Why Do Guys Like To Cum On Girls Faces

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This is how my relationship is. When you're told that you're gross during formative years, your psyche will then decide that it "needs" opposing information to undo the desire to not fucking bother. I couldn't even blow any after the 3rd time and she looked at me all disappointed that nothing came out. Facials and other external ejaculations have become ubiquitous in pornography in the last few decades. Do you need more than that? What should I masturbate to?

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I used to do it before but one girl I got it in her eye and she had an eye infection for a week from it. It could be a dominance thing. I'm not really sure, but what I do believe is that they see it in porn and think it's cool. I don't prefer it, but others do. If a girl I was with didn't mind then I'd do it just because I've seen it done so many times in porn, but I think that cumming inside of a girl would feel a lot better.

That's about all I can tell you. Some people like it, some don't. Me though, I'd do just about anything, if she allows it, if it keeps the mood going in the moment. I think it is because of porn and guys wanting to act like the people on the screen. I don't unless it's a one night stand. That's because if I'm dating her I'll have to kiss her one way or another which is gross.

I don't want to kiss where I came yuck. Actually I'm not all for oral sex to begin with. I mean I know many people like it. But it's very degrading and nasty to jizz in a girl's face. I would never treat a lady that way even if she wanted me to My opinion those who do like it don't rag on me thanks No, it is a good answer. Some guys think it is hot and some don't simply because they have respect for the girl.

I don't mind if they come in my mouth when I'm giving them a bj but I hate it when they just come on my face or in my hair. Most guys are like animals and have to control everything and mark that they have been there. Wow this seems like a question I should ask on here I am just a freak when I cum I guess I need a freaky gurl Idk but I will tell you that its my cut off limit right there I think its very degrading for a guy to com on my face ill get them com on my body but that's my limit.

Home Spicy The Facial: Sex is great and all, but nothing beats the climax. Surely everyone can agree with this, right? After all the hard work you've put in, you get your own personal, nerve-tingling fireworks display and the immense satisfaction that follows is worth a price ticket if ever one was required. But the climax itself out of the way, what's specifically so wonderful about the facial?

Guys seem to love blowing their loads on women's faces, so let's figure out why that is. Keep reading to find out why men love ejaculating on women's faces.

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The big finish. The facial is a staple in sex in adult films, especially , but why? Why is it such a big deal?

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Very smooth music. That's because if I'm dating her I'll have to kiss her one way or another which is gross. I immediately felt so bad and ashamed for her and for myself.

Why do guys like to ejaculate on a girls face?:

  • Give pineapple and other fruit a try.
  • It is much more than he is simply cumming in me.
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  • I think most pretend to like it more than they actually do.
  • So, some women enjoy it, yes, not all.
  • Current boyfriend's come is slightly salty, but its never been bitter.
  • Maybe the one about making your skin smooth.
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  • JamesJamesJames "One always wanted jazz on her face" hey, who doesn't?

It's black and white for me. Then people watch porn and get confused because they believe that pornography is a realistic reflection of reality. Inside, whether orally, vaginally, or anally [assuming we're both tested clean, exclusive, and are no longer using condoms].

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