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But once I started rubbing on her pussy and she got wet and horny, her attitude changed completely. Local Ingredients. Comfort Food. What better way to spend a beautiful spring Carolina day than sampling great craft beer, delicious burgers, and great music? We make this enchanting margarita with Hpnotiq Harmonie and natural fruits. We kept walking around the park and it was a beautiful sunset, even more beautiful when she grabbed a ripe banana and used it as a dildo, inserting it in her pussy and masturbating herself with it while lying on the grass!

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We brought together everybody's favorites: We bring this Tahitian delight to you via warm tropical trade winds. Fresh orange and pineapple juices are blended to perfection with coconut and light rum and then topped with a float of Dark Myers rum. This luscious libation will make the Tiki gods smile. This tea-based cocktail is a perfect blend of sweetness and sour lemon, bringing a ray of sunshine into Sugar Factory every day.

You can't help but play with your food when you order this fresh and fruity cocktail. It will be as much fun to drink as it is to fish out the worms! Bring out your inner child's love of gummi bears in this energizing blend of watermelon vodka, other spirits and tropical fruits. Keep the party going with a float of Red Bull Energy Drink. Escape the heat with this tart and tasty favorite.

Sugar Factory Signature Drinks Also available without alcohol. You will be trying to blow bubbles after a few sips of this unique bubble gum cocktail. We will even help you with that as we garnish this beauty with bubble tape. Pucker up for this oldie but goodie. Just the right amount of lemon with a hint of sweetness, this martini will get your taste buds going!

You'll feel nostalgic after the first sip of our liquefied sour apple lollipop. Rimmed with Bubble Gum Pop Rocks, this martini finishes with a bang! The crisp taste of watermelon bursts from the glass. After one taste of this delightful treat you will wonder where the wrapper is. Cotton candy memories make this one a can't-miss.

We fuse the flavors of Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka with a traditional Cosmopolitan and top it off with a puff of cotton candy. This martini is straight off the boardwalk! Get ready to hit the beach with the newest addition to our sweet lineup of martinis! You'll have everyone's attention with this yummy accessory! We make this enchanting margarita with Hpnotiq Harmonie and natural fruits.

You'll experience an explosion of fruity flavor with a hint of rose in this classic cocktail. You'll think you're drinking a real root beer float, only our version is made with spirits instead of ice cream! This creamy concoction is heaven in a cocktail glass. This fantastic blend of grape goodness topped with classic Grape Crush soda pop will have you thinking you are drinking straight from the can.

Who doesn't love chocolate covered cherries? This candy cocktail is made with a mix of chocolate and cherry vodka, Godiva Milk Chocolate Liqueur and our own cherry puree. Unwrap one now and enjoy! This delicious drink is made with chocolate, a touch of cream and a bit of sweet honey.

It's topped off with some bubbles and dusted with a pinch of cinnamon for the finishing touch. What's sexier than a chocolate covered strawberry? This scrumptious combination of strawberries and chocolate is the perfect gift to yourself! You'll want to cozy up next to a campfire as you sip on this marriage of marshmallow and chocolate with a graham cracker rim.

No chocolate cocktail menu would be complete without a white chocolate martini. We bring together the delicate taste of vanilla and white chocolate in this little piece of paradise.

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A lovely medley of coconut, chocolate and nuts will make you think we melted a candy bar straight into your glass. You like peanut butter, you like bananas and you like chocolate Here's three of our favorite things all rolled into one fabulous martini.

This decadent dessert has found its way into a cocktail glass in this absolutely exquisite martini. A velvety duo of chocolate and a cream cheese frosting rim make this a must have. Our version of the espresso martini brings the robust flavor of coffee together with the silky tastes of caramel and rich chocolate.

This martini is accented with a creamy caramel vanilla foam to add another layer of delight. This sinful treat will tease your taste buds. It's made with juicy red raspberries and white chocolate with a fluffy white cloud floating on top. The famous pairing of mint and chocolate is elevated to a tasty new level making this mixture a favorite among chocolate connoisseurs.

This dark chocolate drink shines with the addition of zesty orange flavor and a light chocolaty orange foam. Dark chocolate just got a little brighter! A celebration of one of the most well-known duets, the always tempting combo of peanut butter and chocolate does anything but fall short of its namesake in this mouth-watering martini.

Attention chocolate and caramel lovers These two flavors go hand and hand in this wondrous libation. You can have your cake and drink it too! This dessert in a glass is the real deal, right down to the coconut pecan frosting on the rim. Served with Dipping Sauces. Served with Toasted Garlic Bread. Served with House Salad.

The finest grain-fed Midwest Beef is hand selected for exquisite marbling and unmistakable flavor, served with our Signature Frites. Signature Dippers and Toppings: Serves 2 People. Mix with your favorite spirit or enjoy it by itself. Food was great a lot of times you go out and ask for a med temp burger and it usually under cooked or over I was pleasantly surprised that it was on the money.

Drink were on point one by your self is more than enough so sharing is a good idea. Our server was very attentive to our table when we asked for any condiments she had a smile and got what we needed. Our waiter was beyond great! Loved his hospitality and service But About mins after our reserved time. This was not our first visit and it was a great experience as before.

Our reservation was on time, our waitress Ericka was friendly, efficient and had the ability to offer suggestions on the menu. The food was delicious and well prepared. The ambience was nice, noisy but not too noisy. I would go back again and as I said this wasn't our first visit.

Good food. Good drinks. Moderately priced. The milkshakes are amazing. The Mac and cheese is great and the appetizer came out nice and hot. We had an appetizer, goblet, entree, and dessert. I came to celebrate my birthday party. My large party had to wait in the very condensed bar area that was full of other patrons waiting for their tables. We waited 20 minutes before we were finally escorted to our table.

It took several minutes for the waiter to come over, and an additional minutes before we received our drinks and appetizers. The food was bland, but the drinks were amazing Would I recommend having another celebration or party there, probably not. I recommend it for the sake of having the experience; however, the food was okay, nothing special.

The ice cream was very good. If going, I highly recommend a reservation but do not arrive too early as you will wait until your time because the waiting area is very small. It was overpriced but again, all for the experience. For it being such a popular location, the wait wasn't too bad. Our reservation was at 4pm and we got seated around 4: It was my little sisters birthday and our first time visiting the Sugar Factory and it was a pleasant experience.

It was a nice experience I would recommend a friend to this location for sure. I have been here once before and the experience was great again food was great it was my little sister birthday I would have liked a little something special like a little gift or something but overall great experience. Service was amazing! Food was outstanding, drinks was fun and delicious!!!

Our birthday girl definitely enjoyed this place too! Service was great and so was the food! We will be back. Always excellent service at this location. Great time, drinks are pricey. Place sucks. Overcrowded, loud, slow service, food was nasty and to top it off we were freezin because they sat us next to the windows and the waitress said that the windows might be shattered.

Never again. We didn't get sat until 10 PM. Overcrowded and noisy entrance. Overworked hostesses with bad attitudes probably from being exhausted and hungry themselves. Restaurant was crowded, noisy and ghetto. Food was good but overpriced for the value. Overall I had a terrible time. I begged my friend not to announce my birthday just because their birthday songs and festivities were crazy and loud and embarrassing.

We had a nice evening. The hostesses were very unorganized and not helpful. The wait was too long for having a reservation! We reserved a Saturday night for a dinner with friends for her bday and my husbands bday! The only thing that was a. We had a 6: The staff was absolutely amazing though!! The venue itself was a nice location. People just waiting at the entrance area where people are also picking out candy was a turn off.

The space was way too tight. Speaking of candy I saw a kid putting their hands in the gummy worms and deciding they dont want them amd throwing them back. Yes they have the scoopers but obviously not everyone uses them. The hostess was really nice.

So now to the food. Drinks were really good and cool to watch. I would have given the food 4. Most of the people there were large parties for birthdays and I think they were understaffed for the amount of people. The staff was pleasant just not that attentive. Overrall I would recommend coming here. It was a fun time and the music and food was good.

The food and service once seated was incredible! However, the wait, even with a reservation was miserably long. We waited almost 2 hours to be seated. Everything else was great. The service was excellent This is a good location for a special event like a birthday.

My 10 year old daughter and her friends loved the restaurant, the vibe, the fun smoking drinks, and huge portions of food. The food and drinks are grossly over-priced, even for NYC. Our waitress was nice, but overall service was average. We had a reservation but weren't seated until 45 minutes later, and it took another 45 minutes to get our food. I always liked the deeper songs—they were usually my favorite songs—and when the band would play those, it would be really exciting and important for me.

That was fun, seeing that reaction, and just talking to people after the show. The band continues to ride this latest wave of interest. It got millions and millions of streams, so people were listening to it, and it resonated. Much of the material rarely sees the light of day, but the album continues to enjoy a special place in Everclear history. That rough and raw first attempt was just the nexus of the massive body of work Everclear and Alexakis have contributed since that humble beginning.

When it comes to recording new material, at the moment Alexakis is focused primarily on writing and recording his first solo album, due out later this year. That precludes a new Everclear release…for now. What better way to kick off spring in the QC than hanging with your friends and enjoying, burgers, brews, music and good times?! See you there! Please see the section below with the volunteer positions available and fill out the form with your info and preferred position s.

Either one! Want to be part of the Moo and Brew Crew? See opportunities below and sign up! This crew will be putting up signage, installing tables and chairs at tents and in hospitality area, staffing the Hospitality area, preparing the Front gate tables, etc. Heavy Lifting may be involved. This crew will be placing all brewery supplies at appropriate tents, installing tables and chairs at tents and in hospitality area, staffing the Hospitality area, preparing the Front gate tables, etc.

This crew will be meeting all patrons who enter the festival. Checking IDs, placing bracelets, handing out tasting glasses and passing out brochures. Some traffic control might be needed also. This involves standing all day. This crew will provide food to staff, from inside Hospitality tent.

This crew will manage cleanliness, setup, and operations of tent. This crew will be checking-in all brewers and vendors at a drive-in tent. This crew will provide direction to brewer and vendor on their assigned position at the festival. This crew will be managing deliveries of beer to the the refrigerator trucks Friday and then distributing kegs to respective breweries Saturday.

You may be inside a cold storage truck for some duration. This crew will be driving golf carts and delivering product or removing trash throughout the day. Some members will be patrolling the area for full trash bins, full recycle bins, emptying dump buckets, and other general maintenance.

Breaks will be provided throughout the day. Not all crew members will be pouring beer all day, some volunteers might be acting as brewery support and staying behind tables in anticipation of brewer needs. This crew will be cleaning up post-fest Saturday and Sunday. Recouping signs and equipment, rinsing off pails, buckets, and tubs, and clearing tables of plastic disposable table cloths.

Volunteers may judiciously enjoy the festival, but must be able to work at the end to complete their volunteer responsibilities. Please return to the site on Sunday morning to help clear property from the hospitality area and final storage of property. The restaurant ops crew will serve as support to the burger vendors, during setup and preliminary operations.

This crew will be under direction of Amy Mularski. What you should expect as a part of the Moo and Brew Crew: Vendor or Burger Registration: Contact Ken at:

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  • This scrumptious combination of strawberries and chocolate is the perfect gift to yourself!
  • The date run was an incredibly emotional and personally satisfying experience for Alexakis, who was able to perform obscure cuts from that time period for the first time in many years.
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