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They were three minutes late, Whitney hated being late and her look told him exactly what she thought of him. Jennifer was astounded and unusually for her, lost for words. Once on Mariah, produced a leash and attached it to the leash and spoke again. Jennifer reconsidered for a moment. Bang Bros. Was this worth it?

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She held her breath in anticipation and gave an involuntary shudder as a soft, feminine hand ran through her long hair and softly patted her head. Beyonce then felt the slack of her leash being taken up and she was tugged along by her Mistress like a dog.

She had been much softer spoken and subdued than in the hotel room and Beyonce wondered what had changed. They journeyed down the steps for some time, the atmosphere getting colder as they went until finally the steps stopped and the walked forward again until Mariah halted. The sight that confronted her was a large dark room, seemingly lit only by a series of torches along the wall.

She was kneeling on concrete and standing before her was her Mistress, Mariah Carey. Mariah was clad in black heels only, the rest of her curvaceous body naked as the day she was born. Then a small gasp to her left caused Beyonce to glance in that direction.

Again, she was taken aback to see two figures in the red fire-cast shadows there. They seemed to represent almost a mirror image of Beyonce and her Mistress. One woman standing over a bound second woman. But closer examination showed this was no reflection. Before anything further was said or done a fifth figure appeared before all four of them and simultaneously Halle and Mariah lowered their eyes and sunk to their knees in honour of this newcomer.

Mariah had first been taken on as a submissive by Whitney when they had performed a duet a few years earlier, the older woman seducing her rival and soon introducing her to the idea of being subservient to her. Mariah loved it, she loved giving up control to her fellow diva and they shared many sexy, kinky sessions over the years.

Whitney could be, and often was, a cruel and sadistic Mistress, taking a strong sexual pleasure from punishing and humiliating her slaves. The fact was, however, that Mariah loved that, she got off on that treatment, and it was a mutually pleasurable relationship for some time. Whitney it seemed had recruited a new famous submissive and had designs to create a harem.

Whitney stood back as her two beautiful slaves hung from their crosses before her. Well that is tough! I will have as many submissive sluts serve me as I want. However, I do intend for a little change of roles around here when we get together. Basically I am going to add some younger, fresher blood to my harem and you two will help with the recruiting.

I have two candidates in mind and after studying them feel sure they will be susceptible to the subservient roles I give them. But you two will convince them to come here and will each support them in their early days. That being that that slave will be able to dominate the others when I say so.

So, Mariah if you want to be the one punishing Halle then this will be your chance and Halle if you want this diva to obey you then here is your chance. But first you must convince my two prospective new subs of their new roles. Back to the present and a heavy scented, fire lit dungeon where five beautiful famous women are placed in an erotic tableau.

The silence is broken as Whitney Houston steps forward towards her four bowed slaves. Whitney has a statuesque figure and despite being the oldest of the assembled quintet more than holds her own in the sexiness stakes. Indeed the confident way she moves gives her an air that none of her younger servants can match.

She is wearing a full body black, skin tight, cat suit. On her feet are incredibly long, thin high heeled shoes but her movements remain graceful and catlike. Beyonce cannot help but stare at the black, army officer type cap that Whitney has balanced on her head giving her yet more authority over the four. A glance from Beyonce at Mariah reveals a completely different Mariah than the one who so confidently and dominatingly taken her in a hotel room only a week earlier.

This Mariah, her neck encircled by thick collar, her long hair straight and hanging over her shoulders, knelt head bowed next to Beyonce never once looking up. When you are in the presence of your Mistress you will never meet her eyes as you have just done. Seemingly producing a thin bamboo cane from inside her outfit, she slapped it hard against her own palm and stood before Mariah.

Do you think she would respond better if I gave her a taste of my cane? Mariah slowly rose to her feet and walked to the side of the room and stood, leaning slightly forward, her arms spread to the side and her shapely bottom beautifully presented to her watchers. Whitney then presented the cane to Halle and told her to discipline her fellow slave with fifteen swipes of the cane.

As they waited they knew Christina Milian had been in there with Mistress Whitney for the past two hours and that if Whitney was happier with Christina than Beyonce then Halle Berry would assume a new position within this Harem of slaves. The thought was abhorrent to Mariah, she did not want to submit to anyone other than Whitney far less someone she openly disliked such as Halle.

Well so did I. I loved dominating you. I love how I felt doing all those kinky things to you and have you willingly submit to me. But for me I love it even more when I submit to Mistress Whitney. She knows how to treat me. Ever since I first met her I have only wanted to please her. She did not want to let her down again. Minutes passed before Jenks returned with Halle Berry, naked, she smiled nastily at Mariah before kneeling beside her and within the seconds the large wooden door all three waited on, swung open.

Whitney Houston exited first looking stunning in a bright scarlet, figure hugging cat-suit. She was wearing an impossible set of spike heeled boots in matching red and in her right hand held a curled up bull whip and in her left a leash. She comes further out and we see that attached to the leash is a silver collar fitted tightly around the sexy little neck of Christina Milian.

She crawled on hands and knees, like a well trained dog, behind her Mistress. Her body showed visible signs of fatigue and her progress was slow enough that leash went tight once and she had to put a small spurt on to gain some slack. You make take this bitch back and play with her. Halle stood and led her charge from the room.

Whitney slowly walked behind both and ran her hands over their shoulders. You may return at four for her — if she lasts! Without further comment Mariah arose and left the room, leaving just Beyonce and the menacing figure of Whitney Houston. It was a dark room that, because of the dim red lighting that surrounded it in shadows, appeared much larger than it actually was.

Various implements and features were scattered throughout the room and Beyonce had every reason to expect they would be put to good use on her body that afternoon. Whitney released her grip on Beyonce in the centre of the room and turned to close the door. Beyonce felt strong, powerful hands encircle her neck and stiff fingers roughly massage her.

The next thing she felt was a stiff, thick, leather collar being slipped around her neck and being pulled tightly, for a moment too tightly, together. A snap followed a lock and she was collared, a large silver ring the only accoutrement to the collar, hanging from the front over her neck. Andrews cross on the far wall, crawl to it like the pathetic skank you are, when you get there stand and lean on it, I will tie you to it, we will see how much you want to please me when I am thrashing you!

Beyonce began to crawl across the stone floor, her head down in subservience and her immaculate hair falling by her. Whitney took a moment to fully watch the athletic and supple body slink across the room like a jungle cat, oh she was going to enjoy this afternoon. Having crawled to the imposing structure of the red and black painted heavy wooden cross Beyonce stretched up to her feet and sensuously stretched her frame across it, her long arms and legs following the contours of the shape perfectly.

More than anything Beyonce wanted to slip her fingers into her sopping wet pussy and frig herself, she was getting so turned on by this but she knew it would likely enrage her new Mistress. Beyonce took time to reflect as Whitney moved behind her and used ropes on the cross to restrain her wrists and ankles, that this feeling had been what was missing from her life.

This feeling of belonging to someone wholly, entirely and of being dominated and abused. Beyonce had never felt as excited and turned on as she had in this last week and knew she could never return to her previous self, she would have to belong to someone else, someone who took as much pleasure dishing out the punishment as Beyonce took in receiving it.

Someone like Whitney Houston??. With a sharp tug and twist Whitney released her grip and walked over to the opposite wall, Beyonce tried to make out the noises of things being thrown and dropped behind her. Behind you I have spread out five object to beat you with, they are, in no particular order, a whip, a horse-crop, a paddle, a cane and a belt.

So Bitch, choose your number. Bee you have chosen this. They stung like hell but Beyonce gritted her teeth and absorbed them, welcoming the intense feelings to her senses and trying to help out Mariah but she knew she would not be able to absorb much more — these were fully fledged swipes of the cane Whitney was dishing out and she was a powerful woman. In fact she took a further seven blows before begging Whitney to stop and true to her promise Whitney halted immediately but she did not tell her slave whether she lasted longer than Christina or not.

The finger went deeper and deeper and roughly probed the sides of her vagina on the way as Beyonce tossed her head back in pleasure. Beyonce did as told to the letter and once more Whitney was able to admire the young diva crawling across her dungeon floor although this time her cute arse was criss-cross with red welts that the cane had left.

Whitney felt there would be many times to come she could punish that soft arse of Beyonce, many times. Whitney instructed Beyonce to lie on the metal rack table she had and to stretch out that beautiful body once more. Again Whitney took pleasure tying her wrists and ankles tightly at farthest extremes of the rack on the axles of the design. Whitney then began to turn a handle next to the rack and slowly the chains began to tighten and rise up away from the skin they were so connected to.

She then began to turn a second handle and slowly but surely Beyonce felt her arms and legs being stretched in different directions, added to the clamps on her sensitive areas this made an unbelievable sensation on Beyonce and she longed to writhe and enjoy it but she was too restrained. Beyonce Knowles put her long, strong tongue to good effect and stretched it up and right into the warm, hairy moistness above her and began to rigorously lick it.

Whitney felt so sexy perched atop the face of such a famous slut and as she dragged at her cigarette she peered down to see the obvious joy of her slave. She closed her eyes slowly and submissively and immediately felt the fingers leave her nose and clear air pass through it again.

Whitney created a relentless pace that Beyonce strived to match and very quickly they were both on the point of cumming. Whitney slid off the slippery face and contemptuously flicked her cigarette butt to the stone floor and seemed to take inordinate pleasure in grinding it into the floor under her heel.

She looked again at Beyonce, Beyonce who desperately wanted to cum but with no additional touch to herself and without the permission of her Mistress was unable to climax. Whitney took her time releasing the various clamps from Beyonce, waiting a second for each to let the blood rush back into them before clamping them tight for another second or so, so that her slave writhed in ecstasy before finally freeing her from all the chains that held her.

Beyonce felt more turned on than ever before in her life, she could hear nothing, see nothing and was effectively mute all she felt was rough tugging at her collar which she had to go with and her Mistress dragged her to the far end of the dungeon.

If she had been able to see then she would have watched in amazement as two stunningly beautiful naked women entered the dungeon they had been watching proceedings on a monitor until Whitney had summoned them. Whitney could only stand back and marvel at the orgy of gorgeous female flesh before her eyes, her power was indeed incredible.

As she had guessed the vaginal and anal pounding she took was too much for Beyonce to withstand and very quickly she was tossing her body from side to side as much as she could while pinned down by those lengthy plastic pricks and obviously at last fully climaxing. Mariah Carey was waiting for them and Whitney gave no indication of how Beyonce had fared but told Mariah to go and pamper her slave that evening.

Four sets of eyes found out the others, they were a mixture of elation, pleasure, hatred, dread and shock. She will have dominance over you other three and can discipline you however she likes, that is my decision. The dark, stretch limousine cruised silently through the cold, deserted streets of Los Angeles, snaking through the streets inexorably towards its destination.

It was late at night, just past midnight and in this business area of town on a Saturday night you rarely saw anyone around. The long car wound around one last corner and gently slowed to a stop in front of a non-descript grey stone building, whose windows were tinted out? Almost as it came to a halt the drivers door swung soundlessly open and out stepped an immaculately attired chauffer, his dark suit and tie contrasting with his bright white shirt.

He took off his cap and unconsciously brushed at his hair with his hand as he clicked the back door open. From the darkness inside emerged a long stiletto heel, then another and finally all of Whitney Houston came into the open. Clad in an ankle length, black coat that covered her totally except her head she stood up straight, took a deliberate glance at her diamond encrusted watch and fixed her driver with a withering, cold stare.

They were three minutes late, Whitney hated being late and her look told him exactly what she thought of him. Get the others out! But that was Mistress Whitney. Nothing but perfection satisfied her, and everyone knew it. The driver hurried to the further down doors and busied himself while two burly doormen watched the scene with detached amusement.

She was one tough Bitch and they had felt the force of her tongue before so it was nice seeing someone else catch it. Of course their eyes were not on him when the four occupants of the lower door to the car emerged. All four were clothed identically, in long black, shiny capes that prevented any inch of their bodies being seen except their heads and necks.

And all four of those beautiful necks were encircled by a black, leather, studded collar. Striding purposefully towards the door guarded by the doormen, Whitney clicked her fingers and four of her sexy ass bitches obediently got into line behind her to follow her into the club. Whitney waltzed in, of course no-one would stop or question her.

Once inside and the heavy doors once again relocked, Whitney whipped off her coat to reveal an amazing, figure hugging red PVC cat suit that displayed every curve of her magnificent body. She took her favourite riding crop from the inside of the jacket and as a submissive attendant girl collect the Mistresses coat, she turned to her celebrity slaves and ordered them to disrobe.

And what a sight to behold. Halle wore only black fetish tape , wound twice around her torso so as to cover her nipples and a kinky, black loin cloth that, when it swung, revealed her shaven pussy and it swung with every move her legs made! She wore a heavy plastic belt around her waist which had a strip that disappeared between her legs.

Of course when you saw Beyonce walk you guessed something was up. Mariah, finally, was stark naked except from her collar. None of the slaves wore footwear, their bare feet another sign of their submission to Whitney. Whitney took four leashes from the coat check attendant and affixed them to each of her bitches collars and they immediately sunk to their hands and knees and as an inner doorman pushed open the next door and the music and voices and wails and sounds of leather on skin came bursting out Whitney lead her four superstar slave sluts into the clubs main play area for another Saturday night of fun and games.

More exclusive than any other establishment in the world. No press know about it, they never will. Any new Mistress or Master will only be admitted if they are a true A list star with everything to lose if they talked and if they sign a contract that would mean the end for them if tell anyone about it. As Whitney and her bitches entered the massive ballroom that all the celeb BDSM action takes place in nearly every eye turned to watch their entrance.

One pair of eyes were especially interested in their entrance. Sat upon a huge gold throne with two well known soap actors naked and cowering at her feet was Jennifer Lopez. Clad in one piece mesh and leather teddy outfit with thigh high boots and leather gauntlets she seductively removed the cigarette held in a diamond encrusted holder and, locked her hypnotic eyes on the new arrivals and barked out a command.

The young actor shuffled forward and obediently opened his mouth so J-Lo could dump her ashes on his tongue and then turned around and braced himself as his Mistress stubbed it out on his upturned butt. Jenny had lost count of the number of times she had fantasised about dominating her younger rival, but she had always believed the normally clean cut Beyonce wound not be into the lifestyle and had contented herself with fantasy.

And now here she was, in the club, on her knees, crawling like a little subbie bitch behind Mistress Whitney. At last Whitney arrived at her own hand carved throne of marble she had commissioned all those years ago. She sat and looked down her nose at the four gorgeous forms of womanhood who parked up at her feet and looked up at her like puppy dogs desperate to please their Mistress.

With sharp staccato orders she soon gave them their immediate duties as she settled back to see who was in the club tonight. She had Halle and Christina position themselves in a 69 to her right side so that they could each lick the others wet pussy while she looked on. She had Mariah kneel before her so she could use the small of her back as a footstool and she had Beyonce kneel and give her a sensuous foot massage.

Whitney scanned the room, seeing rivals and colleagues in various forms of erotic expression. Spankings, floggings and humiliations throughout the cavernous arena all with a low, incessant musical beat behind it. Then she spied Jennifer Lopez strutting across the floor with a purpose. Whitney had met her a few times and while they had not argued she was of the impression that Jennifer was just a little too cocky, too sure of herself and besides she was a rival.

Whitney tried to keep the sneer from her face as Lopez came nearer, thinking to herself that she walked like a true slut, all in the hip movement. Jennifer came right up behind where the oblivious Beyonce massaged her Mistresses feet and placed her hands on her hips and stared at Whitney for the longest time, neither willing to break the silence.

Eventually Jennifer had to. Really the cheek of her! But as the night passed Whitney became more and more intrigued by the idea and various thoughts flew through her warped and twisted mind and when Jennifer was enjoying a cigarette and a drink later that night after flogging one of her young stars it was Whitney that stood before her, her four bitches keeping themselves entertained back at her throne.

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And what a sight to behold. She was left alone for thirty minutes, during which the chill morning air gradually gave way to a slightly warmer draft but she still knelt there shivering and cursing pretty much everyone and everything in existence and wondering why the hell she was doing this. Harmony is a slut who loves to misbehave!

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  • One pair of eyes were especially interested in their entrance.
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  • She crawled on hands and knees, like a well trained dog, behind her Mistress.

Various implements and features were scattered throughout the room and Beyonce had every reason to expect they would be put to good use on her body that afternoon. You may return at four for her — if she lasts! Clad in one piece mesh and leather teddy outfit with thigh high boots and leather gauntlets she seductively removed the cigarette held in a diamond encrusted holder and, locked her hypnotic eyes on the new arrivals and barked out a command. Bales of straw were spread out, and anvil stood unused and the wooden rafters overhead were exposed.

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