that they were able to hear it walking in the woods. As the creature called, it moved north, then east, in a clockwise direction, crossing the road in the dark. Then it continued to circle them, ending up on the east side of the road.

It is very unlikely that a bear or other big-game animal would circle two grown men while vocalizing. As the witness wrote, the creature threw a large boulder into the road behind the truck. The boulder was described as being 24 x 12 x 12 inches in size. He said it was too heavy for one person to move.

He and his friend had to work together to get it out of the way. He said that the impact marks were fresh, and that it could not have been there when they drove in because it would have blocked their path. There is no other animal out there that could pick up and throw a rock, let alone something as big as this boulder.

To sum up: These factors leave no other conclusion but that these two hunters were in contact with a sasquatch. Tue Jan 04, 9: Monday, the 29th. I've heard many of the animals that inhabit this area, but I've never heard this before. I am 21 years old, live in Eatonville, Wa, under Mt. Rainier, have been researching the Sasquatch phenomenon since I was 7 or 8 years old, and this is the first encounter of any kind I've ever had.

I was laying down to sleep on Sept. First, I heard a distant call. It sounded kinda deep and man-like. Very loud, very clear. From the 3rd call on, they faded as whatever made them seemed to be heading back deeper into the woods. Then, about 10 to 15 minutes later, the dogs went off again and I heard this chatter-like vocals, almost threatening sounding. It seemed to have a variation of sounds within the chatter.

It did this for a few minutes, off and on. Seemed like it was taunting the dogs. And finally, it made a few fading groans as it seemed to head back to the deeper woods for the last time. And that was the last I heard of it. Between 2: There is a 5 acre patch of woods between my house and the neighbor who owns the dogs house, and the woods head south parellel between us to the Nisqually River.

And during this time of year, the river is crossable, and on the other side, is a very large area of woods with just a few logging roads. I interviewed the witness over the phone, and then later at his home. I also spoke to his parents. We walked through the woods next to his home and to where the vocalizations originated.

There are many game trails, running mainly north-south, leading from the river to the south, to the fields around a small lake to the north. These trails are visible in Google Earth images. The ground is very wet with standing water, and the brush is quite thick in most places. There were the tracks of probably 10 elk which had been there just that morning. The witness is very familiar with the vocalizations of elk, having lived in the area all his life.

The sounds he described were not elk calls. Also, an elk would not have moved back and forth, toying with the dogs. The activity went on for about an hour and a half. He got the feeling that it was toying with the dogs that live on the nearby property. The witness heard siren like screams.

The vocalizations would come and go as the creature left and returned repeatedly. The creature seemed to be yards away. In addition to the screams, there was a weird "chatter" with tongue clicking sounds mixed in. The tongue clicking was very rapid. He said it was weird and out of this world. The sounds mesmerized him, they were so unusual. I found his report of "chatter" does not fit with any known wild animal in the area.

I believe that the circumstances, location, description of the vocalizations and the behavior make it most likely that the witness heard a sasquatch. This photo, looking south, shows one of the trails. I was camped in Mt. Rainier National Park: Was camped in my car watching a DVD when I heard what may have been a very loud tree knock to the west.

It seemed to come from the edge of the partial clearing I was in, perhaps 75 to yards. My first thought was a heavy bough snapped and fell, but the loud noise was not followed by any crashing sound. It came from a height, and my first thought was an owl in large tree about 25 yards away, but it didn't sound avian at all.

It sounded strangely feminine for some reason. Reading the BFRO forum I saw owls, cougars, and foxes can emit calls that may be sasquatch-ish, but listening to audio clips of these critters I've found on the internet won't allow me to categorize the sound as any of these known species. Came out to the general area the following week and camped near Lost Lake, about 1.

No incidents occurred on this second trip. No witnesses. Approximately 2 am. Clear, close to full moon. An old partial clearcut near the end of the spur along the west side of the road. Coniferous forest along a south-north trening ridge, with old growth forest in the creek bottoms along both flanks.

I interviewed the witness over the phone. This witness has professional credentials in a scientific field. His description of the events to me was very clear, and concise. He was able to use scientific reasoning to rule out the common forest wildlife that inhabits the area. Based on his description in the report, and other details which were discussed, I believe that what he encountered that night is consistent with sasquatch behavior that we have observed on numerous expeditions and field trips.

Couple camping NW of Mt. Rainier hear loud vocals and footsteps YEAR: August DATE: I have been researching bf for the last few months. I read a report that I thought lead me to the area but Im having trouble finding it. My girlfriend and I decided on the spur of the moment to go check it out. I drove my 4x4 4x4 needed to get there up into the woods, we set up camp at about 11am aug 23 I didnt do anything out of the ordinary for a camping trip except through out 2 or 3 whoops during the day just kinda trying to practice making a sound that sounded some what believable.

We gathered some wood, made a fire, BBQ some burgers, it was a pretty uneventful day. We decided to hit the hey relatively early at about ten to ten thirty. We werent sleeping very soundly we were both waking throughout the night. At about 3am I woke up and noticed the fire was about to go out, I hoped out of the truck turned some logs on the fire, took a leak and crawled back in bed.

No sooner then I got comfortable a very loud whoopish sound that turned into a bird sound at the end, it was all one breath no pause, much to loud to be a bird, and it was within 25 yards of my camp. Within 30 seconds another one answered back from what I would guess to be a mile away atleast. I grabed the flashlight and the rifle just in case I shined the light in the tree line.

As soon as I turned the light on it got spooked, it got out of there but it wasnt a full run more of a jog. It was so close could hear the thuds of its feet on the ground. I was tired and fell back to sleep within a hour or so my girlfriend couldnt sleep and said she heard another vocalization more distant then the first two.

I tried to look for prints in the mourning but the underbrush was so thick I could hardly move around, the brush was up to my waist everywhere and up to my chest in places and im 6 foot. Unfortunatley I couldnt come up with any clear path it had taken. The witness and I talked on the phone several times.

Then, another investigator and I went out to survey the site. We were able to find some possible sasquatch evidence around the area. This site is located between a wilderness area to the north and a river to the south. This river contains salmon this time of year, making the location ideal for sasquatch habitation.

Also, see report from a few years ago where a sasquatch was seen walking up the same river bed. The reported vocalizations as well as the behavior are consistent with a sasquatch. Possible sighting by clay pigeon shooters near the base of Mt. Rainier YEAR: July DATE: We turned right, off of the pavement about a mile before Ashford.

There was no road designation that I saw on the gravel road, but I can go back to the exact spot again. I will leave it to you as to post this information or not. However, this road does see some activity from shooters and A. My friend R-- and his wife and myself and my wife went out toward Mt. Rainier to do some trap shooting. We turned onto a very bumpy, pot-holed gravel road a few miles from the town of Ashford.

After getting through a number of trees that had blown down in the wind storms of winter, , we reached a dead-end at a bridge over the Nisqually River that had washed out in the record rains and flooding of November, We were about a mile We had decided to make a day of shooting so we brought an automatic trap machine, several boxes of biodegradable clay pidgions, LOTS of shotgun shells in trap loads, chairs, a folding table, plenty of food and drinks coffee, water, fruit juices, tea however Therefore, we just don't drink.

After several hours of shooting clays, we decided to have a bite to eat and sat down at the table we had set up right behind my open truck canopy. We were eating and talking and listening to some great oldies on an MP3 radio when I noticed my friend R-- looking intently into the forest behind me. I asked him what he was looking at and he said he wasn't sure.

He said that he saw what looked like a very large stump about yards back in the woods when it appeared to move slightly. When it did so, R-- said that for a few moments he could see daylight under the stumpas if he were looking between someones' legs, which then disappeared after it moved. Of course we all looked and sure enough, through a long, narrow opening in the trees we could see what looked to be a very large, dark stump with a somewhat rounded pointy top.

The "stump" looked to be about feet tall and at least 3 feet wide. It was hard to gage height because the undergrowth was so thick and dense that it was hard to know how much of the "stump" was hidden from our view from the ground up. Something that we began to notice as we looked around was that we saw a few other stumps but none of them were as large or as tall as the "stump" we were looking at, nor were there any trees that were even close to the diameter of our stump anywhere.

Also, the other stumps were obviously cut down with a chain saw leaving a fairly flat--maybe slightly angled or beveled top on them. Our stump angled up from both sides to a slightly rounded point in the middle. It did not move. We all watched the stump and talked and joked about what it could be. After a half hour or so, the stump was still there, not moving, so we decided to go back to shooting trap.

I think by this time we had all come to regard the "stump" as just that, a stump in the woods. The movement my friend saw was attributed to the fact that the wind was blowing and the moving tree branches created moving patterns of shadow and light in the forest. After about another hour of shooting we decided to start cleaning up and getting ready to leave.

I sat on my chair to put my shotgun in its' case and without really thinking, I glanced back into the forest to look at the stump. It was gone! I thought maybe I had moved the chair and was looking in the wrong place. So, I moved the chair around and found that there was only one narrow opening through the trees where the "stump" could have been and there was no getting around the fact that it was not there.

I called R-- over and told him that the stump was gone. He too looked and looked and could not locate our stump. Our wives by now were there and they too agreed that the "stump" was gone and that they were more than ready to leave, A. We began to go over any possible explanation for what we had seen.

Too small and even if a deer had been standing perfectly facing us, we should have seen the narrowing of the chest into the neck and the small head and large ears. Same arguement as with a deer. Well, if it was a bear, it would have had to have been standing on its' hind legs facing directly at us and not moving a muscle for at least a half an hour Besides, we should have seen the outline of the bears' body narrowing to a neck and then going to the nearly round profile of a bears' head, and again, we saw no ears.

Also, it would have had to have been an absolutely HUGE bear to equal the height and bulk of the "stump". Also, we could not imagine any of the afore-mentioned animals staying around as close as this for so long a time considering we had shot around rounds of 12 and 20 gauge shotgun shells in the time we were there.

As we began to drive back out to the highway we officially went on "sasquatch watch". Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Garry's Mod Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Garry's Mod. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Garry's Mod.

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NPC , Tool , Model. I'm just putting together a bunch of Anthropomorphic characters, because it's not been done yet. If it is, then please post a comment, I'd like to see other similar collections. Blu, Jewel, and a Snowy Owl. Face posing Eye posing Toe posing Foldable wings kinda but not really Credits: Because people are fucking thick.

I shouldn't have to repeat myself. I post that long-winded thing below for a reason, yet people seem to be too stupid Lola Bunny Space Jam. Lola Bunny from Space Jam. Eye posing Minor face posing Toe posing Credits: KP-ShadowSquirrel - Originally made the model.

I just rigged it Minor face posing Eye posing Finger posing Toe posing Bodygrouped headsets, holsters, and reflectors for all 3 Bodyg Aeon Soul Calibur 4. That lizardy guy from Soul Calibur 4. Created by RatchetMario [Thelombax51]. This is one of the collaborations between Chiramii-chan and me.

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Includes all armors and his casual outfit. Use a bodygroup tool to change between them. Bioware - Everything Me - Porting Facepunch thread: My Little Other Ponies V3. Added support for the Stand Pose tool. Lauren Faust Pony Model. If you want it to use in Source Filmmaker download it here [rena This is one of the collaborations between Chiramii-chan and me, and a public test version of my pony overhaul.

The model features wing bones, jigglebones, ear posing, improv Thanks to Mariokart64n for porting the model into Source. Also thanks to Idie for teaching me how to upload to the workshop. Thanks to Ellistron for updating the ragdoll and texture coloring. Chira made the hair, tail and headphone meshes, while I ported them and made the headphone cups and textures.

Character model for G-Mod. Comes with tons of shaders and complete faceposing including HL2 phonemes. Sonic the Hedgehog - Hero pack. Created by Apoc Hedgie. Links for Source Filmmaker versions [pastebin. My Little Extra Ragdolls. Created by Ninja Cookie. My Little Extra Ragdolls: I take no credit for the creation of these models, wh That dragon from How to Train your Dragon.

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The trees in the vicinity were no more than 18 inches in diameter. We stayed in the truck for a while until the sun came up shortly afterward and started burning off the fog. If only I had stayed in the truck a little longer. From working with 13 people we all left after having logs rolled down the hill at us, to knocking on wood green maple hitting large conifer sound to being stalked all the way out 2. How long it was in the area watching us before we noticed it or how long it stayed around after we lost sight of it is un-nerving to say the least. That dragon from How to Train your Dragon.

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  1. I asked him what he was looking at and he said he wasn't sure.
  2. I asked him what he was looking at and he said he wasn't sure.
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  4. From working with 13 people we all left after having logs rolled down the hill at us, to knocking on wood green maple hitting large conifer sound to being stalked all the way out 2.
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  7. We followed the witness out to the site.

This is a fairly old submission, and the visual quality is honestly pretty Part of the trail maintenance aspects of her job require that she hit her metal implements on rock. The witness gave me a good description of the creature's appearance: Report The behavior described is consistent with other encounters.

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